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Organization: Ann Arbor Railroad

George Jay Gould I

George Jay Gould I

6 FEB 1864born in New York City, New York Co, NY
1893-1894NY, New York City, Union Pacific Railroad, Director
1902NY, New York City, Kansas City Southern Railway, VP
1902NY, New York City, Manhattan Railway, President
1902NY, New York City, Missouri Pacific Railway, President
1902NY, New York City, New Orleans and Northwestern Railway, President
1902NY, New York City, Texas and Pacific Railway, Chairman Board of Dir & Pres
1902NY, New York City, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway, Chairman Board of Directors
1902NJ, Lakewood, International and Great Northern Railroad, President
1910NY, New York City, Western Union Telegraph Co,
16 MAY 1923died in Cote d`Azur, France, about age 59.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

RailroadsL. J.Allen engineer1913-1917
RailroadsH. W.Ashley Manager1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsHenry WinfieldAshley director, asst to president1896-1905
RailroadsJohn JacobAstor director1895-1897
RailroadsJules SemonBache VP1923
RailroadsLeroy WilburBaldwin director1910-1914
RailroadsHarry C.Bell gen freight agent1906-1909OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsW. H.Bennett Freight Agent1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsWilliam H.Bennett freight agent1895-1905
RailroadsH. B.Blanchard secretary1910-1917
RailroadsEdward FranklinBlomeyer VP and general manager1922OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsHarry S.Bradley gen freight agent, traffic manager1911-1915
RailroadsW. F.Bradley Supt1902MI, Shiawassee Co, Durand
RailroadsJohn FranklinBratten agent car service1889-1901
RailroadsJ. F.Bratton Car Accountant1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsW. O.Brigham Auditor1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsO. R.Bromley chief percentage clerk1908
RailroadsBernard J.Burke VP, director1907-1909
RailroadsC. W.Burt director1901
RailroadsGeorge R.Burt Secretary & Treasurer1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsWellington R.Burt President1902MI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw
RailroadsT. F.Butler gen freight agent1910
RailroadsG. E.Contart master mechanic1912
RailroadsC. M.Cornwell roadmaster1906-1908
RailroadsJoseph Francis, JrCress auditor and asst treasurer1922OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsGeorge M.Cumming director1906-1907
RailroadsFrederick KingsburyCurtis director1910-1917
RailroadsWilliam DewittDanley gen supt1912-1913MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsE. C.Davis cashier1906-1909
RailroadsFrank A.Durban VP, director1907-1909
RailroadsSamuel EwartEmmons asst chief engineer1922MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsG. R.Endert engineer Maintenance of Way1910OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsAmos RichardsEno director1895-1901
RailroadsNewmanErb director1909-1923
RailroadsReuben Jay, JrFlick director1913-1914
RailroadsMichael D.Fohey trainmaster1895-1907MI, Shiawassee Co, Durand
RailroadsJ. H.Fraser gen supt1908-1909
RailroadsRobert M.Gallaway director1895
RailroadsR. R.Gavin director1908-1909
RailroadsKarl AdamGohring supt1908-1912MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsJosephGoldbaum asst secretary1910-1924OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsFrederickGossman auditor1895-1900
RailroadsGeorge JayGould director1902
RailroadsWilliam D.Gray auditor1906-1907
RailroadsW. L.Greenhalgh auditor, asst treasurer1902-1906OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsHugh HansonHarrison director1909-1915
RailroadsHenry B.Henson treasurer1902-1905
RailroadsFrederickHertenstein Director1915
RailroadsFrederick, JrHertenstein director1910-1916
RailroadsThomas H.Hervey car accountant, supt car service1910-1930OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsTheodore DavidHinchcliffe auditor1908-1910
RailroadsW. D.Holliday asst to president, gen supt1910-1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsHarry Bowley, JrHollins director1907
RailroadsJames KirtlandHoward engineer Maintenance of Way1910-1912MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsCharles Z.Hughes purchasing agent1922OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsJohn J.Kirby gen passenger agent1896-1913
RailroadsJ. J.Kirkby Passenger Agent1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsRudolphKleybolte director1906-1908
RailroadsA. W.Kuech director1902
RailroadsC. P.Lamprey gen traffic manager1906-1907
RailroadsCurtis J.Lawrence director1895
RailroadsCyrus J.Lawrence director1902-1905
RailroadsFranklin B.Lord director1902
RailroadsGeorge KaimeLowell gen manager1907-1909
RailroadsEmery S.Lyon director1911-1917
RailroadsEmory S.Lyon Director1915
RailroadsT. G.Mackey Travelling Auditor1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsR. C.Martin director1895-1901
RailroadsJesseMayer treasurer1914-1915
RailroadsWilliam C.McClure director1895-1897
RailroadsArthur C.McDannel operator, cashier, yardmaster and general agent1901-1909MI, Benzie Co, Frankfort
RailroadsArthur C.McDannel car checker1898OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsH. I.Miller director1914-1917
RailroadsRobert D.Murray director1895-1897NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsMalcolm BrownNesmith gen claim agent1920-1930MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsGeorge A.Nettleton chief engineer1896OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsG. CasperNiles secretary, treasurer1906-1909
RailroadsGustavusOhlinger attorney1912-1914
RailroadsJ. J.Osmer master mechanic, supt motive power1913-1917
RailroadsVictorParvin gen manager1930
RailroadsVictorParvin supt1920-1924
RailroadsBenjaminPerkins director1895-1897
RailroadsW. A.Perry treasurer1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsJoseph W.Piper asst auditor1913-1914
RailroadsClaude V.Quigley general storekeeper1922MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsGeorge W.Quintard VP1902NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsGeorge WilliamQuintard VP, director1895-1901
RailroadsJames, JrRamsey director, president1903-1904
RailroadsJames, JrRamsey director, VP1909
RailroadsJoseph, JrRamsey director1910-1914
RailroadsRalph HenryReynolds Marine supt1917-1922
RailroadsSheldon ClarkReynolds director1902
RailroadsThomas D.Rhodes director1908-1912NY, New York Co, New York City
RailroadsO. D.Richards Chief Engineer1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsDennisRiely 1887-1907
RailroadsHenry EarleRiggs chief engineer1895
RailroadsJohn HasbrouckScoville director1906-1909
RailroadsJoseph EdwardSimmons director1895-1902
RailroadsAlexander L.Smith Counsel1902OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsRoland KidderSmith gen manager1905-1906OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsMorris L.Sternberger director1906-1909
RailroadsCharles D.Stewart director1901
RailroadsJ. A.Strubel asst gen manager1908-1909
RailroadsAugustSyverson supt1913-1920MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsDaniel C.Tate secretary, treasurer1895-1902
RailroadsRobertTawse Master Mechanic1902MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsRobert WilliamTawse supt motive power1890-1910MI, Shiawassee Co, Owosso
RailroadsJ. W.Thompson director1910-1911PA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre
RailroadsJames E.Tolfree director1906-1908
RailroadsE. W.Tollerton director1895-1896
RailroadsAlfred WellingtonTowsley VP, director1913-1917
RailroadsWilliam M.Wadden director1910-1917
RailroadsJohn T.Walsh asst auditor1910-1912
RailroadsJosephWanbecq engineer1906-1910
RailroadsArthurWard gen agent1892-1900
RailroadsBenjamin StreeterWarren director1907-1909
RailroadsGeorge E.Watson director1906-1909
RailroadsFrederickWear 1908-1909
RailroadsG. A.Weller asst freight & passenger agent1914
RailroadsWilliam HenryWilliams president1931
RailroadsHenry RogersWinthrop director1938
RailroadsWilliam J.Wollman director1911-1917
RailroadsR. T.Woods purchasing and fuel agent1913OH, Lucas Co, Toledo
RailroadsAmmi WillardWright director1895-1902
RailroadsEugeneZimmerman president, director1905-1909
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