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Organization: Central Vermont Railway

From Burlington, VT, to Windsor, VT, 118 miles. Office at Northfield, VT

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsAupro BuckAllen journeyman1857
RailroadsWilliam C.Andrus general western passenger agent1859-1862
RailroadsWilliam RobinsonBabcock southern passenger agent1891-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrancis WaylandBaldwin supt1886-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsDavid D.Banlett asst to treasurer1872-1873MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsLouis E.Barker telegraph operator and clerk1871-1873NH, Sullivan Co, Charlestown
RailroadsCharlesBarrett treasurer1856VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsAsahel AdamsBean master of transportation1849-1853NY, Clinton Co, Rouses Point
RailroadsNormanBeckley foreman1845
RailroadsHomer ElishaBentley freight auditor1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsCharles F.Black Attorney1918
RailroadsL.Brainerd manager1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsEdwin F.Brooks supt Brattleboro division1893VT, Windham Co, Brattleboro
RailroadsCharles A.Brown traveling passenger agent1875-1879
RailroadsDavidBrown division freight agent1874-1880
RailroadsDavid DrummondBrown div freight agent1874-1880
RailroadsDeWitt ClintonBrown general agent1862-1863NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
RailroadsJesseBurdett supt1871-1893VT, Rutland Co, Rutland
RailroadsRobert LordBurnap 1894-1908
RailroadsEdwin B.Byington general agent1861-1862
RailroadsAlbert Von HallerCarpenter freight conductor1840-1849
RailroadsJason H.Carpenter freight clerk1863-1864VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsGeorgeCassidy asst freight agent1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsW. H.Chaffee Secretary & Treasurer1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsEdson J.Chamberlain manager1877-1884
RailroadsEdson JosephChamberlin 1871-1884VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsB. P.Cheney director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsEdward A.Chittenden freight agent1892-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsEdward A.Chittenden clerk1864
RailroadsJosephClark manager1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJamesColeman Master Car Builder1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsCharles AllenConverse asst supt1878-1885VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsCharles AllenConverse chief clerk1870-1878VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsCharles AllenConverse clerk1869-1870VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsSilas W.Cummings clerk in ticket dept1865MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsSilas W.Cummings passenger agent1882-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsAdolphus F.Dailey Foreman Repairs1893NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
RailroadsJ. E.Dalrymple Freight Agent1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsW. F. N.Davis machinist, draughtsman1872-1882
RailroadsT. M.Deal passenger conductor1874-1877
RailroadsF. E.Dewey messenger auditor office1875-1878
RailroadsGeorge M.Dexter president1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsP. T.Downs brakeman passenger train1868-1868
RailroadsCharles G.Eddy agent1870-1871MN, St Louis Co, Duluth
RailroadsM. G.Elliott ticket agent1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsW. P.Elrod Rd. Master1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsLewis A.Emerson freight traffic manager1892-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsGeorgeFiset 1869-1870VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsE. H.Fitzhugh VP & Manager1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsA. C.Fonda telegraph operator1878
RailroadsJames M.Foss asst to president1892-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsCharles E., JrFuller supt motive power1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsThomas RingGabel clerk freight dept1877-1880VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsIra W.Gantt gen freight agent1901-1902
RailroadsJohn C.Gault chief clerk freight dept1852-1857
RailroadsWillis AlvahGeorge stationary boiler1875
RailroadsHomer N.Gilson telegraph operator1866-1868VT, Windsor Co, Windsor
RailroadsAlfredGorham clerk treasurer office1872-1872
RailroadsMilbury M.Greene clerk1847-1851
RailroadsVernon WrightHalbert brakeman1865-1870
RailroadsJule M.Hannaford clerk in freight office1866-1872VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsLouisHasbrouck Counsel1893NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
RailroadsCharles BenjaminHibbard stenographer and chief clerk1880-1889VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsGeorge WeeksHibbard clerk ticket agent office1872-1874
RailroadsErastus O.Hill machinist1848-1854
RailroadsJohn WhiteHobart manager entire service1883-1891VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsI. B.Howe road master1856VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsI. C.Howe director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsW.Kidder ticket agent1856VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsJames R.Langdon VP1875-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJames R.Langdon director1845-1848
RailroadsJ. B.Laurie Purchasing Agent1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsHoratio N.Leach ticket clerk1871-1874
RailroadsD. C.Linsley chief engineer1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsDaniel C.Linsley chief engineer1860-1862
RailroadsH. H.Lochlin asst supt1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJ. W.Loud Freight Traffic Manager1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsEdmund GeorgeLucas accountant1892-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsDavidMackenzie passenger conductor1871-1872
RailroadsDavidMackenzie purchasing agent, supt1891-1893CT, New London Co, New London
RailroadsM.Magiff Supt Telegraph1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsGeorge S.Marsh car and record clerk1869-1871VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJames GeorgeMcCuen machinist1864
RailroadsJames GeorgeMcCuen machinist1866-1869
RailroadsJohn GriffithMcCullough director1873-1874
RailroadsCharles SangerMellen clerk to chief engineer1872-1873VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsG.Merrill supt1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsLansingMinis agent1861-1885
RailroadsA. R.Morrill master of machinery1856VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsJ. M.Morrison Engineer & Supt Structures1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJoseph M.Morrison Supt. of Structures1917VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJohnNewell rodman and asst engineer1846-1850
RailroadsFrankOwen supt1891-1893NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
RailroadsE. F.Perkins master of machinery1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJohnPorteous manager through freight traffic1887-1892
RailroadsJames G.Porter station agent1867-1875VT, Windsor Co, Hartford
RailroadsJohnPullen gen freight agent1898-1900
RailroadsSidney CalebPutnam freight & car agent1857-1867
RailroadsD. D.Ranlett asst to treasurer1872-1873MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsD. D.Ranlett treasurer1875-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsM. M.Reynolds Auditor1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsWilliam J.Robertson supt motive power1871-1893VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsDaniel B.Robinson freight clerk1866-1869VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsLuther S.Rose 1895-1896
RailroadsJohn S.Schultze director1873-1877
RailroadsFrank A.Seabert train baggage master1855-1856
RailroadsHenry H.Sessions apprentice1870VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsR.Sherburne supt1856VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsE. C.Smith President1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsEdward CurtisSmith attorney, president, Director1877-1883VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsI. G.Smith director1856VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJ. GregorySmith manager1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJohn GregorySmith President1873-1885
RailroadsJohn GregorySmith counsel1849-1858
RailroadsJohn GregorySmith receiver1858-1873
RailroadsWilliam F.Smith agent1876-1879NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsC. E.Soule Supt1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsJ. A.Southard division freight and passenger agent1892
RailroadsCharles F.Spaulding supt1883-1892CT, New London Co, New London
RailroadsAndrew JacksonStevens machinist1852VT, Washington Co, Northfield
RailroadsT. A.Summerekill Supt Motive Power1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsAlba MarkTucker teamster1847-1850
RailroadsL.Underwood director1856VT, Chittenden Co, Burlington
RailroadsE. P.Walton secretary1856VT, Washington Co, Montpelier
RailroadsArthurWard 1870-1885
RailroadsWilliam HenryWardwell clerk general ticket office1873-1876
RailroadsEmery ClarkWatson errand boy and clerk1879-1881
RailroadsJames RobertWatson clerk freight office1870VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsNelson EdwardWeeks clerk passenger dept1873-1878VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsC. O.Whitmore director1856MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
RailroadsSamuelWilliams treasurer1866VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsC. W.Witters Attorney1902VT, Franklin Co, St Albans
RailroadsSollis A.Wolcott freight conductor1851-1863
RailroadsMoses EmoryWright mathematician1854
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