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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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Ulster and Delaware Railroad325
Ulster County Board of Supervisors92
Ulster County Historical Society1
Ulster County Volunteer Firemens Association1
Ulster Daily Gazette1
Ulster Hose Volunteer Fire Department58
Una Chapman Cox Foundation2
Uncas National Bank of Norwich113
Underwood Land Co11
Underwood Veneer Co11
Unidad Sugar Co291
Union and Planters Bank and Trust Co223Union and Planters Bank and Trust Co
Union Bag and Paper Co241
Union Bank7
Union Bank of Wilmington140
Union Bridge Co121 🚂
Union Carbide Co227
Union Carpet Lining Co15
Union Copper Land and Mining Co211
Union Electric Conduit Co11
Union Elevated Railroad of Chicago15
Union Exchange Bank of Walpole11
Union Exchange National Bank of New York222
Union Ferry Co of New York and Brooklyn219
Union Fidelity Title Insurance Co of Pittsburgh312
Union Freight Railroad114
Union Gas and Electric Co of Bloomington16
Union Gas and Electric Co of Cincinnati1161
Union Hose Fire Department1
Union Improvement Co35
Union Insurance Co313
Union Insurance Co of Philadelphia118
Union Iron Works5431 🚂
Union League Club71
Union Light, Heat and Power Co of Covington171
Union Metallic Cartridge Co17
Union Mills17
Union Mills Savings Bank of Westminster11
Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co313
Union National Bank of Cleveland234
Union National Bank of Muncie11
Union National Bank of Pittsburgh124
Union National Convention1
Union Pacific Railroad5413503 🚂Union Pacific Railroad
Union Passenger Railway14
Union Portland Cement Co115
Union Railroad315
Union Safe Deposit Vaults11
Union Savings Bank of Pittsburgh620
Union Savings Bank of Washington122
Union Savings Bank of Westchester Co11
Union Spring and Manufacturing Co12
Union Square Savings Bank119
Union Steel Co281
Union Switch And Signal Co444
Union Traction Co518
Union Trust Co11131Union Trust Co
Union Trust Co of Albany430
Union Trust Co of New York745
Union Wadding Co26
United Awl and Needle Co26
United Bank Note Co217
United Brotherhood of Carpenter and Joiners of America1
United Brotherhood of Carpenters1
United Coal Co of Pittsburgh16
United Confederate Veterans2United Confederate Veterans
United Daughters of the Confederacy2
United Electric Co of New Jersey252
United Electric Light and Power Co5181
United Electric Light and Power Co of New York115
United Electric Securities Co615
United Engineering and Foundry Co116
United Fast Color Eyelet Co25
United Fruit Co536
United Gas and Electric Co7347
United Gas Improvement Co12392United Gas Improvement Co
United Globe Mines28
United Iron and Steel Co111
United Lighting and Heating Co15
United Metals Selling Co18
United Mine Workers3
United Missouri River Power Co110
United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF)1
United Nations Economic and Social Council2
United Nations War Crimes Commission1
United Negro College Fund1
United Power and Transportation Co126
United Railroads and Canal Co of New Jersey13
United Railroads of San Francisco17
United Railways Investment Co229
United Security and Trust Co12
United Service Organizations3
United Shoe Machine Co of Maine24
United Shoe Machinery Co564United Shoe Machinery Co
United Traction and Electric Co15
United Way1
United Zinc and Chemical Co116
United Zinc Companies17
United-Xredite Finishing Co14
Universal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists2
Universal Pictures1
Universal Portland Cement Co16
University Associates13
Upton Machine Co1
US Agency for International Development1
US Air Force15
US Ambassador to NATO3
US Ambassador to San Marino1
US Ambassador to the Somali Nation1
US Ambassador to the United Nations2
US and Mexican Boundary Survey1
US Army Chief of Staff8
US Army Judge Advocate Generals Corps1
US Asiatic Squadron1
US Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs1
US Assistant Secretary of Transportation1
US Astronaut Hall of Fame5
US Atlantic Council1
US Atomic Energy Commission2
US Bank of Hartford39
US Bobbin and Shuttle Co113
US Boundary Commissioner1
US Brewing Co110
US Bureau of Education246
US Bureau of Fisheries117
US Bureau of Public Roads16
US Bureau of Standards1109
US Bureau of the Budget1
US Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Co336
US Casualty Co437
US Census Bureau196
US Chief of Allied Forces, Southern Europe1
US Chief of Naval Operations1
US Civil Service Commission281
US Coal Co112
US Coast and Geodetic Survey7128US Coast and Geodetic Survey
US Collector of Customs4
US Commission of Fine Arts3
US Commission on Civil Rights1
US Commission on Education2
US Comptroller General2
US Comptroller of the Currency3
US Congress Joint Committee on Reconstruction5
US Consul188
US Consul General37
US Consul Secretary98
US Consular Agent4
US Consular Counselor2
US Court of Claims41
US Customs Court1
US Daughters of 18121
US Debenture Co19
US Department of Agriculture33798
US Department of Commerce1688
US Department of Defense71475
US Department of Interior28306
US Department of Justice55113
US Department of Labor650
US Department of State1081111
US Department of Treasury73582
US District Court1
US Envelope Co230
US Exploring Expedition1
US Federal Housing Administration1
US Federal Trade Commission128US Federal Trade Commission
US Finishing Co120
US Fish Commission655
US Fleet1
US Foil Co1
US Forest Service160
US Gas and Electric Co278
US Geological Survey13371
US Government3
US Guarantee Co422
US Hotel Co16
US House Administration Committee1
US House Committee on Accounts3
US House Committee on Agriculture5
US House Committee on Appropriations6
US House Committee on Armed Services1
US House Committee on Banking and Currency7
US House Committee on Budget1
US House Committee on Claims5
US House Committee on Coinage Weights and Measures1
US House Committee on Commerce8
US House Committee on Commerce and Manufactures5
US House Committee on Education1
US House Committee on Elections3
US House Committee on Energy1
US House Committee on Energy and Commerce1
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of State4
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of the Navy3
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of the Treasury1
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of War2
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Post Office Department3
US House Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings4
US House Committee on Foreign Affairs15
US House Committee on Indian Affairs1
US House Committee on Invalid Pensions2
US House Committee on Labor1
US House Committee on Manufactures1
US House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries1
US House Committee on Mileage1
US House Committee on Military Affairs2
US House Committee on Patents3
US House Committee on Post Offices and Roads1
US House Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds1
US House Committee on Railways and Canals2
US House Committee on Rivers and Harbors1
US House Committee on Territories2
US House Committee on the District of Columbia2
US House Committee on the Judiciary11
US House Committee on the Militia1
US House Committee on Ways and Means25
US House Minority Leader2
US House Minority Whip1
US House of Representatives16741
US House Republican Conference9
US Indian Service142
US Life Insurance Co of New York131
US Life Saving Service111
US Light and Heating Co18
US Lighthouse Board653
US Lumber Co116
US Marines53171
US Marshal13
US Metallic Packing Co27
US Military Academy1
US Military Attache2
US Mining Co4191
US Mortgage and Trust Co665
US National Arboretum1
US National Security Advisor3
US Natural Gas Co37
US Naval Institute3
US Naval Observatory424
US Navy Department3521734 🚂
US Parachute Association1
US Patent Office13336
US Pension Bureau2179
US Playing Card Co Securities420
US Polo Association2
US Post Office Department40399US Post Office Department
US Postal Service1US Postal Service
US Public Health Service170
US Public Printer2
US Realty and Improvement Co116
US Reclamation Service163
US Rubber Co10793US Rubber Co
US Safe Deposit Co221
US Sanitary Commission21
US Savings Bank of New York122
US Secretary of Air Force1
US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development1
US Secretary of Transportation1
US Security Co15
US Senate2666
US Senate Committee on Aging1
US Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry2
US Senate Committee on Appropriations6
US Senate Committee on Armed Services3
US Senate Committee on Banking1
US Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs2
US Senate Committee on Civil Service and Retrenchment4
US Senate Committee on Claims6
US Senate Committee on Commerce3
US Senate Committee on Education and Labor3
US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works1
US Senate Committee on Expenditures in Executive Departments1
US Senate Committee on Finance14
US Senate Committee on Fish and Fisheries1
US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations25
US Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions2
US Senate Committee on Immigration1
US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs7
US Senate Committee on Manufacturers1
US Senate Committee on Naval Affairs9
US Senate Committee on Patents12
US Senate Committee on Post Office and Post Roads1
US Senate Committee on Private Land Claims1
US Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections4
US Senate Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds11
US Senate Committee on Public Lands10
US Senate Committee on Revision of the Laws2
US Senate Committee on Rules13
US Senate Committee on the District of Columbia15
US Senate Committee on the Judiciary17
US Senate Republican Conference11
US Senate Watergate Committee1
US Smelting, Refining and Mining Co5465
US Sociological Society1
US Solicitor General11
US Special Diplomatic Agent1
US Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund16
US Steel Co154522US Steel Co
US Steel Products Export Co12
US Sugar and Land Co18
US Telephone Co1158
US Tire Co23
US Transcontinental Railroad1
US Trust Co226
US Trust Co of New York644
US Vice Consul89
US Weather Bureau256US Weather Bureau
USA Ambassador to Mauritania1
Utah Central Railroad110
Utah Consolidated Mining and Milling Co16
Utah Copper Co340
Utah Jazz1
Utah Ore Sampling Co17
Utah Power and Light Co14
Utah Sports Hall of Fame1
Utah-Apex Mining Co121
Utah-Idaho Sugar Co111
Utica and Binghamton Railroad116
Utica and Mohawk Railroad14
Utica and Mohawk Valley Railroad14
Utica and Schenectady Railroad26
Utica City National Bank219
Utica Gas and Electric Co1103
Utica Home Telephone Co110
Utica Morning Herald13
Utica Trust and Deposit Co127
Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley Railroad14
Utica, Ithaca and Elmira Railroad17
U. O. Colson Co2
U. of I. Supply Store2
U. S. Bakery2
U. T. Hungerford Brass and Copper Co3
Uandi Tea Co2
Ubehebe Copper Mines and Smelter Co3
Ulcahomo Mining and Milling Co7
Ullin Telephone Co2
Ullman and Co2
Ullman Manufacturing CoUllman Manufacturing Co
Ulster County, New York
Umatilla-Tonopah Mining Co6
Umbdenstock-Friskey-Porter Co2
Umustsee Advertsising Co2
Unadilla Valley Railway7
Unata National Bank of Johnson City1
Uncanoonuc Incline Railway and Development Co5
Uncas Power Co3
Uncle Johns Novelty Manufacturing Co2
Uncle Sam Book and Stationery Co2
Uncle Sam Coal Co2
Uncle Sam Consolidated Mining Co6
Uncle Sam Towing and Excursion Co2
Under-Feed Stoker Co of America7
Underwood Advertising Co2
Underwood Market Co2
Underwood Pressed Brick Co2
Underwood Typewriter Co32
Underwriters Bureau of New England12
Underwriters Fire Insurance Co6
Underwriters Hatch Door Co2
Underwriters Laboratories16
Underwriters Land Co8
Underwriters Realty and Title Co5
Underwriters Salvage Co of Chicago2
Underwrites Fire Insurance Co1
Unevida Gold Mining Co3
Union American Cigar Co12
Union and Advertiser6
Union Artificial Limb Co2
Union Bank and Trust Co5
Union Bank of Brooklyn16
Union Bank of Buffalo21
Union Bank of Canada7
Union Bank of Knoxville1
Union Bank of New London4
Union Bank of Novinger1
Union Bank of Whitesburg1
Union Bank of Winchester1
Union Book and Publishing Co2
Union Book Co5
Union Brass Foundry4
Union Brewing Co10
Union Buffalo Mills Co10
Union Card Co
Union Central Life Insurance Co35
Union Central Light and Ice Co4
Union Chief Mining Co2
Union Club Livery Co3
Union Co12
Union Co Courier1
Union Coal, Lime and Cement Co2
Union Cold Storage and Warehouse Co13
Union Commerce National Bank1
Union Commercial Co2
Union Consolidated Mining Co6
Union Construction Co7
Union Copper Mines Co5
Union Cotton Manufacturing Co9
Union County Agricultural and Mechanical Society2
Union County Milling Co2
Union County NJ Record1
Union County NJ Standard1
Union County Traction and Power Co2
Union Dairy Co of Rockford2
Union Dental Co1
Union Deposit and Trust Co11
Union Depot Co4
Union Depot Company of Kansas City4
Union Depot Railroad4
Union Development Co2
Union Dime Savings Bank of New York20
Union Dispatch2
Union Divide Mining Co6
Union Dock Co5
Union Drawn Steel Co2
Union Drop Forge Co3
Union Electric Car Co5
Union Electric Co18
Union Electric Light and Power Co111
Union Electric Telegraph Co4
Union Electric Telephone and Telegraph Co8
Union Electrotype Foundry2
Union Elevated Railroad of Brooklyn3
Union Elevator and Machine Co3
Union Engineering and Construction Co2
Union Fence Co2
Union Ferry Depot
Union Film and Supply Co3
Union Five Cents Savings Bank10
Union Fork and Hoe Co3
Union Foundry and Machine Co4
Union Foundry Works3
Union Fruit Auction Co2
Union Fruit Package Co2
Union Furniture and Carpet Co2
Union Furniture Co2
Union Gas and Electric Co2
Union Gas and Electric Co of Waterville8
Union Gas Light and Fuel Co6
Union Gas Light Co of Brooklyn2
Union Glass Co6
Union Guaranty Savings Bank1
Union Hall Co2
Union Hardware and Metal Co67
Union Heat and Light Co7
Union Historical Co
Union Hollywood Water Co16
Union Home Clothing Co2
Union House Furnishing Co2
Union IA Star1
Union Ice and Coal Co2
Union Ice Co25
Union Institution for Savings of Boston30
Union Interior Finish Co4
Union Iron Co4
Union Label Tailoring Co2
Union Labor Agency2
Union Leader1
Union League Auxiliary Association2
Union League Gold Mining Co2
Union Legal Bureau2
Union Legal Service Co2
Union Light and Phone Co1
Union Light and Power Co of Junction City11
Union Light and Water Co7
Union Light, Heat and Power Co4
Union Lime Co9
Union Lithograph Co15
Union Live Stock Commission Co4
Union Lumber Co6
Union Malleable Iron Co2
Union Manufacturing Co11
Union Match Co5
Union Metal Comer Co3
Union Metal Manufacturing Co2
Union Metals Co1
Union Mills IN News2
Union Mines Co2
Union Miniere Du Haut Katanga6
Union Moulding Co2
Union Mutual Life Insurance Co18
Union National Bank of Ames1
Union National Bank of Brunswick1
Union National Bank of Charlotte5
Union National Bank of Chicago2
Union National Bank of Columbia1
Union National Bank of Connellsville9
Union National Bank of Fostoria1
Union National Bank of Grand Forks1
Union National Bank of Leetsdale1
Union National Bank of Lowell2
Union National Bank of McKeesport11
Union National Bank of Minot4
Union National Bank of Mt Holly1
Union National Bank of New Brighton11
Union National Bank of Pasadena1
Union National Bank of Philadelphia15
Union National Bank of Rochester1
Union National Bank of San Luis Obispo2
Union National Bank of Wilmington1
Union Natural Gas Co7
Union News Co4Union News Co
Union Oil Co48
Union Oil Co of California13
Union Ore Co2
Union Overall Co2
Union Overall Laundry and Supply Co2
Union Pacific Magazine1
Union Pacific, Denver and Gulf Railway20
Union Paper Box Co2
Union Paving Co2
Union Petroleum Co8
Union Planing Mill Co4
Union Pressed Brick Co6
Union Printing Co2
Union Provident Co9
Union Provision Co2
Union Publishing Co
Union Railroad of Baltimore3
Union Railroad of Pittsburgh8
Union Railroad of Providence3
Union Railway22
Union Realty Co2
Union Rendering Co8
Union Republican3
Union Sand and Material Co3
Union Savings Bank of Atlanta1
Union Savings Bank of Danbury2
Union Savings Bank of Jacksonville1
Union Savings Bank of Macon1
Union Savings Bank of Oakland1
Union Savings Bank of San Francisco1
Union Savings Bank of Toledo4
Union Savings, Loan and Building Association8
Union Scale Co4
Union School Furnishing Co2
Union Security Co2
Union Shipbuilding Co2
Union Shoe Works of Rockford2
Union Show Case Co3
Union Special Machine Co2
Union Special Sewing Machine Co5
Union Specialty Publishing and Premium Co2
Union Spring and Northern Railway5
Union Springs Street Car Co3
Union Square Bank of New York25
Union State Bank of La Porte1
Union State Bank of Laingsburg1
Union State Bank of Lancaster1
Union State Bank of Morristown1
Union State Bank of Richland1
Union Station Albany
Union Station Bank of St Louis1
Union Station Cedar Rapids
Union Station Chicago
Union Station Columbus
Union Station Dallas
Union Station Dayton
Union Station Denver
Union Station Jacksonville
Union Station Kansas City
Union Station Los Angeles
Union Station Louisville
Union Station Oklahoma City
Union Station Omaha
Union Station Pittsburgh
Union Station Providence
Union Station Salt Lake City
Union Station Springfield
Union Station St Louis
Union Station Terre Haute
Union Station Washington
Union Station Wichita
Union Station Winnipeg
Union Steel and Chain Co8
Union Steel Casting Co10
Union Stock Yards and Transit Co6
Union Stock Yards Bank at South Omaha1
Union Stock Yards Can Co3
Union Stock Yards Co of Omaha19
Union Stock Yards Gas Co2
Union Stock Yards National Bank of Omaha1
Union Stock Yards Packing and Provision Co2
Union Stone and Lime Co2
Union Storage Co9
Union Storage Co of Pittsburgh8
Union Stores Co2
Union Street Car Advertising Co2
Union Street Railway13
Union Street Railway of Bay City4
Union Street Railway of Benton Harbor5
Union Street Railway of Saginaw4
Union Street Railway of Sterling and Rock Falls4
Union Sugar Co10
Union Supply Co71
Union Tea Importing Co2
Union Telephone Co14
Union Telephone Co of Fulton County2
Union Terminal Tower
Union Tire and Rubber Co5
Union Tool Co5
Union Towel and Case Co3
Union Trading Co3
Union Transit Co2
Union Trust and Savings Bank of Flint1
Union Trust and Savings Bank of Jackson1
Union Trust Co of Concord7
Union Trust Co of New Haven5
Union Trust Safe Deposit Co of New York6
Union Typewriter Co25
Union Utilities Co of Morgantown7
Union Vault Deposit Co1
Union Water Meter Co1
Union Waxed and Parchment Paper Co6
Union Webbing Co2
Union Wholesale Liquor Co2
Union Wire Mattress Co4
Uniontown Grocery Co3
Uniontown News Agency
Uniontown Savings and Loan Co2
Uniontown Water Co5
United Airlines
United Alkali Co15
United American1
United Arizona Copper Co3
United Arizona Copper Mining and Smelting Co8
United Art Co
United Art Publishing Co
United Autographic Register Co5
United Bingham Copper Co5
United Box Board and Paper Co4
United Boxboard Co14
United Brethren Publishing House2
United Breweries Co19
United Carbon and Ribbon Co2
United Casting Co5
United Charities12
United Cigar Manufacturers Co24
United Cigar Stores Co23
United Cigar Stores Co of America11
United Cities Realty Co9
United Clock Co2
United Coal Mining Co2
United Connellsville Coke Co7
United Copper Co14
United Copper-Gold Mines Co10
United Dictionary Co2
United Drug Co6
United Dry Goods Companies12
United Eastern Mining Co12
United Edison Manufacturing Co24
United Electric Co9
United Electric Light Co12
United Engineering and Contracting Co9
United Factories Co1
United Fire Brick Co5
United Firemens Insurance Co14
United Fuel Gas Co5
United Fuel Supply Co3
United Gas and Electric Co of Bloomsburg2
United Gas and Electric Co of Litchfield3
United Gas and Electric Co of New Albany6
United Gas Companies9
United Gas, Electric Light and Fuel Co61
United Gold and Copper Co2
United Gold Mines Co7
United Grocers Co24
United Hydro Electric Co8
United Illuminating Co of New Haven9
United Kirkland Gold Mines5
United Lace and Braid Manufacturing Co5
United Lead Co15
United Life Insurance Co10
United Light, Fuel and Power Co of San Diego5
United Mattress Machinery Co7
United Merchants Realty and Improvement Co7
United Message Co22
United Metals and Power Co6
United Mill and Lumber Co2
United Mines Co28
United Mines Co of Arizona7
United Mining Co8
United National Bank of Pascoag1
United National Bank of Providence1
United Nations
United News Co
United North Mines Co2
United Oddfellows Hall Association2
United Oil Co11
United Opinion1
United Paperboard Co16
United Peanut and Candy Co2
United Petroleum Co7
United Pharmacal Co3
United Post Card and Novelty Co
United Power Vehicle Co5
United Presbyterian3
United Press Association1
United Printing Machinery Co5
United Promontory Mining Co6
United Public Service Co10
United Pump and Power Co2
United Railways and Electric Co of Baltimore15
United Railways of St Louis152
United Realty and Mortgage Co7
United Religious Press Co2
United Republican2
United Rico Mines Co8
United Sanitary Dairy Co2
United Securities, Life Insurance and Trust Co5
United Security Life Insurance and Trust Co18
United Service Co5
United Silver-Copper Mining Co7
United Smelters, Railway and Copper Co10
United Stamp Co2
United States Gazette2
United Steel Co10
United Store Keepers Association2
United Stores Realty Co8
United Supply and Manufacturing Co2
United Supply Co2
United Tailors2
United Teaming Co2
United Telegraph, Telephone and Electric Co2
United Telephone and Telegraph Co4
United Telephone Co10
United Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Co3
United Tobacco Cos10
United Traction Co10
United Traction Railroad5
United Tungsten Copper Mines4
United Verde and Pacific Railway9
United Verde Consolidated Co5
United Verde Copper Co15
United Verde Extension Mining Co10
United Water and Light Co3
United Water Improvement Co8
United Water Supply Co4
United Water, Gas and Electric Co13
United Western Mines Co5
United Wholesale Grocery Co16
United Wire and Supply Co9
United Wireless Telegraph Co13
United Wool Duster Co2
United Woolen Mills Co2
United Wrapping Machine Co2
United Zinc Smelting Corp3
Unity Amusement Co2
Unity and West Chicago Club Catering Co2
Unity Co3
Unity Gold Mines Co5
Unity Lodge Vault Co2
Unity Mining Co3
Unity Publishing Co2
Unity Skirt Co2
Unity Supply Co4
Universal Adding Machine Co1
Universal Automatic Typecasting Machine Co2
Universal Brotherhood2
Universal Coal Co2
Universal Cornice and Roofing Co2
Universal Crushed Stone Co2
Universal Distributing Co
Universal Fastener and Press Co2
Universal Film Co6
Universal Folding Machine Co2
Universal Fuel Co3
Universal Gas Co2
Universal Interchangeable Tooth Co2
Universal Life, Health and Accident Insurance Co12
Universal Lock Socket Co2
Universal Manufacturing Co2
Universal Optical Co2
Universal Rolling Mill Co2
Universal Safety Tank and Can Co2
Universal Savings Bank of New York21
Universal Screen Co3
Universal Soap Co3
Universal Specialty Co2
Universal Specialty Manufacturing Co2
Universal Tailoring Co2
Universal Telephone Receiver Holder Co3
Universal Thread Co2
Universal Tool Co2
Universal Utilities Co2
Universal Winding Co7
Universalist Leader2
University Art Shop2
University Avenue Bank of San Diego1
University Club Building Association2
University Extension Society of Pittsburgh2
University Herald2
University Law Review2
University Magazine6
University Medical Magazine2
University Park Railway and Electric Co3
University Publishing Co2
University Reporter3
University Research Extension2
University Safe Deposit Co2
Unknown AA
Unknown AH
Unknown BPC
Unknown D
Unknown D-arrow
Unknown G
Unknown GL
Unknown HL
Unknown JB
Unknown JP
Unknown lionhead
Unknown MAB
Unknown S
Unknown SAS
Updike Commission Co3
Upper Coos Railroad3
Upper Sandusky Gas Light Co3
Urbana and Champaign Horse Railway2
Urbana and Champaign Railway, Gas and Electric Co9
Urbana Courier Co1
Urbana Gas Light and Coke Co3
Urbana IL Alumni News1
Urbana IL Courier3
Urbana IL Daily Courier3
Urbana Light Co4
Urbana Light, Heat and Power Co7
Urquhart-Swift Land Co2
Ursa Creamery Co2
Ursina and North Fork Railway6
US Ambassador to Mauritania
US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire
US and Australasia Steamship Co7
US and British Columbia Mining Co3
US and Canada Mercantile Agency2
US and Hayti Telegraph and Cable Co7
US Army8979
US Army Air Service306
US Automatic Telephone Co7
US Automobile Exchange2
US Baking Co6
US Blue Print Paper Co2
US Bottlers Supply Co3
US Brewing Co of Chicago2
US Brokerage Co2
US Capitol10
US Casket Co6
US Clothing Store2
US Coal and Oil Co19
US Coast Guard53
US Coffee and Tea Co5
US Coffee Importing Co3
US Construction and Supply Co4
US Continental Mines Co3
US Copper Co4
US Copper Mining Co7
US Corporation Bureau3
US Corporation Co6
US Customs Service11
US Cut Glass Co2
US Cutlery Manufacturing Co2
US Decalcomania Co2
US Department of Commerce and Labor43
US Desk and Office Fitting Co3
US Distillers Distributing Co3
US Electric Lighting Co5
US Electric Safety Co4
US Electrical Manufacturing Co9
US Exploration Co2
US Express Co18
US Farm Land Co3
US Fastener Co4
US Feather Co2
US Federal Co2
US Fidelity Adjustment Co2
US Fidelity and Guarantee Co33
US Fidelity and Guaranty Co9
US Fire Insurance Co45
US Flexible Metallic Tubing Co4
US Fonetic Co1
US Food Administration2
US Fuel Co4
US Glass Co24
US Gold Co10
US Grant Hotel
US Gutta Percha Paint Co4
US Gypsum Co18
US Health and Accident Insurance Co2
US Immigration Service27
US Indian Bureau21
US Industrial Alcohol Co27
US Jack Co2
US Laundry Co1
Us Lead and Zinc Co3
US Leather Co39
US Lithograph Co24
US Mail Order House2
US Manganese Co9
US Marines Reserve1
US Medical Investigator1
US Mercantile Co2
US Metals Refining Co382
US Milling Co3
US Mint
US Motor Co13
US Motor Vehicle Co6
US Music Co2
US National Bank of Aberdeen1
US National Bank of New York1
US National Bank of Pittsburgh12
US National Bank of Portland11
US Naval Academy
US Navy2255
US Navy Reserve308
US Office Furniture Co3
US Oil Co10
US Paving and Improvement Co2
US Pharmacal Co4
US Phosphate Co3
US Pipe Line Co2
US Plate Glass Insurance Co5
US Platinum Co2
US Playing Card Co9
US Press Clipping Bureau3
US Printing Co30
US Printing Co of New Jersey12
US Private Detective Bureau2
US Radiator Co12
US Railroad Administration191
US Railroad Labor Board9
US Realty Co3
US Reduction and Refining Co18
US Reduction Co2
US Repair and Guaranty Co2
US Restaurant Co2
US Ring Traveler Co6
US Rocking Grate Bar Co3
US Roof Paint Co1
US Rubber Reclaiming Co8
US Salvage Association2
US Sample Co2
US Sanitary Manufacturing Co4
US Savings Bank of Washington5
US Sewer Pipe Co2
US Shipbuilding Co2
US Shipping Board41
US Silica Co2
US Smelting, Refining and Mining Exploration Co2
US Souvenir Post Card Co
US Steel Piling Co2
US Stores Co2
US Supreme Court
US Tailoring Co2
US Telegraph Co21
US Tent and Awning Co2
US Title Guarantee and Indemnity Co1
US Title Guaranty Co25
US Trust and Savings Bank of Memphis1
US Union Co2
US Vanadium Development Co6
US Veterans Bureau18
US Vogelgrayphone Instrument Co2
US Volunteers3
US Wall Paper Mills2
US Whip Co11
US Wind Engine and Pump Co2
US Wire Mat Co2
US Worsted Co10
US Yards Foundry Co2
US Zinc Co10
Usona Manufacturing Co2
Utacala Exploration Co2
Utah and Eastern Copper Co7
Utah and Nevada Railway3
Utah and Northern Railway4
Utah Baltimore Consolidated Co5
Utah Centennial Mining Co6
Utah Consolidated Mines Co2
Utah Consolidated Mining Co16
Utah Editor and Printer2
Utah Expedition77
Utah Gas and Coke Co14
Utah Lead and Copper Co6
Utah Leasing Co7
Utah Metal and Tunnel Co8
Utah Minerals Concentration Co2
Utah Mining Co of Nevada5
Utah National Mines Co6
Utah Placer Mining Co6
Utah Railway3
Utah-Arizona Gold and Copper Mining Co6
Utah-Bingham Mining Co6
Utah-Nevada Copper Co2
Utah-Reliance Mining Co5
Utica and Black River Railroad27
Utica and Lexington Railroad10
Utica Belt Line Street Railroad5
Utica Fire Alarm Telegraph Co3
Utica Fire Brick Co2
Utica Hydraulic Cement Co2
Utica Mines8
Utica MO News2
Utica NY Daily Press2
Utica NY Saturday Globe2
Utica NY Sunday Tribune2
Utica paper Co
Utica Plaster Co2
Utica Press2
Utica Savings Bank22
Utica Steam and Mohawk Valley Cotton Mills13
Utica, Clinton and Binghamton Railroad2
Utilities Securities Co7
Utility Car Co of Delaware7
Utility Manufacturing Co3
Utopia Mining and Milling Co7
Uxbridge and Northbridge Electric Co3
Uxbridge MA Compendium1
Uxbridge Savings Bank1