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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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L'Anse and Ontonagon Railroad17
L. C. Smith and Brothers Typewriter Co17
La Follette Coal, Iron and Railway110
La Grange Water Co361
La Salle Copper Co513
Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Railroad329
Lackawanna and Western Railroad131
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railroad141
Lackawanna Iron and Steel Co3163
Lackawanna Miles15
Lackawanna Steel Co8393Lackawanna Steel Co
Ladies Aid Society1
Ladies Home Journal16
Lady of the Bedchamber71
Lafayette and Bloomington Railroad12
Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad141
Lake Erie and Eastern Railroad25
Lake Erie and Louisville Railroad117
Lake Erie and Western Railroad111271Lake Erie and Western Railroad
Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad24
Lake Erie, Wabash and St Louis Railroad216
Lake Harbor Railroad27
Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Railroad15
Lake Milling, Smelting and Refining Co25
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway42495 🚂Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Lake Shore Railway213
Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railway232
Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad210
Lake Superior and Southeast Railroad211
Lake Superior Consolidated Iron Mines1101
Lake Superior Iron Mountain Railroad19
Lake Superior Railroad110
Lake Superior Smelting Co27
Lake Torpedo Boat Co519 🚂
Lambert Co16
Lamson Consolidated Store Service Co18
Lancaster County Railway and Light Co318
Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co218
Lancaster mills312
Lancaster Railroad24
Land Title and Trust Co330
Lanett Bleachery and Dye Works16
Lanett Cotton mills110
Lansing and Jackson Railway117
Lapeer and Northern Railroad35
Latrobe Coal Co12
Latrobe Connellsville Coal and Coke Co14
Latrobe Steel and Coupler Co38
Latrobe Steel Co12
Laurium Mining Co12
Lawrence and Foulks2 🚂
Lawrence Gas Co of Massachusetts27
Lawrence Manufacturing Co410
Lawton Spinning Co24
Lawyers Mortgage Co341
Lawyers Surety Co of New York228
Lawyers Title and Trust Co142
LDS Church Council of Fifty10
LDS Church Mexican Mission1
LDS Church Sunday School1
LDS Church Young Men Organization1
LDS Church, Relief Society1
Leader Publishing Co25
Leadville CO Miner12Leadville CO Miner
Leadville Divide Mining Co15
Leadville Mines Co15
Leadville Water Co16
League of Nations1
League of Women Voters1League of Women Voters
Leather Manufacturers National Bank110
Leavenworth Daily Times11
Leavenworth KS Times22
Leavenworth, Kansas and Western Railway210
Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Railroad119
Lebanon Gas and Fuel Co110
Lebanon Springs Railroad323Lebanon Springs Railroad
Lee S. Smith and Son Co12
Lee, Higginson and Co16
Leechburg Water Works Co27
Leesburg VA Washingtonian11
Legislative Council1
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway748
Lehigh and Lackawanna Raiilroad211
Lehigh and Mahanoy Railroad514
Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad420
Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Co313
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co750
Lehigh Orpheum1
Lehigh Valley Coal Co232
Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co28
Lehigh Valley Railroad21306Lehigh Valley Railroad
Lehigh Valley Transit Co216
Lehigh Zinc and Iron Co Ltd14
Lehman Brothers2
Leicester and Continental Mills14Leicester and Continental Mills
Leominster Electric Light and Power Co171
Leominster Gas Light Co151
Lewis Publishing Co13
Lewis Wharf Co26
Lewiston Gas Light Co26
Lexington and Eastern Railway113
Lexington Herald11
Liberty Baptist Association1
Liberty National Bank of New York627
Library of Congress10276
Life Insurance Co of Virginia113Life Insurance Co of Virginia
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co1
Liggett Spring and Axle Co15
Light and Power Co12
Light, Heat and Power Co110
Lighthouse Board11
Lighting and Heating Co of Kewanee151
Ligonier Valley Railroad410
Lime Rock Iron Co13
Lincoln Gas and Electric Light Co111
Lincoln Highway Association11
Lincoln Memorial1
Lincoln National Bank of New York227
Lincoln National Bank of Washington122Lincoln National Bank of Washington
Lincoln NE Courier11
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co421
Lincoln Trust Co529
Lincoln Water and Light Co15
Link Belt Co116
Link Belt Engineering Co13Link Belt Engineering Co
Link-Belt Machinery Co13
Linonian Society2
Lions Club20
Lippitt Woolen Co14
Litchfield CT Enquirer11
Literary Society of Washington3
Little Miami Railroad2701
Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad224
Little Schuylkill Navigation Railroad Co536
Livestock 4H Club1
Livingston County Visiting Nurses Association1
Lobdell Car-wheel Co24Lobdell Car-wheel Co
Lockport Light, Heat and Power Co17
Lockwood Manufacturing Co14
Locust Mountain Coal Co11
Logan Trust Co214
London Assurance Co of London15
London Chemical Society159
London Geological Society227
London Guarantee and Accident Co13
London Mathematical Society123
London Missionary Society1
London Musicological Resaerch Society1
London-Arizona Consolidated Copper Co18
London-Arizona Copper Co1141
Long Acre Electric Light and Power Co116
Long Branch Gas Light Co15
Long Dock Co25
Long Island Library Club14
Long Island Loan and Trust Co115
Long Island Motor Parkway725
Long Island Railroad151711
Longshaw Card Co1
Lonsdale Co23
Loose Wiles Biscuit Co111
Lord Advocate10
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer2
Lord Electric Co13
Lord High Admiral of Scotland1
Lord High Constable1
Lord High Treasurer1
Lord Justice Clerk2
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal1
Lord President of the Council5
Lord Privy Seal1
Lord Proprietors Council1
Lord Provost1
Lord Steward8
Lord Steward of the Household1
Loretto Copper Mining Co13
Lorraine Manufacturing Co15
Los Angeles Angels1
Los Angeles Brewing Co122Los Angeles Brewing Co
Los Angeles Dodgers7
Los Angeles Evening Express14
Los Angeles Examiner2231
Los Angeles Morning Tribune11
Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)1
Los Angeles Rams3
Los Angeles Record117
Los Angeles Times194
Los Angeles Trust and Savings Bank391
Louisiana Constitutional Convention2
Louisville and Nashville Railroad18434 🚂Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Louisville Colonels3284
Louisville Home Telephone Co110
Louisville Jockey Club1
Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad130
Louisville, Evansville and St Louis Railroad469
Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad1118
Low Moor Iron Co of Virginia113
Lowell and Hastings Railroad218
Lowell Bleachery112
Lowell Electric Light Co8191
Lowell Machine Shop13
Lower Marion Gas Co14
Lowney Chocolate Co15
Loyal Hanna Coal and Coke Co27
Loyal Publication Society1
Lozier Co1
Lucky Boy Consolidated Mining Co14
Lucky Boy Divide Mining Co18
Lucky Friday Mining Co13
Ludlow and Southern Railway11
Ludlow Manufacturing Associates15
Ludlow Manufacturing Co14
Lumber Exchange Building Co of Seattle11
Lummis Peanut Co2Lummis Peanut Co
Lutheran Church Review11
Luzerne County Gas and Electric Co151
Lyman Mills29
Lynchburg and Abingdon Telegraph Co27
Lyndonville National Bank12
Lyndora Land and Improvement Co37
Lynn MA Daily Press11
Lyons Gas Light Co2111
L'Anse Bay Railroad5
L'Assomption Railway
L. A. Becker Co4
L. A. Budlong Co3
L. A. Burnett Co4
L. A. Ferguson
L. A. Talcott Co3
L. A. Valladares and Son
L. and L. Pneumatic Tool Co3
L. B. Allen Co2
L. B. Hollister
L. B. Price Mercantile Co6
L. B. Prince Co
L. Black and Co3
L. C. Waite
L. C. Wilson
L. Craddock and Co18
L. D. Loomis Co7
L. D. Powell Co10
L. E. Myers Co3
L. E. Preston and Co
L. F. Higley
L. F. Pease Co2
L. Fish Furniture Co4
L. Gould and Co2
L. H. Clarkson and Co3
L. H. Everts and Co
L. H. Gage Lumber Co5
L. H. Larsen
L. H. Nelson Co
L. H. Prentice Co5
L. H. Thomas Co2
L. H. Watkins and Co
L. Hardy Co1
L. J. Richards and Co
L. K. Hirsch Co4
L. L. Cook Co
L. M. Hammond Coal Co4
L. Martin Co9
L. N. Godfrey Co5
L. P. Seeley Co5
L. P. Soule and Son Co3
L. Price Shoe Co3
L. R. Conwell
L. R. Harsha Manufacturing Co3
L. R. Medbury Gas Works3
L. R. Titsworth and Co
L. Seligman Jewelry Co2
L. Vaughn Co4
L. W. House
L. W. Pond Machine and Foundry Co1
L. W. Stockwell Co17
L. W. Walker Co3
L. Wenar Millinery Co21
L. Wolff Manufacturing Co5
La Belle Mining Co4
La Cobriza Mining Co3
La Compagnie De Gaz, Electricite and Pouvoir7
La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad36
La Crosse City Railway6
La Crosse Gas and Electric Co6
La Crosse Gas Light Co2
La Crosse Telephone Co5
La Crosse Water Power Co3
La Crosse WI Argus2
La Expectativa3
La Fayette Telephone Co10
La Fe Mining Co6
La Fleur Mountain Copper Co5
La Fleur Mountain Mining and Smelting Co5
La Follette Water, Light and Telephone Co2
La Fortuna Mining Co5
La France Copper Co5
La Grange Citizen2
La Grange Iron Co4
La Grange KY New Era2
La Grange TX News2
La Harpe Electric Light and Power Co7
La Jara Gold Mines Co3
La Leona Silver Mining Co7
La Luz and Los Angeles Mining Co5
La Mina Mexico2
La Mine D'or Huronia4
La Porte Electric Co5
La Porte Gas and Coke Co5
La Porte Gas Light Co4
La Regina Mining Co8
La Rose Consolidated Mines Co10
La Rose Mines10
La Salle and Bureau County Railroad2
La Salle and Peru Horse and Dummy Railroad3
La Salle Blectric Co2
La Salle County IL Herold1
La Salle State Bank of Evans1
La Veta CO Advertiser3
La Vore Gold Mines Co5
Labahn Brick Co2
LaBelle Iron Works25
Labor Brewing Co4
Labor Exchange Accountant2
Labor Leader1
Labor Standard1
Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad5
Lackawanna and Pittsburgh Railroad21
Lackawanna Bridge Co7
Lackawanna Dairy Co6
Lackawanna Iron and Coal Co21
Lackawanna Valley Electric Light, Heat and Power Supply Co6
Laclede Gas Light Co23
Laclede Mining Co7
Lacolle Coal Mining Co10
Lacon IL Home Journal3
Laconia and Lake Village Horse Railroad3
Laconia Building and Loan Association12
Laconia Car Co Works5
Laconia Gas and Electric Co6
Laconia Gas Light Co2
Laconia National Bank12
Laconia Savings Bank14
Laconia Street Railway4
Laconia Water Co9
Lacy Manufacturing Co5
Ladd IL Journal1
Laddonia MO Herald2
Ladora Savings Bank of Marengo1
Ladysmith Smelting Co2
Ladysmith Smelting Corporation3
Lafayette Electric Street Railway4
Lafayette Gas Light Co3
Lafayette IN Sunday Times2
Lafayette National Bank2
Lafayette Railway13
Lafayette Recorder2
Lafayette, Muncie and Bloomington Railroad5
Laflin and Rand Powder Co8
Lafrentz and Karstens Co3
Lagonda Lead and Zinc Co5
Laguna Lumber Co3
Lahontan Mines Co3
Laird and Taylor Co3
Lake Carriers Oil Co2
Lake Champlain and Moriah Railroad16 🚂
Lake Charles and Leesvllle Railway3
Lake Charles Railway, Light and Waterworks Co5
Lake City CO Times1
Lake City FL Breeze2
Lake City SC Times1
Lake Coal Co5
Lake Copper Co14
Lake Copper Proprietary Co4
Lake County Railroad12
Lake Creek Gold Mining Co7
Lake Drummond Canal and Water Co3
Lake Erie and Detroit River Railway16
Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal Co2
Lake Erie Iron Co4
Lake Erie, Alliance and Southern Railway3
Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Railroad17
Lake Forest IL News2
Lake Forest Water Co4
Lake Front Improvement Co3
Lake Gas Co3
Lake George and Muskegon River Railroad17
Lake IL Forester2
Lake Michigan and Eastern Railroad3
Lake Michigan and Kalamazoo Railroad4
Lake Michigan And Lake Superior Transportation Co8
Lake Michigan Dock and Improvement Co4
Lake of The Woods Milling Co11
Lake Ontario Shore Railroad4
Lake Placid Co7
Lake Shore and Tuscarawas Valley Railroad4
Lake Shore Electric Railway3
Lake Shore Mines8
Lake Shore of Western Michigan Railway7
Lake Shore Sand Co2
Lake Side and Marblehead Railroad12
Lake Street Elevated Railroad6
Lake Street Manufacturing Co2
Lake Submarine Co7
Lake Superior and Arizona Mining and Smelting Co12
Lake Superior and Western Mining Co10
Lake Superior Co17
Lake Superior Development Co3
Lake Superior Fish Co3
Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Co11
Lake Superior Piling Co2
Lake Superior Southern Railroad7
Lake Superior Terminal and Transfer Railway5
Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Co5
Lake Terminal Railroad11
Lake View Brick Co3
Lake View IL Bulletin2
Lakeland News Co
Lakeport National Bank6
Lakes Superior and Michigan Air Line Railroad7
Lakeside OH Magazine2
Lakeside Organ Co3
Lakeside Press Building Co3
Lakeside Specialty Co3
Lakeside Street Railroad4
Lakeview IL Economist2
Lakeview Metals Co2
Lakeview Mining Co4
Lakeville CT Journal1
Lakewood Gas Co12
Lakewood Hotel and Land Association8
Lakewood Street Railway10
Lakina Copper Co7
Lakina Kennecott Mining Co8
Lalance and Grosjean Manufacturing Co9
Lamar National Bank1
Lamar SC Xrays1
Lamb Tea Co3
Lamb Wire Fence Co8
Lamberton National Bank4
Lamberton National Bank of Oil City2
Lambertville Gas Light Co4
Lambertville Heat, Light and Power Co4
Lambertville NJ Beacon1
Lambertville NJ Record1
Lamed Street Railway4
Laminar Fibre Goods Co5
Lamkin and Foster3
Lamoille County Bank of Hyde Park1
Lamoille County National Bank1
Lamoille County National Bank of Hyde Park1
Lamoille Gazette3
Lamoille Leader1
Lampasas Springs Street Railway4
Lampazos Silver Mines Co6
Lamson Co13
Lamson Cutter Head Co3
Lanark IL Gazette3
Lanark Mining Co3
Lancaster and Chester Railway11
Lancaster and Columbia Railway3
Lancaster and Eastern Railway3
Lancaster and Hamden Railway2
Lancaster and Jefferson Electric Co1
Lancaster and Quarryville Street Railway3
Lancaster and Rocky Springs Railway3
Lancaster aty Street Railway4
Lancaster CA Gazette1
Lancaster Electric Light, Heat and Power Co5
Lancaster Gas Light and Coke Co of Ohio4
Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co of Pennsylvania2
Lancaster National Bank9
Lancaster NH Gazette1
Lancaster PA Examiner2
Lancaster PA Intelligencer3
Lancaster Savings Bank9
Lancaster SC Enterprise1
Lancaster SC Ledger1
Lancaster SC Review1
Lancaster Telephone Co71
Lancaster Trust Co8
Lancaster Water Filtration Co6
Lancaster, Mechanicsburg and New Holland Railway3
Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railroad6
Lancaster, Petersburg and Mannheim Railway3
Lancaster, Willow Street, Lampeter and Strasburg Railway3
Lance Packing Co4
Lancet and Clinic1
Lane Mill and Machy Co3
Lane Mortgage Co3
Lane-Libby Fisheries Co9
Lang and Deville Co3
Lang Broom Co3
Lange Motor Truck Co3
Langelier Manufacturing Co5
Langhoff and Day Co2
Langlaagte Estate and Gold Mining Co4
Lanneau Art Store
Lansing and Battle Creek Traction Railroad6
Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad11
Lansing and Northeastern Railroad4
Lansing and Northern Railroad3
Lansing and Southeastern Railroad5
Lansing and St Johns Railroad13
Lansing and Suburban Traction Railroad6
Lansing City Electric Railway15
Lansing City Railway5
Lansing Connecting Railroad7
Lansing Fuel and Gas Co7
Lansing Gas Light Co3
Lansing IL Journal1
Lansing Lumber Co2
Lansing Manufacturers Railroad6
Lansing MI Journal1
Lansing MI News1
Lansing Southern Railroad6
Lansing Street Railway3
Lansing Transit Railroad5
Lansing, Alma, Mt Pleasant and Northern Railroad6
Lansing, Dexter and Ann Arbor Railroad8
Lansing, St Johns and Mackinac Railroad13
Lansing, St Johns and Northern Railroad9
Lansing, St Johns and St Louis Railroad11
Lanston Monotype Co9
Lanston Monotype Machine Co23
Lanz, Owen and Co4
Lapeer and Holly Railroad7
Lapeer and Port Austin Railroad7
Lapeer Savings Bank1
Laplata MD Crescent1
Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railroad3
Larchmont Horse Railway3
Laredo Improvement Co4
Laredo Water Co7
Larimer Manufacturing Co3
Lark Produce Co3
Larkin Co8
Larrowe Milling Co5
Lartz McIlvaine Co2
Las Animas Peak Gold Mines Co8
Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad3
Las Vegas Gas and Coke Co3
Lasqueti Island Mining Co10
Last Chance Copper Mining Co2
Last Chance Mining Co2
Latest Out Mining and Smelting Co5
Lathey Steel Type Co4
Lathrop Publishing Co1
Latouche Island Copper Mining Co7
Latrobe Electric Steel Co2
Latrobe Gas Co2
Latrobe PA Clipper2
Latrobe Tool Co3
Latshaw Feerst Co3
Laughlin Fruit Refining Co3
Laughlin Mining Co1
Laughlin Nail Co2
Laurel and Tullahoma Western Railway5
Laurel Group3
Laurel Hill Car and Coal Co2
Laurel Lake Mills12
Laurel MD Democrat1
Laurel State Bank1
Laurens Railroad19
Laurens SC Advertiser1
Laurensville SC Herald2
Laurentide Paper Co9
Laurier Mining Co6
Laurinburg NC Exchange1
Law Publishing Co3
Law Record2
Law Telephone Co3
Lawing Bobbins Furniture Co6
Lawlor Distributing Co
Lawrence Cement Co3
Lawrence County IL News3
Lawrence County Water, Light and Cold6
Lawrence Duck Co10
Lawrence Gas Co2
Lawrence Gas Co of Pennsylvania2
Lawrence Gas Fixture Manufacturing Co4
Lawrence Gas Fuel and Electric Light Co2
Lawrence Iron Works Co4
Lawrence KS Journal3
Lawrence MA American1
Lawrence MA Eagle1
Lawrence MA Evening Tribune1
Lawrence MA Journal1
Lawrence MA Sun1
Lawrence MA Sunday Star1
Lawrence MA Telegram1
Lawrence Mining and Milling Co of Idaho5
Lawrence Mining and Milling Co of Washington5
Lawrence National Bank3
Lawrence P. C. and Novelty Co
Lawrence Savings Bank1
Lawrence Steel Casting Co3
Lawrence Steel Construction Co3
Lawrence Transportation Co3
Lawrence Union2
Lawrenceburg Gas Co3
Lawrenceburg TN Advertiser2
Lawrenceville Branch Railroad3
Lawrenceville IL Daily Record4
Laws of Life and Journal of Health1
Lawson Manufacturing Co8
Lawther Grain Co12
Lawton Real Estate Co9
Lawton, Paw Paw and South Haven Railroad13
Lawyer and Credit Man2
Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Co4
Lawyers Mining Co2
Lawyers Mortgage Insurance Co22
Lawyers Oil and Gas Co3
Lawyers Title Insurance Co15
Layman-Carey Co3
Layne and Bowler Corp10
Lazarus Staty Co12
Lazy Boy Gold Mines Co3
Le Beau Engraving Co2
Le Mars Gas Light Co2
Le Roy Gas Light Co3
Le Roy Hydraulic Electric Gas Co5
Le Roy IL Journal2
Le Roy Shane
Le Veque-Lincoln Tower
Lead King Mining and Milling Co2
Lead Trust Mine5
Lead-Deadwood Gas Light and Fuel Co2
Leadville Arizona Mines Co4
Leadville Basin Mines Co4
Leadville Light and Power Co7
Leadville Mining Co4
Leaf River IL Mirror3
League of American Pen Women10
Leahy Manufacturing Co3
Leaksville NC Gazette1
Learning By Doing2
Leary, Stuart and Co1
Leas and McVitty Co4
Leastock Gold and Copper Mining Co3
Leather Manufacturer1
Leather Preserver Manufacturing Co3
Leatheroid Manufacturing Co2
Leavenworth and Topeka Railway6
Leavenworth Light and Heating Co4
Leavenworth Light, Heat and Power Co6
Leavenworth Terminal Railway and Bridge Co5
Leavenworth WA Times1
Leavitt Land and Lumber Co5
Lebanon American Gas Co4
Lebanon Electric Light and Power Co2
Lebanon Gas Co of Pennsylvania3
Lebanon Gas Light Co of Kentucky3
Lebanon Heights Land Co3
Lebanon IL Advertiser2
Lebanon IL Journal1
Lebanon IN Patriot1
Lebanon Iron Co2
Lebanon KS Journal1
Lebanon Light, Fuel and Power Co4
Lebanon Light, Ice and Power Co6
Lebanon Mill Co3
Lebanon National Bank2
Lebanon State Bank1
Lebanon Telephone Co9
Lebanon TN Tribune2
Lebanon Valley Railroad24
Lechmere National Bank2
Lechner and Schoenberger Co5
Lederer Realty Co4
Lee C. Moore and Co2
Lee Chamberlain and Co4
Lee County IL Times3
Lee County Lighting Co8
Lee County VA Republican1
Lee Electric Co6
Lee Products Co
Leechburg Sheet Iron and Tin Plate Works2
Leedom and Worrall Co4
Leelanau Transit Railroad9
Leesburg Electric Co3
Leesburg Gold Dust Mining Co5
Leesburg VA Mirror1
Leesport Iron Co4
Leesville Light and Water Co5
Leet Brothers
Leetonia Railway9
Legal Adviser Publishing Co3
Legal Intelligencer3
Legal Journal2
Legal Tender Mining Co2
Leggett, Conaway and Co
LeGwin Printing Co4
Lehi-Tintic Mining Co6
Lehigh and New England Railroad28
Lehigh and Northampton Light, Heat and Power Co3
Lehigh and Oxford Railway2
Lehigh Coke Co5
Lehigh Iron Co2
Lehigh Portland Cement Co12
Lehigh Valley Medical Association8
Lehigh Valley Medical Magazine1
Lehigh Valley Medical Society21
Lehigh Valley Publishing Co
Lehigh Water Co4
Leicester MA Banner1
Leigh NE World2
Leighton and Valentine CoLeighton and Valentine Co
Leighton-Wyoming Mining Co7
Leitzow and Simon Manufacturing Co2
Lekko Soap Co2
Leland Brothers Co5
Leland IL Times2
Leland Lund
Lena Goldfields2
Lena IL Star3
Lend A Hand1
Lenk Wine Co6
Lenoir NC Topic1
Lenora and Mount Sicker Railroad3
Lenox Water Co7
Lenskoie Company Siberia3
Lent Traffic Co3
Lenygon and Morant2
Leo Mining Co5
Leominster Coal Co3
Leominster MA Enterprise1
Leominster National Bank2
Leon E. Craig and Co15
Leon Kahn Shoe Co9
Leonard Copper Co3
Leonard Peterson and Co2
Leonard Stradinger Plumbing Co2
Leonards Illustrated Medical Journal1
Leonora Mining and Milling Co6
Leopold and Feron Co2
Lerna IL Eagle3
Leroy Gold and Copper Mining Co5
Leroy IL Laconic2
Lesh and Matthews Lumber Co3
Leshnick Directory Co
Lesley and Trinkle Co8
Leslie Copper Co5
Leslie Copper Mining Co5
Lessig Bridge and Iron Works11
Levassors Musical Review2
Leviathan Mines Co5
Levie Shoe Co2
Levin Paper Co
Levy Brothers
Levys Taxicab Co5
Lewandos French Dyeing and Cleansing Co3
Lewis A. Crossett Co7
Lewis and Clark Mining and Milling Co3
Lewis Brothers Publishing Co1
Lewis F. Perry and Whitney Co5
Lewis Foundry and Machine Co4
Lewis Historical Publishing Co
Lewis Institute3
Lewis Mountain Mining and Milling Co5
Lewisburg and Buffalo Valley Railway7
Lewisburg Gas Works3
Lewisburg Nail Works2
Lewisburg PA Saturday News1
Lewisburg TN Sentinel2
Lewiston and Aubum Horse Railroad3
Lewiston and Auburn Electric Light Co6
Lewiston and Southeastern Railroad13
Lewiston and Topsham Railroad8
Lewiston ID Patriot2
Lewiston ID Tribune2
Lewiston Journal3
Lewiston Sugar Co11
Lewiston-Clarkston Co8
Lewistown Fulton IL Democrat2
Lewistown Gas Light Co4
Lewistown IL Evening Record3
Lewys Island Railroad8
Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad21
Lexington and Boston Street Railway4
Lexington and Frankfort Railroad20
Lexington and Kansas City Land and Investment Co4
Lexington and Southern Kentucky Railroad8
Lexington and Utica Railroad31
Lexington City Railway4
Lexington Co3
Lexington Court House SC Dispatch1
Lexington Gas and Electric Co101
Lexington Gas Co of Kentucky3
Lexington Gas Light Co of Massachusetts3
Lexington Gas Light Co of Missouri2
Lexington Hill Gold Mining Co3
Lexington Hydraulic and Manufacturing Co7
Lexington IL Unit-Journal3
Lexington KY Messenger2
Lexington MO Intelligencer2
Lexington MO News2
Lexington NE News1
Lexington Passenger and Belt Line Railway3
Lexington TN Progress3
Lexington VA Gazette1
Lexington-Arizona Mining Co6
Libby and Sherwood Printing Co2
Liberal Advance1
Liberal Christian3
Liberal Physician1
Liberal Press1
Liberty Bell Gold Mining Co10
Liberty Brewing Co4
Liberty Copper Co4
Liberty Copper Mines7
Liberty Copper Mining Co5
Liberty Divide Mining Co6
Liberty Electric Manufacturing Co2
Liberty Furniture and Carpet Co4
Liberty Gold and Copper Co6
Liberty Group2
Liberty KS Tribune1
Liberty Lead and Zinc Co3
Liberty Manufacturing Co4
Liberty Metals Co3
Liberty Mining Co of Minnesota3
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co7
Liberty National Bank of Pittsburgh9
Liberty Pyrites Co3
Liberty Savings Bank of Pittsburgh10
Liberty Silver Mines Co5
Liberty Soap Co3
Liberty Trust Co25
Libertys Sentinel1
Libertytown Banner of Liberty1
Libertyville Independent-Register1
Libiola Copper Mining Co5
Licking Iron Co4
Licking Light and Power Co10
Licking River Railroad5
Licking Rolling Mill Co3
Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co2
Life and Death1
Life Insurance Co of Va25
Liggets Jordan Drug Store6
Liggett and Myers Tobacco Co17
Light and Fuel Co of Gainesville3
Lightner Gold Mining Co5
Lightning Creek Gold Gravels and Drainage Co2
Lilian Mine2
Lilly Mine5
Lima Gas Light Co10
Lima Northern Railroad17
Lima OH Republican Gazette2
Lima Telephone and Telegraph Co10
Lime Rock Railroad4
Lincoln Cable Railway4
Lincoln Consolidated Copper Co9
Lincoln Consolidated Mining Co5
Lincoln County Bank of Canton1
Lincoln County MS Times2
Lincoln Divide Mining Co5
Lincoln Gas Co4
Lincoln Group Mines Co5
Lincoln Heat, Light and Power Co6
Lincoln Hill Mining and Milling Co5
Lincoln IL Courier1
Lincoln IL Evening Courier6
Lincoln IL Herald1
Lincoln IL News2
Lincoln Land Co3
Lincoln Laundry Co3
Lincoln Mines and Reduction Co4
Lincoln Mines Co3
Lincoln Miscellany1
Lincoln National Bank of Pittsburgh15
Lincoln NE Herald1
Lincoln NE Independent2
Lincoln News Agency
Lincoln NM News1
Lincoln Paint and Color Co29
Lincoln Rapid Transit Co3
Lincoln Savings and Trust Co8
Lincoln Street Railway3
Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Co15
Lincoln Warehouse and Van Co3
Lincoln WV News1
Lincoln-Belmont Booster2
Lindell Railway4
Linden IN Leader1
Linden MI Leader1
Linden Steel Co Ltd3
Lindley Printing Co4
Lindsay Light Co6
Lindsay Storage Co2
Lindsey Music Co3
Lindsey Water Co6
Linen Laundry and Supply Co7
Linenthal Sharpe Co3
Lingo Lumber Co6
Linn County Savings Bank of Center Point1
Linville River Railway5
Lion Brewery of New York City3
Lippincott, Johnson and Co2
Lippincotts Magazine3
Lipschuetz and Katz
Lipscomb Electric Co11
Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Co5
Liquid Carbonic Co37
Liquor Dealers Supply Co4
Lisbon Enterprise1
Lisbon Light and Power Co9
Lisbon Savings Bank and Trust Co8
Lisbon Water Works2
Lisburne-Alaska Coal Co2
Listen Lake Gold Mining Co2
Listowel Gas Light Co2
Lit Brothers5
Litchfield Co Leader1
Litchfield Co University Club
Litchfield Savings Society2
Litchfield State Savings Bank1
Litchfield Water Co5
Literary Digest6
Literary News2
Literary World1
Little Ajo Copper Mining Co4
Little Androscoggin Water Power Co8
Little Bell Consolidated Mining Co3
Little Bobbie Mining Co7
Little Chronicle Publishing Co8
Little Cove Mining Co3
Little Egypt Copper Mining Co2
Little Falls and Dolgeville Railroad7
Little Falls Gas Light Co4
Little Falls Water Power Co5
Little Folks3
Little Freethinker2
Little Giant Gold Mining and Milling Co6
Little Giant Stoker Co5
Little Hatchet Mining Co4
Little Kanawha Railroad12
Little League Review1
Little Miami, Columbus and Xenia Railroad16
Little Montana Mining Co3
Little Nipissing Silver Cobalt Mining Co3
Little North Fork Copper Mining and Milling Co12
Little River News2
Little River State Bank1
Little Rock and Hot Springs Western Railroad9
Little Rock and Memphis Railroad8
Little Rock and Napoleon Railroad9
Little Rock Railway and Electric Co16
Little Rock, Mississippi River and Texas Railroad12
Little Saw Mill Run Railroad17
Little Wolf River Lumber Co4
Littleton National Bank10
Littleton NC News Reporter2
Littleton NH Courier1
Littleton Savings Bank7
Live Oak2
Live Oak and Gulf Railway6
Live Oak Printing Co8
Live Poultry Transportation Co5
Live Stock and Butchers Gazette2
Live Stock Investment Co3
Livermore and Knight Co3
Livermore Gas Co5
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co11
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co of New York7
Liverpool Silver Mines Co17
Living Age2
Living Issues2
Livingston Democrat1
Livingston Herald2
Livingston Supply Co5
Livonia and Lake Conesus Railroad4
Llewellyn Iron Works92
Llfe and Light For Woman1
Lloyd Carriage and Auto Works5
Lloyd Evan and Co3
Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co23
Lloyds Register of Shipping15
Loan and Savings Bank of Hagerstown1
Loan and Trust Savings Bank of Concord11
Lock Haven Gas Co3
Lockhart Iron and Steel Co5
Lockport and Buffalo Railway2
Lockport Gas Light Co3
Lockport IL Herald3
Lockport IL Journal1
Lockport NY Journal1
Lockwood and Strickland Co2
Lockwood Co2
Lockwood Greene and Co6
Locomobile Co5
Locomobile Co of America23
Locomotive Appliance Co2
Locomotive Superheater Co2
Loda IL Times2
Lodi Branch Railroad2
Loeb and Schoenfeld Co6
Loeb, Fleishman and Co3
Loeb-Nunez Havana Co3
Log Cabin Mining Co7
Logan Brothers Co1
Logan Co5
Logan County Bank of the City of Guthrie1
Logan County WV Banner2
Logan Drug Co4
Logan Electric Light Co2
Logan Gas Light and Coke Co4
Logan Gregg Hardware Co4
Logan Iron and Steel Co5
Logan KS Breeze2
Logan Metal Co4
Logan OH Democrat2
Logan Portland Cement Co6
Logan UT Journal2
Logansport and Northern Indiana Railroad11
Logansport Gas Light and Coke Co3
Logansport IN Advance2
Logansport LA News2
Logansport Street Railway3
Logansport, Crawfordsville and Southwestern Railroad11
Loge News Co
Logger Mining Go5
Loker Cigar Co2
Lollesgard Specialty Co
Loma Copper Co3
Lomax IL News1
Lombard and South Streets Passenger Railway3
Lombard Governor Co5
Lombard IL Press2
Lombard IL Spectator2
Lombard Machine Co1
Lombardy Mining and Milling Co5
Lonaconing MD Review1
Lonaconing MD Star1
London and Chicago Contract Co7
London and New York Investment Co5
London and Northwestern Railway17
London Electric Co12
London Gas Light Co3
London Lancet1
London OH Enterprise2
London ON Catholic Record2
London Street Railway4
London Times7
London Zoological Society13
London, Brighton and South Coast Railway6
Londonderry Sifter2
Lone Mountain Silver Mines Co3
Lone Oak TX Banner2
Lone Star Blacking and Manufacturing Co4
Lone Star Consolidated Copper Co4
Lone Star Consolidated Mining Co6
Lone Star Copper Mining Co3
Lone Star Fruit Co3
Lone Star Medical Association7
Lone-Pine Surprise Consolidated Mining Co5
Lonely Reef Gold Mining Co3
Long Beach Gas Co4
Long Beach Imp Co6
Long Bell Railway10
Long Brothers Co7
Long Island City and Newtown Railway4
Long Island City Savings Bank13
Long Island Historical Society4
Long Island Safe Deposit Co42
Long Island Title Guarantee Co2
Long Lake, Durand and Corunna Railroad3
Long Point IL Advocate1
Long-Bell Lumber Co4
Longbranch NJ Record1
Longbranch NJ Times and News1
Longdale Iron Co6
Longfellow Extension Copper Mining Co3
Longfellow Gold Mining and Milling Co7
Longmont CO Times2
Longview and Junction Street Railway4
Longview and Sabine Valley Railway3
Lonhegan National Bank1
Lookout Copper Co71
Lookout Divide Mining Co6
Lookout Mountain Mining and Milling Co5
Lookout Rolling Mill2
Loon Lake Bluebird Copper Co5
Loon Lake Copper Co8
Loose Spokes1
Lorain Novelty Co
Lorain OH News2
Lorain Steel Co91
Loraine State Bank of Lorraine1
Lord and Bushnell Co4
Lord and Taylor13
Lord Baltimore Press
Lord Motor Car Co15
Loretto Iron Co8
Lorimer and Gallagher Co2
Loring, Short and Harmon
Lorrain Consolidated Mining Co3
Los Angeles and Independence Railroad2
Los Angeles and Redondo Railway10
Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad178
Los Angeles and Vernon Street Railway4
Los Angeles Barber Supply Co6
Los Angeles Berry Growers Cooperative Association5
Los Angeles Brick Co9
Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Co5
Los Angeles Buccaneers18
Los Angeles Cable Railway3
Los Angeles Can Co6
Los Angeles Cap Co4
Los Angeles Carbonic Co4
Los Angeles Casket Co11
Los Angeles Cement Gun Co3
Los Angeles City Directory Co3
Los Angeles Creamery Co67
Los Angeles Denison Block Co3
Los Angeles Desk Co10
Los Angeles Development Co3
Los Angeles Directory Co20
Los Angeles Distributing Co3
Los Angeles District Telegraph Co6
Los Angeles Dock and Terminal Co8
Los Angeles Engine Works5
Los Angeles Engraving Co4
Los Angeles Express Tribune102
Los Angeles Fertilizer Co3
Los Angeles Finance Co3
Los Angeles Fire Alarm Co3
Los Angeles Floral Co3
Los Angeles Freemason2
Los Angeles Furniture Co16
Los Angeles Gas and Electric Co10
Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation1002
Los Angeles Gas Appliance Co6
Los Angeles Gem Co2
Los Angeles Grocery Co3
Los Angeles Hay Storage Co5
Los Angeles Health Department63
Los Angeles Heavy Hardware Co9
Los Angeles Herald80
Los Angeles Home Telephone and Telegraph Co10
Los Angeles Ice and C. S. Co40
Los Angeles Ignition Works5
Los Angeles Investment Co23
Los Angeles Knitting Co6
Los Angeles Kosher Sausage Co3
Los Angeles Laundry7
Los Angeles Lighting Co3
Los Angeles Lime Co5
Los Angeles Macaroni Co4
Los Angeles Mantel and Tile Co6
Los Angeles Manufacturing Co6
Los Angeles Map and Address Co3
Los Angeles Military Academy15
Los Angeles Milling Corporation14
Los Angeles Motorcycle Co3
Los Angeles National Bank1
Los Angeles Notion Co18
Los Angeles Olive Growers Association6
Los Angeles Orphans Home6
Los Angeles Paper Box Factory8
Los Angeles Paper Manufacturing Co13
Los Angeles Photo Post Card Co
Los Angeles Pie Co4
Los Angeles Planing Mill Co10
Los Angeles Preserving Co3
Los Angeles Pressed Brick Co22
Los Angeles Railway207
Los Angeles Realty Board4
Los Angeles Rock and Gravel Co3
Los Angeles Rubber Co6
Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Co9
Los Angeles Sack Co3
Los Angeles Saddlery and Finding Co22
Los Angeles Sales Co3
Los Angeles Seed Co3
Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co2
Los Angeles Shoe Manufacturing Co3
Los Angeles Show Case and Store Fixture Co9
Los Angeles Silk Co3
Los Angeles Soap Co25
Los Angeles Soda Works3
Los Angeles Stone Co5
Los Angeles Suburban Homes Co4
Los Angeles Tanning Co9
Los Angeles Terminal Railway10
Los Angeles Title Insurance Co36
Los Angeles Transfer Co26
Los Angeles Tribune4
Los Angeles Turkish Bath Co5
Los Angeles Typewriter Co3
Los Angeles Undertaking Co3
Los Angeles Vulcanizing Co3
Los Angeles Wall Paper and Paint Co6
Los Angeles Warehouse Co11
Los Angeles Water Department92
Los Angeles Wholesalers Board of Trade28
Los Angeles Wire Works3
Los Cerros Copper Co5
Los Gatos Ice, Gas and Electric Co2
Los Platanos Development Co7
Lost Cabin Mining Co of Idaho2
Lost Packer Mining Co7
Lost Treasure Mining Co5
Lotbiniere and Megantic Railway3
Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co3
Lou-Ellen Furnace4
Loudhoun National Bank1
Loudoun Telephone1
Louis Bergdoll Brewing Co7
Louis Biegler Cornice Co2
Louis Creek Placer Gold Mining and Development Co4
Louis D'or Mining and Milling Co8
Louis Hamburger and Co3
Louis Kaufmann and Sons
Louis Sievers Sons Co3
Louis W. Stayart Co5
Louisa VA County News1
Louisburg NC Franklin Times1
Louise Mills98
Louise Mining Co of Utah6
Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad28
Louisiana and Missouri River Railroad6
Louisiana and Northwest Railroad6
Louisiana Appeal2
Louisiana Consolidated Mining Co8
Louisiana Light, Power and Traction Co5
Louisiana News Co
Louisiana Populist2
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co5
Louisiana Railway and Navigation Co11
Louisiana Southern Railway5
Louisiana Western Railroad4
Louisiana-Colorado Mining Co7
Louisville and Atlantic Railroad7
Louisville and Frankfort Railroad17
Louisville and Wadley Railroad13
Louisville Brecks43
Louisville Bridge and Iron Co4
Louisville Cement Co4
Louisville City Railway5
Louisville Colonels (NFL)27
Louisville Cotton Mills Co9
Louisville Cottonseed Products Co5
Louisville Gas Co14
Louisville Grays25
Louisville Heating Co10
Louisville KS Courier1
Louisville KY Medical Monthly2
Louisville Lighting Co13
Louisville NE Courier1
Louisville OH Herald2
Louisville Public Warehouse Co9
Louisville Railway9
Louisville Southern Railroad10
Louisville Southern Railway7
Louisville Trust Co3
Louisville Water Co11
Louisville, Hardinsburg and Western Railway2
Louisville, Henderson and St Louis Railway18
Louisville, New Albany and Corydon Railroad8
Louisville, New Orleans and Texas Railroad49
Louisville, Paducah and Southwestern Railway5
Louisville, St Louis and Texas Railway5
Louttit Home Hand Laundry Co2
Loveland Citizens Electric Co6
Lovell State Bank of Cowley1
Lovelock Willard Mines Co5
Loveman, Joseph and Loeb11
Lovett, Hart and Phipps Co3
Lovington IL Reporter2
Lowe Brothers Co2
Lowell and Andover Railroad3
Lowell and Dracut Street Railway4
Lowell and Lawrence Railroad14
Lowell Gas Light Co17
Lowell Gold Mining Co3
Lowell Horse Railroad4
Lowell MA Observer1
Lowell MA Sun1
Lowell Trust Co2
Lower California Onyx Co3
Lower Level Mining Co4
Lower Mammoth Mining Co8
Lower Yakima Irrigation Co4
Lowland Tunnel Water and Transportation Co4
Lowman and Hanford Co
Lowry Banking Co1
Loyalsock Railroad2
Lubec ME Herald1
Lubin Manufacturing Co5
Lucia Mining Co2
Lucile Gold and Copper Mining Co6
Lucin Copper Co6
Luckenbach and Co5
Luckenbach Steamship Co4
Lucky 3Oy Gold Mining Co7
Lucky Boy Mining and Concentrating Co4
Lucky Boy Mining and Milling Co of Arizona4
Lucky Boy Mining and Milling Co of Texas2
Lucky Boy Mining Co4
Lucky Calumet Copper Mining Co5
Lucky Deposit Mining Co4
Lucky Divide Mining Co6
Lucky Four Mining Co2
Lucky Girl Mines Co2
Lucky Girl Mining Co3
Lucky Gold and Copper Mining Co3
Lucky Jew Lead and Zinc Co4
Lucky Jim Zinc Mines8
Lucky Sam Mining Co4
Lucky Seven Gold Mining Co2
Lucky Star Copper Mining Co5
Lucky Strike Mining Co3
Lucky Swede Gold and Copper Mining Co6
Lucky Tiger Combination Gold Mining Co15
Lucy Furnace Co71
Ludington and Northern Railroad11
Ludington Southern Railroad5
Ludlow Savings Bank2
Ludlow VT Enterprise2
Ludowici Roofing Tile Co4
Ludwig Nissen and Co5
Ludwig-Matthews Co4
Lufkin Stock Yards and Feeding Co3
Lufkin TX Weekly2
Lukens Iron and Steel Co6
Lukens-Hazel Mining Co5
Lumb Knitting Co4
Lumber Mutual Fire Insurance Co6
Lumbermans National Bank of Stillwater1
Lumbermens Exchange12
Lumbermens Insurance Co15
Lumbermens Mill Co3
Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co10
Lumberton NC Robesonian1
Lumen Bearing Co3
Luminous Prism Co8
Lumitone Press
Lump Gulch Mining Co5
Lump Gulch Silver Mines Co5
Lumsden and Van Stone Co3
Luna Park Co3
Lunds State Bank of Vining1
Lunenburg NS Progress2
Luning Consolidated Silver Mines Co6
Luning-Idaho Mining Co5
Lupfer Mining Co5
Luray VA Union1
Lustre Chemical Co3
Luten Engineering Co1 🚂
Luther Manufacturing Co7
Lutheran Church Visitor2
Lutheran Observer4
Lutheran Publication Society
Lutheran Standard4
Lutheran Visitor2
Lutheran World6
Lutts Grocery Co4
Lutz and Schramm Co2
Luzerne Chemical Co12
Lyceum Critic2
Lycoming Electric Co3
Lydon and Drews Co2
Lykens Valley Bank of Berrysburg1
Lykens Valley Railroad101
Lyman A. Bowker Co3
Lyme CT Sound Breeze1
Lynchburg Gas Light Co3
Lynchburg Iron Co3
Lynchburg Traction and Light Co8
Lynchburg VA Every Saturday1
Lynchburg VA News1
Lyndon KS Journal2
Lyndon Savings Bank of Lyndonville1
Lyndonville VT Journal1
Lynn and Boston Railroad4
Lynn Belt Line Street Railway3
Lynn Big Six Mining Co6
Lynn Creek Zinc Mines Co2
Lynn Five Cents Savings Bank2
Lynn Gas and Electric Co15
Lynn H. Boyer
Lynn IN Tribune2
Lynn Incandesent Lamp Co2
Lynn MA Times1
Lyon County News Co
Lyon Cypress Lumber Co3
Lyon Fireproof Storage Co6
Lyon-McKinney-Smith Co18
Lyons and Clinton Horse Railroad3
Lyons Beet Sugar Refining Co3
Lyons KS Republican1
Lyons NY Republican3
Lyons-Kyle Mining Co3