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Organization: Androscoggin Railroad

From Leeds Junction to Livermore Falls, 20 miles. In progress to Farmington, 16 miles farther. Office at Lewiston, Maine

John Hazen Kimball

John Hazen Kimball

14 JUL 1823born in Concord, Merrimack Co, NH
1866ME, Bath, Androscoggin Railroad, secretary and chief clerk
1878-1879ME, State Representative
1883-1885ME, State Senator
25 SEP 1901died in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA, about age 78.
lawyer, teacher

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RailroadsArthurBrown passenger conductor1861
RailroadsCharles A.Coombs station agent1868ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsS. W.Eaton supt and chief engineer1866ME, Franklin Co, Farmington
RailroadsWoodman S.Eaton freight checker1866ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsUriahFoss ticket agent1856
RailroadsWilliamFuller master machinist1861-1863
RailroadsAlonzoGarcelon president1856ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsHarrisGarcelon ticket agent1856
RailroadsWashingtonGilbert director1866ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsJohnGilmore treasurer1856ME, Androscoggin Co, Leeds
RailroadsDariusGoff conductor1856
RailroadsAlbionHersey General Freight Agent1871-1874
RailroadsJ. B.Jones director1856
RailroadsJohnKanfer master of machinery1856
RailroadsJohn H.Kimball secretary and chief clerk1866ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsGiddingsLanae director1856
RailroadsJ. A.Linscott treasurer1866ME, Franklin Co, Farmington
RailroadsJoseph A.Linscott treasurer1859-1872
RailroadsA. D.Lockwood director1866ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsSethMay director1866ME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn
RailroadsOliverMoses president1866ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsEnsignOtis director1856
RailroadsDavidPatten director1866ME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath
RailroadsOliverPettengill director1856
RailroadsS. H.Read secretary1856ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsIraRussell master of machinery1866ME, Franklin Co, Farmington
RailroadsWilliamSmall supt1856
RailroadsJohnSmith director1856
RailroadsPhilip M.Stubbs director1866ME, Franklin Co, Strong
RailroadsA. R. C.Turner master of car repairs1866ME, Franklin Co, Farmington
RailroadsA. P.Wilds chief engineer1856
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