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Organization: American Sugar Refining Co

American Sugar Refining Co
Samuel Carr

Samuel Carr

18 NOV 1848born in Charlestown, Suffolk Co, MA
1906MA, Boston, National Bank of Commerce of Boston, director
1906MA, Boston, Oregon Short Line Railroad, director
1906MA, Boston, Boston Elevated Railway, director
1906MA, Boston, American Agricultural Chemical Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Boston Consolidated Gas Co, director
1906MA, Boston, New England Gas and Coke Co, trustee
1906MA, Boston, Old Colony Trust Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Ames Shovel and Tool Co, director
1906MA, Boston, American Loan and Trust Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Adams Trust Co, president
1906MA, Boston, Bay State Trust Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Butte Electric and Power Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Embankment Land Co, trustee
1906MA, Boston, Metropolitan Storage Warehouse Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Oliver Ames and Sons Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Planters Compress Co, director
1906MA, Boston, United Electric Securities Co, director
1906MA, Boston, Worcester Railways and Investment Co, trustee
1906MA, Boston, Real Estate Trust Co, trustee
1906MA, Boston, Dallas Electric Co, director
1914MA, Boston, Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, trustee
1916MA, Boston, Merchants National Bank of Boston, Director
1916MA, Boston, American Trust Co, Director
29 MAY 1922died in Boston, Suffolk Co, MA, about age 74.

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OthersCharles HerbertAllen VP1914
OthersEdwin F.Atkins Chairman of Directors1914
OthersEarl D.Babst president1915-1919
OthersSamuelCarr Director1915
OthersArthurDonner VP, Treasurer1910
OthersHowardElliott Librarian1923NY, New York Co, Manhattan
OthersRufus CoffinFolsom Chemistry1915MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
OthersW. EdwardFoster Treasurer1915
OthersGeorge HarrisonFrazier Director1914
OthersJoseph EdwinFreeman secretary1919
OthersJames R., JrGannon Asst Secretary, Asst Treasurer1915
OthersJohn Kearsley MitchellHarrison engineer1915PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
OthersH. O.Havemeyer Director1900
OthersHenry O.Havemeyer President1900
OthersHoraceHavemeyer Director1910
OthersC. R.Heike Secretary1910NJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
OthersSamuel C.Hooker Director1915
OthersWalter EverardKimball 1915MA, Suffolk Co, Boston
OthersEdwin S.Marston Director1914
OthersJ.Mayer Director1900
OthersSamuelMcRoberts Director1915
OthersRichardMommers Asst Supt1915NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
OthersH. C.Mott Director1915
OthersHenry GeorgeNicholas 1915NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
OthersHenry E.Niese Director1910
OthersL. M.Palmer Director1900
OthersRobert M.Parker charge of freight traffic1905-1917NY, New York Co, New York City
OthersJohn E.Parsons Director1910
OthersC. H.Senff Director1900
OthersDaniel JosephSmith Chemistry1915MA, Suffolk Co, South Boston
OthersPhilipStockton Director1915
OthersW. B.Thomas Director1915
OthersWashington B.Thomas VP1915
OthersAlbert H.Wiggin Director1915
OthersCharles B.Wiggin Asst Treasurer1915
OthersJ. T.Witherspoon Asst Treasurer1915
OthersArthur B.Wollam Comptroller1915
(over the course of history)
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American Sugar Refining Co
Parent Org Parent OrgFranklin Sugar Refining Co
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