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Organization: American-Hawaiian Steamship Co

Roger Dearborn Lapham

Roger Dearborn Lapham

6 DEC 1883born in New York City, New York Co, NY
1905MA, Cambridge, Harvard University
1944-1948CA, San Francisco, Mayor
16 APR 1966died in San Francisco, San Francisco Co, CA, about age 82.

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OthersW. D.Burnham 1910NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersWarren D.Clark VP1915
OthersGeorge S.Dearborn president1914
OthersHenryDearborn Asst Secretary, Asst Treasurer1915
OthersE. D.Douglas Treasurer1915
OthersHarry J.Hartridge Asst Superintending Engineer1914NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
OthersH. E. D.Jackson Secretary1915
OthersLewis H.Lapham VP1915
OthersRoger D.Lapham Director1915
OthersJames H.Post Director1915
OthersW. B.Ryan Director1915
OthersO. T.Sewall Director1910
OthersHenry W.Taft Director1910
OthersJoseph D.Tomlinson Supt1916NJ, Union Co, Cranford
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