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Organization: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (reporting marks B&O, BO) was the first common carrier railroad and the oldest railroad in the United States

It proved crucial to Union success during the American Civil War. After the war's end, the B&O consolidated several feeder lines in Virginia and West Virginia, as well as expanded westward into Ohio (including a junction at Portsmouth), Indiana and Illinois. B&O advertising later carried the motto: "Linking 13 Great States with the Nation." -- Wikipedia

Arthur W. Tiddy

Arthur W. Tiddy

1864born in England
1901PA, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, city passenger agent
1911PA, Carnegie, Chartiers Cemetery
1911died, about age 47.
Railway StationMD, Baltimore CityJohn Rudolph Niernsee
Allender Road BridgeMD, Baltimore CoJohn Edwin Greiner
Railway StationMD, Harford Co, AberdeenFrank Heyling Furness
Lower Elysville BridgeMD, Howard CoWendel Bollman
Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Upper Elysville BridgeMD, Howard CoWendel Bollman
Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Thomas ViaductMD, Howard Co, Elkridge — MD, Baltimore CoBenjamin Henry Latrobe
Bollman BridgeMD, Howard Co, SavageWendel Bollman
Wendel Bollman
Railway StationMD, Montgomery Co, GaithersburgEphraim Francis Baldwin
Bellaire BridgeOH, Belmont CoJacob Hayes Linville
Great Stone ViaductOH, Belmont Co, BellaireJacob Hayes Linville
Muskingum River Bollman BridgeOH, Muskingum Co, ZanesvilleWendel Bollman
Railway StationPA, Allegheny Co, PittsburghFrank Heyling Furness
Railway StationPA, Philadelphia Co, PhiladelphiaFrank Heyling Furness
Verona Bollman BridgeVA, Augusta Co, VeronaWendel Bollman
Cave Station Bollman BridgeVA, Augusta Co, Weyers CaveWendel Bollman
Opequon Creek Bollman BridgeVA, Frederick Co — VA, Clarke CoWendel Bollman
Mt Crawford Bollman BridgeVA, Rockingham Co, Mt CrawfordWendel Bollman
Railway StationWV, Berkeley Co, MartinsburgJohn Rudolph Niernsee
Harpers Ferry Bollman BridgeWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry — MD, Washington CoWendel Bollman
Pulp Mill Bollman TrussWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry — MD, Washington CoWendel Bollman
Georges Creek Bollman TrussWV, Mineral Co, PiedmontWendel Bollman
Parkersburg BridgeWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg — OH, Washington Co, BelpreJacob Hayes Linville

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RailroadsEdwin FrankAdams clerk passenger dept1879-1888
RailroadsFrederick UphamAdams experimental passenger trains1900
RailroadsCharles, JrAdler 1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliamAdreon director1856
RailroadsEdward TullibardineAffleck manifest clerk1862-1864WV, Marshall Co, Benwood
RailroadsEdward TullibardineAffleck local agent1875-1878OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsEdward D.Ainsile passenger and ticket agent1911-1917NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
RailroadsEdward D.Ainsile asst ticket agent1892NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdward D.Ainsile asst general passenger agent1922MO, St Louis City
RailroadsBenjamin H.Akin special passenger agent1896OH, Stark Co, Canton
RailroadsJames HenryAldridge Transitman1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsL. S.Allen passenger agent1882-1893MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsStuart AshbyAllen freight traffic manager1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsStuart AshbyAllen general agent freight dept1910-1914OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsStuart AshbyAllen general eastern agent1916-1917NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdwin ThomasAmbach asst supt Telegraph and asst supt Signals1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsPilsburyAmos machinist1853-1855GA, Fulton Co, Atlanta
RailroadsWalterAncker Supt Floating Equipment1906MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWalter W.Ancker constructing engineer1885
RailroadsAndrew, JrAnderson messenger in transportation dept1876
RailroadsHugh NormanAnderson transitman1915PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsW. H.Anderson engine wiper1873
RailroadsWilliam LincolnAndrews private secretary to VP1896-1898
RailroadsC. F.Annett transportation dept1892-1893
RailroadsJames FrederickAnton yardmaster1905
RailroadsRobert H.Archer Asst Engineer1837-1838
RailroadsJamesArmitage director1866
RailroadsWilliam Ernest FishbourneArmstrong inspector1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGayle WilliamArnold 1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsEdward BirdAshby principal asst engineer maintenace of way1897-1899
RailroadsLeroy RobertsAtkins Transitman1917PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJoshua I.Atkinson secretary and treasurer1856
RailroadsB. N.Austin Passenger Agent1902IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJ. H.Averill division supervisor1873-1879
RailroadsWilliam T.Backus dispatcher, trainmaster1877-1885
RailroadsEdward R.Bacon Director1915
RailroadsCharles N.Bainbridge engineering dept1911-1912
RailroadsArchibald StuartBaldwin draftsman, engineer1882-1885
RailroadsE. H.Bankard Purchasing Agent1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles AugustusBarlow surgeon1914
RailroadsJohn H.Barnes director1856
RailroadsEugene HildtBarnhart division engineer1917WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsJacob N.Barr mechanical supt1899-1901MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam H.Barrett telegraph operator, station agent1885
RailroadsThomas P.Barry clerk to passenger agent1871-1872
RailroadsC. W.Bassett Passenger Agent1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrank C.Batchelder gen supt, VP, president1899-1916IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsErnest Van CleaveBaugh inspector of service dining car dept1899
RailroadsR. W.Baxter supt1891OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsHarry A.Beaumont general foreman1900-1901OH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville
RailroadsRalph NormanBeglen chief engineer1916-1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames DanBell yardmaster1912-1914OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn D.Beltz Division supt1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsAlbert J.Benjamin agent1886-1888
RailroadsJ. H.Bennett freight dept1875-1879OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsCornelius Conway FeltonBent supt Philadelphia division1894-1901
RailroadsW. F.Bentley Master Car Builder1902MD, Baltimore City, Mt Clare
RailroadsLesterBernstein Special Agent1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. SummerfieldBerry director1866
RailroadsWalter D.Beymer freight, bill, record clerk1886-1887
RailroadsWilliam HenryBians brakeman1858-1860
RailroadsAlfred P.Bigelow western traffic agent1890-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsLewis ScovilleBillau Asst Electrical Engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJosephBillingham master mechanic1894-1897IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsW. W.Blakely general freight agent1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsGeorge RobertsBlanchard freight agent1867-1872
RailroadsF. E.Blaser asst to VP1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames C.Blick director1856
RailroadsJ. GeorgeBloom division engineer1902-1903PA, Lawrence Co, New Castle
RailroadsW.Bodman road master1856
RailroadsArnold J.Bonafield agent1891
RailroadsH. L., JrBond Attorney1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHugh Lennox JrBond asst in office of general counsel1882
RailroadsClinton T.Boone locomotive fireman and engineer1885-1889
RailroadsGeorge W.Booth Asst Comptroller1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorge WilsonBooth auditor1890-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn SinclairBooth machinist1880
RailroadsC. M.Borum clerk to the joint agent1872-1873VA, Shenandoah Co, Strasburg
RailroadsWalter ScottBouton Consulting Engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAllen StraffordBowie attorney1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHugh GoodwinBowles supt Monongahela division1900-1901WV, Marion Co, Fairmont
RailroadsAndrew HunterBoyd Attorney1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHarry KidwellBrady telegraph operator1881
RailroadsAlbert N.Breland tariff clerk1912
RailroadsL.Brengle director1856
RailroadsDuncan KennerBrent attorney1926MD, Baltimore Co, Ruxton
RailroadsRalph T.Bretz clerk machinery dept1888-1888
RailroadsChester H.Bristol laying steel1880
RailroadsFrank H.Britton supt1883-1885
RailroadsL. R.Brockenbrough Freight Agent1902PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsGeorge DoswellBrooke supt transportation1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsChaunceyBrooks president1856
RailroadsCharles WalkerBrown transitman1900-1903
RailroadsH. B.Brown Master Mechanic1902OH, Huron Co, Willard
RailroadsHenry RenickBrown asst Surgeon1901-1907
RailroadsJohn WilsonBrown 1855-1859
RailroadsLorenzo StarrBrown employ1872-1879
RailroadsWilliam GaryBrown general passenger agent1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsWilliam GaryBrown asst general passenger agent1911-1920OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliam M.Buchanan General Freight Agent1873
RailroadsCarlBucholtz special machinist apprentice1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCarlBucholtz asst division engineer1907-1908MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsCarlBucholtz supervisor of track1908WV, Preston Co, Rowlesburg
RailroadsH. D.Bulkley Comptroller1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLewis A. SecretaryBurck telegraph operator1882
RailroadsFrancisBurns director1856
RailroadsWayne J.Burton 1903
RailroadsR. L.Butt passenger conductor1882-1885
RailroadsE. B.Butterworth traveling freight agent1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsMaxwell CunninghamByers asst engineer maintenance of way1902-1903
RailroadsMorton L.Byers chief engineer maintenance of way1902
RailroadsMichael HarrisonCahill operator, dispatcher1891-1920
RailroadsJames P.Callahan general car foreman1895-1899IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJames P.Callahan car builder1884-1885OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsJames P.Callahan car foreman1890-1895OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsWilliamCallow director1866
RailroadsWalter BowlesCalloway general passenger agent1916MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. K.Calwell director1866
RailroadsEdwardCampbell 1900-1902
RailroadsGeorge H.Campbell asst to President1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGuy EdgarCampbell clerk1896PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJohn A.Campbell physician1917
RailroadsJohn A.Campbell Surgery1874
RailroadsRobert BarrCampbell supt1892-1893IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsAlexander HamiltonCampdell civil engineer1870
RailroadsChauncey AlbeeCarrigan clerk acct dept1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn ThomasCarroll general supt motive power1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsF. D.Casanave Supt Motive Power1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrank W.Chaffee 1881-1884MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLouis E.Chalenor division freight agent1901-1902
RailroadsSamuel F.Chalfin Army, guarding1862-1863
RailroadsI. BondChaplain director1856
RailroadsGallowayCheston director1866
RailroadsThomas P.Chiffelle 1838-1841
RailroadsJohnChilde Consulting Engineer1848
RailroadsCharles A.Chipley clerk freight office1870-1871MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles A.Chipley asst freight agent1877-1878PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsW. D.Chipley agent1874-1875
RailroadsFrank HenryClark general supt motive ower1911-1919
RailroadsAlfred CarletonClarke agent1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames C.Clarke 1844-1854
RailroadsJoseph DuncanClarke supt transportation1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJoseph S.Cleveland director1856
RailroadsMalcolm ColburnCleveland Instrumentman1901
RailroadsWilliam P.Cline telegraph operator1877-1888
RailroadsFrank RaymondCoates engineering dept1891-1893
RailroadsHarry A.Cochran asst Coal traffic manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn AndrewsCochran rodman1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliamColcamp brakeman1860
RailroadsL. M.Cole ticket agent1856
RailroadsLewis M.Cole ticket agent1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn WalkerColeman southern passenger agent1872-1873
RailroadsJamesColhoun asst freight agent1888-1889
RailroadsP. H.Conniff supt shops, and locomotive and car dept1912-1916MD, Baltimore City, Mt Clare
RailroadsOscar A.Constans division freight agent1897-1901OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsJames H.Cook director1856
RailroadsSamuel JohnCooke clerk general agent office1874IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsE. M.Costin telegraph operator1889-1890
RailroadsDaniel CharlesCourtney master machinist1883-1885
RailroadsJohn K.Cowen Counsel1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn KissigCowen counsel1876-1896
RailroadsJohn KissigCowen president1896-1901
RailroadsFrederick WilliamCox general inspector machinery1900-1901
RailroadsArthurCrable transitman1901-1903
RailroadsCharles ClintonCracraft surgeon1917
RailroadsCharles P.Craig Eastern passenger agent1880-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsSamuel BrookeCrawford general foreman1896-1901WV, Wood Co, Parkersburg
RailroadsJ. W.Crisfield director1866
RailroadsThomas W.Cromer director1866
RailroadsA. J.Cromwell master machinist1885MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHoward TurnerCromwell asst superintendent1926PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsWilliam NorthCrout engineer1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsArthur E.Crow surgeon1917
RailroadsWilliam G.Curren general supt transportation1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLeigh G.Curtis asst chief engineer1918
RailroadsI. J.Custer time clerk1893IL, Cook Co, South Chicago
RailroadsManley BinghamCutler division supt1893-1897
RailroadsManley BinghamCutter division supt1893-1897
RailroadsW. W.Daniel coal, coke agent1899-1901OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsEdward G.Davidson telegraph operator1876-1880
RailroadsEdward M.Davis traveling freight agent1883-1886
RailroadsHenry G.Davis brakeman, conductor1843-1857
RailroadsJ. H.Davis electrical engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. W.Davis asst to First VP1885MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn C.Davis master of machinery1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn MarcusDavis VP1916-1918MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn MarcusDavis general manager1914-1916OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsThomas BeallDavis 1854WV, Mineral Co, Piedmont
RailroadsVirgil N.Dawson division storekeeper1917-1918OH, Allen Co, Lima
RailroadsVirgil N.Dawson locomotive cleaner1910-1911WV, Lewis Co, Weston
RailroadsGeorge W. C.Day Chief Train Dispatcher1901
RailroadsAlston GordonDayton secretary1887
RailroadsT. H.Dearborn general passenger agent1885IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsBenjaminDeford director1856
RailroadsGeorgeDeHavek excursion manager1900-1901
RailroadsFrank W.Deibert asst mechanical supt1900-1901OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsMarcusDenison director1856
RailroadsFred S.DeVeny 1894
RailroadsFrank A.Deverell asst Comptroller1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsStuart JohnDewey draftsman in office of engineer maintenance of way1912OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsHarry BancroftDick asst Valuation Engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdwardDickinson supt1890-1891
RailroadsPaulDidier Principal asst Engineer1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsOwenDiffey apprentice machinist1850-1857
RailroadsH. R.Dill telegraph operator1870-1871
RailroadsEdwin TylerDixon 1885
RailroadsEdward HigbeeDobson supervisor1915PA
RailroadsOrrin EssexDodd draftsman1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlonzoDolbeer 1865
RailroadsPhilip E.Dombaugh traveling passenger agent1882-1888
RailroadsMDonahoe freight clerk1876IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsThomasDonaldson director1856
RailroadsCharles W.Dorflinger agent1915CA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
RailroadsEdward R.Dorsey asst general ticket agent1874-1873
RailroadsEdward R.Dorsey clerk1857-1861
RailroadsReuben M.Dorsey Medical Examiner1903
RailroadsH. T., JrDouglas instrumentman1881-1887
RailroadsJohn H.Doxe 1852
RailroadsJohn H.Doxe civil engineer1839
RailroadsJohn AlbertDroege telegraph operator and train dispatcher1880
RailroadsJohn P.Dugan general Baggage and Milk agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn, JrDukehart director1856
RailroadsA. S.Dunham special master1896
RailroadsBradfordDunham manager1881-1883
RailroadsBradfordDunham asst to VP1884-1885MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHen O.Dunkie supt1902-1903
RailroadsHenry O.Dunkle operator1880
RailroadsA. F.Dunlevy auditor, disbursements1882-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrank A.Durban counsel, then gen counsel1891-1928
RailroadsJ. M.Earned rodman on construction, location1879
RailroadsR. A.Ebe general Live Stock agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsR. A.Ebe general freight dept1884-1901PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsClarence W.Egan general Claim agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn J.Ekin Comptroller1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHoward HenryElliott senior land appr1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles ClementElwell division engineer maintenance of way1891-1893
RailroadsGeorge H.Emerson Chief of motive power and Equipment1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn T.England ticket agent1856MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsS.Ennes general manager1918-1920
RailroadsEdwardEvans 1854-1870WV, Mineral Co, Piedmont
RailroadsGeorge E.Evans telegraph operator1871-1873
RailroadsJenkin S.Evans operator1879-1882
RailroadsJohn F.Evans office of asst general freight agent1876-1880OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsRawdonEvans general supply, special agent1867-1876
RailroadsWalter H.Evans general foreman1900-1901IL, Cook Co, South Chicago
RailroadsWilliamEvans director1866
RailroadsFrank P.Eyman 1873
RailroadsElijahFairbairn machinist1858-1860WV, Mineral Co, Piedmont
RailroadsJoen M.Fessenden 1827-1828
RailroadsJohn V. L.Findlay director1866
RailroadsAlbertFink asst to engineer1849-1855
RailroadsHenryFink topographer and draughtsman surveys and location1851-1855
RailroadsRudolphFink asst to principal asst engineer1853
RailroadsRobertFinney clerk to supervisor of trains1883PA, Fayette Co, Connellsville
RailroadsJohn EdwinFissel transitman1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsThomasFitzgerald Supt1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJoseph R.Foard Director1910
RailroadsJ. A.Foley trainmaster1891OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsJ. B.Ford ticket agent1856WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsGreen J.Foreacre general manager1884-1885OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsRobertForsyth Freight Agent1852-1856
RailroadsEric AndersonFoulk engineer1915PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsAlfred EdwardFowler office of auditor of revenue1894MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlexander CharlesFrankwich engineer1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam H.French suppressing riots1877
RailroadsAlbert HenryFreygang asst engineer1915WV, Taylor Co, Grafton
RailroadsCharlesFrick Assistant Civil Engineer1840
RailroadsArchibaldFries VP1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsArchibaldFries chief rate1890-1913OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsEllis AlexanderFrink draftsman in bridge engineers office1904DC, Washington
RailroadsJudson GordonFry 1922MO, St Louis City
RailroadsHenry W.Fttzhugh General Superintendent1836-1838
RailroadsT. W.Galleher Freight Agent1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlexander K.Galloway general Master Mechanic1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles WilliamGalloway asst supt main line1899-1901
RailroadsFrank S.Gannon supervisor trains1881
RailroadsFrank S.Gannon supt1890-1893NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsHenryGardner Assistant Superintendent of Shops1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn WorkGarrett president1858-1884
RailroadsRobertGarrett VP1879-1884
RailroadsRobertGarrett president1884-1887
RailroadsRobert BrowningGarrett 1926MD, Baltimore Co, Deer Park
RailroadsJohn WarneGates director1914
RailroadsC. H.Gaunt telegraph department1887
RailroadsWilliamGibson general supt Pittsburg division1898-1900
RailroadsGeorge J.Gildroy conductor Pittsburg division1876-1883
RailroadsCharles F.Giles machinist1877-1882
RailroadsJohn S.Gittings director1856
RailroadsWilliam A.Gittings civil engineer1851-1852
RailroadsCharles C.Glessner general freight Claim agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn H. JrGlover supt same division, Middle division1897-1899
RailroadsCharles H.Gomm asst general freight agent1920-1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsCharles H.Gomm division freight agent1916-1920IL, Sangamon Co, Springfield
RailroadsL. S.Gordon freight agent1856
RailroadsC. B.Gorsuch Division supt1922WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsC. W.Gorsuch supt1912-1914OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsC. W.Gorsuch transportation asst1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsCharles M.Gosnell Industrial agent1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsEdward L.Gosnell asst to chief engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsErrett McLeodGraham 1915WV, Preston Co, Tunnelton
RailroadsJ. M.Graham Chief Engineer1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJoseph M.Graham supt1891-1893OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsA. S.Grant machinist1872
RailroadsDudley GuyGray including chief clerk division freight office1897OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsDavid C.Green Asst Secretary1902PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsHarry BartonGreen Division supt1922OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsHarry BartonGreen supt1911-1916WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsJohn P.Green Director1906
RailroadsJohn P.Greene Director1910
RailroadsWilliam MilburyGreene Gen Mgr1896-1898
RailroadsJohnGregg director1866
RailroadsJ. E.Greiner Engineer Br. & Buildings1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdward W.Grieves master Car Builder1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlexander HerbertGriffith District Engineer1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsB. HowellGriswold operator and chief clerk1871-1872MD, Washington Co, Hagerstown
RailroadsBernard R.Guest civil engineer1885-1887
RailroadsNathanGuilford asst freight agent1870-1872
RailroadsEdward J.Gunning Physician1905
RailroadsNelson Rawlins, JrGuthrie 1926OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsL. G.Haas Supt1902PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsWilliam A.Hack director1856
RailroadsArthurHale Asst Manager1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHugh E.Hale division engineer1904-1905MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHugh E.Hale division engineer1902-1903PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsRobert CharlesHall spec apprentice1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsOliver JacobHaller Chief Engineer1917PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJames C.Halliday 1891
RailroadsFrank HastingsHamilton secretary to general agent express dept1885-1887NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsLewis M.Hamilton civil engineer1870
RailroadsFrederick W.Hankins machinist1894-1897
RailroadsHenry HallHanson 1887
RailroadsJ. T.Harahan supt1885
RailroadsJames TheodoreHarahan gen supt1885
RailroadsPatrick J.Harrigan general foreman1900-1901
RailroadsEdward HenryHarriman director1899-1909
RailroadsWilliam AverillHarriman Director1915
RailroadsFrankHarriott freight traffic manager1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles MillerHarris 1902-1907
RailroadsEdward, JrHart general freight agent1922MO, St Louis City
RailroadsAndrew PaulHartzell freight rep1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHarry OscarHartzell manager, Commercial Development dept1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHarry OscarHartzell industrial agent1910-1912PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsAndrew KirkHarvey general engineering practice1874-1876
RailroadsFrank HowardHarvey stores dept1890
RailroadsJamesHarvey director1866
RailroadsChapmanHarwood director1866
RailroadsJohn CarlHassett draftsman1911
RailroadsFrankHastier machinist1867
RailroadsEdgar MortonHastings chainman on location surveys1902
RailroadsS. J.Hayes master of machinery1856
RailroadsGeorge B.Hazlehurst supt motive power1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles MercerHeald freight dept1881
RailroadsCharles MercerHeald clerk, agent1872-1875
RailroadsWilliamHeald director1866
RailroadsAugustine A.Heard clerk in VP office1883-1883
RailroadsGeorge WhiteHegel draftsman1900OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJohnHenderson director1866
RailroadsVictor K.Hendricks Assistant to Engineer Maintenance of Way1902-1905MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCarl SwingHeritage asst on engineer corps1903
RailroadsBernardHerman draftsman1900
RailroadsGeorge W.Herring director1856
RailroadsJohn ZachariahHeskett inspector1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdmund B.Hillegass rodman1902
RailroadsEdward F.Hilton agent sleeping car dept1883-1888IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsCharles D.Hinks director1856
RailroadsHarrison B.Hodges engineer of tests1892-1895MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCarroll B., JrHoffman 1902-1903
RailroadsEdward W.Hoffman general supt1922OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsElliottHolbrook supt1890-1893PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsWarren C.Hollister trainmaster1899-1901MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsDavidHoltz draughtsman1874-1876
RailroadsDavidHoltz messenger1856
RailroadsJames M.Hood agent and telephone operator1907-1908
RailroadsW. W.Hook general Dairy freight agent1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsSidney UpsonHooper supt1920-1922IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsJohnsHopkins director1856
RailroadsEdwin T.Horn general Supervisor of Terminals1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrankHorton dispatcher1891-1892IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsLewis JrHorton division operator1893-1895NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrancis GulldHoskins supt1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsSamuelHouse general freight agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJamesHouston telegraph operator1862-1864
RailroadsSandy H.Houston civil engineer1882-1883
RailroadsGeorge B.Howarth auditor1901
RailroadsCharles H.Hudson supt of lines1877
RailroadsE. J.Hughes Med Examiner1890IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsGeorge M.Hughes yard master1870-1888
RailroadsE. L.Hukill yard clerk1906OH, Erie Co, Sandusky
RailroadsHarry EdwardHuntington city passenger agent1899-1901PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsFrederick A.Husted supt main line Second division1899-1901
RailroadsS. PembertonHutchinson div supt1902PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsAlvin ArthurIams Division supt1922OH, Ross Co, Chillicothe
RailroadsAlvin ArthurIams supt1920-1922IN, Jackson Co, Seymour
RailroadsJames DavidsonIglehart Surgeon1880
RailroadsMrs E. P.Irving Librarian1923MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilbertIrwin supt1886-1887
RailroadsA. A.Jackson freight brakeman1851
RailroadsJohn C.Jacobs brakeman, engineer1837-1856
RailroadsJohn Jeremiah, JrJacobs Assistant Geologist1917WV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown
RailroadsClaiborne M.James rodman1894
RailroadsFrankJanes agent1867-1873OH, Richland Co, Mansfield
RailroadsWilliam DeanJanney levelman1881
RailroadsGeorge TibbalsJarvis supt1890-1891OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsEdwin MiltonJenkins draftsman1911-1913
RailroadsJenks B.Jenkins valuation engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam DunbarJenkins first asst and principal asst engineer1884-1886
RailroadsJohn H. T.Jerome director1856
RailroadsGeorge W.Jett operator1886
RailroadsJ. T.Johnson supervisor1881-1883
RailroadsJ. T.Johnson supt1892-1893OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJohnJohnson director1856
RailroadsThomas BrashearJohnson Surgeon1891
RailroadsVernor M.Johnston maintenance of way and stores depts1901-1906
RailroadsA. GordonJones asst to manager1885-1887
RailroadsA. GordonJones secretary1879-1881
RailroadsCharles Hyland, JrJones 1879
RailroadsHorace BenemenJones 1905OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsRobert WileyJones supt telegraph and supervisor trains1866-1878
RailroadsWilliam EichelbergerJones clerk president office1865-1867
RailroadsEvan O'NeillKane health officer1917
RailroadsThomas L.Kane surgeon1917
RailroadsAlexanderKearney supt motive power1902-1903
RailroadsCyrus JamesKearney 1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames R.Kearney supt car service1899-1901
RailroadsL. L.Keller track laborer1860
RailroadsAndrew JacksonKelley brakeman1857-1861
RailroadsThomas DaleyKenny 1903
RailroadsFredKestler telegraph operator1886
RailroadsR. BrentKeyser Director1915
RailroadsWilliamKeyser director1866
RailroadsCharles NewtonKight ticket and freight clerk1866-1868WV, Mineral Co, Piedmont
RailroadsLeland P.Kimball Engineer of Buildings1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn, JrKing freight agent1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsThomas M.King supt1881-1884
RailroadsThomas M.King VP1884-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsMendell A.Kinney general roundhouse foreman1904-1907OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsArthur MonroeKinsman engineer1899-1913
RailroadsSamuelKirby director1866
RailroadsJoseph L.Kirk asst auditor1880-1881
RailroadsJohn R.Klinefelter agent, operator1881-1887
RailroadsSamuel B.Knight agent1879-1880
RailroadsJ. W.Knightlinger trainmaster1913MD, Frederick Co, Brunswick
RailroadsCharles F.Kohlerman 1896-1920
RailroadsGeorge M.Krider general freight agent1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsHarry GeorgeKruse Division supt1922OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsAlbert HenryKunst 1899
RailroadsEugene PurnellLaird asst division engineer1901-1902
RailroadsJohn H.Lakey blacksmith1848-1854MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsRobert S.Lamotte On duty guarding1861
RailroadsEdwardLampert asst trainmaster at Keyser1912-1916OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsWilliamLamping director1856
RailroadsEdwin GrantLane preliminary surveys1890
RailroadsHarry AlfredLane chief engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsPhilip George, JrLang Engineer of ridges1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames BrandtLatimer engineering party1882
RailroadsJohn H. B.Latrobe attorney1856
RailroadsH. R.Laughlin operator1885-1910WV, Taylor Co, Grafton
RailroadsH. R.Laughlin Division supt1922KY, Letcher Co, Jenkins
RailroadsEdwin C.Law freight agent1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsEdmund KentLawrence Railroading1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrank JamesLawrence dispatcher1906-1911
RailroadsH. J.Lawrence chief clerk same office1887-1891
RailroadsAlbert MillerLea Asst Engineer1839-1840
RailroadsJ. T.Leary Auditor1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsDavidLee bridge carpenter1851
RailroadsThomas W.Lee telegraph operator1876
RailroadsEdward W.Leeds ornamental car painter1863-1871
RailroadsJohn R.Leighty asst supervisor1900-1907
RailroadsC. M. C.Lemley geologist1917WV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown
RailroadsCassius McCarlLemley asst engineer1899-1914
RailroadsArthur G.Lewis passenger, ticket agent1892-1897VA, Norfolk
RailroadsH. R.Lewis freight traffic manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn LataneLewis Surgeon1889-1895
RailroadsO. S.Lewis 1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHerbert LansdaleLockwood auditor1926MD, Baltimore Co, Catonsville
RailroadsGuyLong transitman1915WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsJames Alphonso, JrLong spec apprentice1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsStephen H.Long Survey1827-1830
RailroadsCharles KingLord passenger agent, VP1880-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLeonor FresnelLoree president1901-1904
RailroadsW.Loree supt1902-1903
RailroadsR. S.Lovett Director1910
RailroadsTheodoreLow flagman with engineer corps1879
RailroadsWilliam ElliottLowes general passenger agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsB. F.Lowther machinists apprentice1861
RailroadsPatrickMacaulay Director1828
RailroadsGeorge F.Macgregor bill clerk1880-1883
RailroadsGeorge AltonMacMillen spec apprentice1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam ThomasMagruder chief chemist1887MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsM. W.Maguire trainmaster1885-1888
RailroadsGeorge F.Malone supt car service1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliamMalthaner supt motive power1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsSamuelManning auditor1856
RailroadsWilliam ThrustonManning asst chief engineer1892
RailroadsWilliam ThurstonManning charge maintenance of way1896-1899
RailroadsJohn D.Marney asst general freight agent1922KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
RailroadsD. F.Maroney manager car record office1880-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHugh McConaughyMarquis 1889-1894
RailroadsFlorence L.Marsh surgeon1917
RailroadsH. H.Marsh division freight agent1915-1916WV, Wood Co, Parkersburg
RailroadsH. H.Marsh traveling freight agent1897-1898PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsH. H.Marsh general freight agent1922WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsFielding Lewis, JrMarshall freight agent1918DC, Washington
RailroadsC. G.Martin asst to general manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsD. B.Martin Manager Passenger Traffic1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorge WilliamMasslin chief clerk to VP1882
RailroadsGeorge WilliamMasslin clerk in freight office1873-1879MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsFrank H.Masters 1903
RailroadsRichardMather District Engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsThomas E.Matson transitman1871
RailroadsHarry M.Matthews division freight agent1897-1901PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsHerbert M.Matthews Coal traffic manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorge FrederickMay asst Secretary1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles F.Mayer president1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsC. H.Maynard commercial freight agent1901
RailroadsWilliam C.McAllester sleeping car dept1882-1888MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. C., JrMcCahan manager, Mail and Express traffic1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLymanMcCarty general western passenger agent1885MO, Jackson Co, Kansas City
RailroadsOrin P.McCarty chief clerk passenger office1888-1889
RailroadsRichard J., JrMcCarty special work for general supt1911MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsRichard J., JrMcCarty general yardmaster1911MD, Frederick Co, Brunswick
RailroadsWillard M.McConnell passenger, ticket agent1893-1898OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsDaniel B.McCoy 1884
RailroadsJohn D.McCubbin real estate agent1896-1901
RailroadsCharles S.McDougall president1917
RailroadsWilliam A.McGee machinist apprentice and draftsman1900-1905
RailroadsGilbert M.McIlvaln supts clerk1883-1890PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsRobert StuartMcKaig 1845-1885
RailroadsAlfred Jesse, JrMcKay draughtsman1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsIsaacMcKim director1827
RailroadsLouisMcLane president1837-1847
RailroadsSamuel T.McLaughlin asst to freight traffic manager1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsA. D.McLeod freight office1864-1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlexander H.McLeod clerk freight dept1861-1871MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. V.McNeal Treasurer1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam GibbsMcNeill 1827
RailroadsJohn M.Meade chainman1873
RailroadsErnest LamarMeaders 1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdward W.Mealey director1856
RailroadsCharles F.Melick revising clerk general freight office1885-1890PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsDavid L.Melville cont freight agt1901CO, Denver Co, Denver
RailroadsJames S.Merrill supt sleeping car dept1880-1890MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCarroll RussellMettee chief draftsman1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrederick EarlMichaels chief dispatcher1891-1893IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsHarveyMiddleton general supt motive power1896-1899
RailroadsCharles GordonMilbourne chemist1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsDixon S.Miles guarding1862
RailroadsFrank X.Milholland asst to Senior VP1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlbert ArthurMiller rodman1902WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsArgyle T.Miller train dispatcher1885-1887
RailroadsC.Miller clerk to contractor1869-1871
RailroadsHenry V.Miller agent, operator1874-1880
RailroadsW. ScottMiller City Ticket Agent1914PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsWilliam F.Miller operator1885-1887NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFred B.Mitchell secretary to supt1902-1903IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsFred B.Mitchell general supt1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsFred B.Mitchell supt1913-1917OH, Montgomery Co, Dayton
RailroadsJohn T.Mitchell director1856
RailroadsFrederic AlbertMolitor draftsman1888-1889
RailroadsAlexander H.Moll trainmaster1901
RailroadsWilliam GeraldMoore Division Engineer1917NY, Richmond Co, St George
RailroadsClarence H.Moran real estate agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilfred ArmstrongMorris Civil Engineer1915PA, Fayette Co, Connellsville
RailroadsJohn R.Morron Director1915
RailroadsJ. L.Morrow train master1873-1875
RailroadsJ. L.Morrow train master1881
RailroadsHenry S.Morse asst master transportation1875-1878
RailroadsTerrence J.Murphy asst to Purchasing agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsOscar G.Murray VP1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrancis P.Naughton night operator Pittsburg division1874-1875
RailroadsWilliam G.Neimyer chief clerk freight dept1874-1876
RailroadsJ. SpearNicholas director1866
RailroadsHenry NewtonNipple surgeon1917
RailroadsCharles FrederickNolen Ophthalmic Surgeon1894
RailroadsC. OliverO'Donnell director1856
RailroadsJoseph P.O'Malley asst Comptroller1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorge DevineO'Neill engineer1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJabez TheodoreOdell manager1889-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFiorence AshtonOgden messenger1882-1886PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsFlorence AshtonOgden messenger1882-1886
RailroadsWilliam JosephOglebay spec apprentice1926MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsJohnOliver purchasing agent1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. R.Onderdonk draftsman1890-1890
RailroadsAlfredOwen manifest clerk1852-1853
RailroadsGalan BacheldorOwen supt maintenance of way1899-1901MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGalan BatcheldorOwen supt maintenance of way1899-1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWalter DawsonOwens asst Comptroller1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsLorenPackard similar position1881-1884
RailroadsGuy PrescottPalmer division engineer1915IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsJoseph GladdingPangborn chief clerk1880-1881
RailroadsGeorge ArthurPark chief clerk accounting dept and manager1880-1882
RailroadsSamuel DuttonParkhurst clerkships local freight office1885-1891IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsT. H.Parsons ticket agent1856DC, Washington
RailroadsVictorParvin yardmaster1917OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsFrank Percy JohnsonPatenall Signal Engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdwardPatterson director1856
RailroadsJ. V.Patton for several years supt1890PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsThomasPaxton machinist apprentice, machinist1873-1879
RailroadsCharles A.Peabody Director1914
RailroadsJames ArthurPeabody instrumentman on location1892-1894PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJames ArthurPeabody rodman and instrumentman on track maintenance1888OH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville
RailroadsSeargent PrentissPeabody asst supt Midland division1893OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsW. W.Peabody manager1887-1890
RailroadsEdward A.Peck General Supt1914PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsB. E.Peddicord Baggage Agent1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn B.Peters asst general supervisor1873-1875
RailroadsJohn B.Peters dispatcher1870-1872OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsThomasPettigrew rodman1881
RailroadsCharles BigelowPhelps telegraph operator1870
RailroadsHiram C.Piculell clerk to commercial agent1885MN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
RailroadsCharles A.Plumly supt of telegraph1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsClarencePoe lawyer1917WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsHenry DouglasPollard asst engineer maintenance of way1889
RailroadsAugustus H.Porter clerk freight dept1886-1887PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsHenry TegmeyerPorter rodman, levelman, asst surveyor1881
RailroadsLewis WoolmanPorter Draftsman1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam EdwardPorter asst master1859-1878
RailroadsWilliam EdwardPorter carpenter1851-1852
RailroadsGeorge L.Potter Manager1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam S.Powell Surgery1917
RailroadsCharles EvelynPratt medical examiner1886
RailroadsSidney HowlandPratt spec apprentice1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsA. P.Prendergast apprentice1885WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsJames H.Price clerk in auditor office1880
RailroadsWilliamPrice director1856
RailroadsGordon F.Proudfoot 1890
RailroadsGeorge H.Pryor auditor Disbursements1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam H.Purnell director1866
RailroadsWalter C.Quincy 1849-1878
RailroadsMartin V.Raley brakeman1872
RailroadsJoseph CowanRamage inspector1891
RailroadsGeorge F.Randolph Retired VP1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsSamuelRea Director1906
RailroadsNorman BruceReam 1914
RailroadsEdward M.Reed locomotive engineer1843-1844
RailroadsR. HarveyReed Surgeon1890OH, Richland Co, Mansfield
RailroadsManuel MaximoReid gang foreman1888-1890PA, Philadelphia Co, West Philadelphia
RailroadsHenry G.Reiser traffic dept1903-1907OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsHenry G.Reiser dispatchers office1889-1903OH, Tuscarawas Co, Uhrichsville
RailroadsWilliam E.Reppekt Passenger agent1880-1884
RailroadsWilliam E.Reppert passenger agent1880-1884
RailroadsWilliam E.Reppert division passenger agent1893OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsM. V.Richards land, immigration agent1887-1895
RailroadsG. A.Richardson asst supt Middle division1898-1900
RailroadsWilloughby F.Richardson asst freight traffic manager1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsFrank L.Riley asst Engineer of bulldings1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdwin M.Rine chief dispatcher Akron division1894-1899
RailroadsWilliam H.Rittenhouse auditor Miscellaneous Receipts1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. FrenchRobinson asst geologist1917WV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown
RailroadsWilliamRobinson Supt1884MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsJohn J.Rogers claim clerk freight office1872-1875MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJ. W.Root train dispatcher1904-1910OH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
RailroadsJ. W.Root Division supt1922WV, Wood Co, Parkersburg
RailroadsJ. W.Root trainmaster1911-1916WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsCharles EdgarRose clerk in local office1886OH, Guernsey Co, Quaker City
RailroadsFred L.Rosemond counsel1885
RailroadsForrest WoodRosser dispatcher1898-1899
RailroadsGeorge MarvinRuoff levelman1926MD, Baltimore Co, Catonsville
RailroadsEarl B.Russell 1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsRobert WilliamSalisbury draftsman and motive power inspector1903-1914
RailroadsPerry S.Sampson operator1885-1886
RailroadsTheodore HaroldSanderson maintenance1926WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsAugust G.Sandman mechanical engineer1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn MilesSavin clerk in auditor office1872MN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
RailroadsEdward WaldemarScheer general manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlexander D.Schenck suppressing disturbances1877
RailroadsEdward MyleySchindel Surgeon1891
RailroadsWilliamSchlafge roundhouse foreman1900-1903OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsGeorge H.Schleyer train dispatcher1885-1887
RailroadsEdwardSchriver director1866
RailroadsJames M.Schryver asst passenger agent1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames BrittonScott general Eastern passenger agent1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsJames M.Scott general supt1922WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsCharles O.Scull passenger agent1887-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharlesSelden supt1901
RailroadsFrank W.Sellers apprentice machinist1872-1875PA, Fayette Co, Connellsville
RailroadsGoldsborough M.Serpell engineer, master of road Pittsburg division1871-1880
RailroadsGoldsborough M.Serpen engineer and master of road1871-1880
RailroadsGeorge H.Sewell clerk in trace office1874
RailroadsParker McLeanSeymour contracting agent1897OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsFremont E.Shallenberger 1882
RailroadsJohn F.Sharetts director1866
RailroadsThomas RobinsonSharp master of transportation1873-1877
RailroadsSmith M.Shattuc trav pass agt1901CO, Denver Co, Denver
RailroadsJames Smith A.BSheafe Master Mechanic1915NY, Richmond Co, Staten Island
RailroadsJohn G.Shedd Director1915
RailroadsGeorge B.Shellhorn private secretary to manager1886-1887
RailroadsGeorge B.Shellhorn secretary to manager1883-1884
RailroadsWilliam FrancisSheridan telegraph operator1885-1888
RailroadsHarry M.Shivler telegraph operator1871-1877
RailroadsAquilla C.Showalter telegraph operator1882-1885
RailroadsCharles MayerShriver Special Apprentice1917MD, Baltimore Co, Pikesville
RailroadsGeorge McLeanShriver Senior VP1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorge McLean, JrShriver clerk1926MD, Baltimore Co, Pikesville
RailroadsGolderShumate general freight traffic manager1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsAlbert J.Simmons new england passenger agent1901
RailroadsC. S.Sims Supt1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsC. G.Slagle machinist and gang foreman1912-1916
RailroadsA. D.Smith station agent1869-1872OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsE. H.Smith traveling freight agent1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsEdward DaySmith Division Passenger Agent1901
RailroadsJoshua VansantSmith clerk in car record office1873-1873MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsJoshua VansantSmith baggage agent, supt1882-1893PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsLuther C.Smith chief clerk to general supt1889-1892MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsMilton H.Smith freight agent1878-1881
RailroadsOrlandSmith VP1882-1888
RailroadsPearl F.Smith 1900-1901
RailroadsRobert MarsdenSmith attorney1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsSamuel W.Smith director1856
RailroadsWilliam PrescottSmith master of transportation1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsPercival C.Sneed clerk, supt Chicago division1885-1893IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsLeonard L.Sparrow rodman maintenance of way1895
RailroadsCharles HenrySpencer resident engineer1903-1908DC, Washington
RailroadsSamuelSpencer asst supervisor trains first division1872-1873
RailroadsSamuelSpencer asst to president1879-1880
RailroadsJamesSpeyer Director1915
RailroadsWilliam OsbourneSprigg engineer maintenance of way New York extension1885-1886
RailroadsGeorge BurdettSpriggs asst freight agent1871-1877
RailroadsWilliam OsbourneSpriggs master of road1882-1885
RailroadsEdward B.Stahlman construction dept1858-1859
RailroadsFrank J.Stanhagen telegraph operator1885
RailroadsHerbert EarlStansbury 1903-1907
RailroadsWesleyStarr director1856
RailroadsJoseph DouglassSteele 1886-1889
RailroadsC. G.Stevens Division supt1922IN, Daviess Co, Washington
RailroadsDonald FrenchStevens Division supt1922OH, Summit Co, Akron
RailroadsGeorge W.Stevens office messenger1870
RailroadsJamesStillman Director1910NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEarlStimson chief engineer Maintenance1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles P.Stone Army, guarding1861DC
RailroadsLloyd WinfieldStrayer asst engineer1915IN, DeKalb Co, Garrett
RailroadsFrancis LeeStuart office of consulting engineer1884
RailroadsJ. C.Stuart Supt, Transpor1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJulius W.Stuart Secretary Law Department1918MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsVictor BurnsideStubbins machinist1867-1887
RailroadsVictor BurnsideStubbins machinist apprentice1858-1862
RailroadsJ. HopeSutor telegraph operator1865-1889
RailroadsThomasSwann director1847-1853
RailroadsAlbertSwartz engineering dept1901-1905MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsThomas HarrisonSymington apprentice1885
RailroadsJoseph P.Taggart asst general passenger agent1922PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsHarry R.Talcott asst engineer on construction1885-1886
RailroadsJohn J.Tatum supt Car dept1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam W.Taylor director1866
RailroadsJonathan ErnestTeal engineer1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHeber HolbrookTemple supt1907-1913PA, Lawrence Co, New Castle
RailroadsJohn B.Thayer Director1906
RailroadsWilliam T.Thelin auditor1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsGeorgeThom locating defensive Block-houses for protection1863
RailroadsEdward S.Thomas clerk accounting dept1881
RailroadsJohnThomas supt1882-1883
RailroadsArthur W.Thompson chief of party on surveys1899-1900
RailroadsHenry A.Thompson director1856
RailroadsStephen IgnatiusThompson chief rate clerk1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdward WilliamThornley asst Purchasing agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles M.Thruston guarding1861-1862
RailroadsArthur W.Tiddy City Passenger Agent1901PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsLloydTilghman 1839-1840
RailroadsJohn HerbertTonge telegraph student1882-1883OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsWilliamTrapnell transitman1901-1902MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsWilliamTrapnell asst division engineer1902-1903PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
RailroadsWilliamTrapnell Division supt1922WV, Lewis Co, Weston
RailroadsJ. B.Trenhoim 1900-1904
RailroadsIsaac RidgwayTrimble Surgeon1890
RailroadsAlonzoTripp yardmaster1883-1890
RailroadsWilliamTruby dispatcher1882-1885
RailroadsEdward BrownTullis asst general freight agent1922IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsRobertTurner director1866
RailroadsMillard EvelynTydings engineer1911
RailroadsNathanTyson director1856
RailroadsFrederick DouglasUnderwood gen manager, VP1899-1901MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsFrederick O.Underwood general manager and VP1899-1901
RailroadsWarren CorbinVan Blarcom Asst Supervisor1917PA, Westmoreland Co, West Newton
RailroadsFrankVan Dusen clerk passenger agent office1873
RailroadsC. W.Van Horn Division supt1922MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsNathanielVan Horn ticket clerk ticket office1853-1861NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsEdgar SandsVan Sant coal, Coke agent1901
RailroadsBergVanden freight agent1881IL, Cook Co, Chicago
RailroadsYVandenberg contracting freight agent1881
RailroadsCarl MarcellusVanpoole 1920
RailroadsJames R.Veitch operator1892-1893
RailroadsGeorge R.Vickers director1856
RailroadsWilliam G.Vollmer division accountant1903-1905
RailroadsH. BelinVoorhees general manager1922NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsH. BelinVoorhees asst engineer1901-1902PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsJohn ThomasWaddell telegraph operator1902-1904
RailroadsJames F.Wagner director1866
RailroadsMorison RemickWaite general Solicitor1922OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
RailroadsJohn G.Walber general supt transportation1908-1909MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsHenryWalters rodman in engineer corps1873
RailroadsT. J.Walters general Coal freight agent1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsT. J.Walters commercial freight agent1897-1910PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsFelix M.Warburg Director1915
RailroadsPaul M.Warburg Director1914
RailroadsWilliam TaneyWarburton counsel1874-1914
RailroadsChanning MooreWard chainman and asst engineer on construction1881
RailroadsBenjamin DorseyWarfield service1882-1882MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsOrville TheodoreWaring rodman1902
RailroadsEdwin WebsterWarnick telegraph operator and agent1876-1885
RailroadsJames B.Washington clerk in auditor office1866-1867
RailroadsJoseph M.Watkins clerk in accounting dept1880-1890
RailroadsW. W.Watkins director1866
RailroadsCharles EdwardWays freight agent1888-1893MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles EdwardWays operator1861-1863DC, Washington
RailroadsO. E.Ways asst general freight agent1885MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsH. D.Webster special apprentice1897
RailroadsA. S.Weinsheimer 1864
RailroadsC. L.Weissaiber Master Mechanic1902MD, Baltimore City, Mt Clare
RailroadsE. A.Westcott Master Car Builder1902OH, Licking Co, Newark
RailroadsGeorge W.Whistler Associate Engineer1828-1829
RailroadsRoy BartonWhite general supt1922MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsRoy BartonWhite supt1915-1916IL, Clay Co, Flora
RailroadsRoy BartonWhite supt1916-1917IN, Jackson Co, Seymour
RailroadsClarence DudleyWhitney clerk general freight office1883-1885OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsElbert LeRoyWhitney office boy division freight office1884OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsFrederic MethvenWhyte testing dept, drawing room1890-1892MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCassias M.Wicker agent1876-1880
RailroadsCassius M.Wicker general agent, asst general freight agent1876-1880
RailroadsCharles I.Wickersham freight clerk1859
RailroadsCalmes TowsonWight division freight agent1901
RailroadsCharles S.Wight Manager Freight Traffic1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsCharles StoneWight freight agent1880-1893PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsSamuelWilhelm director1866
RailroadsClarence S.Wilkins telegraph operator1877-1892OH, Franklin Co, Columbus
RailroadsDanielWillard president1910MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsArthur PennWilliams engineer1915PA, Fayette Co, Connellsville
RailroadsDavid AndersonWilliams supt1901
RailroadsW. H.Williams Asst Secretary1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam HenryWilliams asst secretary1901-1904
RailroadsWalter BruceWills Asst Division Engineer1917WV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
RailroadsJohn L.Wilson road master1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn S.Wilson solicitor1861-1866
RailroadsLouis Henry, JrWilson maint of way1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsEdward CharlesWinstanley chief asst to general manager 1873-1875
RailroadsPaul AdamsWitherspoon Rodman1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJosephWood Director1910PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
RailroadsWilliam WrightWood chief welfare department1926MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsRobert HallWoods Office of Vice-Pres1917MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsWilliam S.Woodside supt1856
RailroadsCarl BradlaughWoodworth supervisor1915MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsC. W.Woolford Secretary1902MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJohn Cowan, JrWrenshall asst supervisor1891-1892MD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
RailroadsJohn Cowan, JrWrenshall supervisor1892-1895MD, Washington Co, Hagerstown
RailroadsJohn Cowan, JrWrenshall supervisor1899-1900DC, Washington
RailroadsJohn D.Wright general foreman1901
RailroadsWilliam H.Yams chief clerk1866MD, Baltimore City
RailroadsJames B.Yohe telegraph operator1871-1874
RailroadsWalter DouglasYoung Electrical engineer1901
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