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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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Vacuum Cleaner Co110
Valley Railroad3351
Vanadium Corporation of America311Vanadium Corporation of America
Vandalia Coal Co111
Vandalia Railroad9115Vandalia Railroad
Vermont and Boston Telegraph Co311
Vermont and Canada Railroad114
Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad137
Vermont Asylum for the Insane1
Vermont Bible Society1
Vermont Botanical Society1
Vermont Chronicle411
Vermont Committee of Public Safety1
Vermont Constitutional Convention1
Vermont Educational Commission1
Vermont Journal14
Vermont Power and Manufacturing Co281
Vermont State Agricultural Association1
Vermont Valley Railroad7261
Vermont Watchman12
Vernal Mining Co of Goldfield12
Verona Mining Co17
Verona Steel Castings Co37
Versailles Conference1
Veterans of Foreign Wars11
Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary1
Vicksburg Gas Co19
Vicksburg Gas Light Co15
Vieux Desert and Lake Superior Railroad17
Villa Stearns Co18
Vineyard Lighting Co14
Virginia and Southwestern Railway238
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad1441
Virginia and Truckee Railroad118
Virginia Bar Association10
Virginia Board of Public Works1
Virginia Bureau of Child Welfare1
Virginia Central Railroad146
Virginia Constitutional Convention68
Virginia Glee Club1
Virginia Iron Coal and Coke Co125
Virginia Medical Monthly12
Virginia Midland Railway320
Virginia Pilot Association1
Virginia Railway and Power Co113
Virginia State Employee Office1
Virginia Tech2
Virginia Women in History8
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co134
Virginian Railway134
Vista Chemical Plant1
Voluntary Committee of Lawyers1
Volunteer Fire Department9
Volunteers of America21
Vulcan Furnace Co26
Vulcanite Portland Cement Co26
V. H. Parke and Son Co2
V. Lemke and Co2
V. Muelle and Co2
V. Mueller and Co3
V. O. Hammon Publishing CoV. O. Hammon Publishing Co
V. R. Lansingh Co4
Vaca Valley and Clear Lake Railroad3
Vaccine Inquirer1
Vacuum Appliance Manufacturing Co2
Vacuum Cleaner Co of Illinois2
Vacuum Oil Co5
Valdez Creek Placer Mines3
Valdez Gold Co8
Valdez Island Copper Co5
Valdor Dredging Co6
Valdosta Ice and Manufacturing Co6
Valdosta Southern Railroad3
Vale and Towne Manufacturing Co9
Valentine and Co9
Valentine and Sons Publishing CoValentine and Sons Publishing Co
Valentine Clark Co3
Valentine Edy Co
Valentine Mining Co5
Valentine Seaver Co2
Valentine Souvenir Co
Valentine-Black CoValentine-Black Co
Valentine-Clark Co2
Valentines Dress Cutting Systems2
Valier and Spies Milling Co2
Valiev Lumber Co2
Valle Fertil Co5
Vallee Brothers Electrical Co2
Vallejo Gas Light Co3
Valley and Siletz Railroad6
Valley Camp Coal Co2
Valley City Street and Cable Railroad4
Valley City Street Cable Railway4
Valley Coal and Mining Co2
Valley Connecting Railroad3
Valley Construction Co2
Valley County MT Gazette2
Valley Echo3
Valley Gas and Fuel Co4
Valley Gas Co2
Valley Gazette2
Valley Gleaner1
Valley Home Telephone Co11
Valley Magnesite Co5
Valley Mining Co5
Valley Mould and Iron Co4
Valley National Bank of Lebanon1
Valley News Service
Valley Steamship Co7
Valley Supply Co4
Valmeyer Milling Co2
Valparaiso Lighting Co3
Valvoline Oil Co16
Valvoline Oil Works4
Van Anda Copper and Gold Mines Co2
Van Brunt Street and Erie Basin Railroad3
Van Building Block Co2
Van Buren Paint and Hardware Co2
Van Buren Storage and Van Co3
Van Camp Hardware and Iron Co5
Van Choate Electric Manufacturing Co2
Van Deusen and Joyce
Van Doom Co2
Van Doren Manufacturing Co2
Van Dyke Copper Co7
Van Evera and Lewis Manufacturing Co2
Van Hoesen-Lennen Co2
Van Norman, Lawler and Co2
Van Noy-Brown News Co11
Van Noy-Interstate Co
Van Ornum Colorprint Co
Van Rensselaer Realty Co1
Van Roi Mining Co4
Van Rol Mining Co5
Van Tassel Leather Co4
Van Valkenburgh and Co2
Van Vorst and Berman Co9
Van Wert Gas Light Co3
Van Wert OH Democrat2
Van Wie and Moorhead2
Van Winkle Pen Co2
Vanadium Alloys Steel Co2
Vanadium Chemical Co6
Vanadium Metals Co6
Vanadium Sales Co of America5
Vance, Fitz Gibbons Furniture Co2
Vancouver Island Mining and Development Co6
Vandalia and Southwestern Telephone Co1
Vandalia IL Leader7
Vandalia Mineral Co2
Vandalia MO Leader1
Vandalia Telephone Co of Vandalia2
Vanderbilt Hardware Co2
Vandergrift Land and Improvement Co5
Vanderpoel Co3
Vandor Mining Co5
Vanegas, Cedral and Matehuala Railroad
Vanity Fair1
Vanport Brick Co3
Variarotor Co2
Variety Amusement Co2
Variety Manufacturing Co2
Varley Duplex Magnet Co3
Varnville SC Enterprise1
Vasco Mining Co2
Vassar Swiss Underwear Co2
Vaucluse Co1
Vaudette Theatre Co2
Vaughan and Bushnell Manufacturing Co4
Vaughans Seed Store2
Velasco, Brazos and Northern Railway4
Velde Roelfs and Co2
Velie Carriage Co2
Velie Saddlery Co1
Velie Transfer Co2
Velox Machine Works3
Venda Five and Ten Cent Co
Vendig Brothers Shirt Co4
Vendome Parlor Furniture Co2
Vennerbeck and Clase Co2
Ventilated Cushion and Spring Co2
Ventura County Power Co9
Venture Hill Mining Co3
Venture Oil Co9
Vera Cruz and Pacific Railroad8
Verde Apex Copper Mining Co5
Verde Central Mines5
Verde Combination Copper Co8
Verde Hub Copper Co8
Verde Inspiration Mining Co5
Verde Monster Copper Co3
Verde Squaw Copper Mining Co6
Verdi Copper Mining Co6
Verdi Divide Mining Co5
Verdi Gem and Jewelry Co8
Verdun Mining Co5
Vergennes VT Vermonter1
Vermilion Coal and Coke Co2
Vermilion County Abstract Co2
Vermilion County IL Star2
Vermilion County Telephone Co2
Vermilion Mutual Telephone Co2
Vermillion Steel and Iron Co3
Vermont Baptist2
Vermont Botanical Club7
Vermont Copper Co3
Vermont Farm Journal1
Vermont Farmers Advocate1
Vermont Homeguards1
Vermont Intelligencer1
Vermont Marble Co13
Vermont Medical Monthly3
Vermont Missionary1
Vermont Paper Co
Vermont Phoenix3
Vermont Power and Lighting Co8
Vermont Savings Bank of Brattleboro1
Vermont Telegraph1
Vermont Telephone and Telegraph Co2
Vermont Temperance Standard1
Vermont Tribune2
Vermont Union2
Vernal UT Express3
Verner Coal and Coke Co7
Vernon Creamery Co2
Vernon Mining Co7
Vernon News3
Vernon Park Laundry2
Vernon Street Railway4
Verona Tool Works4
Versailles IL Independent3
Versailles MO Statesman2
Vesciflora Co2
Vesta Accumulator Co6
Vestra Posten3
Vesuvius Mines Co2
Veterans Administration
Veterans Advocate1
Veterans Police Patrol and Detective Agency2
Vevay Park Oil and Gas Co2
Viaduct Manufacturing Co3
Vibrassage Co2
Viceroy Mining Co3
Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad5
Vicksburg MS Democrat2
Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railroad12
Vicksburg, Shreveport and Texas Railroad21
Victor and Belle Crown Mining Co7
Victor Chemical Works4
Victor Consolidated Mining Co6
Victor Electric Co2
Victor Fuel Co9
Victor Kremer Co3
Victor Kroner Co2
Victor Mining And Smelting Co9
Victor Mining Co5
Victor Novelty Works2
Victor Piano and Organ Co3
Victor Power and Mining Co5
Victor Silver Leaf Mining Co5
Victor Smelting and Mining Co3
Victor Talking Machine Co10
Victor V. May and Co2
Victoria and Sydney Railway8
Victoria Coal and Coke Co9
Victoria Copper Mining Co14
Victoria Furnace1
Victoria Gas Co2
Victoria Gold Mining Co3
Victoria Hotel Co4
Victoria Manufacturing Co6
Victoria Mining Co5
Victoria Nevada Mining Co4
Victoria Rolling Stock and Realty Co of Ontario, Ltd8
Victoria Silver Cobalt Mines10
Victoria Street Railway and Improvement Co4
Victoria Swine Breeders Association2
Victory Compound and Supply Co2
Victory Copper Mining Co7
Victory Divide Mining Co7
Victory Gold Mines Co5
Victory Greeting Card Co
Victory Mining Co2
Vienna and Belknap Elevator Co2
Vienna Braid and Tape Co2
Vienna IL Times4
Vienna Mercantile Co2
Vienna Model Bakery2
Vienna Sausage Manufacturing Co3
Vienna-International Mining Co5
Vierling McDowell and Co2
Vierling, McDowell and Co3
Vigo County Street Railway3
Vigo Iron Co2
Villa Grove IL News1
Villa Park IL News1
Villa Platte Bank of Ville Platte1
Villa Rica GA Herald2
Village Main Reef Gold Mining Co4
Village Postmaster
Village Railway4
Ville de Paris56
Vincennes Hotel Co3
Vincennes Light and Power Co11
Vincennes Water Supply Cqo7
Vincent Creek Gold and Copper Co4
Vincent de Messimy Co2
Vincent Dlouhy Sash and Door Co2
Vindicator Consolidated Gold Mining Co13
Vindicator Divide Mining Co6
Vinegar Hill Zinc Co2
Vineland Gas Works2
Vineland Light and Power Co6
Vineland National Bank2
Vineland NJ Evening Journal1
Vineland NJ Every Saturday1
Vineland NJ Independent1
Vineland NJ Outlook1
Vinton Colliery Co6
Vio Chemical Co2
Viola IL Enterprise2
Viola WI Intelligencer2
Virden Electric Light Co2
Virden Grain Co2
Virden IL Recorder1
Virgin Copper Co4
Virginia Amusement Co2
Virginia and Northern Co2
Virginia Baptist1
Virginia Bridge and Iron Co5 🚂
Virginia Call1
Virginia Canning Co2
Virginia Citizen1
Virginia City Gas Light Co2
Virginia Co9
Virginia Coal and Iron Co2
Virginia Courier1
Virginia Democrat1
Virginia Echo2
Virginia Evangelist1
Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Co8
Virginia Hot Springs Co10
Virginia IL Gazette3
Virginia Iron and Steel Co3
Virginia Land Co6
Virginia Law Register1
Virginia Lead and Zinc Co4
Virginia Livery Co5
Virginia Louise Mining Co4
Virginia Medical Advance1
Virginia Medical Semimonthly1
Virginia MN Virginian2
Virginia Nail and Iron Works Co3
Virginia Odd-Fellow1
Virginia Park Association2
Virginia Philatelist1
Virginia Post Card Co
Virginia Printing Co
Virginia School Journal1
Virginia Skyline Co
Virginia Smelting Co4
Virginia Staats-Gazette1
Virginia Sun1
Virginia Tennessee and Georgia Air line13
Virginia Timber Co2
Virginia Trust Co2
Virginia Volunteer1
Virginia-Carolina Railway3
Virtue Mines Development Co2
Visalia City Water Co7
Visalia Gas and Electric Light Co3
Viscosity Oil Co2
Visitor and Telegraph1
Vista Hermosa Sugar and Mercantile Co6
Vitro Manufacturing Co5
Vivax Storage Battery Co2
Vive Camera Co2
Vivian Collieries Co2
Vivian Mining Co6
Vivian State Bank1
Vizier Cigarette Co2
Voelpel Manufacturing Co2
Vogt Dry Goods Co2
Vogue Shirt Co7
Voice Publishing Co2
Volk Brothers Co20
Volunteer Cooperative Bank of Boston11
Volunteer Fireman1
Volunteer Mining Co5
Volunteers Gazette2
Volusia County FL Herald1
Von Gerichten Art Glass Co5
Von Platen and Dick Co2
Vosbrink Mercantile Co2
Vosburgh and Co3
Vose and Sons Piano Co4
Voss News Co
Voter Co2
Voyles News Agency
Vulcan Consolidated Mining Co3
Vulcan Copper Mining Co4
Vulcan Crucible Steel Co6
Vulcan Detinning Co16
Vulcan Electric Heating Co2
Vulcan Iron and Tool Works3
Vulcan Iron Works19
Vulcan Mines and Smelter Co7
Vulcan Mining Co5
Vulcan Mining, Smelting and Refining Co9
Vulcan Rail and Construction Co1
Vulcan-Louisville Smelting Co2
Vulcanized Fibre Co4
Vulture Mines Co14