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Organization: Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway

James McMillan

James McMillan

12 MAY 1838born in Hamilton, Hamilton, ON
1866MI, Detroit, Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad, purchasing agent
1884MI, Vulcan Furnace Co, President
1884MI, Detroit, Baugh Steam Forge Co, President
1889-1902MI, US Senator
10 AUG 1902died in Manchester, Essex Co, MA, about age 64.

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RailroadsJohn E. V.Agnew asst to general supt1881IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn E. V.Agnew train master1883-1884IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn Kirkman V.Agnew asst to supt1881
RailroadsAlmon B.Atwater supt1885-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsGeorge S.Batty clerk audit dept1880
RailroadsEdward PaysonBeach financial agent1880-1885
RailroadsWilliam C.Beardsley director1880-1897
RailroadsKennet W.Blackwell mechanical supt1879-1881
RailroadsDavidBrown freight agent1890-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsDavid (1)Brown asst general freight agent1880-1891
RailroadsDavid DrummondBrown gen freight agent1880-1900IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsThomas ClawsonBurgess commercial agent1892-1897MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsJohnBurton asst to president1883-1886
RailroadsS. R.Callaway manager1881-1884
RailroadsH. W.Chester gen accountant1881
RailroadsWilliamCotter div supt1898-1900MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohn EdwardDalrymple secretary to traffic manager1890-1896IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsW. E.Davis passenger and ticket agent1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsArthurDixon Director1903IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsAndrew H.Dolton director1880-1887
RailroadsGeorge L.Forester chief clerk audit office passenger dept1884-1886MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohn ChesterForester 1877-1881MI, St. Clair Co, Port Huron
RailroadsJohnForster machinist, gang foreman1885-1890MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsEdgarFrench asst engineer1881-1893MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsHenryFunnell supt1880-1882MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsHarry F.Hall clerk local freight office1891MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsThompson A.Hamilton 1892
RailroadsJ.Harrigan roadmaster1884
RailroadsCharles F.Harrington director1880-1881
RailroadsCharles MelvilleHays director1895-1900
RailroadsWilliam WallaceHeafford Michigan passenger agent1882-1883
RailroadsJohn J.Herrick director1882-1885
RailroadsJosephHickson president, director1880-1889
RailroadsJosephHobson chief engineer1896-1899PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJohnHodgson master car builder1897-1900
RailroadsWilliamHogg deptal accountant1880-1883MI, St. Clair Co, Port Huron
RailroadsHenryHoward director1888-1893
RailroadsF. A.Howe director1880-1897
RailroadsE. H.Hughes asst gen passenger agent1896-1897
RailroadsW. J.Jackson asst agent1890-1891IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn C.James chief engineer1880-1882
RailroadsCarlton C.Jenkins asst freight agent1880-1881
RailroadsCarlton O.Jenkins asst general freight agent1880-1881
RailroadsDavid FrancisJennings contracting agent1884-1886IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsA.Judd purchasing agent1884
RailroadsJohn S.Lorimer gen storekeeper1890-1895
RailroadsJohn WilliamLoud gen freight agent1896-1900
RailroadsWilliamMackenzie stenographer1882-1884IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJohn C.Mackinnon stenographer to supt1879KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsJohnMain asst general freight agent1882-1885MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsGeorge S.Marsh ticket accountant1880MI, St. Clair Co, Port Huron
RailroadsGeorgeMasson chief engineer1885-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsJohnMcCaffery director1880-1887
RailroadsFrancis H.McGuigan gen supt1896-1899PQ, Montreal
RailroadsAbraham RobertMcIntyre asst supt1885-1893MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsAbraham RobertMcIntyre night operator1869-1870
RailroadsAbraham RobertMcIntyre telegraph operator1869-1897
RailroadsJamesMcMillan director1880-1887
RailroadsJames, JrMcQueen asst gen freight agent1889
RailroadsWilliamMcWood supt cars1896-1897
RailroadsElijah W.Meddaugh attorney1880-1899
RailroadsTruman W.Miller Surgeon1890IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsWilliam T.Mitchell director1882-1887
RailroadsWilliam J.Morgan asst supt1886-1887MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsFrank WatrousMorse supt motive power1896-1897
RailroadsJames H.Muir treasurer1885-1893MI, Wayne Co, Detroit
RailroadsWilliamMunroe director1880-1887
RailroadsDavid J.Norton director1880-1881
RailroadsWilliamO'Connell freight clerk, clerk auditor office1881-1883
RailroadsCharles AlfredParker general eastern passenger agent1893-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge E.Parks engineering dept1892-1897
RailroadsRobertPatterson master mechanic1897-1899MI, St. Clair Co, Fort Gratiot
RailroadsCharles B.Peck gen manager1880
RailroadsCharlesPercy secretary, treasurer1879-1885
RailroadsFrancis WhitePeters operator and relief agent1880-1881MI, Genesee Co, Flint
RailroadsFrederick H.Peters instrument man1879
RailroadsWilliam H.Pettibone asst supt1879-1881
RailroadsAmbrose VincentPowell asst chief engineer1879-1882MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsJohnPullen secretary to traffic manager1881-1889IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsDavid HillPurdon train dispatcher1878-1880
RailroadsJ. EdwardQuick agent1876-1884
RailroadsT. W.Raynor roadmaster1884
RailroadsGeorge BellReeve traffic manager1881-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsThomas H.Roberts mechanical supt1881-1885
RailroadsLewis JamesSeargeant president1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam S.Shephard director1880-1889
RailroadsDeforest LeslieSkinner director1880-1900
RailroadsJoseph A.Slack locomotive foreman1880-1893MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsL. E.Snively gen freight agent1880
RailroadsWilliam J.Spicer gen manager1884-1895
RailroadsThomas StilwellStanfield director1880-1885
RailroadsThomasSutherland foreman1864-1882
RailroadsThomasTait clerk in office1881
RailroadsRobertThomson passenger traffic dept1890
RailroadsWilliamWanless master car repairs1884MI, St. Clair Co, Port Huron
RailroadsWilliam E.Waugh asst supt1885MI, Calhoun Co, Battle Creek
RailroadsCharles L.Wellington clerk1877-1878IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJ. H.Whitman director1880-1885
RailroadsCharles R.Williams relief agent & chief clerk1877-1878
RailroadsFrank TurnerWolcott local attorney1900
RailroadsRobertWright director1886-1887
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