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Organization: Board of Health

Thomas Sewall

Thomas Sewall

16 APR 1786born in Augusta, Kennebec Co, ME
1812MA, Boston, Harvard Medical School
1813DC, Board of Health, Member
1821-1845DC, George Washington University, Professor
1844DC, Washington Infirmary, Founder
10 APR 1845died in Washington, DC, about age 59.

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OthersAlexander CreverAbbott president1914PA
OthersW. B.Aldrich 1913NH, Coos Co, Dalton
OthersW. H.Aldrich 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Marlborough
OthersA. N.Allbee 1913NH, Grafton Co, Landaff
OthersWalter A.Allen 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Hampstead
OthersN. R.Andrews 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Plainfield
OthersJ. F.Axtell 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Newton
OthersFrank A.Bachelder 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Kensington
OthersHenry BrooksBaker secretary1873MI
OthersEdwin CandeeBaldwin asst bacteriologist1897-1899NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersC. P.Ballard 1913NH, Belknap Co, Gilmanton
OthersG. W.Barbur 1913NH, Coos Co, Stewartstown
OthersJ. C.Bartlett 1913NH, Strafford Co, Lee
OthersFrank J.Bemis 1913NH, Strafford Co, Madbury
OthersJohn WilsonBennett president1890NJ, Monmouth Co, Long Branch
OthersGeorge C.Blaisdell 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Hopkinton
OthersThomas EmersonBond president1839MD, Baltimore City
OthersN. P.Boynton 1913NH, Grafton Co, Holderness
OthersHenry MartynBrackem secretary and executive officer1897-1914MN
OthersCharlesBrewster 1913NH, Grafton Co, Waterville Valley
OthersEdward M.Britton 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Surry
OthersWillardBrooks 1913NH, Grafton Co, Easton
OthersD.Brown 1913NH, Rockingham Co, East Kingston
OthersC. WaldoBryant 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Northfield
OthersAsaBullock 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Richmond
OthersGeorge W.Burr 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Acworth
OthersE. D.Burtt 1913NH, Grafton Co, Lincoln
OthersWillis G.Buxton 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Boscawen
OthersJ. LeavittCain 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Newport
OthersG. H.Calley 1913NH, Grafton Co, Bristol
OthersGeorge V.Card 1913NH, Strafford Co, Farmington
OthersC. P.Carleton 1913NH, Coos Co, Whitefield
OthersB. W.Carr 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Pittsfield
OthersJames M.Carr 1913NH, Rockingham Co, South Hampton
OthersCharles ValueChapin supt1914RI
OthersW. H. H.Chaplain 1913NH, Belknap Co, Belmont
OthersMadison O.Charles 1913NH, Carroll Co, Chatham
OthersGeorgeChase 1913NH, Grafton Co, Canaan
OthersBenjamin HicksCheney 1878-1884CT, New Haven Co, New Haven
OthersJ. N.Cheney 1913NH, Grafton Co, Ashland
OthersGeorge H.Clark 1913NH, Grafton Co, Benton
OthersL. H.Cogswell 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Warner
OthersM. I.Cole 1913NH, Coos Co, Stark
OthersCharles H.Collins 1913NH, Belknap Co, Gilford
OthersKatharine RichardsCollins assistant director1908GA
OthersF. B.Comings 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Cornish
OthersE. M.Cooley 1913NH, Grafton Co, Easton
OthersGeorge W.Copp 1913NH, Carroll Co, Tuftonboro
OthersC. S.Corbin 1913NH, Grafton Co, Orange
OthersJohnCoulter 1812MD, Baltimore City
OthersJohn LeeCoulter special agent1909-1910MN
OthersChristopher ChristianCox president1871DC, Washington
OthersH. L.Craft 1913NH, Carroll Co, Wakefield
OthersJames A.Craig 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Westmoreland
OthersJames EdwardCrawford 1913NH, Strafford Co, Somersworth
OthersR. P.Curry 1913NH, Grafton Co, Holderness
OthersW. H.Cushman 1913NH, Coos Co, Dalton
OthersM.D. 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Salem
OthersM.D. 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Charlestown
OthersE. L.Dalton 1913NH, Rockingham Co, North Hampton
OthersCharles HansonDana 1913NH, Strafford Co, Strafford
OthersLymanDavis 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Sullivan
OthersEdmund G.Dearborn 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Antrim
OthersJohn H.DeGross 1913NH, Grafton Co, Bath
OthersGeorge W.Dickson 1913NH, Coos Co, Colebrook
OthersWilliam T.Disley 1899CT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
OthersHenryDodge 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Webster
OthersC. O.Doe 1913NH, Carroll Co, Wolfeboro
OthersAlbert S.Dolloff 1913NH, Belknap Co, New Hampton
OthersJ. A.Drew 1913NH, Grafton Co, Rumney
OthersRobert AloysiusDurkee 1841-1843MD, Baltimore City
OthersG. W.Dustin 1913NH, Grafton Co, Enfield
OthersC. H.Duttton 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Hancock
OthersFrankEaton 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Weare
OthersC. W.Edmunds 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Chichester
OthersFred N.Edmunds 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Stratham
OthersCyrus K.Ellis 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Roxbury
OthersA. O.Ellsworth 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Deering
OthersGeorge S.Emerson 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Fitzwilliam
OthersFrancis ErnestEngelhardt milk inspector1914NY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
OthersFrank W.Evans 1913NH, Coos Co, Stratford
OthersA. W.Farmer 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Windham
OthersLeon L.Farwell 1913NH, Coos Co, Dummer
OthersA. D.Felch 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Sunapee
OthersJ. P.Fitts 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Candia
OthersWilliam J.Flanders 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Bow
OthersNed ArdenFlood 1901PA
OthersA. M.Foster 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Candia
OthersAnaniasFowler 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Seabrook
OthersF. A.Fowler 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Hill
OthersSamuelFraser 1913NH, Grafton Co, Wentworth
OthersG. B.Freeman 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Atkinson
OthersArthur S.French 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
OthersCharles W. S.Frost 1899CT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
OthersFredGage 1913NH, Grafton Co, Grafton
OthersH. P.Gale 1913NH, Grafton Co, Warren
OthersF. E.Garvin 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Dunbarton
OthersCharlesGillis 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Bradford
OthersS. W.Gilman 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Croydon
OthersHenryGilson 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Windham
OthersO. S.Gleason 1913NH, Grafton Co, Warren
OthersEdwin J.Godfrey 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Candia
OthersManson B.Godfrey 1913NH, Carroll Co, Freedom
OthersCharlesGomly 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Dunbarton
OthersJ. LewisGood President1902PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersFred E.Goodhue 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Wilmot
OthersFrederick E.Goss 1899CT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
OthersA. E.Grant 1913NH, Strafford Co, Durham
OthersWilliam E.Gray 1913NH, Coos Co, Columbia
OthersGeorge H.Greeley 1913NH, Grafton Co, Plymouth
OthersCharles E.Green 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Salisbury
OthersRobert EgglesfieldGriffith 1834-1836PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersWilfred E.Griggs 1899CT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
OthersWarren P.Grimes 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Hillsboro
OthersGeorge H.Guptill 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Raymond
OthersJames H.Hall 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Auburn
OthersJosiah NewhallHall president1903-1904CO
OthersO. F.Hall 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Springfield
OthersA. C.Harriman 1913NH, Carroll Co, Jackson
OthersM. A. H.Hart 1913NH, Strafford Co, Milton
OthersG. W.Hatch 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Wilton
OthersC. C.Hayes 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester
OthersNathanHaynes 1913NH, Grafton Co, Lyman
OthersGeorge S.Hazard 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Hollis
OthersF. E.Higgins 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Salem
OthersR.Hill 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Epsom
OthersW. H. W.Hinds 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Milford
OthersAnthony A.Hirst secretary and president1874-1899PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersA. B.Hoag 1913NH, Carroll Co, Sandwich
OthersCharles H.Holcombe 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Brookline
OthersS. V.Hoopman president1899PA, Delaware Co, Chester
OthersA. W.Hopkins 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Swanzey
OthersB. FrankHouse 1913NH, Carroll Co, Conway
OthersFrankHouston 1913NH, Grafton Co, Thornton
OthersJ. J.Hunt 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Salem
OthersF. W.Hunton 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Lempster
OthersJohn C.Hurlbert 1913NH, Coos Co, Clarksville
OthersE. L.Huse 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Plainfield
OthersCharles E.Hutchins 1913NH, Belknap Co, Alton
OthersE.Hyde 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Pelham
OthersHoratio GatesJameson 1821-1835MD, Baltimore City
OthersCharles A.Jaquith 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Peterborough
OthersFrank S.Jenkins 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Pittsfield
OthersH. L.Johnson 1913NH, Grafton Co, Franconia
OthersFredJones 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Northfield
OthersFred P.Jones 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Goshen
OthersAlbert KimberlyKadel secretary1898MD, Baltimore City
OthersForest L.Keay 1913NH, Strafford Co, Rochester
OthersFranklin P.Kellom 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Winchester
OthersE. G.Kenyon 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Plainfield
OthersThomas J.Kilmartin 1899CT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
OthersB. S.Kinne 1913NH, Grafton Co, Groton
OthersLee V.Knapp 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Danbury
OthersC. A.Lamson 1913NH, Merrimack Co, New London
OthersE. A.Landman 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Plaistow
OthersE. A.Landman 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Danville
OthersOlin HenryLandreth consulting engineer1896-1906NY
OthersA. M.Lavalee 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Allenstown
OthersA.Lavallee 1913NH, Coos Co, Berlin
OthersClinton E.Leach 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Litchfield
OthersJ. M.Leavitt 1913NH, Carroll Co, Effingham
OthersA. B.Locke 1913NH, Strafford Co, Barrington
OthersHugo J.Loebinger member1900MT
OthersW. P.Lord 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Dunbarton
OthersF. S.Lovering 1913NH, Carroll Co, Moultonborough
OthersWilliamLyford 1913NH, Grafton Co, Thornton
OthersG. L.Lynde 1913NH, Grafton Co, Landaff
OthersF. C.Manchester 1913NH, Grafton Co, Grafton
OthersHenryMarble 1913NH, Coos Co, Gorham
OthersW. G.Martin 1913NH, Carroll Co, Madison
OthersGeorge H.Mason 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Atkinson
OthersS. B.Mason 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Atkinson
OthersCharles A.McAllister 1913NH, Coos Co, Pittsburg
OthersC.McDaniel 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Springfield
OthersGeorge W.McGuire chief inspector of food and drugs1914NJ
OthersP. J.McLaughlin 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Nashua
OthersElwin C.Mills 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Sandown
OthersR. G.Mills 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Francestown
OthersW. H.Mitchell 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Loudon
OthersJohn FrancisMonmonier 1849-1851MD, Baltimore City
OthersB. T.Monsley 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Alstead
OthersJosephMontgomery 1913NH, Coos Co, Stark
OthersE. N.Morrill 1913NH, Grafton Co, Warren
OthersLeonard B.Morrill 1913NH, Carroll Co, Center Harbor
OthersE. K.Morrison 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Acworth
OthersG. S.Morrison 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Northfield
OthersH. E.Morrison 1913NH, Grafton Co, Piermont
OthersS. S.Mullin 1913NH, Carroll Co, Bartlett
OthersJ. G.Nelson 1913NH, Rockingham Co, East Kingston
OthersJoseph R.Nelson 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Windsor
OthersGeorge F.Niles 1913NH, Grafton Co, Orford
OthersA. J.Nugent 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Grantham
OthersW. H.Nute 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
OthersNewell C.Nutting 1913NH, Belknap Co, Meredith
OthersSanitaryOfficer 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Concord
OthersR. F.Oliver 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Warner
OthersFrederick A.Orme 1913NH, Strafford Co, Middleton
OthersJohnOwen 1821MD, Baltimore City
OthersW. T.Owen 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Chester
OthersC. S.Page 1913NH, Coos Co, Stark
OthersCharles E.Palmer 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Concord
OthersB. D.Pease 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Greenville
OthersWillard H.Peirce 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Dublin
OthersWaldo H.Perkins 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Marlow
OthersRobert HamiltonPhelps President1902-1911CT, New London Co, Norwich
OthersE. B.Pike 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Brentwood
OthersArthur A.Pratte 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Keene
OthersWillardPresby 1913NH, Grafton Co, Bethlehem
OthersJames A. G.Putnam 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Lyndeborough
OthersFrankReed 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Unity
OthersPeter CharlesRemondino president1914CA, San Diego Co, San Diego
OthersWilliamRichardson 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Londonderry
OthersWilliam K.Robbins 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester
OthersJohnRobinson 1913NH, Carroll Co, Brookfield
OthersJ. O.Ross 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Epping
OthersWilliam T.Ross 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Hampton
OthersW. C.Rowe 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Andover
OthersGeorge A.Rowell 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Claremont
OthersHarry LumanRussell consulting bacteriologist1914WI
OthersFred W.Saltmarsh 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Pembroke
OthersB. W.Sanborn 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Salisbury
OthersGeorge H.Sanborn 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Henniker
OthersJoseph B.Sanborn 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Fremont
OthersW. R.Sands 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Derry
OthersB. H.Saunders 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Sharon
OthersAlvin P.Seeton 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Goffstown
OthersFrankShaw 1913NH, Belknap Co, Meredith
OthersJohnShaw 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Salisbury
OthersGeorgeShedd 1913NH, Carroll Co, Conway
OthersAlan WelchSmith president1914OR, Multnomah Co, Portland
OthersG. W.Smith 1913NH, Grafton Co, Littleton
OthersH. O.Smith 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Hudson
OthersBoyd B.Snodgrass president1914PA, Beaver Co, Rochester
OthersLewis F.Soule 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Salem
OthersF. E.Spear 1913NH, Grafton Co, Lisbon
OthersB. C.Spooner 1913NH, Grafton Co, Landaff
OthersFrankSpooner 1913NH, Coos Co, Lancaster
OthersHarry W.Stetson 1913NH, Grafton Co, Orford
OthersM. T.Stone 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Troy
OthersGuilford HermanSumner secretary1914IA
OthersA. E.Taggart 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Rindge
OthersC. E.Tarker 1913NH, New Market
OthersAlexander M.Templeton President1914PA, Washington Co, Washington
OthersGeorge E.Thornell 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Pittsfield
OthersF. OtisTilton 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
OthersFrederick VonTobel 1913NH, Grafton Co, Lebanon
OthersT. M.Togus 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Hooksett
OthersGeorge H.Towle 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Deerfield
OthersFred C.True 1913NH, Belknap Co, Laconia
OthersW. H.True 1913NH, Belknap Co, Laconia
OthersThomas DyerTuttle officer1903-1914MT
OthersE. E.Twombly 1913NH, Coos Co, Colebrook
OthersA. H.Varney 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Newfields
OthersI. D.Walker 1913NH, Grafton Co, Dorchester
OthersGeorge B.Wallace 1913NH, Grafton Co, Holderness
OthersGeorge C.Ward 1913NH, Belknap Co, Sanbornton
OthersW. K.Ware 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Chesterfield
OthersF. L.Wawkins 1913NH, Belknap Co, Meredith
OthersCharles A.Weaver 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, New Boston
OthersGeorge WashingtonWebster president1900-1914IL
OthersWilliam R.Webster 1913NH, Strafford Co, New Durham
OthersLeonardWellington 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Keene
OthersR. S.Wentworth 1913NH, Strafford Co, Rollinsford
OthersFrank FairchildWesbrook member1911-1912MN
OthersMay C.Wharton 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Langdon
OthersGeorge H.Whedon 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Newbury
OthersL. H.Wheeler 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Warner
OthersWilliam W.Wheeler 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Canterbury
OthersWilliam BuchananWherry bacteriologist1907-1909CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
OthersCharles F.White 1913NH, Carroll Co, Eaton
OthersH. A.White 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Rye
OthersJesse O.White 1913NH, Rockingham Co, New Castle
OthersW. J.White 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Sullivan
OthersFrank H.Whitney 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, New Ipswich
OthersHarlan R.Whitney 1913NH, Rockingham Co, Northwood
OthersE. B.Willoughby 1913NH, Grafton Co, Haverhill
OthersH. W.Wilson 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Bennington
OthersF. C.Wood 1913NH, Coos Co, Randolph
OthersCharles P.Woodbury 1913NH, Hillsborough Co, Bedford
OthersJ. B.Woodman 1913NH, Merrimack Co, Franklin
OthersFrank D.Worcester 1913NH, Cheshire Co, Keene
OthersJohn W.Wrisley 1913NH, Belknap Co, Laconia
OthersO. C.Young 1913NH, Sullivan Co, Charlestown
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