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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Co of the US29
Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway117
Pacific Astronomical Society226
Pacific Bank of New York123
Pacific Christian Advocate14
Pacific Coast Co429
Pacific Coast Power Co9191
Pacific Copper Co12
Pacific Copper Co of Michigan310
Pacific Electric Co17
Pacific Fire Insurance Co235
Pacific Fleet3
Pacific Fruit and Produce Co1
Pacific Gas and Electric Co of San Francisco115
Pacific Light and Power Co1101
Pacific Mail Steamship Co440
Pacific Mills514
Pacific Mines Co18
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co269
Pacific Northwest Library Association18
Pacific Railroad220
Pacific Railroad of Missouri26
Pacific Squadron5
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co11681
Packard Motor Car Co213
Paducah and Elizabethtown Railroad16
Paducah and Memphis Railroad24
Paducah Traction and Light Co9191
Paducah, Tennessee and Alabama Railroad18
Painesville and Youngstown Railroad18
Pairpoint Co110
Paleontological Society110
Palisades Geophysical Institute1
Palisades Interstate Park Commission1
Palm Beach Daily News1
Palmyra Gas and Electric Co261
Pan-American Conferences1
Pan-American Congress1
Panama Railway775
Paper Mill Mutual Insurance Co18
Parent Teachers Association2Parent Teachers Association
Paris Exhibition of 18781
Paris Mountain Water Co361
Paris Peace Conference1
Parish Visitor12
Parker Mills115
Parrot Silver and Copper Co111
Passumpsic Railroad316
Patentee of New Paltz12
Paterson and Hudson River Railroad13
Paterson and Passaic Gas and Electric Co35
Paterson and Ramapo Railroad13
Paterson Gas Light Co14
Paterson Railway15
Patsy Divide Mining Co15
Pawtucket Electric Co591
Pawtucket Gas Co36
Pawtucket Gas Co of New Jersey516
Pawtucket Gas Co of Rhode Island3131
Pawtucket Hair Cloth Co35
Pawtucket Institution for Savings114
Pay Divide Mining Co15
Paymaster of the Forces7
Payson Park Land Co13
Peabody Coal Co15
Peabody Education Fund1
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology1
Peabody Museum of Yale1
Peace Congress 186117
Peace Corps4Peace Corps
Peace Dale Manufacturing Co26
Peace River Phosphate Mining Co17
Peach Bottom Railroad112
Pearl Harbor Survivors Association2
Pearson Lumber Co13
Peck Realty Co13
Pecos Valley Railway19
Pelham Trust Co15
Pemberton Building Trust13
Pemberton Co14
Pembroke Mills25
Pemigewasset Valley Railroad16
Peninsula Railroad312
Peninsular Car Co3
Peninsular Railway131
Penn Iron and Coal Co112
Penn Iron Mining Co213
Penn Mex Fuel Co111
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co568Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co
Penn National Bank of Philadelphia219Penn National Bank of Philadelphia
Penn Traffic Co215
Penn Yan Gas Light Co261
Pennsalt Railroad29
Pennsylvania Agricultural Society1
Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Railroad415
Pennsylvania and Northwestern Railroad18
Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society2
Pennsylvania Bar Association11
Pennsylvania Bolt and Nut Co12
Pennsylvania Clay Co16
Pennsylvania Co13126
Pennsylvania Co Insurance on Lives24Pennsylvania Co Insurance on Lives
Pennsylvania Coal Co114
Pennsylvania College of Technology2
Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention3
Pennsylvania Drop Forging Co13
Pennsylvania East Railroad1027
Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co418Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co
Pennsylvania Food Processors1
Pennsylvania Glass Sand Co112
Pennsylvania Globe Gas Light Co25Pennsylvania Globe Gas Light Co
Pennsylvania Horticulture Council1
Pennsylvania Journal1
Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh5173
Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh Northwest575
Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh Southwest636
Pennsylvania Medical Times11
Pennsylvania National Guard1
Pennsylvania Railroad62108731 🚂Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co316
Pennsylvania State Convention7
Pennsylvania Steel Co1051 🚂Pennsylvania Steel Co
Pennsylvania Steel Co of New Jersey612
Pennsylvania Telephone Co216
Pennsylvania Terminal Railway37
Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal Railroad215
Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe Deposit Co114
Pennsylvania Water and Power Co115
Pennsylvania Water Co29
Pennsylvania West Railroad637
Pensacola Electric Co8191
Pensacola Gas Co48
Pension Mutual Life Insurance Co110
Peoples Bank of Buffalo234
Peoples Gas and Gaseous Fuel Co14
Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co of Chicago112
Peoples Gas Light Co of Jersey City16
Peoples Gas Light Co of Manchester112
Peoples Loan Savings and Deposit Bank of Cambridge15
Peoples National Bank of Charleston11
Peoples National Bank of Ellwood City12
Peoples National Bank of Pittsburgh117
Peoples Savings Bank of Pittsburgh220
Peoples Savings Bank of Providence119
Peoples Savings Bank of Worcester447
Peoples State Bank of Detroit233
Peoria and Bureau Valley Railroad318
Peoria, Decatur and Evansville Railroad232
Peoria, Decatur and Mattoon Railroad24
Peoria, Pekin and Jacksonville Railroad119
Pepperell Manufacturing Co39
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co34
Pere Marquette Railroad21207Pere Marquette Railroad
Peregrina Mining and Milling Co113
Perfection Light and Heating Co22
Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Co261
Permanent Court of Arbitration1
Permanent Court of International Justice1
Peter Pan Club1
Petersburg and Weldon Railroad13
Petersburg Gas Co151
Petersburg Gas Light Co13
Petersburg Railroad117
Pewabic Co17
Phelps Dodge and Co12226
Phi Beta Kappa28303
Phi Delta Kappa2
Phi Delta Theta3
Phi Gamma Delta1
Phi Kappa Psi1
Phi Sigma Kappa1
Philadelphia Academy of Science685
Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad2421
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad1086
Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co3211
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad213402Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad227 🚂
Philadelphia and West Chester Traction Co214
Philadelphia Athletics6777
Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad318
Philadelphia Bourse331Philadelphia Bourse
Philadelphia Casualty Co111
Philadelphia Co3274
Philadelphia College of Physicians1267
Philadelphia Commercial Co13
Philadelphia Eagles1
Philadelphia Electric Co229Philadelphia Electric Co
Philadelphia Engineering Club213
Philadelphia Evening Telegraph14
Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society1
Philadelphia Geographical Society217
Philadelphia Inquirer19
Philadelphia Local Telegraph Co110
Philadelphia Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Co112
Philadelphia Maritime Exchange119
Philadelphia Medical News11
Philadelphia Mortgage and Trust Co115
Philadelphia Museum of Art1
Philadelphia Mutual Life Insurance Co17
Philadelphia National Bank723Philadelphia National Bank
Philadelphia Neurological Society316
Philadelphia North American24
Philadelphia Pathological Society439
Philadelphia Phillies22803
Philadelphia Press111
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co325
Philadelphia Record28
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society313
Philadelphia Stock Exchange425
Philadelphia Suburban Gas and Electric Co151
Philadelphia Therapeutic Gazette14
Philadelphia Times16
Philadelphia Traction Co515
Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co317Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co
Philadelphia Warehouse Co415
Philadelphia Zinc and Lead Mining Co11
Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad832
Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad250
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad15133 🚂
Philanthropic Index and Review11
Philanthropic Society1
Philippine Railway213
Phillips Petroleum1
Phillips Sheet and Tin Plate Co13
Philodemic Society1
Philolexian Society1
Philomathean Society1
Philosophical Society of Washington430
Phoenix Consolidated Copper Co291
Phoenix Insurance Co230
Phoenix Iron Co112 🚂
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co336
Phoenix National Bank of Hartford213
Phoenix Suns1
Pickands, Mather and Co158
Pierce Oil Co29
Pikes Peak Hydro Electric Co151
Pilgrim Hotel Co23
Pilgrims Society4
Pillsbury Co3
Pilot Divide Mining Co16
Pine Extension Co15
Pine Grove Furnace14
Pioneer Fund1
Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Co19
Pittsburgh Alleghenys1
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Telephone Co111
Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad6721
Pittsburgh and Eastern Coal Co111
Pittsburgh and Eastern Railroad14
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad71151
Pittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad114
Pittsburgh and Western Railroad1572
Pittsburgh and Wheeling Coal Co11
Pittsburgh Bank for Savings113
Pittsburgh Butler Telephone Co13
Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph16
Pittsburgh Church News12
Pittsburgh Civic Commission110
Pittsburgh Coal Co5651
Pittsburgh Forge and Iron Co25
Pittsburgh Gazette-Times17
Pittsburgh Industrial Development Commission215
Pittsburgh Johnstown Long Distance Telephone Co13
Pittsburgh Lamp Brass and Glass Co117
Pittsburgh Leader16
Pittsburgh Life and Trust Co219
Pittsburgh Lumbermens Mutual Fire Insurance Co16
Pittsburgh Meter Co28
Pittsburgh Pirates21788
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co212
Pittsburgh Railways Co112
Pittsburgh Silver Peak Gold Mining Co28
Pittsburgh Silver Peak Mining Co113
Pittsburgh Steamship Co191
Pittsburgh Steel Foundry Co17
Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad and Coal Co17
Pittsburgh Terminal Warehouse and Transfer Co17
Pittsburgh Times15
Pittsburgh Trust Co213
Pittsburgh Union Passenger Railroad14
Pittsburgh Valve and Fittings Co12
Pittsburgh, Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad326
Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway319
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St Louis Railway11163
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway41251
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad141371
Pittsburgh, Mckeesport and Youghiogheny Railroad114
Pittsburgh, Ohio Valley and Cincinnati Railroad36
Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie Railroad216
Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky Railroad25
Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railroad391
Pittsfield National Bank110
Planters Compress Co723
Plattekill Town Supervisor1
Plaza Bank of New York122
Plaza Hotel1
Plunger Elevator Co25
Plymouth Cordage Co212
Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries Co117Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries Co
Poland Mining Co181
Police Department12Police Department
Political Science Association1
Ponce Electric Co9141
Ponce Railway and Light Co46
Ponemah Mills112
Pontiac and Oxford Railroad110
Pontiac and Southern Railroad17
Pontiac, Oxford and Northern Railroad632
Pontiac, Oxford and Port Austin Railroad125
Pony Express2Pony Express
Pope Manufacturing Co315
Porcellian Club7
Port Huron and Lake Michigan Railroad122
Port Huron, St Clair and Marine City Railroad29
Port of Baltimore2
Port of Boston2
Port of Cincinnati1
Port of Georgetown1
Port of New York2
Port Royal and Western Carolina Railway16
Portage American Gas Co191
Portage Railroad38
Portland and Kennebec Railroad124
Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad4271
Portland and Rochester Railroad431
Portland OR Telegram12
Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad326Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad
Portsmouth and Concord Railroad129
Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad14
Portsmouth Gas Co151
Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad314
Post Foods1
Postal Telegraph Cable Co of Texas111
Potomac Flotilla2
Potomac Savings Bank of Georgetown26
Potrero and Bay View Railroad15
Poughkeepsie and Eastern Railway215
Poughkeepsie Eagle2
Premier Mining Co19
Presbyterian Board of Publication15Presbyterian Board of Publication
Presbyterian Quarterly12
Presbyterian Standard17
Presbyterian Women1
Prescott Electric Co110
President Pro Tempore of the Idaho Senate1
President Pro Tempore of the US Senate2
Presidential Medal of Freedom1
Pressed Steel Car Co228
Preston Coal and Improvement Co19
Prince George Enquirer11
Princeton and Western Railway12
Pro Football Hall of Fame1Pro Football Hall of Fame
Procter and Gamble Co525
Proctor Brothers and Co12
Progressive Farmer21
Providence and Boston Railroad1
Providence and Danielson Railway16
Providence and Springfield Railroad213
Providence and Worcester Railroad672
Providence Athenaeum3
Providence Boys Club13
Providence Building Co27
Providence Cable Tramway Co18
Providence Gas Co319
Providence Grays269
Providence Institution for Savings617
Providence Journal622
Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Co111
Providence National Bank411
Providence RI Tribune27
Providence Telephone Co523
Providence Warehouse Co12
Providence Washington Insurance Co214
Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad434
Provident Institution for Savings of Boston2560
Provident Life and Trust Co of Philadelphia340Provident Life and Trust Co of Philadelphia
Provident Loan Society of New York622
Provident Savings Bank of Baltimore220Provident Savings Bank of Baltimore
Provincial Court1
Prudential Insurance Co of America156
Prudential Life Insurance Co239
Psi Omega1
Psi Upsilon4
Public Service Co of New Jersey6241
Public Service Co of St Cloud13
Public Service Commission178
Public Service Corporation of New Jersey18
Public Service Electric Co321
Public Service Gas Co111
Public Service Gas Co of Newark38
Public Service Railway117
Publishers Paper Co117
Pueblo Gas and Fuel Co19
Puget Sound Electric Railway13221
Puget Sound International Railway and Power Co7101
Puget Sound Library Club22
Puget Sound Power Co291
Pullman Co8781
Pullman Gas Works14
Pullman Loan and Savings Bank29
Pullman Palace Car Co348Pullman Palace Car Co
Pure Oil Refinery Co1
Pureoxia Co17
Purety Cross11
Puritan Life Insurance Co315
Purple and Gold11
Pusey and Jones Co14 🚂
Putnam Light and Power Co14
Pyle-National Electric Headlight Co12
Pythian Sisters2
P. A. Bergner and Co2
P. A. Blichert Manufacturing Co2
P. A. Lord Lumber Co2
P. A. Marsh2
P. A. Salisbury-Schulz Co2
P. A. Starck Piano Co2
P. A. Wolfe
P. and A. Linton Co2
P. and F. Corbin of Chicago2
P. Ballantine and Sons4
P. Becker and Co2
P. Centemeri and Co5
P. D. McMillan Land Co4
P. F. Pettibone and Co6
P. F. Volland and Co
P. G. Dodge Lumber Co2
P. G. Manufacturing Co2
P. H. Bolten and Co3
P. H. Gobie Press
P. H. Mallen Co3
P. H. Rice Malting Co3
P. H. Warner Co2
P. Hohenadel Jr Canning Co2
P. J. Dasey Co3
P. J. Sheehan and Co21
P. L. Dattelbaum Co2
P. Larson Clothing Co2
P. Larson Co2
P. Lorillard Co16
P. M. Wilson Co2
P. McGraw Wool Co6
P. P. Farmers Elevator Co2
P. Pause and Co2
P. S. Schnabele Clothing Co2
P. Sander
P. Steinmetz and Sons Co2
P. T. Maloney Co2
Paauhau Sugar Plantation Co8
Pabst Brewing Co5
Pabst Chemical Co4
Pacific and Arctic Railway and Navigation Co10
Pacific and Great Eastern Railway4
Pacific Art Stone and Tile Roofing Co4
Pacific Baking Co33
Pacific Ball Bearing Co3
Pacific Baptist6
Pacific Beer Co3
Pacific Brass and Hardware Manufacturing Co3
Pacific Burial Case Co12
Pacific Car Demurrage Bureau5
Pacific Chair Co5
Pacific Chem Co3
Pacific Chemical Co3
Pacific Coast Beef and Provision Co49
Pacific Coast Biscuit Co24
Pacific Coast Gold Mines Corp5
Pacific Coast Home Supply Association3
Pacific Coast Leather Co6
Pacific Coast Mail Order House Inc6
Pacific Coast Merc and Brokerage Co3
Pacific Coast Railway39
Pacific Coast Salesbook Co6
Pacific Coast Steamship Co24
Pacific Coast Steel Co4
Pacific Coast Wichita Truck Co5
Pacific Consolidated Mines Co5
Pacific Copper and Brass Works3
Pacific Copper and Pyrites Co6
Pacific Copper Co of Mexico7
Pacific Dental Supply Co3
Pacific Dredging Co4
Pacific Electric Railway354
Pacific Enameling and Plating Co3
Pacific Engraving Co7
Pacific Express Co54
Pacific Flush Tank Co2
Pacific Fruit Express Co18
Pacific Garment Co8
Pacific Gas and Electric Co6
Pacific Gas and Electric Co of Phoenix8
Pacific Gas Improvement Co4
Pacific Gold Mining and Milling Co of California4
Pacific Gold Mining and Milling Co of Utah5
Pacific Grove Bank of Pacific Grove1
Pacific Hardware and Steel Co20
Pacific Hardware Manufacturing Co9
Pacific Health Journal1
Pacific Heater Manufacturing Co7
Pacific Home Builders5
Pacific Hotel Co2
Pacific Improvement Co9
Pacific Iron and Nail Co4
Pacific Iron works3
Pacific Jupiter Steel Co4
Pacific Leather Supply Co3
Pacific Lighting Co6
Pacific Lumber Co12
Pacific Lumber Company Railroad5
Pacific Lumberman2
Pacific Marble and Granite Co3
Pacific Medical Journal3
Pacific Metal Products Co6
Pacific Mill and Mine Supply Co5
Pacific Mineral Products Co7
Pacific Motor Supply Co9
Pacific Mutual Film Corp9
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co of California19
Pacific National Bank of Lawrence1
Pacific National Bank of Nantucket1
Pacific National Bank of Tacoma2
Pacific Navigation Co11
Pacific News1
Pacific Novelty CoPacific Novelty Co
Pacific Platinum Works4
Pacific Portable Construction Co6
Pacific Portland Cement Co6
Pacific Printers Supply Co5
Pacific Products Co3
Pacific Record of Medicine and Surgery1
Pacific Reduction Co4
Pacific Rock and Gravel Co10
Pacific Rolling Mill Co5
Pacific Sash and Door Co15
Pacific Sewer Pipe Co12
Pacific Shade Co4
Pacific Smelting and Mining Co18
Pacific States Elec Co3
Pacific States Electric Co6
Pacific States Mining and Milling Co5
Pacific Stationery and Specialty Co
Pacific Surgical Manufacturing Co4
Pacific Tank and Pipe Co6
Pacific Tungsten Co2
Pacific Wall Paper and Paint Co6
Pacific Warehouse and Brokerage Co3
Pacific Wharf and Storage Co10
Pacific Wire Rope Co9
Pacific Wireless Telegraph Co3
Pacific Wood and Coal Co11
Pack Saddle Gold Mines Co6
Packard and Brooks Co3
Packard Hydraulic Dredging Co2
Packer Co6
Packers and Provision Dealers Credit Association2
Packers Fertilizers Association2
Paddock Hardware Co2
Paddock Saw Mill Co2
Padgett Oil Co2
Padgitt Brothers Co89
Paducah Gas Light Co3
Paducah Home Telephone Co3
Paducah KY Daily News1
Paducah KY News-Democrat1
Paducah Street Railway3
Paepcke Leicht Lumber Co6
Paepcke-Leicht Lumber Co2
Page Advertising Co2
Page Boiler Co2
Page Electric Co1
Page Motor Co4
Page News1
Page Woven Wire Fence Co17
Page-Davis Co2
Pahang Consolidated Co4
Paige Iron Works7
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Co10
Paine Commercial and Reporting Co3
Paine Furniture Co3
Paine-Burt Co2
Painesville Gas Light and Coal Co8
Painesville Telephone Co8
Paint, Oil and Varnish Credit Association2
Painters Journal2
Painters Magazine and Wallpaper Trade Journal2
Paintsville National Bank1
Pajaro Valley Consolidated Railroad5
Palace Car Club2
Palace Car Creamery Co2
Palace Hotel
Palace Livery and Boarding Stable2
Palace Market7
Palace Market Meat and Provision Co4
Palace Store Co2
Palatine IL Enterprise1
Palatine Insurance Co6
Palatka and Heights Street Railway4
Palatka Gas Light and Fuel Co3
Palatka Water Works8
Palestine Developing Association2
Palestine Electric and Ice Co7
Palestine IL Register2
Palestine Light, Heat and Power Co4
Palestine Mercantile Co2
Palm Grove Plantation Co2
Palmarejo and Mexican Gold Fields7
Palmer Boat Co2
Palmer MA Journal2
Palmer News Co
Palmer Oil, Gas and Mineral Co2
Palmer Pneumatic Tire Co2
Palmer Printing Co2
Palmer, Fuller and Co3
Palmer-Darnall Co1
Palmer-Darnall Electric Co2
Palmer-Winslow Co2
Palmetto Co5
Palmetto Consolidated6
Palmetto Metal Co2
Palmetto News Co
Palmetto Post1
Palmetto Pythian1
Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Railroad7
Palmyra Bank of Palmyra1
Palmyra PA Herald2
Palo Alto CA Times2
Palo Verde Copper Co5
Paloma Elevator Co2
Paloma Extension Mining Co3
Paloma Gold And Silver Mining Co7
Pan American Packing Co2
Pan American Union
Pan American Union Bulletin1
Pan American World Airlines
Pan Handle Railroad6
Pan-American Life Insurance Co3
Pan-American Packing Co4
Pan-American Planters Co5
Pana and Christian County Telephone Co2
Pana Coal Co2
Pana Gas and Electric Co61
Pana IL News6
Pana IL Palladium4
Pana Printing Co2
Panama Banking Co7
Panama Canal Mining Co4
Panama Coal Co2
Panama Fruit Co4
Panama Jewelry Co3
Panama Lubricants Co3
Panama Mercantile Co2
Panama Pacific Line
Panama-California Exposition, 1915
Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915
Pande Basin Gold Placer Co11
Pandora Copper Mining Co5
Pandora Group3
Pangalo Co2
Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway4
Panhandle National Bank3
Pannier Brothers Stamp Co3
Panola Farmers Telephone Co2
Panola Independent Telephone Co2
Pantagraph and County Budget1
Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Co2
Panther City Mining Co2
Paper Mill Supply Co2
Paper Mills Co3
Paper Products Co
Paprica Sauce Manufacturing Co4
Paradise Coal and Coke Co2
Paradise Gold Mining Co2
Paradox Machinery Co3
Paraffine Oil Co9
Paraffine Paint Co7
Paragon Consolidated Mining Co7
Paragon Lead and Zinc Co2
Paragon Manufacturing Co2
Paragon Metal Co2
Paragon Oil Sales Co6
Paragon Worsted Co5
Paragon-Hitchcock Mines10
Paragould Southeastern Railway6
Paramount Building
Paramount Knitting Co4
Parcionera Consolidated Mining Co2
Pardee and Canary2
Pardee-Johnson-Hamill Co2
Parham-Matthews Hat Co2
Paridon Wall Paper Co2
Paris and Danville Railroad3
Paris and Decatur Railroad6
Paris and Pere Marquette River Railroad26
Paris Beacon Publishing Co2
Paris Bridge Co2
Paris Chautauqua Assembly2
Paris Dye Works5
Paris Dyeing and Cleaning Co5
Paris Fashion Cloak Co2
Paris Fashion Co2
Paris Gas and Electric Light Co4
Paris Gas Light and Coke Co3
Paris Gown Manufacturing Co2
Paris IL Beacon-News3
Paris Laundry Co2
Paris Light and Power Co6
Paris Linen Supply Co2
Paris Railway4
Paris, Marshall and Sabine Pass Railway6
Parish and Brigham Co2
Parish Brothers and Peck Electrical Co3
Parish Outlook2
Parisian Garment Co2
Parisian Lamp Co2
Parisian Novelty Co2
Parisian Portrait Co5
Park and Pollard Co1
Park and Tilford Co15
Park Auto Co2
Park Bank of Baltimore11
Park Bank of Pittsburgh13
Park Building Co2
Park Carriage Co61
Park City King Mining Co4
Park City Mines Co3
Park Construction Co2
Park Copper and Gold Mining Co2
Park Fire Proof Storage Co7
Park Gold Mining Co5
Park Manufacturing Co14
Park Match Co3
Park Ridge Athletic Association2
Park Ridge IL Herald3
Park Ridge NJ Local2
Park Savings Bank of Washington5
Park Spring Dyeing and Bleaching Co2
Park Steel Co5
Park Tunnel Mining and Milling Co7
Park Utah Mining Co10
Park View Citizens Association10
Parke, Davis and Co14
Parke-Pillatt Co2
Parker and Karns City Railroad3
Parker and Page2
Parker and Stone Co8
Parker Brothers3
Parker Chemical Co2
Parker Cigar Box Co5
Parker Co2
Parker Decorating Co3
Parker Gardner Co10
Parker Hoist and Machine Co2
Parker Manufacturing Co3
Parker News Agency
Parker Oil Co2
Parker Railway News Co5
Parker Tile and Mantel Co7
Parker-Young Co3
Parkers Book Store5
Parkers Towel Supply Co2
Parkersburg Branch Railroad2
Parkersburg Gas Light Co3
Parkersburg Gazette2
Parkersburg Iron and Steel Co5
Parkersburg WV News1
Parkersburg WV Sunday News2
Parkes-King Building Co3
Parkesburg Iron Co4
Parkhurst and Wilkinson Co6
Parkhurst Clothing Co2
Parkinson Mercantile Co2
Parko Match Vending Machine Co2
Parks, Brothers and Rogers4
Parkside Livery2
Parkside Manufacturing Co3
Parkside Pharmacy2
Parkville Opera House Co2
Parlette-Wigger Co
Parlin and Orendorff Canadian Plow Co2
Parlin and Orendorff Co7
Parlin and Orendorff Imp Co29
Parlin and Orendorff Implement Co2
Parlin and Orendorff Machinery Co2
Parlin and Orendorff Plow Co7
Parlin Orendorff and Martin Co2
Parlor Furnace Co2
Parma State Bank of ID1
Parmelee Wrench Co2
Parmelee-Dohrmann Co53
Parnassus National Bank3
Parole Mining Co2
Parradee Storage and Teaming Co2
Parral and Durango Railroad12
Parrish and Simonson
Parrish Fruit Growers and Shipping Association2
Parrott Iron Co4
Parrotte, Beals and Co2
Parry Brothers and Co5
Parry Sound Copper Mining Co5
Parsons KS Daily Sun1
Parsons Light and Heat Co3
Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co2
Parsons Pulp and Lumber Co6
Partrick and Carter3
Partridge and Anderson Co3
Pasadena Electric Express3
Pasadena Gas and Electric Light Co3
Pasadena Lake Vineyard Land and Water Co10
Pasco Phosphate Co2
Pascoag RI Herald1
Pascoag Water Co5
Passaic and New York Railroad2
Passaic City Gas Light Co4
Passaic City NJ Record1
Passaic NJ Advertiser1
Passaic NJ Herald1
Passaic NJ Item1
Passaic NJ News2
Passaic Zinc Co4
Passumpic Savings Bank of St Johnsbury1
Pasteurized Milk and Butter Co4
Pasture Stock Food Co5
Patapsco National Bank3
Patchen Price Co5
Patchen-Price Co of Chicago2
Patchogue Bank of Patchogue1
Patchogue Gas Co3
Patent Novelty Co2
Patent Office News1
Patent Title Co2
Patent Vulcanite Roofing Co2
Paterson and Hudson Railroad2
Paterson NJ Evening News1
Paterson NJ Guardian1
Paterson NJ Morning Call1
Paterson NJ People1
Paterson NJ Press1
Path Valley Bank of Dry Run1
Pathe Mining Co7
Pato Mines8
Patoka IL Register2
Paton Manufacturing Co of Sherbrooke10
Patrick Packing and Preserving Co4
Patriot and Union2
Patron and Gleaner1
Pattee Plow Co2
Patten and Davies Lumber Co11
Patterson and Fox2
Patterson Heights Street Railway4
Patterson Railroad7
Patterson Warren Co6
Patterson-Barker Co2
Patterson-Gibbs Co2
Patterson-Stewart Co2
Patton and Longley Co3
Patton-Worsham Drug Co10
Patuxent Mining Co3
Paul Brown and Co2
Paul C. Koeber Co
Paul Dickinson2
Paul E. Berger Manufacturing Co3
Paul E. Trouche
Paul F. Beich Co2
Paul FinkenrathPaul Finkenrath
Paul J. Daemicke Co2
Paul J. Rainey Pier Co10
Paul M. Adams Co
Paul Maehler Co2
Paul Monroe Co
Paul Pohl Brewing Co2
Paul R. Vogel Co
Paul Shneidewend and Co2
Paul Smiths Electric Light and Power and Railroad5
Paul Stevens Co3
Paulding Furnace2
Paulson Brothers Co2
Paw Paw Railroad30
Paw Paw Valley Railroad9
Pawcatuck National Bank of Norwich2
Pawnee Construction Co2
Pawnee Expedition4
Pawnee IL Herald2
Pawnee Railroad6
Pawnee Republican2
Pawtucket Gas and Electric Co21
Pawtucket Hosiery Co5
Pawtucket Manufacturing Co5
Pawtucket Mutual Fire Insurance Co3
Pawtucket RI Evening Post1
Pawtucket RI News1
Pawtucket Safe Deposit and Trust Co6
Pawtucket Sash and Blind Co5
Pawtucket Street Railway8
Pawtucket Tape Co2
Pawtucket Valley Textile Co3
Pawtucket, Chamber of Commerce2
Pawtuxet Railroad2
Pawtuxet Valley Electric Street Railway1
Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner1
Pawtuxet Valley Times1
Pawtuxet Valley Water Co9
Paxtang Consolidated Water Co4
Paxtang Electric Co5
Paxton and Lightbody Co2
Paxton Brick and Tile Co2
Paxton Daily And Weekly Record4
Paxton Electric Co8
Paxton Hardware Manufacturing Co2
Pay-As-You-Enter Car Co8
Pay-As-You-Enter Car Co of New Jersey8
Payette ID Independent2
Payne Lifting Jack Co2
Payroll Mine2
Payson IL Times2
Payson Manufacturing Co4
Payson Manufacturing Co of Chicago2
Payton and Kelley Co2
Payton Dry Goods Co2
Peabody Consolidated Copper Co10
Peabody-Aisthorpe Lumber Co2
Peabody-Mac Pherson Co2
Peabody-Tucker Co3
Peame-Krum Co2
Pearce Jewelry Co2
Pearisburg VA Virginian1
Pearl and Leaf River Railroad6
Pearl City IL News2
Pearl City Independent Telephone Co2
Pearl Mining Co2
Pearl Store Co2
Pearl White Lime and Cement Co2
Pearson Machine Co3
Pearson-Ullberg Co
Pearsons-Taft Land Credit Co6
Pease Car and Locomotive Works3
Pease-Pearson Continuous Blue Printing Co2
Pecan Grove Creamery Co2
Pecatonica IL News4
Pecatonica Mutual Telephone Co2
Pecatonica River Power Co2
Peck and Arcourt Co2
Peck and Chase Co3
Peck and Eaton2
Peck and Hills Furniture Co13
Peck Brothers and Co15
Peck Consolidated Silver Mines8
Peck, Stow and Wilcox Co14
Peckham and Mangson Co7
Peckham, Hall and Wampold2
Pecos Copper Co3
Pecos Valley and Northeastern Railway14
Peculiar People2
Peden Iron and Steel Co10
Pedrazzini Gold and Silver Mining Co3
Pee Dee Union1
Peedee NC Herald1
Peekskill Furnace Co2
Peer Gold Mining Co3
Peer Water Heater Co2
Peerless Buckle Manufacturing Co2
Peerless Cloak and Suit Co2
Peerless Consolidated Copper Co3
Peerless Electric Co3
Peerless Garment Manufacturing Co7
Peerless Kitchen Boiler and Supply Co2
Peerless Light Co2
Peerless Milling Co2
Peerless Mining and Milling Co8
Peerless Motor Car Co15
Peerless Oil Co5
Peerless Optical Co2
Peerless Pneumatic Clutch Co3
Peerless Poultry Supply Co4
Peerless Steel Range Works3
Peerless Tailoring Co2
Peirce and Winn Co3
Peirce Specialty Co2
Peironnet-Conn Coal Co2
Pekin Gas Light Co2
Pekin IL Free Press2
Pekin IL Times4
Pekin Implement Manufacturing Co2
Pekin Light, Heat and Power Co3
Pekin Stave and Manufacturing Co2
Pekin Telephone Co2
Pekin Wagon Co2
Pekin Water Works Co2
Pelham Park Railroad8
Pelican Mining and Milling Co8
Pella IA Blade2
Pelouze Scale and Manufacturing Co4
Peltier Glass Co2
Pemberton and Hightstown Railroad7
Pembroke Farm Co2
Pemigewasset National Bank6
Pemigewasset Railroad4
Pemigewassett Valley Railroad3
Pen and Press1
Pen-Art Publishing Co
Pena Copper Mines8
Pencoyd and Philadelphia Railroad7
Pencoyd Iron Works11
Pendleton Railroad14
Penfield NY Press2
Penfield PA Press1
Peninsula Branch Railroad5
Peninsula Distributing Card Co
Peninsula Enterprise1
Peninsula Farmer1
Peninsula Ledger1
Peninsula Press1
Peninsular Iron Co3
Peninsular Portland Cement Co9
Peninsular Railway Extension10
Peninsular Telephone Co7
Penmans Limited11
Penn Advertising Co2
Penn American Plate Glass Co9
Penn Anthracite Coal Co2
Penn Bank1
Penn Bridge Co4
Penn Burner and Plating Co4
Penn Canadian Mines7
Penn Chemical Works2
Penn Drug Co2
Penn Gas Coal Co11
Penn Gasoline Co2
Penn Hardware Co10
Penn Iron Co Ltd2
Penn Mining Co3
Penn Oil and Supply Co2
Penn Yan Telephone Co9
Penn-Harris Hotel
Penn-Mont Mining and Milling Co6
Pennamaquan Power Co4
Pennant Manufacturing Co2
Pennant Oil and Grease Co7
Penner and Gage Co2
Pennichuck Water Works5
Penniman and Trewitt Coal Co4
Penns Grove NJ Record1
Pennsboro and Harrisville Railway2
Pennsyl Manufacturing Co2
Pennsylvania and Big Muddy Coal Co2
Pennsylvania Beauty Views
Pennsylvania Bible Society6
Pennsylvania Central Brewing Co11
Pennsylvania Chemical Co2
Pennsylvania Chocolate Co2
Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Co13
Pennsylvania Coal Co Railroad13
Pennsylvania Cold Storage and Market Co8
Pennsylvania Contracting Co3
Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Co12
Pennsylvania Engineering Works7
Pennsylvania Fuel and Mining Co2
Pennsylvania Fuel Supply Co11
Pennsylvania Furnace Co8
Pennsylvania Garnet Co3
Pennsylvania Gas and Coal Co Railroad3
Pennsylvania German Society
Pennsylvania Hardware and Paint Co3
Pennsylvania Insurance Agency2
Pennsylvania Iron Works Co8
Pennsylvania Library Club8
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Fire Insurance Co6
Pennsylvania Malleable Co2
Pennsylvania Medical Journal1
Pennsylvania Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Co2
Pennsylvania Mining, Power and Reduction Co2
Pennsylvania Molybdenum Mines Co4
Pennsylvania Motor Co5
Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Co6
Pennsylvania National Bank of Pittsburgh7
Pennsylvania News1
Pennsylvania Rubber Co6
Pennsylvania Rubber Co of Jeannette6
Pennsylvania Savings Bank of Pittsburgh10
Pennsylvania School Journal2
Pennsylvania Smelting Co4
Pennsylvania Soap Co4
Pennsylvania Specialty Co2
Pennsylvania State Highway Department12
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois Oil Co3
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad5
Pennuva Copper Co5
Penny Savings Society1
Penobscot Chemical Fibre Co7
Penrose Elevator Co2
Pensacola and Andalusia Railroad6
Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad5
Pensacola and Perdido Railroad2
Pensacola and Selma Railroad2
Pensacola Railroad3
Pensacola Street Car Co4
Pensacola, Alabama and Tennessee Railroad3
Pentecost Brothers2
Penton Publishing Co1
Penwell Coal Mining Co2
Penwell-Klar Mercantile Co2
People and Patriot1
Peoples Advocate2
Peoples Bank of Adairville2
Peoples Bank of Apex3
Peoples Bank of Bardstown1
Peoples Bank of Brooklyn20
Peoples Bank of Bulls Gap1
Peoples Bank of Chestertown4
Peoples Bank of Cleveland1
Peoples Bank of Cole Camp1
Peoples Bank of Collierville1
Peoples Bank of Fayette Co1
Peoples Bank of Floyd county1
Peoples Bank of Greensburg1
Peoples Bank of Lake Creek1
Peoples Bank of Leaksville1
Peoples Bank of Leesville1
Peoples Bank of Leslie2
Peoples Bank of Martinsville1
Peoples Bank of McKeesport7
Peoples Bank of Mintonville1
Peoples Bank of Monongahela1
Peoples Bank of Mount Jackson1
Peoples Bank of Murfreesboro1
Peoples Bank of New York11
Peoples Bank of North Enid1
Peoples Bank of Philippi2
Peoples Bank of Pierceton1
Peoples Bank of Roxboro1
Peoples Bank of Steelton1
Peoples Bank of Toluca1
Peoples Bank of Wilkes-Barre1
Peoples Banking Co1
Peoples Brewing Co of Trenton10
Peoples Building and Loan Association of Berlin5
Peoples Building and Loan Association of Gorham1
Peoples Building and Loan Association of Nashua13
Peoples Building and Loan Association of Rochester10
Peoples Burial Co2
Peoples Cable Railway3
Peoples Choice2
Peoples Coal and Mining Co2
Peoples Coal and Supply Co of Harvey2
Peoples Consolidated Service Co5
Peoples Cooperative Teaming Co2
Peoples Electric Light and Power Co of Shawnee5
Peoples Electric Power Co2
Peoples Electric Railway2
Peoples Fruit and Vegetables Shippers Association2
Peoples Fuel and Supply Co2
Peoples Fuel Co2
Peoples Garage and Auto Livery2
Peoples Gas and Electric Co of Chillicothe8
Peoples Gas and Electric Co of Oswego11
Peoples Gas and Electric Co of Savanna2
Peoples Gas and Electric Light Co3
Peoples Gas Co of Shenandoah5
Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co16
Peoples Gas Light Co of Brooklyn4
Peoples Gas Light Co of Cleveland101
Peoples Gas Light Co of Paterson4
Peoples Gas Light Co of Rutland3
Peoples Health Journal2
Peoples Home Telephone Co of Birmingham8
Peoples Home Telephone Co of Gainesville3
Peoples Ice Co13
Peoples Ice, Light and Storage Co2
Peoples Laundry Co7
Peoples Light and Fuel Manufacturing Co3
Peoples Light and Heat Co of Indianapolis8
Peoples Light Co of Pittston6
Peoples Light, Heat and Power Co of Salina2
Peoples Mutual Service Co2
Peoples Mutual Telephone Co2
Peoples Mutual Telephone Co of Davis2
Peoples Mutual Telephone Co of Marshall2
Peoples National Bank of Bellefontaine1
Peoples National Bank of Boston4
Peoples National Bank of Braddock1
Peoples National Bank of Brooklyn12
Peoples National Bank of Brunswick5
Peoples National Bank of Claremont9
Peoples National Bank of Clinton1
Peoples National Bank of Creighton1
Peoples National Bank of Denton3
Peoples National Bank of East Brady1
Peoples National Bank of Hackensack2
Peoples National Bank of Jonesville1
Peoples National Bank of Kansas City2
Peoples National Bank of Keyport1
Peoples National Bank of Laconia10
Peoples National Bank of Langhorne1
Peoples National Bank of Latrobe2
Peoples National Bank of Marlboro1
Peoples National Bank of Martinsville1
Peoples National Bank of Minneapolis1
Peoples National Bank of Monessen2
Peoples National Bank of Mt Pleasant7
Peoples National Bank of New Brunswick2
Peoples National Bank of Newark2
Peoples National Bank of Pensacola1
Peoples National Bank of Princeton1
Peoples National Bank of Rochester8
Peoples National Bank of Roxbury10
Peoples National Bank of San Diego1
Peoples National Bank of Scottdale1
Peoples National Bank of Shelbyville1
Peoples National Bank of Springfield1
Peoples National Bank of Strasburg1
Peoples National Bank of Tarentum5
Peoples National Bank of Washington8
Peoples National Bank of Waynesburg10
Peoples National Bank of Winston1
Peoples National Bank of Winston-Salem1
Peoples National Bank of Zelienople1
Peoples Natural Gas and Pipeage Co10
Peoples Natural Gas Co7
Peoples News Agency
Peoples Outfitting Co3
Peoples Passenger Railway3
Peoples Portrait and Frame Co2
Peoples Power Co2
Peoples Power Co of Rock Island5
Peoples Pure Ice Co2
Peoples Railroad of St Louis6
Peoples Railway of Pottsville6
Peoples Recorder2
Peoples Savings Bank and Trust Co3
Peoples Savings Bank of Akron1
Peoples Savings Bank of Bay City1
Peoples Savings Bank of Bridgeport2
Peoples Savings Bank of Brockton2
Peoples Savings Bank of Cleveland23
Peoples Savings Bank of Harrisburg1
Peoples Savings Bank of Jackson1
Peoples Savings Bank of Lansing1
Peoples Savings Bank of Lewiston2
Peoples Savings Bank of Manchester6
Peoples Savings Bank of Middletown2
Peoples Savings Bank of New Britain1
Peoples Savings Bank of Pawcatuck1
Peoples Savings Bank of Pawtacuck1
Peoples Savings Bank of Perry1
Peoples Savings Bank of Rockville2
Peoples Savings Bank of Sacramento
Peoples Savings Bank of Wilmington9
Peoples State Bank of Bradley1
Peoples State Bank of Chandlerville1
Peoples State Bank of Edmore1
Peoples State Bank of Howard1
Peoples State Bank of Humboldt1
Peoples State Bank of Indianapolis1
Peoples State Bank of Maxwell1
Peoples State Bank of Mazeppa1
Peoples State Bank of Medicine Lodge1
Peoples State Bank of Midvale2
Peoples State Bank of Pennville1
Peoples State Bank of Walla Walla1
Peoples State Savings Bank of Toledo5
Peoples Street Railway of Lexington3
Peoples Street Railway of Scranton4
Peoples Telephone Co of Butler6
Peoples Telephone Co of Chillicothe2
Peoples Telephone Co of Clinton County2
Peoples Telephone Co of Mercer County2
Peoples Telephone Co of Southern Illinois2
Peoples Traction Co2
Peoples Trust Co61
Peoples Trust Company Bank of Martinsburg1
Peoples Undertaking Co6
Peoples Water and Light Co of Harrisburg2
Peoples Water Co of Oakland8
Peoria Amusement Co2
Peoria and Eastern Railroad15
Peoria and Farmington Railroad6
Peoria and Oquawka Railroad4
Peoria and Pekin Terminal Railway10
Peoria and Pekin Union Railway44
Peoria and Rock Island Railroad21
Peoria and Springfield Railway3
Peoria and St Louis Railroad2
Peoria Cordage Co2
Peoria Drill and Seeder Co4
Peoria Engraving Co2
Peoria Foundry Co2
Peoria Fountain Co2
Peoria Fuel Co2
Peoria Gas and Electric Co9
Peoria Gas Light and Coke Co6
Peoria General Electric Co2
Peoria IL Daily Record4
Peoria IL Evening Star6
Peoria IL Journal-Transcript4
Peoria IL Labor Gazette1
Peoria IL Medical Monthly1
Peoria Lawn Mower Grinder Co2
Peoria Light Co8
Peoria Liquor Co2
Peoria Livery Co2
Peoria Mystic Chute Co2
Peoria Opera House Co2
Peoria Packing Co2
Peoria Plumbing Co2
Peoria Posthole Auger Co2
Peoria Printing and Stationery Co2
Peoria Produce Brokerage Co2
Peoria Railway2
Peoria Railway Signal Co2
Peoria Sanitary Hair Brush Co2
Peoria Seat Back Co2
Peoria Star Co2
Peoria Stone and Marble Works2
Peoria Tent and Awning Co2
Peoria Warehouse Co2
Peoria, Pekin and Tremont Telephone Co2
Peotone IL Vedette2
Pepperell Advertiser1
Pepsaloids Co1
Pepsin Syrup Co2
Pequannock Valley Argus1
Pequonnock National Bank of Bridgeport2
Percheron Society of America2
Percheron Stud Book of America2
Percival Iron Co9
Perdue Elevator Co2
Pere, Marquette and Big Rapids Railroad5
Pereboom Co2
Perfect Knitting Mills2
Perfection Bottle Stopper Co3
Perfection Broom-Corn Harvester Co2
Perfection Chemical Co2
Perfection Fur Robe Co2
Perfection Legal Blank Co2
Perfection Pressed Stone Co2
Perfection Roller Skate Manufacturing Co2
Perforated Pad Co2
Perigo Mines2
Perine and Mosely Co3
Periolat, Ranke and Co2
Perkins and Butler
Perkins Electric Lamp Co5
Perkins Ice and Coal Co2
Perkins Land Co2
Perkins Roofing and Supply Co2
Perkins-Goodwin Co4
Perkiomen Railroad12
Perlman Bottle Co2
Perolin Co of America2
Perquimans Record1
Perris and Lake View Railroad2
Perritt Iron and Roofing Co3
Perry County Coal Mining Co2
Perry County IL Advocate2
Perry County Railroad9
Perry Electric Light, Power and Heat Co2
Perry IA Advertiser2
Perry Mason Co3
Perry Memorial
Perry Mueller and Co4
Perry Side Bearing Co2
Perry Time Stamp Co2
Perry-Lee Co3
Perry-Matthews-Buskirk Stone Co4
Perrys Laundry Co3
Perryville MD Record1
Perseverance Mines Co2
Perseverance Worsted Co2
Pershing Divide Extension Mining Co5
Pershing Divide Mining Co8
Persifer Telephone Co2
Person County NC Courier2
Person Remedy Co3
Perth Amboy Gas Light Co4
Perth Amboy NJ Chronicle1
Peru American Gas Co3
Peru and Indianapolis Railroad21
Peru Beer Co2
Peru Gas Co51
Peru IL News-Herald2
Peru Plow and Wheel Co2
Peru Water Works Co2
Peruvian Consolidated Mining Co2
Peruvian Copper and Smelting Co10
Peruvian Mining and Development Syndicate5
Peruvian Mining, Smelting and Refining Co101
Perz, Jansson and Co2
Pesotum IL Chief3
Petaluma Gas Light Co4
Peter Blessington and Son2
Peter Cooper Fire Insurance Co16
Peter Hand Brewery Co2
Peter J. Schaefer and Co2
Peter Johnson and Co2
Peter Mueller Wine and Liquor Co2
Peter Schoenhofen Brewing Co3
Peter Schuttler Co2
Peter Van Schaack and Son2
Peter Vredenburgh Lumber Co2
Peter Woll and Sons Feather Co3
Peter Woll and Sons Manufacturing Co3
Peterboro and Hillsboro Railroad9
Peterborough Gas Co3
Peterborough Light and Power Co7
Peterborough Railroad6
Peterborough Savings Bank13
Peters Manistee Train Railroad5
Peters Train Railroad5
Peters Trimming Co3
Petersburg Coal Mining Co2
Petersburg Democrat Co2
Petersburg Electric Light, Power and Water Works Co6
Petersburg IL Observer2
Petersburg Monumental and Stone Co2
Petersburg Observer Co2
Petersburg Telephone Co2
Petersburg VA Herald1
Petersburg VA Progress1
Petersen Heat, Light and Water Co4
Peterson IA Patriot2
Peterson Lake Silver-Cobalt Mining Co18
Peterson Mine3
Petoskey and Harbor Springs Railroad6
Petoskey Bay Shore Gas Co7
Petoskey Post Card Co
Petoskey, Harbor Springs and Northern Railroad3
Petoskey, Harbor Springs and Shore Railroad3
Petroleum Gas Light and Heat Co2
Petroleum Telephone Co8
Pettibone, Mulliken and Co2
Pettibone, Sawtell and Co3
Pettingell, Andrews and Co5
Pettitt Drug Shop2
Petworth Citizens Association17
Pewabic Consolidated Gold Mines Co6
Peyton-Palmer Co2
Pfannmueller Engineering Co2
Pfanstiehl Electrical Laboratory2
Pfaudler Co10
Pfeffer Milling Co2
Pfeifer and Co2
Pfister and Vogel Leather Co8
Pfleger Manufacturing Co4
Ph. H. Postel Milling Co2
Pharmaceutical Review2
Pharmacist Gold Mining Co2
Phedora Silver-Lead Mining Co6
Phelan Coal Co5
Phelan-Faust Paint Manufacturing Co2
Phelps Dodge Mercantile Co31
Phelps-Connors Ice Co2
Phenix Coal Co2
Phenix Insurance Co15
Phenix Lace Mills2
Phenix Medical Association2
Phenix Metallic Packing Co4
Phenix National Bank1
Phenix National Bank of New York16
Phenix National Bank of Providence7
Phenix Plate Co1
Phenix Trust Co7
Pheoll Manufacturing Co2
Philadelphia and Atlantic City Railway4
Philadelphia and Brigantine Railroad5
Philadelphia and Bristol Water Co4
Philadelphia and Grays Ferry Passenger Railroad3
Philadelphia and Long Branch Railroad2
Philadelphia and Sunbury Railroad10
Philadelphia and West Chester Railroad4
Philadelphia Art Co
Philadelphia Centennials11
Philadelphia Christian Standard2
Philadelphia Clay Manufacturing Co2
Philadelphia Cooperative Co2
Philadelphia Courier2
Philadelphia Drug Exchange12
Philadelphia Evening Ledger1
Philadelphia Exploration Co5
Philadelphia Friend2
Philadelphia Gas Works3
Philadelphia General Liquid Air Manufacturing and Refining Co3
Philadelphia Grain Elevator Co2
Philadelphia International Exposition, 1926
Philadelphia Item1
Philadelphia Keystones28
Philadelphia Laryngological Society6
Philadelphia Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance C1
Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter2
Philadelphia Medical Times1
Philadelphia Methodist1
Philadelphia Mines Co3
Philadelphia News2
Philadelphia Obstetrical Society8
Philadelphia Our Young People2
Philadelphia Pediatric Society15
Philadelphia Polyclinic1
Philadelphia Post Card CoPhiladelphia Post Card Co
Philadelphia Presbyterian3
Philadelphia Produce Exchange2
Philadelphia Public Ledger6
Philadelphia Seminary Bulletin2
Philadelphia Shoe Co5
Philadelphia Society of Artists32
Philadelphia Tribune2
Philadelphia Trust Co8
Philadelphia Warehousing and Cold Storage Co9
Philadelphia White Stockings31
Philadelphia Wholesale Drug Co11
Philadelphia, Morton and Swarthmore Street Railway3
Philadelphia, Newtown and New York Railroad11
Philadelphia, Reading and New England Railroad8
Philadelphia, Reading and Pottsville Telegraph Co7
Philatelic Era1
Philatelic Newsletter3
Philco Publishing Co
Philip A. Ballerino
Philip Carey Manufacturing Co10
Philip H. Schifflin and Co2
Philip Henrici Co4
Philip Morris and Co5
Philip Rinn Co4
Philippine Dredges4
Philippine Mining Co4
Philipsburg Electric Light, Gas Power and Heating Co4
Philipsburg Mining Co12
Philipsburg PA Ledger2
Phillip Grain and Coal Co2
Phillips Academy
Phillips and Rangeley Railroad9
Phillips Brothers and Co3
Phillips Brothers and Weil2
Phillips Gasolene Engine and Motor Co2
Phillips Heating, Ventilating and Manufacturing Co4
Phillips Insulated Wire Co4
Phillips ME Phonograph1
Phillips Mine and Mill Supply Co5
Phillips Printing Co4
Phillips River Gold and Copper Co7
Phillips Specialty Manufacturing Co2
Phillips, Getschow Co2
Phillipsburg NJ New Jersey Patriot1
Phillipsburg NJ Post1
Philo-Fairland Telephone Co2
Philosophical Review1
Phineas Jones and Co3
Phipps Brothers2
Phllipsburg Railway and Quarry Co3
Phoenix Assurance Co4
Phoenix Bridge Co14 🚂
Phoenix Brush and Manufacturing Co2
Phoenix Car Spring Co2
Phoenix Cigar Co3
Phoenix Coal and Mining Co2
Phoenix Consolidated Mines Co6
Phoenix Construction Co7
Phoenix Electric Co6
Phoenix Engraving Co5
Phoenix Foundry Co2
Phoenix Gas and Electric Co8
Phoenix Gas Light and Fuel Co2
Phoenix Glass Co7
Phoenix Horse Shoe Co2
Phoenix Horseshoe Co7
Phoenix Illuminating Gas and Electric Light Co4
Phoenix Knitting Co3
Phoenix Mining and Milling Co4
Phoenix National Bank4
Phoenix National Bank of Providence1
Phoenix Nursery Co2
Phoenix Parlor Frame Co2
Phoenix Steam Heating Co5
Phoenix Stone Co2
Phoenix Title and Trust Co2
Phoenix Trading Co2
Phoenix Trimming Co3
Phoenix Trimming Co of Chicago2
Phoenix Uniform Co2
Phong May Furniture Co2
Phospho-Albumen Co of Chicago2
Photo and Art Postal Card Co
Photo Crafters
Photo illustrating Co3
Photo Products Co2
Photo-Electrotype Engineering Co
Photogelatine Engraving Co
Photograph Co of America2
Photographic Materials Co2
Photoplayers Studio3
Photoprint Co1
Physical Education2
Physical Review2
Physician and Surgeon4
Physicians and Surgeons Appliance Co2
Physicians and Surgeons Investigator1
Physicians Cooperative Association2
Physicians Medical Supply Co2
Physicians Supply and Drug Co5
Physio-Medical Journal1
Piano and Organ Supply Co3
Piano Manufacturing Co7
Piasa Chautauqua Assembly2
Piasa Laundry Co1
Piatt County Board of Agriculture2
Piatt County IL Republican2
Piblic Health Journal2
Pickands-Magee Co6
Pickens and Addison Railroad5
Pickens and Hackers Valley Railroad2
Pickens Railroad6
Pico Heights Lumber Co5
Picser-Livingston Co2
Pictorial Card Co
Pictorial Printing Co6
Piedmont Air Line7
Piedmont and Cumberland Railway5
Piedmont and Northern Railway58
Piedmont Creamery Co8
Piedmont Directory Co1
Piedmont Fire Insurance Co5
Piedmont Grocery Co5
Piedmont Headlight2
Piedmont Hotel
Piedmont Indicator3
Piedmont Manufacturing Co11
Piedmont NC Herald1
Piedmont NC Sun1
Piedmont SC Sun1
Piedmont Sundries Co5
Piedmont Theatre10
Piedmont Virginian1
Piegan-Gloster Mining Co4
Pierce and Co2
Pierce and Rice Oil Co1
Pierce Brothers and Co8
Pierce Desk Co3
Pierce Electric Co2
Pierce Emporium18
Pierce Manufacturing Co6
Pierce Mercantile Co2
Pierce Printing Co
Pierce Publishing Co2
Pierce, Richardson and Neiler2
Piermont Mines Co5
Pierr and Co2
Pierre Gas and Fuel Co2
Pierre SD Journal2
Pigeon Fancy1
Pigeon Keepers Guide1
Pigeon News1
Pike Automobile and Wagon Works6
Pike County Democrat2
Pike County Farming Co2
Pike County IL Republican2
Pike County IL Times3
Pike County Telephone Co2
Pike Hill Mines9
Pike Milling Co2
Pikes Peak Lithographing Co
Pikes Peak Souvenir Co
Pilcher, Hall and Scott2
Pilcher-Hamilton Co2
Pilgrim Iron Works3
Pilgrim Monument
Pilgrim Press
Pilgrim Shoe Co3
Pillsbury Flour Mills4
Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Co6
Pilot Peak Silver Mining Co7
Pilot Point TX Signal2
Pilsen Brewing Co2
Pilsen Foundry and Iron Works2
Pilsen Lumber Co3
Pimlico and Pikcsville Railway3
Pin Lock Manufacturing Co3
Pin Ton Co4
Pinar Copper Co6
Pinckney Farm Land Co2
Pinckneyville IL Democrat3
Pinckneyville Light, Ice and Power Co2
Pinckneyville Milling Co2
Pinckneyville Telephone Co2
Pinconning Railroad5
Pine Banks Park1
Pine Bluff and Western Railway4
Pine Bluff Arkansas River Railway4
Pine Bluff Co6
Pine Bluff Gas Light Co2
Pine Bluff Natural Gas Co3
Pine Bluff State Bank of Pine Bluffs1
Pine Canyon and Bingham Tunnel Co4
Pine Lake Iron Co3
Pine Martin Mining Co5
Pineapple City Sugar Co3
Pinehurst NC Outlook2
Pinehurst Railroad5
Pineule Medicine Co2
Piney Branch Citizens Association24
Pinguico Mines Co13
Pinion Queen Mining Co5
Pinkelmann, Barry Co2
Pinkertons National Detective Agency4
Pintsch Compressing Co11
Pioche-Bristol Mining Co5
Pioneer Boiler and Machine Works7
Pioneer Cast Steel Truck Co2
Pioneer Chief Gold Mining Co6
Pioneer Co3
Pioneer Coal and Teaming Co2
Pioneer Commercial Auto Co5
Pioneer Cooperage Co3
Pioneer Cooperative Bank of Boston17
Pioneer Creamery Co2
Pioneer Exploration Co8
Pioneer Extension Mines Co4
Pioneer Fertilizer Co3
Pioneer Fire Proofing Co4
Pioneer Grocery Co2
Pioneer Lead and Zinc Co5
Pioneer Lumber Co6
Pioneer Mining And Ditch Co6
Pioneer Mining and Smelting Co4
Pioneer Mining Co4
Pioneer Paper Co29
Pioneer Paper Stock Co2
Pioneer Pole and Shaft Co15
Pioneer Portrait and Picture Frame Co2
Pioneer Republican2
Pioneer Steam Carpet Cleaning Works4
Pioneer Telephone Co2
Pioneer Truck and Transfer Co7
Piper City IL Journal2
Piqua Gas Light and Coke Co3
Piqua Savings Bank1
Piqua Street Railway4
Piscataqua Fire Insurance Co13
Piscataqua Savings Bank9
Piscataquis Observer1
Piscataquis Savings Bank1
Pitblado and Stumpf4
Pitcher Telephone Co of Jo Daviess County2
Pitisburgh-Columbia Oil and Gas Co3
Pitkin and Brooks2
Pitner Gasoline Lighting Co2
Pitney Shutter Worker Co2
Pitometer Co2
Pitt Construction Co3
Pitt Iron Mining Co2
Pittenger and Davis Mercantile Co2
Pittinger and Davis Mining and Manufacturing Co2
Pitts-Kimball Co10
Pittsburg Aluminum Co7
Pittsburg and Indiana Coal Co2
Pittsburg Foundry Co4
Pittsburg Gas Light and Coke Co2
Pittsburg Mining and Milling Co4
Pittsburg Mining Co2
Pittsburg-BufFalo Co2
Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Co6
Pittsburgh Academy of Medicine3
Pittsburgh Advocate2
Pittsburgh Amiesite Co2
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Bridge Co3
Pittsburgh and Birmingham Traction Co4
Pittsburgh and Buffalo Co11
Pittsburgh and Butler Street Railway8
Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad14
Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Co7
Pittsburgh and Lake Superior Railroad7
Pittsburgh and Lehigh Dock Co2
Pittsburgh and Moon Run Railroad10
Pittsburgh and Mount Shasta Gold Mining and Milling Co14
Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway19
Pittsburgh and Steubenville Railroad23
Pittsburgh and West End Passenger Railway3
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway11
Pittsburgh and Western Coal and Coke Co3
Pittsburgh Armature Works4
Pittsburgh Auto Equipment Co3
Pittsburgh Awning Co3
Pittsburgh Bank of North Chichester1
Pittsburgh Brake Shoe Co4
Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing Co2
Pittsburgh Brewing Co19
Pittsburgh Bridge and Iron Works5
Pittsburgh Bridge Co21 🚂
Pittsburgh Bulletin2
Pittsburgh Burghers17
Pittsburgh Catholic Publishing Co2
Pittsburgh Chemical Co2
Pittsburgh Christian Advocate13
Pittsburgh Clay Pot Co10
Pittsburgh Clay Products Co3
Pittsburgh Co5
Pittsburgh Coal and Coke Clearing House2
Pittsburgh Coal Car Co6
Pittsburgh Coal Co of Illinois2
Pittsburgh Coal Dock and Wharf Co3
Pittsburgh Coal Washer Co3
Pittsburgh Cold Rolled Steel Co2
Pittsburgh Commercial2
Pittsburgh Commercial Exchange2
Pittsburgh Conference Journal2
Pittsburgh Consolidated Mining, Milling and Tunnel Co20
Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co9
Pittsburgh Crushed Steel Co3
Pittsburgh Deposit and Title Co3
Pittsburgh Dick Creek Mining Co12
Pittsburgh Dispatch9
Pittsburgh Dry Goods Co7
Pittsburgh Electric Furnace Co4
Pittsburgh Emery Wheel Co7
Pittsburgh Envelope Co2
Pittsburgh Fairport and Northwestern Dock Co6
Pittsburgh Fire Insurance Co10
Pittsburgh Gage and Supply Co8
Pittsburgh Gas Co4
Pittsburgh Gas Coal Co4
Pittsburgh Gas Stove and Manufacturing Co3
Pittsburgh Hardwood Door Co2
Pittsburgh Harness Supply Co5
Pittsburgh Ice Co5
Pittsburgh Idaho Co8
Pittsburgh Iron and Steel Foundries Co3
Pittsburgh Junction Railroad41
Pittsburgh Lead Mining Co5
Pittsburgh Legal Journal1
Pittsburgh Locomotive Works31
Pittsburgh Lumber Co4
Pittsburgh Lumbermans Mutual Fire Insurance Co7
Pittsburgh Malleable Iron Co4
Pittsburgh Medical Review2
Pittsburgh Metal Bed Co3
Pittsburgh Metal Brazing Co4
Pittsburgh National Bank of Commerce1
Pittsburgh News Co
Pittsburgh Newspaper Union1
Pittsburgh Observer2
Pittsburgh Oil and Gas Co15
Pittsburgh Paper Box Co2
Pittsburgh Photo Engraving Co3
Pittsburgh Photo Play Co2
Pittsburgh Physicians Supply Co6
Pittsburgh Piping and Equipment Co3
Pittsburgh Post6
Pittsburgh Press4
Pittsburgh Printing Co6
Pittsburgh Railway Appliance Co2
Pittsburgh Real Estate Board8
Pittsburgh Rebels43
Pittsburgh Reflector and Illuminating Co6
Pittsburgh Rubber Co5
Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Co7
Pittsburgh Shovel Co6
Pittsburgh Smelting and Refining Co3
Pittsburgh Southern Railroad51
Pittsburgh Steam Coal Co2
Pittsburgh Steel Casting Co5
Pittsburgh Steel Co10
Pittsburgh Steel Ore Co3
Pittsburgh Steel Products Co9
Pittsburgh Steel Works4
Pittsburgh Stock Exchange20
Pittsburgh Stove and Range Co3
Pittsburgh Sun3
Pittsburgh Taxicab Co5
Pittsburgh Taximeter Co2
Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory11
Pittsburgh Traction Co4
Pittsburgh Transfer Co3
Pittsburgh Transformer Co6
Pittsburgh Trolley and Forge Co2
Pittsburgh Tube Co3
Pittsburgh Underwriters of Pennsylvania9
Pittsburgh Valve Foundry and Construction Co9
Pittsburgh Wall Paper Co3
Pittsburgh Water Heater Co4
Pittsburgh Westmoreland Coal Co6
Pittsburgh White Metal Co5
Pittsburgh Window Cleaning Co3
Pittsburgh Window Glass Co2
Pittsburgh Wood Preserving Co2
Pittsburgh Wool Co3
Pittsburgh, Akron and Western Railroad7
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Manchester Passenger Railway3
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad13
Pittsburgh, Binghamton and Eastern Railroad2
Pittsburgh, Bradford and Buffalo Railroad3
Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad6
Pittsburgh, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad28
Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler and New Castle Railway5
Pittsburgh, Johnstown and Eastern Railroad5
Pittsburgh, Knoxville and St Clair Street Railway4
Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western Railway15
Pittsburgh, Marion and Chicago Railway6
Pittsburgh, Shawmut and Northern Railroad27 🚂
Pittsburgh, Titusville and Buffalo Railroad7
Pittsburgh, Washington and Baltimore Railroad2
Pittsburgh, Westmoreland and Somerset Railroad11
Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Lake Erie Coal Co6
Pittsburgh-Dolores Mining Co7
Pittsburgh-Ely Copper Co4
Pittsburgh-Jerome Copper Co4
Pittsfield and North Adams Railroad21
Pittsfield Aqueduct Co5
Pittsfield Coal Gas Co11
Pittsfield Electric Co10
Pittsfield Gas Co5
Pittsfield MA Evening Journal1
Pittsfield MA Sunday Morning Call2
Pittsfield ME Advertiser2
Pittsfield NH Valley Times1
Pittsfield Savings Bank14
Pittsfield Street Railway4
Pittsford Dry Goods Co2
Pittsmont Copper Co6
Pittston Gas Light Co4
Pittston Street Car Co3
Pittsylvania Tribune1
Piute Mine3
Place Box Co3
Placer Creek Mining and Milling Co6
Placerville Gas Light Co5
Plain Dealer and Southern Immigrationist2
Plainfield Gas Light Co3
Plainfield IL Enterprise2
Plainfield IN Progress2
Plainfield Masonic Block Co2
Plainfield NJ Constitutionalist1
Plainfield NJ Press1
Plainfield Times1
Plainfield Trust Co2
Plainville IL News1
Planet Co2
Planet Copper Mining Co5
Plano Heat, Light and Power Co2
Plano Manufacturing Co4
Plansell-Elcock Co2
Plant Publishing Co1
Planters Bank of Battleboro5
Planters Bank of Orangeburg1
Planters Bank of Rocky Mount1
Planters Coffee Co2
Planters Ice Co2
Planters National Bank of Richmond1
Planters State Bank of Salina1
Plastic Relief Manufacturing Co2
Plata-Fina Mining and Development Co8
Platt Co2
Platt Drug Co2
Platt Iron Works Co17
Platte State Bank1
Platte Valley Telephone Co7
Platter Tobacco Co35
Plattsburg NY Press2
Plattsburgh and Montreal Railroad25
Plattsburgh Gas and Electric Co5
Plattsburgh Light, Heat and Power Co3
Plattsmouth Gas and Electric Light Co4
Plattsmouth Lamp Manufacturing Co3
Plattville Building Association2
Plauchamp and Becker Co1
Playter Brothers Mining and Realty Co2
Plaza Operating Co9
Pleasant Bay Railroad7
Pleasant Plains IL Argus3
Pleasant Ridge Telephone Co2
Pleasant Tonic Bitter Co2
Pleasant Unity National Bank1
Pleasant Valley Coal Co13
Pleasant Valley Creamery Co2
Pleasant View Telephone Co2
Pleasantville NJ Press2
Pleasantville Water Co3
Pleiades Co1
Plew and Motter Co2
Plotke Cap Co2
Plum Hill and Stone Church Telephone Co2
Plum Island Street Railway3
Pluma Mining Co10
Plumb Brothers Brick and Tile Co2
Plumbers Sundries Co2
Plumbing, Heating, Electrical Co of the City of Springfield, County of Sang2
Plume and Atwood Manufacturing Co3
Plummer Drug Co2
Pluto Gold and Copper Mining Co6
Pluto Mining, Milling and Smelting Co2
Plymouth and Kingston Street Railway4
Plymouth Clothing and Shoe Co2
Plymouth Consolidated Gold Mines8
Plymouth County MA Journal and Herald1
Plymouth County MA Press1
Plymouth Electric Light Co8
Plymouth Gas Light Co4
Plymouth Guaranty Savings Bank11
Plymouth Light, Heat and Power Co3
Plymouth MA Free Press1
Plymouth Mining Co1
Plymouth NH Record2
Plymouth OH Advertiser2
Plymouth Press2
Plymouth WI Post2
Pneumatic Fire Alarm Telegraph Co8
Pneumatic Gate Co2
Pneumatic Gun Carriage and Power Co8
Pocahontas Coal and Coke Co7
Pocahontas Coke Co10
Pocahontas Copper Queen Mining Co5
Pocahontas Herald2
Pocahontas IL News-Patriot2
Pocahontas Mining Co2
Pocasset Manufacturing Co11
Pocassett Manufacturing Co9
Pocket Poultryman1
Poderosa Mining Co6
Podrasnik-Klapperich and Co2
Point Improvement Co5
Point Lookout Telephone Co2
Point Marion Window Glass Co4
Point Pleasant Natural Gas Co5
Poland Coal Co3
Poland Spring House
Polaris Gold And Silver Mining Co4
Polaris Mining and Development Co5
Polaris Mining Co8
Pole Star Copper Co4
Police Telephone and Signal Co2
Policy Holders Union2
Polish National Publishing Co5
Polish Peoples Publishing Co2
Polish Publishing Co2
Polish Publishing Co of Chicago2
Polish Telegraf3
Polish Young Mens Publishing Co2
Polithania State Bank8
Polk County News2
Polk County OR Observer2
Pollitt, Mallin Hat Co2
Pollock Automatic Wrench Co2
Pollyton Gold Mining Co7
Polo Mutual Telephone Co2
Polonia Coal Co2
Pomeroy-Prudential Copper Co4
Pomona Abstract and Trust Co3
Pomona Gas and Electric Light Co4
Pomona Herald1
Pomper and Fulton2
Ponce and Guyana Railroad1
Ponchartrain Railroad13
Pond Creek Coal Co2
Ponderay Mining and Smelting Co2
Pontiac and Detroit Railroad5
Pontiac and Flint Electric Railway5
Pontiac and Genesee Railroad13
Pontiac Armory Co2
Pontiac Construction Co2
Pontiac Driving Park Association2
Pontiac Engraving and Publishing Co2
Pontiac Farmers Grain Co2
Pontiac Leader Publishing Co2
Pontiac Light and Water Co5
Pontiac Light Co51
Pontiac Paper Box Co2
Pontiac Realty Co3
Pontiac Riverview Chautauqua Association2
Pontiac Sentinel Publishing Co2
Pontiac Stove Manufacturing Co2
Poole Brothers5
Poolesville National Bank1
Pooley Furniture Co2
Poors Publishing Co1
Poors Railroad Manual Co1
Pope and Eckhardt Co3
Pope County Telephone Co2
Pope Tin Plate Co3
Pope-Shenon Copper Co5
Pope-Toledo Automobile Livery2
Popel-Giller Co2
Poper-Nelson Co2
Poplar Grove Creamery Co2
Popp Compressed Air and Electric Power Co7
Popular Astronomy3
Popular Mechanics5
Popular Mechanics Co2
Popular Odd-Fellow1
Popular Science Monthly3
Popular Shoe Co2
Porco Tin Mines7
Porcupine Crown Gold Mining Co13
Porcupine Excelsior Mining Co3
Porcupine Premier Gold Mining Co2
Porcupine V. N. T. Gold Mines7
Porphyry Consolidated Copper Co5
Porphyry Dike Gold Mining Co3
Port Arthur Canal and Dock Co8
Port Arthur TX Herald2
Port Arthur Utella Cigar Co1
Port Brownsville Sugar Lands Co10
Port Byron IL Globe3
Port Byron Lime Association2
Port Byron Lumber Co2
Port Chester Water Co8
Port Deposit MD Press1
Port Henry Gas Co4
Port Hope Electric Light and Power Co4
Port Hope Gas Light Co3
Port Huron and Detroit Railroad5
Port Huron and Lexington Railroad5
Port Huron and Milwaukee Railroad7
Port Huron and Northern Railroad3
Port Huron and Northwestern Railway27
Port Huron and Owosso Railroad8
Port Huron and Port Austin Electric Railway3
Port Huron and Saginaw Valley Railroad7
Port Huron and Southwestern Railway7
Port Huron and St Clair River Railroad5
Port Huron City Railroad7
Port Huron Electric Railway5
Port Huron Engine and Thresher Co14
Port Huron Gas Co81
Port Huron Gas Light Co4
Port Huron Light and Power Co5
Port Huron Railway7
Port Huron Southern Railroad28
Port Jefferson Electric Light Co6
Port Jervis Electric Light, Power, Gas and Railroad3
Port Jervis Gas Light Co3
Port Jervis, Monticello and New York Railroad3
Port Morris Land and Improvement Co5
Port of Para Co13
Port Richmond National Bank16
Port Royal and Augusta Railroad15
Port Royal Dock Co7
Port Royal VA Press1
Port Sheldon and Grand Rapids Railroad5
Port Townsend Electric Railway4
Port Townsend Gas and Fuel Co2
Port Townsend Gas Works3
Port Townsend Southern Railroad4
Port Vue Street Railway5
Portable Elevator Manufacturing Co2
Portable Wagon Dump and Elevator Co2
Portace Park Times1
Portage County Telephone Co7
Portage Entry Quarries Co8
Portage Iron Co Ltd3
Portage Lake and Keweenaw Railroad9
Portage Plains Land Co2
Porteous and Mitchell Co
Porter and Allen Co2
Porter and Berg2
Porter and Bond Drug Co2
Porter and Coates
Porter and Large2
Porter Millinery Co24
Porter Safety Seal Co5
Porter Taylor and Co2
Porter, Motter Manufacturing Co2
Porters Creek and Gauley Railroad6
Portland and Eastern Railroad3
Portland and Oxford Central Railroad9
Portland and Rumford Falls Railway11
Portland Argus1
Portland Cable Railway5
Portland Canal Tunnels5
Portland Candy Co
Portland Cement Co3
Portland Concrete Co2
Portland Consolidated Copper Co6
Portland CT Observer1
Portland Divide Mining Co6
Portland Electric Co12
Portland Elevator Co11
Portland Express1
Portland Gas and Coke Co8
Portland Gas Light Co of Maine12
Portland Gas Light Co of Oregon4
Portland Gold Mining Co14
Portland High School
Portland Home Telephone Co9
Portland Lighting and Power Co8
Portland ME Advertiser5
Portland ME Herald3
Portland ME Press3
Portland ME Sunday Times1
Portland MI Observer1
Portland News Co
Portland OR Catholic Sentinel2
Portland OR Senator2
Portland Oregonian1
Portland Post Card Co
Portland Power and Development Co6
Portland Railroad23
Portland Rolling Mill3
Portland Transcript3
Portland Water Co8
Porto Rico Export Co4
Porto Rico Railways13
Portola Cafe8
Portoma Mining Co2
Portsmouth and Dover Railroad3
Portsmouth and Exeter Street Railway3
Portsmouth and Tygart Valley Railroad6
Portsmouth Building and Loan Association11
Portsmouth Fire Association4
Portsmouth Gas and Electric Co2
Portsmouth Gas Light Co3
Portsmouth NH Chronicle1
Portsmouth NH Times1
Portsmouth Savings Bank8
Portsmouth Spartans37
Portsmouth Steel Co7
Portsmouth Street Railway3
Portsmouth Trust and Guaranty Co6
Portsmouth, Dover and York Street Railway1
Porvenlr de Matehuala Railroad
Positive Surface Cattle Guard Co2
Posnegansett Ice Co2
Posse Gymnasium Journal1
Post Card and Greeting Card Co
Post Card Distributing Co
Post Card Specialties
Post Express3
Post Office News Co2
Post Publishing Co10
Postal Life Insurance Co15
Postal Record1
Postal Tel-Cable Co54
Postal Telegraph Cable Co46
Postal Telegraph Cable Co of Illinois2
Postal Telegraph Co8
Postlewait Co3
Postum Cereal Co4
Potassium Manufacturing Co4
Potomac Copper Co7
Potomac IL Record3
Potomac Savings Bank
Potomac, Fredericksburg and Piedmont Railroad8
Potosi and Rio Verde Railway11
Potsdam and Watertown Railroad20
Potter and Buffington Co4
Potter and Johnston Machine Co2
Potter and Vaughn Co2
Potter Brothers Co2
Potter Brothers Dry Goods Co2
Potter County News2
Potter Gas Co12
Potter Lunch Co2
Potter Title and Trust Co13
Potter Watch Co2
Potter-Herrick Wall Paper Mills2
Potterville MI Press2
Pottstown Gas and Water Co9
Pottstown Gas Co4
Pottstown Iron Co5
Pottstown Light, Heat and Power Co8
Pottsville Gas Co4
Pottsville Maroons57
Poughkeepsie Gas Co4
Poughkeepsie Iron Co3
Poughkeepsie Light, Heat and Power Co8
Poultney VT Advertiser1
Poultry Age2
Poultry and Pigeons3
Poultry Fancier Publishing Co2
Poultry Keeper Publishing Co2
Poultry Publishing Co2
Pound and Moore Co6
Powder River Expedition22
Powder River Gold Dredging Co6
Powell and Co3
Powell Brothers2
Powell News Agency
Powell Street Railway4
Powell Wheel and Cart Co2
Powellton and Pocahontas Railway4
Power and Mining Machinery Co15
Power Boat News1
Power Equipment Co5
Power Multiplying Engine Co5
Power Plant Specialty Co2
Power Pump and Motor Co2
Power, Transit and Light Co6
Powers and Williams2
Powers Bank of Ellsworth3
Powers Brothers and Co2
Powers Building
Powers Investment Co4
Powers News Agency
Powers Regulator Co3
Powers Rubber Horse Shoe Co2
Powers, Higley and Co3
Powers-Weightman-Rosengarten Co9
Poweshiek County IA Palladium2
Powhatan Coal Co2
Practical Electricity1
Practical Gas Construction Co2
Prairie Box Board Co2
Prairie Chemical Co2
Prairie Coal Co2
Prairie du Chien and La Crosse Railroad16
Prairie Durocher IL Sun4
Prairie Farmer3
Prairie Farmer Publishing Co6
Prairie Hall Telephone Co2
Prairie Home Bank of Prairie Home1
Prairie Lead and Zinc Co3
Prairie Pebble Phosphate Co9
Prairie State Bank of Chicago5
Prairie State Coal and Coke Co2
Prairie State Creamery Co2
Prairie State Packing Co2
Prairie State Tribune1
Prang Co6
Prang Educational Co5
Pratt Consolidated Coal Co9
Preachers Magazine4
Preble Machine Works2
Precious Metals Co8
Preferred Accident Insurance Co18
Preferred Accident Insurance Co of New York15
Premier Electric Co2
Premier Specialty Co2
Premier Transvaal Diamond Mining Co7
Prentiss Investment Co2
Presbvtekian Educator2
Presbyterian Advocate1
Presbyterian Banner13
Presbyterian Herald3
Presbyterian Journal6
Presbyterian Observer3
Presbyterian of the West2
Presbyterian Recjord1
Presbyterian Review2
Presbyterian Standard Publishing Co4
Presbyterian Witness4
Presbyterian Witness and Evangelical Advocate2
Prescott and Arizona Central Railway4
Prescott and Northwestern Railway9
Prescott Hardware Manufacturing Co3
Present Truths1
Presidio and Ferries Railroad5
Presidio Mining Co2
Presque Isle ME Star-Herald1
Press and Banner1
Press and Dakotan2
Press and Printer2
Press and Spokesman-Review1
Press and Standard1
Press Bulletin2
Press News Bureau1
Press Printing Co
Press Publishing Co4
Pressed Steel Truck Co2
Presto Publishing Co2
Preston Co
Preston East Dome Mines5
Preston Filter Co2
Preston Frame Manufacturing Co2
Preston Peak Copper Co7
Preuss Ice Co2
Preventive Medical Co2
Price and Lee Co
Price and Teeple Piano Co2
Price Baking Powder Co4
Price Brothers and Co9
Price Commercial and Savings Bank1
Price Flavoring Extract Co4
Price Food Manufacturing Co2
Price Mining Co3
Price Waterhouse and Co9
Price-Corcoran-Pfister Co3
Prickly Pear Mining Co3
Pride Laundry Co5
Priebe and Simater Co2
Prima Tonic Co2
Primary Education1
Primley Co2
Primos Chemical Co3
Prince Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co7
Prince Edward Island Railway12
Prince George Hotel
Prince Georges Bank of Hyattsville1
Prince of India Gold and Copper Mining and Reduction Co7
Prince Publishing Co
Princemont Mining Co8
Princess Anne Democrat1
Princess First St Theatre3
Princess Mining Co3
Princeton Gas Light Co5
Princeton Light, Heat and Power Co4
Princeton Mining and Development Co2
Princeton NJ Forester1
Princeton NJ Signal1
Princeton Savings Bank1
Princeton Sealing Wax Co2
Princeville IL Telephone4
Pringle and Brodie Machinery Co2
Printers Chase and Machine Works2
Printers Equipment Co2
Printers Ink Publishing Co4
Printers Manufacturing Co2
Prize Mining Co9
Prizer-Painter Stove and Heater Co5
Probst Teaming Co2
Proceedings of the US Naval Institute1
Proctor and Gamble Co10
Proctor Ellison Co3
Proctorville OH Phonograph2
Produce Distributors Co2
Produce Exchange14
Produce Exchange Reporter2
Producers and Refiners Oil Co4
Producers Coal Co2
Producers Fruit Co4
Producers Lead and Zinc Co4
Producers Milk, Cream and Butter Co2
Producers National Bank of Woonsocket8
Producers Oil Co2
Producers Refining Co2
Producers Savings Bank of Woonsocket10
Producers Supply Co7
Producers Trust Co5
Professional Supply Co3
Proffitt-Larchar Advertising Co2
Profile and Franconia Notch Railroad9
Profitable Advertising1
Progress Dry Goods Co2
Progress Mining And Milling Co5
Progress Mining Co1
Progress Printing Co2
Progress Tailoring Co3
Progressive Advertising Co2
Progressive Age1
Progressive Mercantile and Manufacturing Co2
Progressive Mining Co6
Progressive Motion Picture Co4
Progressive News Co
Progressive Portrait Co2
Progressive Printing Co6
Progressive South1
Prolong Life Book Co2
Property Owners and Tax Payers Association of Chicago2
Property Owners Listing Co3
Prophetic News and Israels Watchman2
Prophetstown IL Echo4
Prophetstown Mutual Telephone Co2
Proprietary Mines Co of America8
Propst Lumber Co2
Prospect Coal and Coke Co2
Prospect Mountain Mines and Exploration Co7
Prospect Park and Coney Island Railroad4
Prospect Park and Flatbush Railroad3
Prospective Mining and Machinery Co of Chicago2
Prospectors Development Co4
Prosperity Globe2
Prosperity SC Advertiser1
Prosser Power Co4
Protected Furnace Port Co2
Protection Mutual Fire Insurance Co7
Protection State Bank1
Protective Life Insurance Co2
Protective Safety Grating Co2
Protective Union Co1
Protectus Co3
Protestant Episcopal Review1
Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge
Protos Food Manufacturing Co2
Providence and Amesbury Street Railway1
Providence And Stonington Steamship Co5
Providence Bank of Providence1
Providence Banking Co6
Providence Brewing Co3
Providence Construction Co4
Providence County Savings Bank9
Providence Dry Dock and Marine Railway1
Providence Dyeing, Bleaching and Calendering Co7
Providence Electric Co5
Providence Evening Bulletin1
Providence Extension Gold Mining Co4
Providence Gas Burner Co4
Providence House Publishers
Providence Ice Co9
Providence Land and Wharf Co7
Providence Lithograph Co4
Providence Mill Supply Co2
Providence Realty Co6
Providence RI Herold1
Providence RI Independent Citizen1
Providence RI Outlook2
Providence RI Pointer1
Providence Securities Co6
Providence Steam Roller96
Providence Stock Co3
Providence, Fall River and Newport Steamboat Co7
Provident Burial Association of America2
Provident Cooperative Bank of Chelsea3
Provident Gas Co of Springfield2
Provident Iron Co5
Provident Life and Trust Co20
Provident Medical Aid and Burial Association2
Provident Relief League2
Provident Trust Co10
Provincetown MA Advocate1
Provincetown MA Beacon1
Provision News Co2
Proviso Coal Co2
Provo Mining Co6
Prudential Copper Mining Co7
Prudential Fire Insurance Co11
Prudential Insurance Co9
Prudential Savings Bank21
Prudential Trust Co4
Prussing Cider Co3
Pryor Coal Co8
Public Bank of New York City12
Public Book-keeping Co2
Public Drug Co5
Public Libraries1
Public Light and Power Co3
Public Publishing Co2
Public Savings Loan and Building Association5
Public School2
Public School Journal1
Public Service Co of Mooresville4
Public Service Publishing Co2
Public Service Telephone Co8
Public Utilities Co of Carlsbad10
Public Utilities Commission27
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio3
Publicity Publishing Co2
Publishers Adjusting Co2
Publishers Auxiliary1
Publishers Clearing House2
Publishers Commercial Union2
Publishers Printing Co2
Publishers Publicity Co2
Publishing House of George Barries Sons1
Puebla Smelting and Refining Co5
Pueblo and Suburban Traction and Lighting Co6
Pueblo Gas and Electric Light Co4
Pueblo Leader1
Pueblo Magazine Agency
Pueblo Wholesale News Co
Puente Oil Co4
Puett Southerland Co5
Puffer Manufacturing Co5
Puffinburg Furniture Co3
Puget Sound Copper Co6
Puget Sound Iron Co6
Puget Sound News Co
Puget Sound Traction Light and Power Co6
Pugh Manufacturing Co
Puhl, Webb Co2
Puhl-Webb Co4
Pulaski County Mill and Elevator Co2
Pulaski Enterprise1
Pulaski Gas Co2
Pulaski Gas Light Co4
Pulaski IA Independent2
Pulaski Iron Co4
Pulaski Lumber Co6
Pulaski Sash and Door Co2
Pulcipher Clothing Co2
Pullman Castle
Pullman Couch Co2
Pullman Fuel Co5
Pullman Iron and Steel Co3
Pullman Masonic Building Co2
Pullman Military Band2
Pullman Southern Car Co3
Pullman Stables4
Pulp-Wood Co6
Pulpit of the Cross1
Pulpits Power1
Pulsion Telephone Co4
Pulver and Tobias2
Pulver Chewing Gum and Chocolate Co2
Pumpelly Storage Battery and Electric Motor Co3
Punxsutawney Foundry and Machine Co5
Punxsutawney National Bank2
Punxsutawney Spirit1
Purakwa Ice Co2
Purcell Water Co3
Purcellville VA Local News1
Pure Carbon Co2
Pure Food Beverage Co of Chicago2
Pure Food Cereal Co2
Pure Food Supply Co6
Pure Ice and Cold Storage Co9
Pure Ice Co2
Pure Oil Co22
Pure Water Supply Co3
Purington Paving Brick Co3
Puritan Brewing Co7
Puritan Coke Co2
Puritan Manufacturing Co1
Puritan Mining Co6
Puritan Recorder2
Puritan Trust Co17
Puritas Coffee and Tea Co6
Puritone Co2
Purity Chemical Co2
Purity Cracker Co2
Purity Creamery Co2
Purity Ice Cream Co13
Purity Milk Co2
Purix Mineral Spring Co4
Purves Heating Co2
Putnam and Thurston Co2
Putnam County Bank of Hennepin1
Putnam County National Bank of Carmel1
Putnam County Record2
Putnam CT Patriot1
Putnam Lumber, Coal and Planing Mill Co2
Putnam Rotary Engine Co2
Putnam Savings Bank2
Putnam Water Co8
Putnam-Hooker Co8
Putnams Monthly Historical Magazine1
Pyott Foundry Co2
Pyramid Divide Mines Co5
Pyramid Motor Co7
Pyrargyrite Mining Co5
Pyrene Manufacturing Co11
Pythian Castle Halls Association2
Pythian History Publishing Co2
Pythian Leader5