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Organization: American Colonization Society

John Marshall

John Marshall

24 SEP 1755born in Fauquier Co, VA
1794-1795VA, Attorney General
1799-1800VA, US Representative
1800-1801USA, Cabinet Secretary
1801-1835USA, Supreme Court Justice
1831VA, State Historical Society, President
7 JUN 1835died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, about age 80.
A constitution is framed for ages to come, and is designed to approach immortality as nearly as human institutions can approach it.

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MembersHenry BidlemanBascom Agent1829-1832
MembersL. B.Castle Agent1854-1871
MembersBillings OtisPlimpton Agent1855-1863
MembersDennisPowers Agent1853-1856
MembersCaleb JewettTenney Agent1843-1847
OthersJames OrmondWilson Secretary1892DC, Washington

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