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Organization: American Tobacco Co

Thomas Fortune Ryan

Thomas Fortune Ryan

17 OCT 1851born in Lovingston, Nelson Co, VA
1890NY, New York, Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad, Secretary, Treasurer
1910VA, Oak Ridge, Cumberland Co, Director
23 NOV 1928died in New York City, New York Co, NY, about age 77.

Extracted from histories and directories. More records and links to sources; Click column header to sort.

OthersGeorgeArents Director1910
OthersAnthony N.Brady Director1910
OthersJames C.Brady Director1915
OthersPaulBrown Director1910
OthersJ. B.Cobb VP1900
OthersJ.Doerhoefer Director1900
OthersRoy ChanningDraper 1904
OthersH. I.Drummond Director1900
OthersB. N.Duke Director1900
OthersJames B.Duke President1910NJ, Somerset Co, Somerville
OthersCaleb C.Dula VP1910
OthersRobert B.Dula VP1910
OthersGeorge W.Elkins Director1910
OthersJohn C.Engelhard Director1915
OthersW. W.Fuller Director1900
OthersJoseph K.Gwynn Asst Secretary1910NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersDanielHall Director1915
OthersPercival S.Hall Director1910
OthersBenjamin B.Hampton VP1915
OthersH. M.Hanna Director1910
OthersWilliam R.Harris VP1910
OthersGeorge A.Helme Director1910
OthersJohn M. W.Hicks Treasurer1915
OthersGeorge W.Hill VP1915
OthersPercival S.Hill President1915
OthersS. W.Hill VP1900
OthersWilliam R.Irby Director1910
OthersT. F.Jeffries Director1900
OthersCharles S.Keene Director1915
OthersHarold ChandlerKimball the1890-1894
OthersHerbert D.Kingsbury Director1910
OthersH. D.Lee Treasurer1900
OthersRobert D.Lewis Director1910
OthersPierreLorillard director1914
OthersThomas J.Maloney VP1910
OthersC. F.Neiley Asst Secretary1915
OthersWalter H.O'Brien VP1915
OthersJuniusParker stockholder1914
OthersJuniusParker assistant general counsel1899NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersRufus L.Patterson Director1910
OthersOliver H.Payne Director1910
OthersCharles A.Penn Director1915
OthersFrank H.Ray Director1910
OthersMorton W.Reed Director1915
OthersThomas F.Ryan Director1910
OthersGrant B.Schley Director1910
OthersRobert A. C.Smith Director1910
OthersRobert K.Smith Director1910
OthersJoseph WilcoxSpalding director1919
OthersCharles N.Strotz Director1910
OthersAllie L.Sylvester Director1915
OthersThomas J.Walker Director1915
OthersT. W.Watts Director1900
OthersAlbert S.White traffic manager1897-1899
OthersGeorge D.Widener Director1910
OthersPeter A. B.Widener Director1910
OthersJ. T.Wilcox Secretary1915
OthersJosiah T.Wilcox Director1915
OthersThomas B.Yuille Director1915
OthersT. B.Yullle VP1915
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