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Organization: American Orthopedic Association, Role: Secretary

John Frederick Ridlon

John Frederick Ridlon

24 NOV 1852born in Clarendon, Rutland Co, VT
1878NY, Manhattan, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
1890NY, Manhattan, Vanderbilt Clinic, physician
1901IL, Chicago, Northwestern University, Professor
1901IL, Chicago, American Orthopedic Association, Secretary
1905IL, Chicago, Wesley Hospital, physician
27 APR 1936died in Newport Co, RI, about age 83.

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MembersZ. B.Adams President1930
MembersFred H.Albee President1929
MembersFred HoudlettAlbee
MembersN.Allison President1922
MembersW. S.Baer President1924
MembersE. G.Brackett President1905
MembersElliott GrayBrackett
MembersE. H.Bradford President1889
MembersEdward H.Bradford
MembersC. HermannBucholz
MembersWillis C.Campbell President1931
MembersAnsel G.Cook President1909
MembersGwilym G.Davis President1914
MembersWilliam B.DeGarmo
MembersWilliam GageErving
MembersR. R.Fitch President1923
MembersA. MackenzieForbes President1928
MembersAlbert HenryFreiberg president1911
MembersFrederick J.Gaenslen President1936
MembersH. P. H.Gallaway President1919
MembersWilliam E.Gallie President1932
MembersVirgil P.Gibney President1912
MembersVirgil P.Gibney President1887
MembersArthur J.Gillette President1901
MembersJ. E.Goldthwait President1907
MembersJoel E.Goldthwait
MembersMelvin S.Henderson President1934
MembersMichaelHoke President1926
MembersAdoniram B.Judson
MembersAdoniram BrownJudson President1891
MembersSamuelKetch President1897
MembersFrederick C.Kidner President1938
MembersBenjaminLee President1892
MembersArthur T.Legg
MembersJohn PrentissLord president
MembersRobert W.Lovett
MembersRobert W.Lovett President1898
MembersB. E.McKenzie President1906
MembersH. WinnettOrr President1937
MembersRobert B.Osgood
MembersRobert B.Osgood President1921
MembersGeorgePackard President1915
MembersCharlesPainter President1916
MembersCharles F.Painter
MembersA. M.Phelps President1894
MembersWilliam W.Plummer President1939
MembersJohn L.Porter President1918
MembersJohnRidlon Secretary1901IL, Cook Co, Chicago
MembersJohnRidlon President1895
MembersJohn F.Ridlon
MembersJames TorranceRugh
MembersEdwin W.Ryerson President1925
MembersReginald H.Sayre President1904
MembersJames WarrenSever
MembersNewton M.Shaffer President1888
MembersA. R.Shands President1913
MembersH.M.Sherman President1900
MembersDavidSilver President1917
MembersClarence L.Starr President1920
MembersA. J.Steele President1893
MembersArthurSteindler President1933
MembersC. FayetteTaylor
MembersH. L.Taylor President1908
MembersHenry LingTaylor
MembersAugustusThorndike President1910
MembersW. R.Townsend President1899
MembersJames T.Watkins President1927
MembersL. A.Weigel President1903
MembersRoyalWhitman president1895
MembersDeforest P.Willard President1935
MembersDeforest P.Willard President1890
MembersH. AugustusWilson fellow
MembersH. AugustusWilson president1901
MembersJames KellyYoung
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