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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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D. Appleton & Co1
D. Goff and Sons28
D. M. Osborne and Co14
D. Mason and Co1
Daily Advertiser14
Dallas Cowboys1
Dallas Cowboys (NFL)1
Dallas Electric Co818
Dallas Ice and Fuel Co117Dallas Ice and Fuel Co
Dallas Mavericks1
Danbury and Norwalk Railroad136
Danish Brotherhood1
Danish Ladies Club1
Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad210
Danville and New River Railroad14
Danville and Western Railway110
Danville Manufactory & Nail Works1
Danville, Mocksville and Southwestern Railroad13
Daughters of 18122
Daughters of the American Revolution1916
Daughters of the Confederacy1
Daughters of the Republic of Texas1
Daughters of Union Veterans1
Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad111
Davenport Academy of Sciences114
Davis Supply Co14
Davol Mills19
Dayton and Michigan Railroad327
Dayton and Southeastern Railroad17
Dayton Hudson Corp/Target Corp5
DC Library Association117
Dedham Electric Co23
Deep Waterways Commission1
Defiance Gas and Electric Co1111
Delamater Iron Works1 🚂
Delaware and Atlantic Telegraph and Telephone Co24
Delaware and Hudson Canal Co236
Delaware and Hudson Co480
Delaware and Hudson Railway481 🚂
Delaware Constitutional Convention1
Delaware Insurance Co11
Delaware Insurance Co of Philadelphia433Delaware Insurance Co of Philadelphia
Delaware Railroad5291
Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine Works353 🚂
Delaware River Railroad161
Delaware Womens Hall of Fame5
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Coal Co215
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad14239 🚂
Delaware, Susquehanna and Schuylkill Railroad113
delegate to the Continental Congress1
Delphos and Kokomo Railroad12
Delray Connecting Railroad122
Delta Chi1
Delta Kappa Epsilon16
Delta Upsilon3
Democratic National Committee19
Democratic Party8
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad813091
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway570
Denver and South Park Railroad14
Denver Broncos (NFL)1
Denver Gas and Electric Co117
Denver National Bank118Denver National Bank
Denver Pacific Railway15
Denver Post1
Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railroad13
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway19 🚂
Department of Agriculture11
Department of Bridges1
Department of Engraving1
Department of Health1
Department of Highways1
Department of Parks11
Department of Roads1
Department of the Lakes2
Department of the Pacific2
Department of the Platte4
Department of the West2
Department of Transportation1
Depot of Charts and Instruments1
Derby Desk Co14
Des Moines and Fort Dodge Railroad214
Des Moines Gas Co27
Des Moines Navigation and Railroad Co111
Des Moines Northern and Western Railway112 🚂
Des Moines Union Railway117
Des Moines Valley Railroad128
Deseret News11
Despatch Heat, Light and Power Co3151
Detroit and Bay City Railroad2768
Detroit and Charlevoix Railroad520
Detroit and Chicago Railroad1323
Detroit and Huron Railroad46
Detroit and Lake St Clair Railroad27
Detroit and Maumee Railroad19
Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad667
Detroit and Northwestern Railroad17
Detroit and Port Huron Shore Line Railroad328
Detroit and South Lyon Railroad15
Detroit and State Line Railroad112
Detroit and State Line Wabash Railroad25
Detroit and Suburban Gas Co14
Detroit and Toledo Railroad118
Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad7241
Detroit Belt Line Railroad716
Detroit Belt Railroad27
Detroit Belt Railway and Depot36
Detroit City Gas Co1121
Detroit Copper Mining Co of Arizona3101
Detroit Edison Co1121
Detroit Free Press27
Detroit Lions3
Detroit Manufacturers Railway213
Detroit Medical and Library Association145
Detroit Monroe Toledo Railroad12
Detroit News13
Detroit Pressed Steel Co1
Detroit River Tunnel Co717
Detroit Southern Railroad136
Detroit Street Railway48
Detroit Suburban Railway26
Detroit Terminal Railroad1030
Detroit Tigers15
Detroit Transit Railroad114
Detroit United Railway348
Detroit, Adrian, Logansport and St Louis Railroad19
Detroit, Almont and Northern Railroad15
Detroit, Bay City and Alpena Railroad325
Detroit, Butler and St Louis Railroad38
Detroit, Delray and Dearborn Railroad611
Detroit, Flint and Saginaw Railroad111
Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway10791
Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western Railroad825
Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Railroad123
Detroit, Hillsdale and Southwestern Railroad552
Detroit, Jackson and Chicago Railroad212
Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad728
Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad1587Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad
Detroit, Mackinaw and Marquette Railroad621
Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad1858Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad
Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Short Line Railroad323
Detroit, Mt Clemens and Marine City Railroad37
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad161
Detroit, Toledo and Jackson Railroad17
Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee Railroad932
Diamond National Bank of Pittsburgh115
Diamond State Telephone Co361
Dime Savings and Banking Co of Cleveland117
Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn222
Dime Savings Bank of Hartford427
Dime Savings Bank of Norwich213
Dime Savings Bank of Wallingford11
Disabled American Veterans1
Distillers Securities Co115
District National Bank of Washington27
Dodge Coal Storage Co16
Dollar Savings Bank of Pittsburgh231
Dominion Bridge Co19
Dominion Wadding Co11
Dorsey Printing Co5206Dorsey Printing Co
Doubleday Publishing5
Draper Co116
Driscoll Strawberries1
Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad230
Duke Power1
Duluth and Iron Range Railroad448
Duluth and Northern Minnesota Railroad16
Duluth Edison Electric Co18
Duluth Real Estate Associates13
Duluth Telephone Co211
Duluth, Missabe and Northern Railway236
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway101231
Duncannon Iron Co25
Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad319
Dunn Worsted Mills13
DuPont de Nemours, Inc.1
Duquesne Mining and Reduction Co14
Duquesne Trust Co217
Durant Motors1
Durham Coal and Iron Co114
Durham Iron Works12
Dwight Manufacturing Co311
D. A. Stuart and Co3
D. and B. Pump and Supply Co8
D. and L. Slade Co4
D. and W. Fuse Co2
D. and W. Manufacturing Co2
D. Appleton and Co9
D. B. Fisk and Co6
D. B. Martin Co5
D. C. Heath and Co13
D. C. Heath Publishing Co1
D. C. Perdval and Co3
D. F. Holman Railway Tracklayer Co2
D. H. Champlin and Co3
D. J. Kennedy Co2
D. L. Clark Co2
D. L. Gore Co7
D. M. Ferry and Co3
D. M. Goodwillie Co3
D. M. Read Co2
D. N. and E. Walter and Co6
D. S. Cook and Son Mining Co2
D. S. McDonald Co6
D. S. Pate Lumber Co3
D. S. Stern and Shohl Co3
D. V. Woodaman and Sons2
D. W. Bosley Co3
D. W. Ensign and Co
D. W. McNeal Co3
D. W. Miner Co2
D. W. Ryan Cooperage Co2
D. Wilcox and Co2
Dahl and Filers Leather Co3
Dahlgren Echo2
Dailp Mail and Journal1
Daily American1
Daily Calumet1
Daily Chronicle2
Daily Commercial2
Daily Courier3
Daily Dispatch2
Daily Express1
Daily Gazette4
Daily Herald5
Daily Illini1
Daily Irontonian3
Daily Jewish Courier2
Daily Jewish Press And Progress3
Daily Journal5
Daily Journal Steam Printing House
Daily Leader4
Daily Ledger1
Daily Messenger1
Daily News5
Daily Press4
Daily Racing Form Publishing Co2
Daily Record3
Daily Reflector2
Daily Republican2
Daily Standard3
Daily Telegraph1
Daily Times4
Daily Trade Record Co2
Daily Transcript1
Daily Tribune3
Daily Union2
Daily Union Herald1
Daily World1
Daisy Bell Gold and Copper Development Co6
Dakota Central Telephone Co6
Dakota Farmer1
Dakota Gas and Electric Co3
Dakota Pacific Railroad5
Dakota State Bank2
Dalhart Ice and Electric Co3
Dallas Art Glass Co15
Dallas Blue Print Co4
Dallas Brass Manufacturing Co4
Dallas Brokerage Co4
Dallas City Enterprise2
Dallas City Gas Light Co3
Dallas City Review2
Dallas Clothing Manufacturing Co35
Dallas Coffin Co13
Dallas Consolidated Abstract Co8
Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway204
Dallas Cooperage Woodenware Co3
Dallas Electric Light and Power Co92
Dallas Electrical Construction Co8
Dallas Elevator Co4
Dallas Frame Co6
Dallas Gas Co47
Dallas Gin and Foundry Co3
Dallas Ice Factory, L. and P. Co15
Dallas Ice Factory, Light and Power Co2
Dallas Manufacturing Co11
Dallas Mercantile Co10
Dallas Millinery Co10
Dallas Moving and Storage Co3
Dallas News1
Dallas Office Supply Co4
Dallas Oil and Refining Co22
Dallas Optical Co9
Dallas Pacific and Southeastern Railroad1
Dallas Plumbing Co10
Dallas Pressed Brick Co3
Dallas Printing Co3
Dallas Rug Manufacturing and Renovating Co6
Dallas Screen Co8
Dallas Show Case and Manufacturing Co30
Dallas Supply Co9
Dallas Tailoring Co5
Dallas Tent and Awning Co3
Dallas Towel Supply Co10
Dallas Transfer and Cab Co37
Dallas Wholesale Grocery Co5
Dalton Electric and Gas Light Co3
Dalton-Ingersoll Manufacturing Co2
Daly Mining Co8
Daly-West Mining Co7
Damariscotta Herald2
Damascus Bronze Co2
Damascus Nickel Steel Co10
Damrell and Upham
Dana Copper Co3
Dana Hardware Co3
Danbury and Bethel Gas and Electric Co12
Danbury and Bethel Gas and Electric Light Co3
Dane-Smith Co2
Daniel Forbes Co2
Daniel McCaffreys Sons Co3
Daniel Millinery Co23
Daniel Russell Boiler Works3
Daniels Coal and Coke Co3
Daniels Texas Medical Journal1
Dansville Gas and Electric Co5
Dansville Gas Light Co3
Dante Gold Mining Co3
Danvers Gas Light Co8
Danvers Independent2
Danvers Railroad2
Danville Commercial News3
Danville Furnaces3
Danville Gas Light Co of Illinois2
Danville Gas Light Co of Kentucky4
Danville Light, Power and Traction Co4
Danville Nail and Manufacturing Co3
Danville Times3
Danville Water and Gas Department2
Danville Water Co9
Danville, Olney and Ohio River Railroad9
Daprato Statuary Co2
Darby Gas Co3
Darby Produce Co5
Dardanelle and Russellville Railway6
Darien and Western Railroad8
Darling and Co3
Darlington Brick and Mining Co3
Darmody and Schaffer Co5
Darrow-Mann Co3
Dart Manufacturing Co3
Dartmouth Manufacturing Co8
Dauchy Iron Works3
Dauphin Consolidated Water Supply Co3
Dauphin County Gas Co9
Davenport and St Paul Railroad8
Davenport Daily Times2
Davenport Gas Light Co2
Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern Railway12 🚂
David Barry and Co5
David Berg and Co3
David Bradley Manufacturing Co3
David C. Beggs Co3
David Clapp and Son
David Cummings Co2
David E. Williams and Co2
David Hardie Seed Co4
David J. Braun Manufacturing Co4
David Rutter and Co3
David W. Lewis Co3
Davidson and Wolfe4
Davidson Brothers Marble Co3
Davidson Ore Mining Co2
Davidson Rubber Co3
Davies Investment Co3
Davies Warehouse and Supply Co2
Davies Warehouse Co5
Daviess County Home Telephone Co5
Davis and Lawrence Co7
Davis and Simmons Soap Co2
Davis Boot and Shoe Co3
Davis Brothers Cheese Co2
Davis Cream Separator Co3
Davis Douglas Co2
Davis Mile Co6
Davis Millinery Co5
Davis Mills9
Davis Mosaic Co2
Davis Sewing Machine Co9
Davis Standard Bread Co61
Davis, Johnson Co2
Davis-Daly Copper Co13
Davol Rubber Co3
Davoren-McKee Marble and Granite Co3
Dawson Construction Co3
Dawson Electric Light and Power Co1
Dawson Millinery Co4
Day Publishing Co
Daylight Prism Co4
Dayton and Cincinnati Short Line Railroad6
Dayton and Union Railroad30
Dayton and Western Railroad31
Dayton Breweries Co18
Dayton Citizens Electric Co10
Dayton Electric Co4
Dayton Gas Co13
Dayton Gas Light and Coke Co4
Dayton Lighting Co5
Dayton Malleable Iron Co9
Dayton Savings and Trust Co2
Dayton, Covington and Piqua Traction Co2
Dayton, Lebanon and Cincinnati Railroad9
Dayton, Xenia and Belpre Railroad20
DC Bankers Association4
DC Bar Association44
DC Dental Society21
De Kalb County Gas Co7
De Laval Steam Turbine Co8
De Long Hook and Eve Co14
De Long Hook and Eye Co9
De Soto Iron Co3
Dead River Railroad7
Deadwood Central Railroad4
Deal Island Bank3
Dean Brothers Blank Book and Printing Co2
Dean Chase Co3
Dean Dudley and Co
Dean Electric Co17
Deane Steam Pump Co2
Dearborn Dental Manufacturing Co4
Dearborn Drug and Chemical Works3
Dearborn Duster Co2
Dearborn Engraving Co2
Dearborn Foundry Co3
Dearborn Paper Co2
Dearborn Savings, Loan and Building Association4
Decatur Gas Light and Coke Co3
Decatur Herald3
Decatur Herald And Review4
Decatur Light and Power Co2
Decatur Light, Fuel and Power Co4
Decatur Review2
Decatur State Bank of Atlanta1
Decatur Water Works Co7
Decatur Weekly News1
Dececo Co2
Decorative Novelty Co3
Decorators Supply Co3
Dedham and Hyde Park Gas and Electric Co4
Dedham National Bank3
Dedham Water Co6
Deep Sea Exploration Co3
Deepwater Railroad6
Deer Creek and Marble Quarry Railroad13
Deer Creek Progress1
Deer Creek Reservoir and Irrigation Co7
Deer Lake Furnaces3
Deere and Co25
Deere and Mansur Co4
Deerfield Press2
Deering Harvester Co31
Deeves and Taylor Lumber Co3
Defender Photo Supply Co3
Defiance Gas Co4
Defiance Machine Works2
Defiance Sock Mills3
Defiance Water Works Co1
DeKalb County Express2
DeKalb Daily Chronicle3
Dekalb Daily Independent2
Del Mar Realty Co4
Del Rio Electric Light and Ice Co3
DeLane Shoe Co2
DeLaval Separator Co7
Delaware and Bound Brook Railroad3
Delaware and Hudson Coal Co3
Delaware and Madison Counties Telephone Co17
Delaware and Northern Railroad3
Delaware Co of New Jersey9
Delaware County Electric Co61
Delaware County National Bank2
Delaware Electric Light, Heat and Power Co7
Delaware Gas Co3
Delaware Gas Light and Coal Oil Co3
Delaware Lackawanna and Western Express Co3
Delaware Leather Co2
Delaware River and Lancaster Railroad2
Delaware River Ferry Co3
Delaware River Steel Co3
Delaware River Telegraph Co9
Delaware River Transportation Co7
Delaware Rolling Mills2
Delaware Valley Railroad7
Delaware Water Co5
Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Railroad61
Delmas Copper Co6
Delphos Electric Light and Power Co5
Delphos Gas Light Co3
Delray Terminal Railroad8
Delta Manufacturing Co3
Delta Traction Railroad3
Demerara Electric Co9
Deming and Gould Co3
Demmler and Schenck Co3
Demmler Brothers Co2
Democrat Printing Co
Democrat-Chronicle Press
Dempcy-Degener Co2
Dempster Mile Manufacturing Co7
Dempster State Bank1
Denison Light and Power Co7
Denison, Bonham and New Orleans Railroad4
Denn-Arizona Copper Co8
Dennison Manufacturing Co25
Dennison National Bank2
Dennison Water Supply Co7
Densmore-Stabler Refining Co3
Dental Protective Supply Co5
Denton National Bank4
Denver and Intermountain Railroad5
Denver and New Orleans Railroad5
Denver and Salt Lake Railroad8
Denver and Southwestern Railway3
Denver Breweries4
Denver City Tramway Co10
Denver Gas Co2
Denver Medical Times2
Denver Reservoir Irrigation Co6
Denver Times1
Denver Tramway Co5
Denver Tramway Power Co9
Denver Union Water Co13
Denver, Lakewood and Golden Railroad32
Denver, Northwestern and Pacific Railway7
Denver, Texas and Fort Worth Railway10
Denver, Utah and Pacific Railroad6
Depew and Lancaster Light, Power and Conduit Co6
Deposit and Savings Bank of Snow Hill1
Deposit Bank of Monroe Co1
Deposit Electric Co4
Deposit National Bank of Du Bois1
Depue Leader2
DeQueen and Eastern Railroad4
DeQueen Ice and Light Co3
Derby and Miller
Derby Gas Co11
Dernburg Manufacturing Co3
Derry Electric Co2
Derry Water Co7
Des Moines and Kansas City Railway7
Des Moines and Northern Railroad4
Des Moines Bridge and Iron Works2
Des Moines Directory Co
Des Moines Railway and Light Co5
Des Moines Register and Tribune1
Des Moines, Iowa Falls and Northern Railroad7
Des Moines, Osceola and Southern Railroad5
Des Plaines Journal1
Des Plaines Suburban Times2
Deschutes Irrigation and Power Co7
Deseret National Bank3
Desmonds Inc33
DeSoto Coal and Washing Co5
Detmer Woolen Co2
Detmers Optical Co11
Detola Development Co8
Detour Lumber Cedar Co2
DeTray and Weyer Manufacturing Co3
Detroit and Adrian Traction Railway7
Detroit and Ann Arbor Railway4
Detroit and Chicago Traction Railroad7
Detroit and Cincinnati Railroad10
Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co7
Detroit and Dearborn Street Railroad3
Detroit and Flint Railroad4
Detroit and Grand Trunk Junction Railroad4
Detroit and Highland Park Railroad5
Detroit and Howell Railroad15
Detroit and Lake Orion Railroad3
Detroit and Lake Superior Iron Manufacturing Co2
Detroit and Lima Northern Railroad27
Detroit and Mackinac Railway43
Detroit and Monroe Railroad5
Detroit and Northern Railroad5
Detroit and Petoskey Railroad7
Detroit and Pontiac Railroad23
Detroit and Port Huron Railroad7
Detroit and Saginaw River Railroad13
Detroit and Shiawassee Railroad8
Detroit and St Clair River Railroad17
Detroit and St Joseph Railroad30
Detroit Bay City Traction Railroad8
Detroit Bridge and Iron Works11
Detroit Citizens Street Railway10
Detroit City Railway10
Detroit Connecting Railway7
Detroit Corset Stay Co5
Detroit Electric Railway8
Detroit Engineering Society6
Detroit Gas Light Co4
Detroit Iron and Steel Co7
Detroit Iron Furnace Co3
Detroit Metropolitan Street Railway3
Detroit Municipal Railway3
Detroit Museum of Art2
Detroit Railway5
Detroit River and Lake Erie Terminal Railway5
Detroit River Street Railway7
Detroit Savings Bank1
Detroit Shipbuilding Co2
Detroit Steamship Co5
Detroit Steel and Spring Works3
Detroit Steel Casting Co5
Detroit Steel Products Co7
Detroit Stove Works7
Detroit Suburban Street Railway3
Detroit Times1
Detroit Tribune3
Detroit Union Railroad Depot and Station Co61
Detroit, Ann Arbor and Adrian Railroad4
Detroit, Armada and Northern Railroad3
Detroit, Bay City and Western Railroad12
Detroit, Charlevoix and Escanaba Railroad11
Detroit, Eel River and Illinois Railroad10
Detroit, Fort Wayne and Belle Isle Railroad7
Detroit, Howell and Lansing Railroad12
Detroit, Lake Orion and Flint Railroad3
Detroit, Lake Shore and Mt Clemens Railroad7
Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids Railroad5
Detroit, Lexington and Lake Huron Railroad4
Detroit, Lincoln and Denver Railroad5
Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette Railroad13
Detroit, Mt Clemens, Romeo and Armada Railroad7
Detroit, Plymouth and Northville Railroad4
Detroit, Pontiac and Northern Railroad5
Detroit, Pontiac and Owosso Railroad3
Detroit, Pontiac, Lapeer and Northern Railroad5
Detroit, Port Huron and Sarnia Railroad9
Detroit, Rouge River and Dearborn Railroad9
Detroit, Springwells and Dearborn Railroad3
Detroit, Utica and Romeo Railroad7
Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Railroad7
Detroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Jackson Railroad17
Detroit-Oroville Exploration Co3
Detwiller and Street Fireworks Manufacturing Co4
DeVaux Chemical Co4
Development Co of America15
Development Co of Cuba10
Devonian Oil Co6
Devonshire Building Trust3
Dewar and Coutts6
DeWitt Telephone Co6
Dexter Brothers Co4
Dexter Coal Co2
Dexter Portland Cement Co8
Dexter Sampson Co3
Dexter Yarn Co6
Dial Co4
Diamond Alkali Co3
Diamond Casein Co2
Diamond Chain and Manufacturing Co3
Diamond Coal and Coke Co101
Diamond Coal Co9
Diamond Fertilizer Co3
Diamond Forging and Manufacturing Co4
Diamond Glue Co3
Diamond Laundry Co16
Diamond Machine Co5
Diamond Match Co20
Diamond Mills Paper Co5
Diamond Real Estate Co4
Diamond Red Paint Co3
Diamond Rubber Co131
Diamond Savings Bank of Pittsburgh11
Diamond Spiral Manufacturing Co5
Diamond State Iron Co5
Diamond State Steel Co11
Diamond Water Co3
Diamond Whip Co2
Dickey State Bank1
Dickinson Cement Co3
Dickinson Drug Co9
Dickson Locomotive Works1
Dickson Manufacturing Co11
Dieckerhoff, Raffloer and Co6
Diehl Manufacturing Co7
Dieterich Special-Gazette2
Dietetic Gazette2
Dietz and Marshall Co3
Dill and Collins Co4
Dill Cattle Co2
Diller Telephone Co9
Dillingham Printing Co4
Dillman Blay2
Dillon Auto Co5
Dillon Machine Co2
Dillonvale Heat, Light, Power and Water Co3
Dilworth Brothers Co6
Dilworth Porter and Co10
Dime Savings and Trust Co2
Dime Savings Bank1
Dime Savings Bank of Chester Co1
Dime Savings Bank of Cumberland3
Dime Savings Bank of Toledo4
Dime Savings Bank of Waterbury1
Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg17
Dimmick Pipe Co7
Direct United States Cable Co11
Dispatch Publishing Co6
Distilling Co of America2
Divernon News3
Dividend Mining and Milling Co3
Divine Life1
Division Street and Reeds Lake Railway5
Dixie Cotton Mills2
Dixie Doctor1
Dixie Spindle and Flyer Co8
Dixon and Griswold5
Dixon Art Glass Co4
Dixon Evening Telegraph3
Dixon Fisher Co5
Dixon Gas and Electric Light Co2
Dixon National Bank1
Dobbs Ferry and Hastings Gas Co3
Dodd, Mead and Co3
Dodge and Olcott Co8
Dodge, Haley Co6
Dodson Saddlery Co20
Doe and Little Co2
Doe and Little Coal Co2
Doe Run Lead Co12
Doernbecher Manufacturing Co5
Doggett Lumber Co6
Doherty and Wadsworth Co9
Dolese and Shepard Co13
Doll and Richards2
Dollar Savings Bank of New York18
Dollar Savings Fund and Trust Co19
Dolliver Mountain Mining and Milling Co2
Dolores Mines Co8
Domestic Gas Co of Los Angeles10
Domestic Specialty Co2
Dominion Atlantic Railway14
Dominion Co2
Dominion Coal Co17
Dominion Iron and Steel Co18
Dominion Mining Co2
Dominion Natural Gas Co6
Dominion Park Co6
Dominion Power and Transmission Co9
Dominion Telegraph Co12
Dominion Textile Co13
Dominion Trust Co8
Donahoes Magazine Co5
Donald Steamship Co15
Dongola Record1
Donker and Williams Co3
Donohoe Coke Co5
Donora Brewing Co6
Donora Construction Co3
Donora Southern Railroad6
Donovan Echo2
Doolittle-Simpson Co9
Dooly Southern Railroad2
Dorchester Cooperative Bank12
Dorchester Gas Light Co2
Dorchester Mutual Fire Insurance Co7
Dorchester Savings Bank24
Dorchester State Bank of Dorchester1
Dorchester Trust Co20
Dorman Lithographing Co
Doten-Dunton Desk Co3
Dothan, Hartford and Florida Railroad5
Doubleday, Page and Co9
Doubleday-Hill Electric Co8
Doud and Young Co2
Douglas Electric Co2
Douglas Gas Co3
Douglas Improvement Co9
Doussang Catering Co3
Dover and Foxcroft Light and Heat Co3
Dover and Winnipiseogee Railroad24
Dover Electric Light Co3
Dover Gas Light Co7
Dover Iron Works2
Dover, Rockaway and Port Oram Gas Co5
Dowagiac Gas Co3
Dowagiac Railroad3
Dowling Motor Co7
Downer Kerosene Oil Co4
Downers Grove Journal2
Downers Grove Reporter2
Downey Home Telephone and Telegraph Co3
Downing Brothers2
Downingtown Gas Works2
Downtown Building Co4
Dowst Brothers Co3
Doyle Air Burner Co5
Doylestown Gas Co2
Dr George Leininger Chemical Co4
Dr Peter Fahrney and Sons Co5
Dr Reddick Larder Lake Mines8
Dramatic Magazine Press2
Draper Brothers Co3
Draper Publishing Co5
Dravo Contracting Co15 🚂
Dreamland Co8
Dreka Co3
Dresslar Hardware Co3
Drew Allis Co2
Drexel and Co5
Drexel Cafe Co6
Drexel Ice Cream Co4
Drexel Railway Supply Co5
Drexel State Bank2
Drexel State Bank of Chicago5
Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Co9
Dromgold-Schroeder Co6
Drouillard Iron Co1
Drovers and Mechanics National Bank of Baltimore14
Drovers Deposit National Bank of Chicago5
Drovers National Bank8
Drovers Safe Deposit Co5
Drovers Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago3
Drumm Commission Co3
Drummond and Southwestern Railway3
Dry Dock Savings Institution17
Dry Fork Railroad13
Dry Goods Reporter Co3
Du Brock Manufacturing Co3
Du Quoin Evening Call1
Du-Fo Products Co2
DuBois Brewing Co5
DuBois Daily Express Co3
DuBois Electric and Traction Co9
Dubuque and Dakota Railroad7
Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad2
Dubuque and Pacific Railroad5
Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Co2
Dubuque Southwestern Railroad11
Duck Hill Bank of Duck Hill1
Ducktown Sulphur, Copper and Iron Co7
Ducommun Hardware Co28
Dudley and Hussey3
Dudley Hardware Co2
Duff Manufacturing Co5
Duffy-Mclnnerney Co3
Duggan and Wisdom3
Duluth and Northeastern Railroad5
Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad12
Duluth Furnace4
Duluth Gas and Water Co5
Duluth Press Publishing Co
Duluth Transfer Railway4
Duluth, Red Wing and Southern Railroad5
Duluth, Virginia and Rainy Lake Railway7
Dunbar and Wansaukee Railway5
Dunbar Furnace Co6
Duncan and Porter Co4
Duncan Electric Manufacturing Co7
Duncan-Miller Glass Co2
Duncan-Spangler Coal Co2
Duncan-Vail Co17
Duncannnon Iron Co2
Dundas Gas Light Co3
Dundee Woolen Mills Co3
Dunean Electric Manufacturing Co2
Dungan Hood and Co2
Dunkin Mining Co3
Dunkirk Gas Coal Co3
Dunkley Co3
Dunlap and Co7
Dunlap-Morgan Co6
Dunlevy and Brother Co2
Dunn Green Leather Co3
Dunn-Albright-Ames Co3
Dunning Iron Store Co3
Dupo Herald4
DuPont Fibresilk Co1
DuPont International Powder Co5
DuPont Powder Co1
Dupont Powder Works2
Duquesne Cigar Co2
Duquesne Contracting Co2
Duquesne Light Co15
Duquesne Lumber Co3
Duquesne Marble Co2
Duquesne National Bank of Pittsburgh17
Duquesne Reduction Co4
Duquesne Rug Co6
Duquesne Steel Foundry Co4
Duquesne Steel Works4
Duquoin Daily News And Review3
DuQuoin Light, Heat and Power Co8
Durable Wire Rope Co2
Durand and Kasper Co4
Durand Gazette2
Durfee Mills6
Durham and Charlotte Railroad7
Durham and Northern Railway4
Durham Duplex Razor Co7
Durham Life Insurance Co8
Durham Light and Power Co5
Dusenberry Baking Co4
Dutchess and Columbia Railroad9
Dutchess Furnace2
Dutchess Light, Heat and Power Co7
Dwelling House Associates4
Dwight Brothers Paper Co3
Dwight Star And Herald2
Dwinell Wright Co5
Dyer Law and Collection Co4
Dyer Street Land Co3
Dyer Transportation Line2