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Organization: American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

William Warren Potter

William Warren Potter

31 DEC 1838born in Strykersville, Wyoming Co, NY
1859NY, Buffalo, University of Buffalo
1890NY, Buffalo, Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal, publisher
1891NY, State Medical Society, President
1893NY, County Medical Society, President
1907NY, Buffalo, General Hospital, physician
14 MAR 1911died in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY, about age 72.

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MembersJ. HenryCarstens
MembersJohn Daniel SinklerDavis VPident
MembersWilliam E. B.Davis President1901AL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham
MembersDavid TodGilliam VP1905-1906
MembersJohn WilliamKeefe president
MembersHoward WilliamsLongyear president
MembersRobert TuttleMorris President1907
MembersWilliam WarrenPotter Secretary1901NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
MembersHenrySchwarz fellow
MembersErnst GustaveZinke President1908-1909
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