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Organization: Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad

From Portland to Waterville, Maine, 82 miles. Office at Waterville, Maine

Anson Peaslee Morrill

Anson Peaslee Morrill

10 JUN 1803born in Belgrade, Kennebec Co, ME
1855-1856ME, Governor
1861-1863ME, US Representative
4 JUL 1887died in Augusta, Kennebec Co, ME, about age 84.

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RailroadsJohn FarwellAnderson engineer1847-1849
RailroadsCharles M.Bailey director1856ME, Kennebec Co, Winthrop
RailroadsCharles O.Baker conductor1856
RailroadsC. M.Barrell conductor1856
RailroadsWilliamBodge conductor1856
RailroadsIraCrocker director1856ME, Cumberland Co, Portland
RailroadsJohn M.Frye director1856ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
RailroadsAsherHinds director1856ME, Kennebec Co, Benton
RailroadsWilliam M.Lougley director1856ME, Androscoggin Co, Greene
RailroadsDennis L.Miller president1856
RailroadsDennis L.Milliken director1856ME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
RailroadsAnson P.Morrill director1856ME, Kennebec Co, Readfield
RailroadsCharles M.Morse master of transportation1856
RailroadsEdwinNoyes supt1856
RailroadsJoshua, JrNye treasurer1856
RailroadsManassehSaunders station agent1849
RailroadsOrlandSmith station agent1849-1853ME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
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