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Organization: Central Pacific Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsWilliam I.Allen chief train dispatcher1869-1871
RailroadsAlmeron CorneliusBassett train dispatcher1869-1871
RailroadsDavid A.Bender clerk to secretary1865-1867
RailroadsWilliam A.Bissell clerk1868-1870CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsRobert BarrCampbell train dispatcher and asst division supt1875-1882
RailroadsFrancis C.Cherry freight office1881-1888UT, Weber Co, Ogden
RailroadsWilliamCockfield machinist1881-1885
RailroadsGeorge WashingtonCoddington clerk freight office1871-1873
RailroadsJ. M.Crawley asst general freight agent1885CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsCharlesCrocker general supt1862
RailroadsGeorgeCrocker asst supt1885CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsRobert AlexanderDonaldson rate and apportionment clerk1871-1875CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsRobert AlexanderDonaldson asst passenger and ticket agent1887-1893CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsJudson L.Fast agent1874-1879
RailroadsA. G.Fell supt1885UT, Weber Co, Ogden
RailroadsJ. A.Fillmore asst to asst supt1871-1873
RailroadsByron S.Fitch clerk1869-1871
RailroadsFrank MontgomeryFonda telegraph operator1869-1884CA, Alameda Co, Oakland
RailroadsJohnFowler journeyman1871-1873CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsGeorge W.Gates machinist, engineer1871
RailroadsGeorge EdwardGray Consulting Engineer1865-1870
RailroadsRichardGray General Freight Agent1885CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsRobert LewisHarris Locating engineer1860-1871
RailroadsWilliamHood rodman1867-1868
RailroadsTimothyHopkins clerk1881-1882
RailroadsIsaacHulme under instruction for machinist1869
RailroadsGeorge HenryHunt locomotive engineer1868-1882
RailroadsReidJackson car shops1891CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsJohn FlintKidder division engineer1866-1867
RailroadsGerrit LivingstonLansing chief clerk, auditor office1869
RailroadsRobert JamesLaws asst locating engineer1869-1875
RailroadsRobert JamesLaws rodman engineer corps1868-1869
RailroadsWilliam HenryMasterman locomotive engineer1867
RailroadsJames GeorgeMcCuen division master mechanic1869-1875
RailroadsRobert LutherMyrick ticket agent1872-1877
RailroadsRobert HenryPratt foreman construction1865-1868
RailroadsWinfield WebsterPrugh division supt1884-1885
RailroadsEdward MillsRailton master of transportation1880-1885
RailroadsEdward MillsRailton operator1868-1869
RailroadsWilliam MiltonRank brakeman1873
RailroadsF. G.Rice asst to supt1885CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsCharles J.Robinson bookkeeper1876-1882
RailroadsDaniel B.Robinson chief clerk mechanical dept1869-1870CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsClark B.Seymour conductor1875-1883
RailroadsPatrickSheedy 1868-1893UT, Weber Co, Terrace
RailroadsCharles W.Smith General Freight Agent1870-1872
RailroadsO. F.Smurr General Freight Agent1885CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsLelandStanford Chairman Executive Committee1893CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
RailroadsA. J.Stevens Gen Manager of the mill1884CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsAndrew JacksonStevens division master mechanic1869-1870
RailroadsHowardStillman machinist1877
RailroadsJohn C.Stubbs chief clerk in freight office1870-1871CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
RailroadsCharles JrThorn clerk1877-1879
RailroadsAlban NelsonTowne supt, manager1869-1885
RailroadsClarence JesseWetmore ticket agent1874-1883
RailroadsJerry HinchmanWhite night operator1870-1885
RailroadsJerry HinchmanWhited 1870-1893CA, Fresno Co, Fresno
RailroadsAlvin DumondWilder 1868-1873
RailroadsJohn B.Wright division supt1882-1893CA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
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