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Organization: Canadian Pacific Railway

James Kerr

James Kerr

14 DEC 1848born in Antrim Co, Ireland
1890DC, physician
2 FEB 1911died in Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA, about age 62.
Red BridgeIA, Dubuque CoCharles F. Loweth
Sabula BridgeIA, Jackson Co, Sabula — IL, Carroll CoCharles F. Loweth
Bloomingdale Line Swing BridgeIL, Cook Co, ChicagoOnward Bates
Short Line BridgeMN, Hennepin Co, MinneapolisCharles F. Loweth
Onward Bates

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RailroadsCharles TheodoreAmbridge chief clerk in audit dept1883-1888
RailroadsArcherBaker supt1881England, Lancashire, Liverpool
RailroadsWalter ReginaldBaker purchasing agent, asst to manager1881-1883
RailroadsCharles LynnBates Assistant Engineer1915MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsEdward WentworthBeatty president1918-1942
RailroadsHenryBeatty manager1885PQ, Montreal
RailroadsElbridge HarlowBeckler division engineer1884-1885
RailroadsE. H.Bender Purchasing Agent1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJamesBerlingett dispatcher1882-1887
RailroadsCharlesBlackvrell mechanical engineer1879-1881
RailroadsKennet W.Blackwell mechanical supt1881-1883
RailroadsG. M.Bosworth Freight Traffic Manager1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsDavid E.Brown passenger and freight agent1886-1893BC, Greater Vancouver, Vancouver
RailroadsDavid E.Brown freight agent1883-1886MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsFrancis Robert FontaineBrown rnechanical supt1883-1889
RailroadsFrancis Robert FountaineBrown mechanical supt1883-1885PQ, Montreal
RailroadsByron H.Bryant locating engineer and division engineer1884-1886
RailroadsW. B.Bulling Asst Freight Traffic Manager1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsW. B., JrBulling freight agent Eastern division1892PQ, Montreal
RailroadsG. J.Bury Lake Sup. Div1902ON, Nipissing, North Bay
RailroadsGeorge J.Bury asst supt1893ON, Nipissing, North Bay
RailroadsWilliam HectorBush topographer1876
RailroadsWilliam RodgerCallaway district agent1882-1895ON, Toronto, Toronto
RailroadsAllanCameron freight agent1883-1900MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsJohn A.Cameron train baggageman1880MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsGeorge S.Cantlie Supt Car Service1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsGeorge MackenzieClark chief solicitor1887-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWaring LafayetteCodington construction dept1912MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsD'Alton CorryColeman president1942-1947
RailroadsA. R.Creelman Counsel1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliamCross master mechanic1882-1893MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsCharlesDrinkwater Asst to President & Sec1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsGeorge HerrickDuggan engineer1885-1886
RailroadsN. S.Dunlap Tax Com1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJohn M.Egan supt western division1882-1886
RailroadsJohn D.Farrell chief clerk, supt bridges1882-1884MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsC. J.Flanagan Auditor Freight & Tel. Rec1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsEdwardFord civil engineer1881-1883
RailroadsW. E.Fowler Master Car Builder1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsF. P.Griffin Land Commissioner1902MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsErwin W.Harris master mechanic1882-1885
RailroadsJohn GuyHenry asst train dispatcher1882-1883ON, Thunder Bay, Port Arthur
RailroadsWilliam GeorgeHenry surgeon1884
RailroadsGeorge WeeksHibbard asst passenger agent1882
RailroadsJames FranklinHolden traveling freight agent1885-1886ON, Toronto, Toronto
RailroadsReuben RupertJamieson asst supt1893ON, Toronto, Toronto
RailroadsThomas JohnKennedy 1899
RailroadsRobertKerr Passenger Traffic Manager1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsCarl HermanLarson construction dept1912
RailroadsJames FrancisLee commercial agent freight1886-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJ. W.Leonard Western Div1902MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsJames W.Leonard supt1884-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsAlexanderLeslie cashier1885-1889
RailroadsJ.Leslie Auditor Disbursements1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsStewart R.Lewis 1886-1887
RailroadsGeorgeLindoff locomotive engineer1876-1880
RailroadsTristram A.Mackinnon supt, manager transportation1887-1890
RailroadsA. D.MacTier Fuel Agent1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsR.Marpole Pacific Div1902BC, Greater Vancouver, Vancouver
RailroadsRichardMarpole supt Pacific division1893BC, Columbia-Shuswap, Donald
RailroadsWilliam AllanMather president1948-1955
RailroadsAlexanderMcDonald corresponding clerk freight office1883MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsCharles P.McGhee trav freight agent1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
RailroadsE. H.McHenry Chief Engineer1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsSamuel BinghamMcKee division engineer1882-1889
RailroadsAlexanderMcLean foreman1893MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsHam G.McMicken freight delivery manager1880-1884
RailroadsD.McNicoll VP & Manager1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJ. H.McTavish land commissioner1885MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsCharles WilliamMilestone train dispatcher, asst supt1882-1893SK, Moose Jaw
RailroadsR. H.Morris Baggage Agent1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJamesMurray messenger boy and ticket agent1852-1858
RailroadsJamesMurray asst supt western division1882-1893MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsWilliam MertinNeal president1947-1948
RailroadsJohnNiblock division supt1883-1893AB, Medicine Hat
RailroadsJamesOborne supt car service1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsI. G.Ogden VP & Compt1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsIsaac GoverneurOgden auditor western division1881-1883
RailroadsGeorgeOlds traffic manager1886-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJ.Osborne Atlantic Div1902NB, St John Co, St John
RailroadsH. L.Penny Auditor1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsFrederick R.Perry 1895
RailroadsFrederick R.Perry gen agent-Rail traffic1916-1930
RailroadsPeter AlexanderPeterson chief engineer entire line1890-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsArthurPiers Supt Steamship Lines1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam ThomasReed master mechanic western division1883-1887
RailroadsA. R. G.Reward Asst Secretary1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsMilton CourtrightRoach passenger agent1886OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsHorace H.Robbins 1882-1885
RailroadsEdward J.Roberts leveler1883-1884
RailroadsJamesRoss manager1882
RailroadsArchibald AlexanderSchenck division engineer1884-1885
RailroadsCollingwoodSchriber chief engineer1879-1885
RailroadsCollingwoodSchriber chief engineer1880-1885
RailroadsT. G.Shaughnessy President1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsThomas G.Shaughnessy director1891-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsThomas GeorgeShaughnessy president1899-1918
RailroadsJ. H.Shearing Auditor Passenger Receipts1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsJ. A.Sheffield Supt Sleeping & Dining Cars1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsCorneliusShields asst supt western division1882-1887
RailroadsWilliam J.Singleton supt terminals1892-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam J.Singleton agent1882-1884
RailroadsW. B.Smellie Consulting Engineer1885PQ, Montreal
RailroadsCharles JamesSmith construction dept1882-1885
RailroadsC. W.Spencer Eastern Div1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsCharles WorthingtonSpencer supt1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsHarry B.Spencer supt and asst supt eastern division1883-1893ON, Ottawa
RailroadsGeorgeStephen president1881-1888
RailroadsJohn FrankStevens div engineer1882-1886
RailroadsJohnStewart division supt1893NB, Carleton Co, Woodstock
RailroadsAlpheus BeedeStickney supt1880-1881
RailroadsH. E.Suckling Asst Treasurer1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsThomas AlfredSummerskill locomotive foreman1883-1887ON, Nipissing, North Bay
RailroadsThomasTait MLT. Transportation1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsW. SutherlandTaylor Treasurer1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam SutherlandTaylor treasurer1884-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsE.Tiffin freight agent1890-1893NB, St John Co, St John
RailroadsH. P.Timmerman Ont. Div1902ON, Toronto, Toronto
RailroadsHenry P.Timmerman supt Atlantic division1893NB, St John Co, St John
RailroadsHenry P.Timmerman train dispatcher1882-1887MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsMaximilian Ernst RobertToltz consulting engineer1904MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsLuciusTuttle passenger traffic manager1887-1889PQ, Montreal
RailroadsC. E. E.Usher Passenger Agent1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsCharles E. E.Ussher asst pas senger agent1886-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam CharlesVan Home president1888-1893PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam O.Van Home general manager1882-1885PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam C.Van Horne Chairman of Board1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliam CorneliusVan Horne president1889-1899
RailroadsWilliam CorneliusVanhorne gen manager, VP, president1882-1898
RailroadsTheodore ErnestVideto Assistant to Superintendent of Building Construction1915PQ, Montreal
RailroadsGeorge AlbertWall Civil Engineer1915AB, Calgary
RailroadsJohn HenryWalsh junior clerk in contractor office1876
RailroadsKarlWeatherbe Division Engineer1915PQ, Montreal
RailroadsWilliamWhyte supt1884-1885
RailroadsWilliamWhyte supt Western division1893MB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
RailroadsCyrus KingWilber charge forwarding supplies for construction1881-1882
RailroadsE. A.Williams Supt Rolling Stock1902PQ, Montreal
RailroadsEdward ParmeleeWilliams surgeon1887-1889
RailroadsWilliam HollandWinterrowd asst engineer1915PQ, Montreal
RailroadsFrank J.Woitishek gen agent land dept1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
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