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Organization: Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsAlexander BoydAndrews supt1878-1880
RailroadsM. F.Arendell director1866
RailroadsSamuel MitchellBrinson president1918NC
RailroadsEdward King, JrBryan timekeeper, clerk to master mechanic1882
RailroadsF. C.Bryan local freight dept1883NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsJames A.Bryan President1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsW. F.Carlisle Road Master1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsWinfield ScottChadwick president1889-1914
RailroadsEdward J.Clayton master of machinery1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsS. L.Dill Supt & Freight Agent1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsWalter, JrDunn director1866
RailroadsWilliamDunn supt1885
RailroadsFrank S.Gannon VP1904
RailroadsJulius A.Gray director1879
RailroadsJoseph H.Green Master Mechanic1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsW. P.Guinsley director1866
RailroadsW. G.Hall ticket agent1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsW. H.Hancock Master Car Builder1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsWilliam H.Harvey supt of transportation1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsJ. CiceroJustice treasurer and secretary1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsR. W.King director1866
RailroadsHardy B.Lane Car Accountant1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsM.Manly Secretary & Treasurer1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsW. P.Metts road master1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsJames W.Morris clerk in general office1874
RailroadsW. C.Munroe Counsel1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsB. A.Newland Master Transportation1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsEdward A.Niel traffic manager1904-1905
RailroadsJames M.Parrott director1866
RailroadsJohn L.Pennington director1866
RailroadsWilliam DurwardPollock 1900-1905
RailroadsIsaacRamsey director1866
RailroadsJohn H.Richardson director1866
RailroadsJ. J.Roberson supt of bridges1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsEdward R.Stanley director1866
RailroadsC. R.Thomas president1866NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsCharles RandolphThomas president1867
RailroadsJohnTull director1866
RailroadsW. B.Wadsworth director1866
RailroadsJohn D.Whitford President1885NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsS. I.Woolen Auditor1902NC, Craven Co, New Bern
RailroadsShade IslerWooten auditor1901
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