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Organization: Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

George Brune Shattuck

George Brune Shattuck

18 AUG 1844born in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
1869MA, Boston, Harvard Medical School
1883-1885MA, Boston, Harvard Medical School, Professor
1890MA, Boston, Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, editor
1910MA, Boston, City Hospital, physician
1910MA, Danvers, Insane Hospital, Board of Physicians
1910MA, Boston, Lying-In Hospital, Trustee
1910MA, Boston, Massachusetts Charitable Eye And Ear Infirmary, Board of Managers
1915MA, Boston, Massachusetts Charitable Eye And Ear Infirmary, President
12 MAR 1923died in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA, about age 79.

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JournalistsW. N.Bullard contributor1904MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsH. A.Christian contributor1902MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsW. T.Councilman contributor1894MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsJ. J.Curry contributor1897MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsF. B.Mallory contributor1895MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsJ. L.Morse contributor1895MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsFitch EdwardOliver Editor1860
JournalistsFitch EdwardOliver Editor1860MA
JournalistsR. M.Pearce contributor1897MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsJoseph H.Pratt contributor1899MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsGeorge BruneShattuck editor1890MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsE. E.Southard contributor1903MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsEdward WinslowTaylor editor1919
JournalistsJ. J.Thomas contributor1899-1901MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
JournalistsJohn CollinsWarren Editor1873-1880MA
JournalistsJ. H.Wright contributor1894-1895MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
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