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Organization: Army Corps of Engineers

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

20 MAY 1751born in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
1801-1803NY, West Point, West Point Academy, President
1805-1812NY, West Point, West Point Academy, President
1815-1815PA, US Representative
18 MAY 1815died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, about age 64.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

OthersHenry M.Adams Asst1894
OthersCarlAllen 1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
OthersThomas LincolnCasey Chief of Engineers1894
OthersPicklingDodge Chief Clerk1894
OthersWilliam DanielEbbinghaus 1915IN, Allen Co, Fort Wayne
OthersGeorge H.Elliot In charge1894
OthersGeorge EdwardFranklin engineer1915TX, Kaufman Co, Rosser
OthersFrank AlbertIrick surveyor1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
OthersJohn G. D.Knight Asst1894
OthersLouis HenryKrieger surveyor1915KY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
OthersJoseph HarrisonMiller inspector1915TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
OthersHarold EarlNourse surveyor1915TX, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur
OthersClifford JustiThiebaid 1915IN, Switzerland Co, Vevay
OthersThomasTurtle Asst1894
OthersWilliam FrankWahl deputy inspector1915IN, Switzerland Co, Vevay
OthersWilliam Robert FrancisWallace surveyor1915TX, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur
OthersWilliam J.Warren Chief Clerk1894
OthersHarry WardWoodford surveyor1915WI, Columbia Co, Portage
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