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Names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, companies, committees, or conferences, with the number of people related to each.

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B. A. Ballou and Co23
B. B. and R. Knight12
B. F. Goodrich Co2411B. F. Goodrich Co
B. F. Sturtevant Co215
B. S. Reynolds Co1B. S. Reynolds Co
Babcock and Wilcox Co140
Babcock Brothers Lumber Co14
Babcock Coal and Coke Co14
Babcock Lumber and Boom Co14
Babcock Lumber and Land Co13
Babcock Lumber Co14
Babylon Street Railway14
Bachman Valley Railroad11
Bagdad-Chase Gold Mining Co19
Baker Iron Works137Baker Iron Works
Bald Eagle Valley Railroad110
Baldwin County Water Co361
Baldwin Locomotive Works843Baldwin Locomotive Works
Balkan Butte Copper Mining Co12
Baltic Mining Co161
Baltimore Academy of Medicine38
Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad115
Baltimore and Delaware Bay Railroad16
Baltimore and Hanover Railroad12
Baltimore and Harrishurg Railroad11
Baltimore and Ohio and Chicago Railroad321
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad4984831 🚂Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad287
Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad418
Baltimore and Port Deposit Railroad Co1
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad426Baltimore and Potomac Railroad
Baltimore and Sparrows Point Railroad261
Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad113
Baltimore Bridge Co17
Baltimore Car and Foundry Co26
Baltimore City Passenger Railway14
Baltimore City Schools1
Baltimore Colts (NFL)1
Baltimore Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co261 🚂
Baltimore Family Health Journal22
Baltimore Fidelity Warehouse Co18
Baltimore Intelligencer1
Baltimore Medical and Surgical Society118
Baltimore Medical Journal12
Baltimore Methodist13
Baltimore Monumentals134
Baltimore Orioles13824
Baltimore Pathological Society15
Baltimore Ravens2
Baltimore Sun326
Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway1121
Bangor and Aroostook Railroad151
Bangor and Portland Railway314
Bangor Gas Light Co191
Bank for Savings of New York832
Bank of Ahoskie14
Bank of America217
Bank of Aurora23
Bank of Buffalo246Bank of Buffalo
Bank of Charleroi12
Bank of Commerce in Buffalo134
Bank of Commerce of Cleveland416
Bank of Commerce of Philadelphia317
Bank of Delaware278
Bank of Enterprise11
Bank of Louisa11
Bank of New Amsterdam121
Bank of New York831
Bank of North America of Philadelphia528Bank of North America of Philadelphia
Bank of Northern Arizona11
Bank of Pittsboro11
Bank of Pittsburgh129
Bank of Princess Anne11
Bank of Tennessee1
Bank of the Metropolis123
Bank of the State of New York211
Bank of Washington2
Bankers Bond and Mortgage Co129Bankers Bond and Mortgage Co
Bankers National Bank of Chicago111
Bankers Safe Deposit Co110
Bankers Trust Co12691
Baptist State Convention1
Baraboo WI Evening News13
Barber Asphalt Paving Co121
Barker Brothers1114Barker Brothers
Barney and Smith Car Co416Barney and Smith Car Co
Barnhart Type Foundry Co17Barnhart Type Foundry Co
Barnum Richardson Co23
Baron of the Exchequer3
Barrett Manufacturing Co131
Barstow Stove Co14
Bartlett Music Co230Bartlett Music Co
Baseball Hall of Fame20Baseball Hall of Fame
Bass Foundry and Machine Co14
Bass Furnace Co14
Bates Manufacturing Co211
Bath Iron Works629 🚂
Baton Rouge Electric Co2111
Batopilas Mining Co125
Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn1
Battery Wharf Store Co12
Battle Creek and Bay City Railroad113
Battle Creek and Sturgis Railroad1128
Baugh Steam Forge Co26
Bay Cities Water Co19
Bay City and Alpena Railroad25
Bay City and Battle Creek Railroad1225
Bay City and East Saginaw Railroad122
Bay City Belt Line Railroad112
Bay de Noquet and Marquette Railroad214
Bay Ridge and Annapolis Railroad27
Bay State Rubber Co23
Bay State Trust Co1217
Bayonne and Greenville Gas Light Co14
Beacon Chambers Trust23
Beacon Trust Co113
Bear Lithia Springs Co16
Beardstown IL Evening Star11Beardstown IL Evening Star
Beardstown IL Illinoian-Star13
Beaumont Gas Light Co14
Beaver Land and Irrigation Co11
Becker-Brainard Milling Machine Co12
Bedford National Bank11
Bedford Trust22
Beech Creek Railroad519
Belcher and Loomis Hardware Co18
Belcher Divide Mining Co24
Belcher Extension Divide Mining Co26
Belfast ME Cream11
Belize Royal Mail and Central American Steamship Co12
Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Co1
Belks Department Store1
Bell Telephone Co246
Bell Telephone Co of Canada314
Bell Telephone Co of Missouri227
Bell Telephone Co of Pennsylvania5281
Bell Telephone Co of Philadelphia316
Bellefonte and Snow Shoe Railroad17
Bellefonte, Nittany and Lemont Railroad13
Belleville and Illinoistown Railroad217
Bellingrath Gardens2
Bellows Falls Canal Co23
Bells Gap Railroad116
Belmont Savings Bank12
Belmont Shawmut Mining Co1141
Beloit and Madison Railroad117
Belpre and Cincinnati Railroad1
Belt Railway113
Belvidere and Delaware Railroad718
Ben Hur Divide Extension Mining Co15
Benedum-Trees Oil Co16
Bennington and Rutland Railway414
Bent Brothers25Bent Brothers
Bergen and Dundee Railroad11
Bergen County NJ Herald11
Bergen County Railroad13
Bergen Turnpike Co111
Berger Brothers13Berger Brothers
Berkeley Co13
Berkeley Hotel Trust12
Berkshire Hathaway1
Berkshire Life Insurance Co121
Berkshire Manufacturing Co14
Berlin Branch Railroad11
Berwick Telephone Co16
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co36
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad148
Bessemer Trust Co18
Beta Sorosis Club1
Beta Theta Pi4
Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co11544 🚂
Bethlehem Steel Co52055 🚂Bethlehem Steel Co
Better Business Bureau1
Beverly Land Co14
Bevier-Elting Family Association4
Biddle Hardware Co12
Biehls Cleaners1
Big Beaver Gas Co12
Big Cottonwood Coalition Mines Co17
Big Cottonwood Copper And Gold Mining Co15
Big Hill Mining Co16
Big Ledge Copper Co17
Bigelow Carpet Co27
Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Co112
Bingham Empire Mines Co16
Bingham-New Haven Copper and Gold Mining Co16
Binghamton Gas Works1131
Binghamton Republican22
Biological Society of Washington235
Birmingham AL Times22
Birmingham Gas Electric Light and Power Co13
Birmingham Railway, Light and Power Co120
Birmingham Southern Railroad114
Bisbee-Fishburn Co27Bisbee-Fishburn Co
Bismarck, Washburn and Great Falls Railway15
Bittenbender Hardware Co1
Black Creek Coal Co24
Black Giant Mines Co18
Black Sun Press1
Blackstone Canal National Bank111
Blackstone Manufacturing Co23
Blackstone Mutual Fire Insurance Co26
Blackstone Savings Bank of Boston227Blackstone Savings Bank of Boston
Blackstone Valley Gas and Electric Co9195
Blaine Coal Co17
Blair and Co23
Blairstown Railway23
Blake Moffitt and Towne144Blake Moffitt and Towne
Blaugas Co of America215
Blue Hill Electric Co23
Blue Hill Street Railway59
Blue Island Railroad24
Blue Ridge Railroad423
Board of Agriculture1
Board of Aldermen23245
Board of Appraisers1
Board of City Trusts113
Board of Commissioners5
Board of Education2930
Board of Health17283
Board of Indian Commissioners2
Board of Inspection and Survey6
Board of Trade16750
Boice Brothers Dairy4
Boices Dairy Farm1
Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co245
Bonneville Portland Cement Co14
Book News12
Boomer Coal and Coke Co210
Booth and Flinn15
Boott Cotton Mills37
Boott Mills110
Borden Condensed Milk Co2
Bordens Condensed Milk Co115
Boren-Stewart Co129Boren-Stewart Co
Boston Advertiser19
Boston and Albany Railroad141382 🚂Boston and Albany Railroad
Boston and Chelsea Railroad12
Boston and Colorado Smelting Co17
Boston and Gloucester Steamboat Co13
Boston and Lowell Railroad9671
Boston and Maine Railroad93081 🚂
Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver 181
Boston and New York Air Line Railroad3181 🚂
Boston and Philadelphia Steamship Co37
Boston and Providence Railroad947Boston and Providence Railroad
Boston and Roxbury Mill Co27
Boston and Worcester Electric Companies414
Boston and Worcester Railroad142
Boston and Worcester Street Railway111
Boston Athenaeum33
Boston Bar Association1
Boston Beaneaters1
Boston Bees1
Boston Blacking Co16
Boston Block Trust of Minneapolis24
Boston Blower Co13
Boston Board of Trade1
Boston Braves2797
Boston Brick Co13
Boston Building of Denver12
Boston Celtics1
Boston City Council2
Boston Consolidated Gas Co725Boston Consolidated Gas Co
Boston Cooperative Building Co213
Boston Counter Co13
Boston Electric Light Co23
Boston Elevated Railway442Boston Elevated Railway
Boston Fast Color Eyelet Co25
Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society2
Boston Five Cents Savings Bank434
Boston Globe516
Boston Ground Rent Trust26
Boston Insurance Co127
Boston Journal17
Boston Land Co211
Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Co39
Boston Manufacturing Co46
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal1016
Boston Medical Library Association15344
Boston Miami Copper Co15
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co121
Boston Northwest Real Estate Co23
Boston Pier or the Long Wharf26
Boston Port of Embarkation1
Boston Post210
Boston Real Estate Trust35
Boston Recorder24
Boston Red Sox16574
Boston Reds157
Boston Republican11
Boston Rubber Co35
Boston Rubber Shoe Co212
Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co749Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co
Boston Society for Medical Improvement22157
Boston Society of Civil Engineers123
Boston Society of Medical Sciences16154
Boston Society of Natural History7106
Boston Society of Psychiatry and Neurology243
Boston Steamship Co38
Boston Stock Exchange116
Boston Storage Warehouse Co411
Boston Symphony Orchestra1
Boston Terminal Co312
Boston Theatre14
Boston Times1
Boston Traveller13
Boston Water Power Co112
Boston Wharf Co313Boston Wharf Co
Boston Womans Journal13
Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Co214
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad120
Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western Railway421
Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad118
Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad113
Botanical Society1
Botanical Society of America659
Botanical Society of Washington337
Boundary Red Mountain Mining Co13
Bourbon County Agricultural Association1
Bowen Art Co18Bowen Art Co
Bowery Savings Bank131
Bowker Fertilizer Co15
Boy Scouts of America66Boy Scouts of America
Boyle-Dayton Co15Boyle-Dayton Co
Boys and Girls Club2
Braddock Gas and Light Co13
Braddock National Bank18
Braden Copper Mines Co130
Bradlee and Chatman Co17
Bradstreet Co151
Braun Corporation114Braun Corporation
Brazil Mining Co15
Brazil Squadron1
Bricklayers Union1
Bridge Mill Power Co25
Bridgeport CT Standard13
Bridgeport Electric Light and Power Co13
Bridgeport Malleable Iron Co213
Bridgewater Water Co12
Briggs-Weaver Machine Co119Briggs-Weaver Machine Co
Brimmer Chambers Trust15
Bristol and Warren Water Works18
Bristol Railroad14
Bristol Street Railway14
British Columbia Copper Co517
British Gynecological Society111
British Institute of Civil Engineering219
British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co17
Broadway and Newburgh Street Railroad13
Broadway and Newport Bridge Co19
Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad14
Broadway Dept Store189Broadway Dept Store
Broadway Realty Co26
Broadway Storage Co25
Broadway Trust Co137
Brockton and Plymouth Street Railway56
Brockton National Bank24
Brockville, Westport and Sault Ste Marie Railway112
Brockwayville and Punxsutawney Railroad14
Bromfield Building Trust12
Brookline Savings Bank120
Brooklyn and Montauk Railroad13
Brooklyn Associates14
Brooklyn City Railroad132
Brooklyn City Safe Deposit Co220
Brooklyn Daily Eagle113
Brooklyn Development Co111
Brooklyn Dodgers12711
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal47
Brooklyn Elevator and Milling Co48
Brooklyn Heights Railroad6201
Brooklyn Lions135
Brooklyn NY Medical Journal15
Brooklyn Pathological Society37
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co6267
Brooklyn Real Estate Exchange111
Brooklyn Robins2
Brooklyn Savings Bank131
Brooklyn Trust Co449
Brooklyn Union Gas Co218
Brooklyn Wards Wonders117
Brooklyn Warehouse and Storage Co215
Brooklyn, Bath and West End Railroad216
Brooklyn, Queens County and Suburban Railroad2111
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen1
Brothers in Unity2
Brougher Divide Mining Co26
Brower-Wanner Co13
Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co1
Brown and Co119
Brown and Ives13
Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co17
Brown Brothers and Co212Brown Brothers and Co
Brown Cracker and Candy Co1246
Brown Land Co12
Browne and Sharpe Manufacturing Co12
Browning, King and Co17
Brunswick and Western Railroad114
Brush Electric Co1192Brush Electric Co
Bryan-Brandenburg Co17Bryan-Brandenburg Co
Bryant Electric Co271
Buchanan and St Joseph River Railroad617
Bucyrus Co19
Buffalo and Erie Railroad113
Buffalo and Lake Erie Traction Co112
Buffalo and State Line Railroad160
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad2411
Buffalo Bison168
Buffalo Bisons168
Buffalo Commercial Bank112
Buffalo Creek Railroad117
Buffalo Gas Co212
Buffalo Medical and Surgical Association117
Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal12
Buffalo NY Medical Journal34
Buffalo Obstetrical Society12
Buffalo Sabres2
Buffalo Savings Bank125
Buffalo Union Furnace Co19
Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad117
Buffalo, Corning and New York Railroad128
Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad130
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway9921Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Builders Iron Foundry26
Bullion Hill Mines Co16
Bullock Electric Manufacturing Co17
Burden Iron Works1
Bureau of Education1
Bureau of Engraving and Printing1342
Bureau of Indian Affairs3
Bureau of Insular Affairs1
Bureau of Provisions and Clothing1
Burgess Mills14
Burgess of Erie1
Burlington and Lamoille Railroad115
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad11529Burlington and Missouri River Railroad
Burlington County Railroad110
Burlington Gas Light Co6201
Burlington Light and Power Co161
Burlington Sewerage Co281
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad211
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway364 🚂Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway
Burnham, Williams and Co39
Burroughs Adding Machine Co122Burroughs Adding Machine Co
Bushwick Railroad Co1
Business Property Associates13
Busse-Reynolds Coal Co15
Butler Bolt and Rivet Co37
Butler Car Wheel Co37
Butte and Ely Copper Co110
Butte Coalition Mining Co4102
Butte Electric and Power Co615
Butte-Detroit Copper and Zinc Mining Co112
By-Products Coke Co110
BYU Athletics Hall of Fame1
B F Goodrich Rubber Co6
B-G-M. Mining Co3
B. and A. Mining Co12
B. and B. Drug Co5
B. and M. Cafeteria4
B. and M. Goldman Co7
B. B. LondonB. B. London
B. D. Hisendrath Tanning Co3
B. D. Luce and Co1
B. F. Avery and Sons7
B. F. Bowen and Co
B. F. Cummins Co3
B. F. Gump Co3
B. F. Johnson Publishing Co2
B. F. Shaw Printing Co1
B. H. Dingman
B. H. Dyas Co14
B. H. Vos Kamps Sons2
B. M. Kahn and Co9
B. Mercil Sons Plating Co3
B. S. Hale and Son4
B. S. Thompson Co2
B. T. Babbitt Co6
B. T. Peck and Co
B. V. Collins11
B. W. Carlow Co3
B. W. White Co
B. White Sons Co3
B. Wolf Slaughtering Co4
B..v. N. Mining Co8
Babcock and Welcox Co8
Babcock Varnish Co2
Babilonia Gold Mines6
Babine Bonanza Mining and Milling Co5
Bacco Manufacturing Co3
Bachelor Khedive Mines Co8
Bachelor of Arts3
Bachman Valley Railroad of Maryland2
Bacis Gold and Silver Mining Co4
Back Bay Storage Warehouse Co3
Bacon Coal Co4
Bacon Shoe Co2
Badger and Jackson Co3
Badger Co2
Badger Mines Co7
Badger Mining and Development Co3
Badham and Williams9
Baeder, Adamson and Co1
Baer-Fox Wine Co5
Bafttst Visitor2
Bailey Cobalt Mines6
Bailey Cobalt Union8
Bailey, Banks and Biddle Co5
Bailey-Farrell Manufacturing Co7
Bailey-Schmitz Co16
Bainbridge Northern Railway6
Baird Iron Co3
Baird Manufacturing Co4
Baird North Co4
Baker and Smith Co3
Baker and Taylor Co
Baker Box Co1
Baker Brothers
Baker Lumber Co6
Baker Manufacturing Co7
Baker Yacht Basin3
Baker-Vawter Co3
Bakers River Telephone Co1
Bakersfield VT Bugle1
Balaklala Consolidated Copper Co11
Balbach Smelting and Refining Co10
Balch Brothers Co5
Bald Eagle Mining and Milling Co3
Bald Mountain Mines Co3
Bald Mountain Railway1
Baldt Steel Co8
Baldwin Co7
Baldwin Gas Co1
Baldwin Gold Mining Co6
Baldwin Ledger2
Baldwinsville Light and Heat Co2
Balfour-Guthrie and Co5
Balkan Mining Co4
Ball Automatic Bolt Lock Co3
Ball Book and Novelty Co
Ball Chemical Co3
Ball Copper Co5
Ball Electric Light Co10
Ballard and Messinger
Ballenger and Richards
Balloon Dye Works6
Ballou, Johnson and Nichols Co4
Ballston Daily Journal2
Ballston Journal
Ballston Spa Light and Power Co61
Ballston VA Progress1
Baltic Mills Co6
Baltimore American8
Baltimore and Cumberland Valley Railroad3
Baltimore and Eastern Shore Railroad6
Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad11
Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad81
Baltimore And Ohio Telegraph Co3
Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat Co1
Baltimore and Powhatan Railway3
Baltimore and Yorktown Turnpike Road Co3
Baltimore Argus1
Baltimore Automatic Fire Alarm Co3
Baltimore Brick Co21
Baltimore Canaries37
Baltimore Copper Mining Co6
Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Co51
Baltimore County MD Democrat2
Baltimore County Water and Electric Co9
Baltimore Daily Post1
Baltimore Electric Co81
Baltimore Episcopal Methodist1
Baltimore Evangel2
Baltimore Evening Sun5
Baltimore Free Press1
Baltimore Furniture Co5
Baltimore Gazette1
Baltimore Hotel6
Baltimore Journal of Commerce1
Baltimore Journal of Medicine1
Baltimore Manufacturers Record1
Baltimore Marylands17
Baltimore Medical and Philosophical Lyceum1
Baltimore Medical and Physical Recorder1
Baltimore Medico-Chirurgical Society2
Baltimore Methodist Protestant2
Baltimore News6
Baltimore Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society2
Baltimore Patriot1
Baltimore Philosophical Journal and Review1
Baltimore Physician and Surgeon1
Baltimore Race-Standard1
Baltimore Record1
Baltimore Refrigerating and Heating Co4
Baltimore Sentinel1
Baltimore Sewerage Commission4
Baltimore Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co2
Baltimore Star3
Baltimore Stationery Co
Baltimore Steam Packet Co11
Baltimore Steamship Co2
Baltimore Telegram2
Baltimore Terrapins48
Baltimore Times1
Baltimore Traction Co3
Baltimore Trade1
Baltimore Trust Co2
Baltimore Underwriter1
Baltimore Union Passenger Railway3
Baltimore World1
Baltimore, Brooklyn and Cedar Hill Railway4
Baltimore, Catonsville and Elliots Mills Passenger Railway3
Baluchistan Chrome Co3
Bamar Copper Co4
Bamberg SC Herald1
Bamforth Publishers
Bamhardt Manufacturing Co7
Bamworth and Co
Ban Antonio and Holt Avenue Street Railroad4
Bancroft-Whitney Co4
Bangor and Katahdin Iron Works Railway2
Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad16
Bangor Candy Co
Bangor Electric Light, Heat and Power Co3
Bangor ME Daily Commercial1
Bangor MI Breeze2
Bangor Mining Co11
Bangor News Agency
Bangor Savings Bank2
Bangor Street Railway3
Bangor Water Co7
Bangor, Old Town and Milford Railroad10
Bank of Abbeville1
Bank of Aberdeen1
Bank of Advance1
Bank of Albany2
Bank of Alma1
Bank of Altheimer1
Bank of Andalusia1
Bank of Anson3
Bank of Appomattox1
Bank of Arlington1
Bank of Atkins1
Bank of Atkinson3
Bank of Augusta1
Bank of Aulander3
Bank of Avoca1
Bank of Ayden3
Bank of Baldwyn1
Bank of Barnett1
Bank of Batavia2
Bank of Beaufort3
Bank of Beaver1
Bank of Beaver City1
Bank of Ben Arnold1
Bank of Bennington2
Bank of Benson1
Bank of Benton Co1
Bank of Bethesda5
Bank of Bid well1
Bank of Bird Island1
Bank of Blackburn1
Bank of Bloodland1
Bank of Blue Mound1
Bank of Blue Mountain1
Bank of Blue Springs1
Bank of Bowdon2
Bank of Bowie1
Bank of Boyce1
Bank of Bradenton1
Bank of Brandywine3
Bank of Braymer2
Bank of Brocton1
Bank of Brodhead1
Bank of Brooklet1
Bank of Brunswick5
Bank of Bryan1
Bank of Bunceton1
Bank of Burchard2
Bank of Calhoun Falls1
Bank of Cambria1
Bank of Cambridge1
Bank of Campbell2
Bank of Canton1
Bank of Caruthersville1
Bank of Chamois1
Bank of Claremore1
Bank of Clinch Valley1
Bank of Colerain4
Bank of Columbia1
Bank of Columbus2
Bank of Combria1
Bank of Commerce and Savings of Washington13
Bank of Commerce of Crystal Springs1
Bank of Commerce of Duluth1
Bank of Commerce of Indianapolis3
Bank of Commerce of Jackson1
Bank of Commerce of Little Rock1
Bank of Commerce of Mansfield1
Bank of Commerce of Natchez1
Bank of Commerce of Oakland1
Bank of Commerce of Perry1
Bank of Commerce of Sulphur1
Bank of Commerce of Superior1
Bank of Commerce of Udall1
Bank of Coney Island13
Bank of Coon Rapids1
Bank of Courtland1
Bank of Cove1
Bank of Crested Butte1
Bank of Crisfield5
Bank of Cuba1
Bank of Culleoka1
Bank of Cumberland at Burksville1
Bank of Dallas2
Bank of Dassel1
Bank of Dayton1
Bank of Defiance1
Bank of Denison1
Bank of Derma1
Bank of Detroit1
Bank of Dillon1
Bank of Dinuba1
Bank of Dinwiddie1
Bank of Donaldsonville1
Bank of Dorsey1
Bank of Dover2
Bank of Dublin2
Bank of Eagle1
Bank of Eclectic1
Bank of Edenton1
Bank of Edison1
Bank of Edwards1
Bank of Edwardsville2
Bank of Eleva1
Bank of Ellicottville1
Bank of Ellston1
Bank of Elvins2
Bank of Emmett1
Bank of Eoper1
Bank of Europe of New York10
Bank of Exira1
Bank of Fair Grove1
Bank of Fairview1
Bank of Fergus County1
Bank of Finchville1
Bank of Flatbush16
Bank of Florence1
Bank of Fluvanna Co1
Bank of Fort Atkinson1
Bank of Gage1
Bank of Galesburg1
Bank of Garland1
Bank of Geneva1
Bank of Georgetown1
Bank of Germantown1
Bank of Glen Rose1
Bank of Glendale1
Bank of Good Hope1
Bank of Graniteville1
Bank of Grantsville1
Bank of Greeley1
Bank of Green City1
Bank of Greensburg1
Bank of Hammond1
Bank of Hampton1
Bank of Hazlehurst1
Bank of Herrick2
Bank of High Hill1
Bank of Holcomb1
Bank of Hollister1
Bank of Honea Path1
Bank of Honeoye Falls1
Bank of Hot Springs1
Bank of Houston1
Bank of Indianola1
Bank of Ipswich1
Bank of Isola1
Bank of Italy20
Bank of Jamestown1
Bank of Jefferson1
Bank of Jonesboro1
Bank of Kansas City2
Bank of Kewaskum1
Bank of Kimball1
Bank of Kingsley1
Bank of Kingston1
Bank of Kinsman1
Bank of Kirkman1
Bank of Lafayette1
Bank of Lakeview1
Bank of Lamar1
Bank of Latham1
Bank of Latta1
Bank of Lawrence1
Bank of Lawrenceville1
Bank of Lecompte1
Bank of Leesburg1
Bank of Lenoir1
Bank of Lewis county2
Bank of Lewisport1
Bank of Lewisville1
Bank of Lexington4
Bank of Liberty1
Bank of Ligonier1
Bank of Logansport1
Bank of Loleta1
Bank of Long Island27
Bank of Longdale1
Bank of Lonoke2
Bank of Los Gatos1
Bank of Lula1
Bank of Lusk1
Bank of Malvern1
Bank of Manchester1
Bank of Manning1
Bank of Mansfield1
Bank of Manteo1
Bank of Manville1
Bank of Marion2
Bank of Marissa1
Bank of Marshall Co1
Bank of Martin County3
Bank of Maryvilie1
Bank of Maryville1
Bank of Mazeppa1
Bank of McColl1
Bank of McMechen1
Bank of Menard1
Bank of Metter1
Bank of Middleton1
Bank of Millvale12
Bank of Monroe1
Bank of Montpelier1
Bank of Montreal19
Bank of Moselle1
Bank of Mound City1
Bank of Mt Hope1
Bank of Neosho2
Bank of New Auburn2
Bank of New Haven1
Bank of Newman1
Bank of Nixa1
Bank of Normandy1
Bank of Nova Scotia1
Bank of Oakes1
Bank of Olar1
Bank of Orlinda1
Bank of Osceola2
Bank of Ottawa12
Bank of Pachuta1
Bank of Pamlico4
Bank of Patterson1
Bank of Perris1
Bank of Pheba1
Bank of Philadelphia1
Bank of Pine Apple1
Bank of Pittsburgh National Association4
Bank of Plymouth1
Bank of Pollock1
Bank of Pomaria1
Bank of Poplar Bluff1
Bank of Rainelle1
Bank of Raleigh1
Bank of Randolph5
Bank of Raphine1
Bank of Rayville1
Bank of Raywick1
Bank of Ridgway1
Bank of Ringgold1
Bank of River Falls1
Bank of Rockville1
Bank of Rocky Ford1
Bank of Rushville1
Bank of Russellville1
Bank of Saluda1
Bank of San Dimas1
Bank of San Marcial2
Bank of Scotland2
Bank of Secured Savings1
Bank of Secured Savings of Pittsburgh7
Bank of Sellwood1
Bank of Selma2
Bank of Shaw1
Bank of Sikeston1
Bank of Simpsonville1
Bank of Slater1
Bank of South Boston1
Bank of South Hill1
Bank of Southold1
Bank of Sparta1
Bank of Speedwell1
Bank of Springville1
Bank of St Augustine1
Bank of Starbuck2
Bank of Starr1
Bank of Stephenson1
Bank of Stoneville1
Bank of Strawn1
Bank of Sulphur Rock1
Bank of Sumner1
Bank of Sunnyvale1
Bank of Sunset1
Bank of Suspension Bridge1
Bank of Swanton1
Bank of Taft1
Bank of Telluride1
Bank of Tocsin1
Bank of Topeka2
Bank of Toronto6
Bank of Trenton1
Bank of Troutdale1
Bank of Troy Mills1
Bank of Van Wert2
Bank of Venice1
Bank of Versailles1
Bank of Viroqua1
Bank of Wadesboro1
Bank of Walhalla1
Bank of Warrenton1
Bank of Warsaw3
Bank of Washington Heights12
Bank of Watson1
Bank of Watsonville1
Bank of Wayne City1
Bank of Waynesboro1
Bank of Webster Groves1
Bank of West Liberty1
Bank of West Point1
Bank of Winchester2
Bank of Winfield1
Bank of Winters1
Bank of Woodland1
Bank of Worcester1
Bank of Yampa1
Bank of Yolo1
Banker and Investor2
Banker and Tradesman Press2
Banker and Tradesmen Press1
Banker Divide Mining Co5
Bankers Electric Protective Co6
Bankers Electric Protective Co of New England3
Bankers Encyclopedia Co5
Bankers Investing Co2
Bankers Lead and Zinc Co2
Bankers Life Co6
Bankers Life Insurance Co3
Bankers Loan and Investment Co2
Bankers Loan and Mortgage Co5
Bankers Mines Co6
Bankers Publishing Co2
Bankers Service Co7
Bankers Trust Co of New York26
Banking Law Investment1
Bankruptcy Magazine1
Banksia Place Sanitorium7
Banner and Bangle Mining Co2
Banner Cement Co2
Banner Coal Co5
Banner Furniture Co9
Banner Gold Mining and Milling Co3
Banner Gold Mining Co4
Banner of Light2
Banner of the Church1
Banner of Truth2
Bannerman Granite Co3
Bannie Mining Co2
Banning, Cooper and Co4
Baptist Banner3
Baptist Chronicle2
Baptist Commonwealth4
Baptist Layman2
Baptist Messenger1
Baptist Missionary Magazine4
Baptist Monthly2
Baptist Outlook2
Baptist Quarterly Review2
Baptist Record4
Baptist Reflector3
Baptist Reporter3
Baptist Standard Publishing Co4
Baptist Teacher3
Baptist Union4
Baptist weekly journal1
Bar Harbor and Union River Power Co7
Bar Harbor ME Record1
Bar Monthly2
Baraba Mining Co7
Baraboo Gas and Electric Light Co4
Baraga and Western Railroad7
Baraga County State Bank1
Baraga MI Review2
Barber and Thatcher
Barber and Thomson Co9
Barbers Supply Co3
Barberton OH News2
Barberton Savings Bank Co1
Barbour Stockwell Co4
Barclay Railroad22
Barclay Realty Co3
Barclay-Westmoreland Trust Co16
Bardolph IL News3
Bardsen Paper Co1
Bare Rock Railroad6
Barelay-Westmoreland Trust Co2
Barkalow Brothers
Barker Artesian Well Co2
Barker Cotton Mill Co7
Barnaby Manufacturing Co12
Barnai Worsted Co3
Barnard Brothers Co1
Barnard Manufacturing Co15
Barnard, Sumner and Putnam Co3
Barnes KS Chief2
Barnes Laundry Co5
Barnes Undertaking Co2
Barnes-King Development Co22
Barnesville GA Enterprise1
Barnesville Gas Light and Coke Co3
Barnesville OH Enterprise1
Barnett Brothers3
Barnhart Brothers and Spindler7
Barnstable MA Patriot2
Barnwell SC Sentinel2
Baron Brothers Millinery Co18
Barr-Topham Co
Barranca Mines4
Barre MA Gazette1
Barre Railroad5
Barre VT Enterprise1
Barre VT Times1
Barrett and Baker
Barrett Bindery Co5
Barrett Co4
Barrett, Nephews and Co7
Barrie Gas Co3
Barringer Garage Co13
Barrington IL Community Courier4
Barrington IL Review3
Barrington Steam Brick Co5
Barrios Diamond Co2
Barry Brothers Dock Co6
Barry Brothers Transportation Co4
Barry IL Adage4
Barstow Realty Co2
Barta Press6
Bartelt-Comstock Co2
Bartlesville Light and Power Co5
Bartlesville OK Magnet2
Bartley-Kennedy Co3
Bartoli Statuary Manufacturing Co2
Barton-Cotton Inc
Basin Mining Co5
Basin-Montana Mines Co6
Baskerville Audit Co5
Baskin and Battey
Bass-Hueter Paint Co4
Bassett Jewelry Co2
Bastrop LA Clarion2
Batavia Gas Light Co5
Batavia IL Herald3
Batavia IL News1
Batavia NY News1
Batavia OH Herald1
Batavia Preserving Co2
Batchelder and Lincoln Co5
Batcheller Pneumatic Tube Co8
Bates and Guild Co2
Bates and Rogers Construction Co3
Bates Dunham Shoe Co2
Batesville and Brinkley Railroad7
Bath and Hammondsport Railroad20
Bath County National Bank1
Bath County VA Enterprise1
Bath Electric and Gas Light Co6
Bath Gas Co3
Bath Gas Light Co3
Bath ME Enterprise1
Bath ME Times2
Bath News1
Bathgate Dakota Bank2
Baton Rouge Gas Works2
Battery Park Bank of Asheville3
Battery Park Hotel
Battery Park National Bank of New York11
Battey Brothers Motor Sales Co4
Battle Creek and Coldwater Electric Railroad3
Battle Creek and Grand Rapids Inland Railroad9
Battle Creek and Grand Rapids Railroad5
Battle Creek and Marshall Traction Railroad5
Battle Creek and Southeastern Railroad5
Battle Creek Coal and Coke Co9
Battle Creek Electric Railroad5
Battle Creek Gas Co3
Battle Creek Gas Light Co3
Battle Creek IA Times3
Battle Creek News Co
Battle Creek Railway5
Battle Creek Street Railroad5
Battle Creek Street Railway5
Battle Creek, Coldwater and Southern Railroad5
Battle Mountain Mines and Development Co3
Battleship Mining and Milling Co2
Bauerle and Stark Co5
Baugh and Sons Co4
Bausch and Lomb Optical Co11
Baxter Electric Motor Co4
Baxter-Northup Co8
Bay Cities Consolidated Railroad14
Bay City and Caro Railroad3
Bay City and Midland Railroad7
Bay City and Port Huron Railroad7
Bay City and Portsmouth Railroad5
Bay City Gas Co41
Bay City Gas Light Co3
Bay City MI Tribune2
Bay City Street Railway4
Bay City Traction and Electric Railroad24
Bay City, Caro and Eastern Railroad7
Bay City, Caro and Port Huron Railroad11
Bay of Quinte Railway11
Bay Ridge Savings Bank16
Bay State Belting Co2
Bay State Brick Co5
Bay State Card and Paper Co3
Bay State Cordage Co3
Bay State Dredging Co3
Bay State Forge2
Bay State Fuel Co5
Bay State Gas Co5
Bay State Hardware Co3
Bay State Iron Co4
Bay State Milling Co3
Bay State Mining and Development Co5
Bay State Street Railway12
Bay State Tool Co4
Bay Terminal Railroad6
Bay View and Crooked Lake Railroad5
Bay View, Little Traverse and Mackinaw Railroad13
Bay, Tuscola and Huron Railroad4
Bayard NE Transcript2
Bayfleld Transfer Railway4
Baylis IL Guide6
Bayonne NJ Budget1
Bayonne NJ Democrat1
Bayonne NJ Record1
Bayonne NJ Teutonia1
Bayonne NJ Times1
Bayside Land Co3
Bayside National Bank6
BC National Electric Tramway and Lighting Co4
Beach and Sweet7
Beach and Treiber Co2
Beach Mines7
Beach Street Real Estate Trust2
Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Co2
Beacon Light Co12
Beacon Manufacturing Co2
Beacon Street Trust2
Bead Lake Gold-Copper Mining and Milling Co7
Bead Lake Gold-Copper Mining Co3
Beam Brothers and Co3
Beaman Smith Co3
Bear Book Co
Bear Creek Mining Co3
Bear Creek Oil Co5
Bear Gap Water Co6
Bear Lake and Eastern Railroad20
Bear Lake Railroad3
Bear Mill Manufacturing Co6
Beard-Hudson Printing Co
Beardslee Chandelier Manufacturing Co5
Beardsley Electric Co10
Beardstown Electric Light and Power Co8
Beatrice Creamery Co of Iowa8
Beatrice Electric Co3
Beatrice Gas Co3
Beatrice Street Railway5
Beaufort Bank of Beaufort1
Beaufort Banking and Trust Co3
Beaufort SC Gazette1
Beaumont Ice, Light and Refrigerating Co8
Beaumont Telephone Co7
Beaumont Water Works Co5
Beaver and Ellwood Railroad7
Beaver Building Co2
Beaver Clay Manufacturing Co4
Beaver Consolidated Mines16
Beaver Copper Co7
Beaver County Telephone Co12
Beaver County Trust Co12
Beaver Creek Railroad4
Beaver Dam Light and Power Co3
Beaver Dam Railroad3
Beaver Falls Art Tile Co5
Beaver Falls Gas Co4
Beaver Falls PA Review1
Beaver Falls Rolling Mill3
Beaver Gold Mines Corp8
Beaver Horseshoe Gold Mining Co6
Beaver Land Co2
Beaver Meadow, Tresckow and New Boston Railroad6
Beaver Mines Co5
Beaver Mining Co5
Beaver Mountain Mining Co2
Beaver National Bank1
Beaver Range Mine Co3
Beaver Realty Co2
Beaver River Power Co11
Beaver Trust Co15
Beaver Valley Pot Co2
Beaver Valley Street Railway3
Beaver Valley Water Co2
Beaver-Harrison Mining Co5
Beck Bransford and Co3
Beckley News Co
Beckley-Ralston Co3
Bedford and Bridgeport Railroad3
Bedford Bank of Brooklyn15
Bedford Belt Railroad6
Bedford IA Times1
Bedford IN Democrat1
Bedford Light and Power Co6
Bedford Light, Heat and Power Co4
Bedford News Co
Bedford PA Gazette3
Bedford Quarries Co3
Bedford VA Democrat1
Bee Bee Mining Co6
Bee Gazette1
Bee Line Railroad7
Beech Bottom Coal Co2
Beech Creek, Clearfield and Southwestern Railroad3
Beecher City IL Journal3
Beecher IL Herald2
Beeman Shoe Co5
Beggs Manufacturing Co3
Behrendt-Levy Co6
Bekins Van and Storage Co6
Bekins-Speers Motor Co10
Bel Air Aegis and Intelligencer1
Bel Air MD Times1
Belcher and Loomis4
Belden Manufacturing Co5
Belding Brothers and Co12
Belding Gas Works3
Belding Hall Manufacturing Co4
Belding Motor and Manufacturing Co4
Belding Street Railroad4
Belding, Paul and Co5
Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad21
Belfast Gas Light Co3
Belfast ME Age1
Belfast ME Republican Journal1
Belfast Water Co3
Belfont Iron Works11
Belgian Drug Co3
Belington and Beaver Creek Railroad3
Belisle Printing and Publishing Co1
Belk Bros141
Bell and Zoller Coal Co3
Bell Block New and Novelty Co
Bell Magazine Agency
Bell National Bank of Pineville1
Bell Rock News and Novelty Co
Bellaire and Southwestern Railroad4
Bellaire Gas and Electric Co3
Bellaire Light and Power Co4
Bellaire MI Independent1
Bellaire Nail Works3
Bellaire OH Independent1
Bellaire State Bank1
Bellaire Street Railway3
Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railway18
Belle City Street Railway3
Belle Terre Estates6
Bellefield Co7
Bellefontaine and Indiana Railroad14
Bellefontaine Bridge and Iron Co11
Bellefontaine Gas Co4
Bellefontaine OH Examiner2
Bellefontaine Railway33
Bellefonte Central Railroad12
Bellefonte Electric Co4
Bellefonte Gas Light Co4
Beller Tailoring Co5
Belleview Divide Mines Co6
Belleville Gas Co2
Belleville Gas Light and Coke Co3
Belleville IL Advocate4
Belleville IL Daily News-Democrat3
Belleville IL Messenger2
Belleville KS Freeman2
Belleville MI Times1
Belleville Nail Co4
Belleville NJ Budget1
Belleville NJ Press1
Belleville PA Times1
Belleville Street Railway3
Bellevue Hotel Co3
Bellevue IA Herald2
Bellevue IA Leader2
Bellevue Realty Savings and Trust Co15
Bellevue Water and Fuel Gas Co2
Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad7
Bellingham Bay and Eastern Railroad6
Belliveau Ice Cream Co3
Bellows Brothers Co3
Bellows Falls VT Times1
Bellwood IL Star Progress1
Belmond IA Saber2
Belmont Big Four Mining Co7
Belmont Divide Mining Co6
Belmont Greeting Card Co
Belmont Iron Works5
Belmont Mining Co7
Belmont Nail Co3
Belmont NY Dispatch2
Belmont Pharmacy3
Belmont Savings Bank of Boston1
Belmont Spring Water Co2
Belmont Surf Inlet Mines20
Belmont Trust Co5
Belmont Wagner Mining Co12
Belmont-Banner Mining Co5
Beloit City Railway3
Beloit Gas Light and Coke Co2
Beloit Water, Gas and Electric Co6
Beloit WI Journal1
Belorophon Mining Co2
Belt Line Transfer and Storage Co2
Belt Railway of Chicago7
Beltine Manufacturing Co2
Belton Coal and Coke Co2
Belton Mills4
Belton Power Co8
Belvedere Hotel Co of Baltimore3
Belvidere IL Daily Republican4
Belvidere NJ Searchlight3
Belzora-Bassick Mining Co5
Bement Electric Light and Power Co2
Bement IL Register3
Bemis Brother Bag Co12
Bemis-Richlieu Importing Co3
Ben Avon Lumber Co3
Ben B. Mining Co3
Ben Ezra Copper and Gold Mining and Smelting Co8
Ben Hur Divide Mining Co6
Ben Hur Mining Co6
Ben Vonde Co36
Bendene Mining Co4
Bender Metals Milling Co4
Benedetto Allegretti Co4
Benedict and Burnham Manufacturing Co4
Benedict and Eberle Co3
Benedict NE Citizen2
Beneficial Savings Fund Society7
Benguet Consolidated Mining Co4
Benham Co
Benham Indian Trading Co
Benicia Gas Co4
Benjamin Franklin Hotel
Benjamin H. Sanborn and Co3
Benjamin L. Ames Hat Co2
Benjamin Moore Co2
Benjamin Publishing Co
Benld IL Enterprise2
Bennett Light and Power Co3
Bennett Mining Co21
Bennett, Turnbull and Thompson6
Bennett-Stephenson Mining and Milling Co4
Bennington County National Bank1
Bennington County Savings Bank1
Bennington Gas Light Co3
Bennington VT Banner1
Bennington VT Reformer1
Benson Rixon Co4
Bentel and Mackey7
Bentley Jewelry Co2
Bentley-Jones Grain Co4
Benton and Fairfield Electric Railway1
Benton and Walter Manufacturing Co4
Benton Harbor and Eastman Springs Railroad3
Benton Harbor and St Joseph Electric Railroad13
Benton Harbor Electric Railway and Transit Railroad6
Benton Harbor Street Railroad3
Benton Harbor Terminal Railroad7
Benton Harbor, Coloma and Paw Paw Lake Railroad5
Benton Harbor-St Joe Railway and Light Railroad20
Benton IL Evening News6
Benton IL Standard1
Benton Mining Co5
Benton-Radford-Smith Group2
Benwood and Wheeling Connecting Railway11
Benwood Iron Works4
Berea Street Railroad3
Berean Helper2
Berenguela Tin Mines7
Bergen Co Gas Light Co3
Bergen County NJ Democrat1
Bergen Index1
Berger Aiken Coal Co3
Berger Manufacturing Co9
Bergman Express and Storage Co3
Bergmann Electric and Gas Fixture Co3
Bergner and Engel Brewing Co8
Berkeley CA Occident2
Berkeley Railroad3
Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Co10
Berkshire Courier1
Berkshire Eagle1
Berkshire Ice Co6
Berkshire Iron Works7
Berkshire News Co
Berkshire Railroad21
Berkshire Sunday Democrat1
Berkshire Water Co3
Berlin and Jones Envelope Co5
Berlin and Lake Superior Railroad8
Berlin Bank and Trust Co1
Berlin Building and Loan Association14
Berlin Construction Co1 🚂
Berlin CT News1
Berlin Dye Works8
Berlin Electric Light Co2
Berlin Gas Co2
Berlin Iron Bridge Co1 🚂
Berlin MD Herald1
Berlin Mills Co9
Berlin National Bank12
Berlin NH Independent1
Berlin NH Reporter1
Berlin Railroad5
Berlin Savings Bank2
Berlin Savings Bank and Trust Co6
Berlin Street Railway4
Berlin Water Co8
Bernard Gloekler Co4
Bernards Water Co4
Berner Brothers Publishing Co
Bernice-Red Rock Mining Co5
Bernstein Electric Co3
Berry Improved Seamless Tooth Crown Co4
Berry-Maybrun Co4
Bertha A Mining Co2
Bertha G. Sohier
Berundy Tungsten Mines Co3
Berwick Coal Co4
Berwick Consolidated Gas Co5
Berwick Electric Light Co3
Berwyn IL Beacon3
Berwyn IL News2
Berwyn IL Star1
Berwyn Nalional Bank of Philadelphia1
Berwyn PA Herald2
Bessemer and Birmingham Railroad3
Bessemer and Ironwood Interurban Railroad4
Bessemer and Southwestern Railroad8
Bessemer City NC Messenger1
Bessemer Coal and Coke Co8
Bessemer Coke Co11
Bessemer Gas Co4
Bessemer Gas Engine Co6
Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Co3
Bessemer Motor Truck Co8
Best and Russell Co3
Best Baking Co3
Best Brewing Co of Chicago5
Best Chance Mining Co5
Best Electric Co2
Best Manufacturing Co14
Bethany Home of Rhode Island2
Bethany IL Echo2
Bethel ME News1
Bethel Mining Co2
Bethel MO News1
Bethel Water Co8
Bethlehem City Water Co7
Bethlehem Copper Co3
Bethlehem Electric Light Co4
Bethlehem Gas Co3
Bethlehem Gold Mines9
Bethlehem Zinc Co6
Betty Alden Mining Co2
Beulah Lead and Zinc Co3
Beulah Mercantile Co2
Beveridge Consolidated Mines Co2
Beverly Gas and Electric Co5
Beverly Gas Light Co4
Beverly Hills Hotel
Beverly MA Evening Times1
Beverly NJ Banner1
Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Co5
Bevis Divide Mining Co6
Bezant Gold Mining Co4
Bi-Metallic Divide Mining Co6
Bibb Manufacturing Co10
Bible Institute19
Bible Reader1
Biblical Recorder5
Bibliotheca Sacra9
Bicknell and Fuller Paper Box Co3
Bicycle Grindstone Co9
Bicycle Press1
Bicycling World1
Biddeford and Saco Water Co6
Biddeford ME Daily Journal1
Biddeford ME Journal1
Big Ace Divide Mining Co4
Big Baldy Mining and Milling Co2
Big Bend Coal Mining Co5
Big Bend Light and Power Co5
Big Bend Water Power Co3
Big Bill Divide Mining Co4
Big Bug Copper Co5
Big Butte Copper Co4
Big Casino Mining Co11
Big Copper Chief Co2
Big Cottonwood Consolidated Mining Co6
Big Creek Leasing Co6
Big Creek Mining Co5
Big Divide Mining Co of Idaho5
Big Divide Mining Co of Nevada5
Big Eight Mine2
Big Elk Mining Co of Kansas2
Big Elk Mining Co of Montana6
Big Falls Railway3
Big Fifty Mine8
Big Five Mining Co of Colorado3
Big Four Wilmington Coal Co2
Big Horn Divide Mining Co5
Big Horn Expedition37
Big Indian Copper Co4
Big It Mining and Milling Co4
Big Jerome Copper Co5
Big Jim Consolidated Mining Co6
Big Jim Mining Co3
Big Jo Block Coal Co2
Big King Mining Co5
Big Lead Mining Co8
Big Level and Kinzua Railroad6
Big Lost River Irrigation Co5
Big Pine Consolidated Mining Co5
Big Rapids and Western Railroad5
Big Reef Copper Co2
Big Sandy Co6
Big Sandy News2
Big Seven Mining Co4
Big Shot Lead and Zinc Co2
Big Six Mining and Milling Co8
Big Stone Gap and Powells Valley Railroad5
Big Stony Railway4
Big Supply Co2
Big Three Mining Co4
Big Toad Mining and Milling Co6
Bigelow and Dowse Co3
Bigstone Gap VA Post1
Bill Barlows Budget3
Billings MO Times1
Billings MT Times1
Billings Sugar Co8
Billington, Hutchinson and Co3
Biltmore Hotel Atlanta
Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables
Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
Biltmore Hotel New York
Bimel Automobile Co2
Bimini Hot Springs4
Bingham Anaconda Copper Co5
Bingham and Garfield Railway7
Bingham Central Mining Co6
Bingham Central-Standard Copper Co3
Bingham Coalition Mines Co3
Bingham Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co6
Bingham Lubricator Co4
Bingham ME Herald1
Bingham Mines Co131
Bingham-Cochise Copper Mining Co4
Bingham-Tooele Mining Co3
Binghamton Central Railroad5
Binghamton Gas and Electric Co3
Binghamton Light, Heat and Power Co12
Binghamton NY Chronicle2
Binghamton NY Democrat2
Binghamton Paving Block Co2
Binghamton Railway11
Binkley and Wayne5
Binner Wells Co3
Biograph Co14
Biographical Directory Co
Biographical Publishing Co
Bioren and Co1
Bipont Silver Mining Co1
Birck and Co3
Birdsboro Electric Co9
Birdsboro Nail Works3
Birdsboro PA Review3
Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co7
Bireley and Elson Printing Co5
Birk Brothers Brewing Co2
Birmingham AL Courier2
Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad14
Birmingham Coal and Iron Co8
Birmingham Fire Insurance Co12
Birmingham National Bank of Derby2
Birmingham Realty Co10
Birmingham Rolling Mill9
Birmingham Union Railway4
Birmingham Water Co12
Birmingham, Sheffield and Tennessee River Railway3
Bisbee Ajo Copper and Development Co2
Bisbee Copper Mining and Developing Co5
Bisbee Extension Development Co7
Bisbee Press
Bisbee-Sonora Development Co4
Bishop and Co64
Bishop Gutta Percha Co3
Bishop Post Card Co
Bishop Securities3
Bishops Knoll Mining Co4
Bishops Letter2
Bishopville Bank5
Bisichi Tin Co4
Bissinger Brothers Co2
Bitter Creek Mining Co6
Bitter Root District Irrigation Co3
Bitter Root Mountain Mining Co2
Bitter Root Valley Irrigation Co4
Bixler Coal and Coke Co3
Black and Cache River Railroad10
Black and Grant Co
Black Band Iron and Coal Co5
Black Barb Mining Co6
Black Bear Mines Co4
Black Bess Mining Co7
Black Book2
Black Butte Quicksilver Mining Co3
Black Canyon Hydraulic and Electric Power Co11
Black Canyon Mining Co4
Black Cat Garter Co3
Black Chief Copper Co3
Black Diamond Mining and Development Co2
Black Diamond Silk Co6
Black Friday Gold Mining Co4
Black Hawk Consolidated Mines Co6
Black Hawk Divide Mining Co7
Black Hawk Expedition62
Black Hawk Lead and Zinc Mining Co3
Black Hawk Tungsten Mining Corp9
Black Hills and Fort Pierre Railroad1
Black Hills Copper Co4
Black Hills Expedition11
Black Hills Novelty Manufacturing Co
Black Hills Post Card Co
Black Hills Telegraph and Telephone Co3
Black Lake Consolidated Asbestos Co9
Black Land Lumber Co3
Black Metal Reduction Co3
Black Metals Mines8
Black Oak Mines and Milling Co3
Black Panther Extension Mining Co5
Black Panther Mining Co6
Black Pine Mining Co9
Black Prince -Metal Production Co3
Black Prince Copper Co5
Black Range Mining Co3
Black Range Tunnel and Mining Co8
Black Reef Copper Co3
Black River and Utica Railroad24
Black River Telephone Co9
Black Rock Carbon Co3
Black Rock Mining Co2
Black Traveler Copper Mining Co3
Black Warrior Copper Co2
Black, L. and Co3
Blackbird Copper and Gold Mining Co9
Blacker and Shepard Co5
Blackfoot ID News2
Blackstone Hall Co3
Blackstone Hotel
Blackstone VA Courier2
Blackstones Co9
Blackville, Alston and Newberry Railroad3
Blackwell, Enid and Southwestern Railway8
Blackwood Coal and Coke Co7
Blair and McNulty News Co
Blair Bros and Co3
Blair Cedar and Novelty Works
Blair Iron and Coal Co3
Blairstown IA Press1
Blairstown NJ Press1
Blairsville National Bank5
Blaisdell Paper Pencil Co7
Blake Allen Co2
Blake and Knowles Steam Pump Co1
Blake Crusher and Pulverizer Co6
Blake Signal and Manufacturing Co5
Blake, Scott and Lee Co3
Blanchard and Co3
Blanchard Lumber Co3
Blanchard Machine Co6
Bland VA South-West2
Blandinsville IL Star-Gazette2
Blaney and Southern Railroad12
Blankenship and McClelland3
Blanton Copper Mining Syndicate7
Blanton Gold Bullion Mine Co4
Blaw Steel Construction Co13
Blaylock Publishing Co14
Blewett Mining Co3
Blickensderfer Manufacturing Co9
Blinn Lumber Co11
Blix Scheyer Hoglund Co3
Block Light Co6
Block Mines Co4
Block-Henrich Co2
Block-Pollak Iron Co9
Blodgett Clock Co4
Blodgett Estate Heat, Light and Power Co2
Blomgren Brothers and Co4
Bloom Brothers CoBloom Brothers Co
Bloomer WI Advance2
Bloomfield and Orchard Lake Railroad3
Bloomfield IA Democrat1
Bloomfield NJ Citizen1
Bloomfield NJ Record1
Bloomington City Electric Railway3
Bloomington IL Daily Pantagraph2
Bloomington IL Journal2
Bloomsburg and Sullivan Railroad8
Bloomsburg Gas Co4
Bloomsburg Iron Co3
Bloomsbury National Bank1
Blossburg and Corning Railroad14
Blount County AL News-Dispatch2
Blue Bell Extension Copper Co4
Blue Bell Mining and Reduction Co3
Blue Bell-Belcher Mining Co4
Blue Bird Mining Co4
Blue Bird Silver Mining Co6
Blue Creek Coal and Land Co15
Blue Eagle Mine2
Blue Flag Gold Mining Co9
Blue Flame Oil Burner Co2
Blue Grass Spring Co2
Blue Hill National Bank of Milton1
Blue Island IL Bulletin3
Blue Island IL Suburban Star5
Blue Jacket Mining Co5
Blue Jim Mining Co7
Blue Lake CA Advocate2
Blue Ledge Mining and Milling Co5
Blue Light Copper Co7
Blue Monster Copper Co5
Blue Mound IL Leader1
Blue Mound Mining Co4
Blue Mountain Mining Co9
Blue Mountain Mining Co of California5
Blue Pig Mining Co4
Blue Ribbon Gold Mining Co5
Blue Ribbon Mining Co3
Blue Ridge Baptist1
Blue Ridge Guide1
Blue Ridge Knitting Co5
Blue Ridge Light and Power Co8
Blue Seal Supply Co3
Blue Star Mining and Milling Co3
Blue Vein Copper Mining Co3
Blue-Eyed Nellie Mine3
Bluebird Co4
Bluebird Lode2
Bluebird-Corbin Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Co2
Bluefield News Agency
Bluefield Telephone Co10
Bluestar Mining Co5
Bluestone Mining and Smelting Co7
Bluff City News Co
Bluffs IL Weekly Times2
Bluffton IN Evening News2
Blum and Beck6
Blum Brothers4
Blumberg Manufacturing Co2
Blumenthal Brothers and Co2
Bluster Consolidated Mining Co4
Board of Fire Underwriters26
Board of Harbor Commissioners6
Board of Trade Building Trust2
Board of Trade Journal1
Board of Wardens for the Port of Philadelphia7
Board of Water Commissioners5
Board of Water Supply28
Boardman River Electric Light and Power Co5
Boatmens Bank of St Louis1
Bobs Farm Mining Co2
Bockhill iron and Coal Co3
Bodcaw Valley Railroad4
Bodell and Co4
Bodie CA Daily Free Press1
Bodie Railway and Lumber Co3
Bodine Sons and Co1
Bodine, Altemus and Co2
Bodwell Water Power Co8
Boggs and Buhl4
Bohart Live Stock Commission Co4
Bohemia Gold Mining Co4
Bohemia Mining Co7
Boice and Grogan Lumber Co2
Boiler Maker1
Boise Gas Light Co5
Boise, Nampa and Owyhee Railway7
Boise-Payette River Electric Power Co8
Boley Mining Co6
Bolivar Foundry and Machine Co4
Bolivar MO Herald1
Bollinger Brothers4
Boltmann Supply Co2
Bolton MS News2
Bolton Printing Co3
Bolton Steel Co4
Boltz, Clymer and Co1
Bon Air Coal and Tron Co12
Bonanza Belt Copper Co11
Bonanza Cripple Creek Gold Mining Co3
Bonanza Development Co4
Bonanza Divide Mining Co4
Bonanza Mining Co of Idaho7
Bonanza Mining Co of Nayarit5
Bonanza Mountain Copper Co4
Bonanza Mountain Gold Mining Co4
Bonanza-Butte Mining Co6
Bond and Mortgage Co1
Bond County Gas Co4
Bonded Warehouse Co8
Boney and Harper Milling Co4
Bonitz Hotel4
Bonneville Card and Paper Co
Bonney Consolidated Copper Co4
Book Cliff Railroad2
Book Supply Co2
Booklovers Co4
Boone County IA Democrat2
Boone County IL Courier2
Boone County NE Blade3
Boone Democrat2
Boone Gas Co4
Boone IA Herald2
Boone Street Railway3
Boone, Rockwell City and Northwestern Railway4
Boonsboro Bank4
Boonsboro MD Times1
Boonton Gas Light and Improvement Co3
Boonton NJ Bulletin1
Boonton NJ Times1
Boonville Electric Light and Power Co3
Boonville Gas Light Co2
Boonville MO Advertiser3
Boor Notes1
Boorum and Pease Co9
Boot and Shoe Recorder2
Booth Fisheries Co14
Boothbay Harbor ME Register1
Borden and Selleck Co2
Bordentown Gas Light Co3
Bordentown NJ Register1
Border City Manufacturing Co7
Border Grange Bank2
Border State Savings Bank of Baltimore8
Boren Gulch Gold Mining Co3
Borgfeldt and Co7
Borgwardt and Ernst Co3
Born Dunham Car Improvement Co7
Borsch and Co3
Bosque County Bank2
Boss Gold Mining Co5
Bostick Candy Co6
Boston Acme Mines Co3
Boston and Alta Copper Co15
Boston And Arizona Mines Co3
Boston and Brice Copper Co5
Boston and Corbin Copper and Silver Mining Co7
Boston and Ely Consolidated Mining Co12
Boston and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Co3
Boston and Houghs Neck Steamboat Co5
Boston and Jerome Copper Co11
Boston and Lockport Block Co3
Boston and Montana Development Co12
Boston and New York Central Railroad9
Boston and Northern Street Railway8
Boston and Revere Electric Street Railway2
Boston and Silverton Mining and Reduction Co6
Boston and Texas Co2
Boston and Tintic Mining Co6
Boston Associated Board of Trade14
Boston Auction Co5
Boston Automatic Fire Alarm Co2
Boston Banking Co3
Boston Baptist Social Union2
Boston Beer Co6
Boston Belting Co15
Boston Board of Fire Underwriters5
Boston Book Co5
Boston Bookbinding Co4
Boston Brass Co3
Boston Bridge Works4
Boston Bulldogs22
Boston Chamber of Commerce3
Boston Chronicle1
Boston Clothing Co3
Boston Consolidated Copper and Gold Mining Co9
Boston Construction Co5
Boston Cooperage Co2
Boston Cooperative Bank14
Boston Creek Gold Mines3
Boston Daily Advertiser4
Boston Daily Globe3
Boston Daily Traveler1
Boston Development Co7
Boston Dispensary2
Boston District Messenger Co2
Boston Dry Goods Co5
Boston Duck Co8
Boston Electric Co6
Boston Electric Time Co4
Boston Electric Valve and Motor Co6
Boston Evening Transcript4
Boston Feather Duster Co3
Boston Fire and Police Notification Co5
Boston Forge Co4
Boston Forwarding and Transfer Co5
Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange13
Boston Gas Light Co4
Boston Gazette1
Boston Germania2
Boston Gore and Web Manufacturing Co2
Boston Gynecological Society31
Boston Herald17
Boston History Co
Boston Home2
Boston Homeopathic Society78
Boston Hygiena1
Boston Ice Co4
Boston Industrial Co4
Boston Investment Co3
Boston Lacing Hook Co3
Boston Last Co5
Boston Leader2
Boston Leather Binding Co2
Boston Loan Co4
Boston Lumber Co3
Boston MA Academy1
Boston MA American Citizen1
Boston MA Arena1
Boston MA Argus1
Boston MA Beacon1
Boston MA Christian1
Boston MA Columbian1
Boston MA Commercial1
Boston MA Contributor1
Boston MA Cooking School Magazine1
Boston MA Courier1
Boston MA Evening Record1
Boston MA Free Lance1
Boston MA Galop1
Boston MA Guardian1
Boston MA Helping Hand1
Boston MA Ideas1
Boston MA Investigator1
Boston MA Item1
Boston MA Morning Star1
Boston MA Oracle1
Boston MA Our Home1
Boston MA Pilot1
Boston MA Republic2
Boston MA Watchman2
Boston Mailing Co2
Boston Mine Leasing Co6
Boston Mirror Co3
Boston Missionary Herald2
Boston Molasses Co4
Boston Museum of Fine Arts22
Boston Musical Record2
Boston Ophir Gold Mining Co3
Boston Optical Co5
Boston Oregon Mast Co3
Boston Packing and Provision Co3
Boston Parcel Delivery Co3
Boston Penny Savings Bank48
Boston Phoenix Lighting Co4
Boston Plate and Window Glass Co6
Boston Pneumatic Transit Co7
Boston Realty Indemnity and Trust Co3
Boston Red Stockings22
Boston Reporter1
Boston Securities Co9
Boston Sheepskin Co3
Boston Society for Medical Observation6
Boston Steam Specialty Co2
Boston Store Land Co3
Boston Suburban Electric Companies13
Boston Supply Co2
Boston Surgical Society9
Boston Thread and Twine Co2
Boston Tow Boat Co10
Boston Transcript6
Boston Transit Commission25
Boston Traveler8
Boston Varnish Co3
Boston Wire Stitcher Co3
Boston Young Mens Christian Union8
Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad10
Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad57
Boston, Concord, Montreal and White Mountains Railroad4
Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad18
Boston-American Mining Co9
Boston-Butte Copper and Zinc Co5
Boston-Calaveras Mining and Milling Co6
Boston-Colby Copper Mining Co3
Boston-Hecla Mining Co5
Boston-Idaho Mining Co9
Boston-Moctezuma Mining Co4
Boston-Sierra Madre Mine Industry Co3
Boswell and Noyes Drug Co15
Boswell OK News1
Bosworth Brothers Express, Van and Storage Co3
Bosworth Inc13
Boswyocolo Co7
Botanical Decorating Co3
Botanical Gazette3
Botany Worsted Mills4
Bothell State Bank1
Botna Valley News2
Bott-Osgood Co5
Bottlers Machinery Co4
Boulder Canon Tungsten Co4
Boulder County Metal Mining Association16
Boulder Creek Gold Mining Co2
Boulder Creek Mining and Milling Co3
Boulder Electric Light and Power Co10
Boulder Mining Co4
Boulder Tungsten Production Co4
Bound Brook NJ Chronicle1
Bound Brook NJ Democrat1
Boundary Cone Gold Mines Co7
Boundary Gold Co2
Bour Co3
Bourbon County Street Railway5
Bourke-Rice Envelope Co4
Bourn Rubber Co5
Bourne Mills12
Bowden Felting Mills Co2
Bowdon Lithia Springs Short Line Railroad6
Bowen IL Chronicle4
Bowena Copper Mines5
Bower City Bank of Janesville1
Bowery Bank of New York12
Bowler Brothers4
Bowlers Journal2
Bowles Bros Co7
Bowles Live Stock Commission Co3
Bowling Green Gas Light Co7
Bowling Green MO Times2
Bowling Green OH Tribune2
Bowling Green Trust Co26
Bowman Dairy Co4
Bowman GA Headlight2
Bowman Hicks Lumber Co7
Bowman Printing Press Co3
Bowring and Co9
Bowyer Gold and Copper Co3
Boyce State Bank1
Boyd and Co2
Boyd New York Publishing Co
Boyd, Boyd and Boyd Trunk Co3
Boyd-Lunham Packing Co2
Boyd-Mangham Manufacturing Co10
Boydston Brothers3
Boydton VA Chronicle1
Boyer Harness Co3
Boyle Heights Lumber Co5
Boylston National Bank18
Boylston Street Land Co4
Boyne City and Southeastern Railroad21
Boyne City, Gaylord and Alpena Railroad27
Boyne River Power Co4
Boynton Furnace Co6
Boys Institute of Industry2
Braceville IL Tribune2
Bradburn Mining Co5
Braddock Daily News-Herald1
Braddock Machine and Manufacturing Co2
Braddock Trust Co13
Braden Copper Co23
Bradford and Kendall Railroad3
Bradford and Western Pennsylvania Railroad5
Bradford Baking Co5
Bradford Co13
Bradford Electric Light and Power Co4
Bradford Electric Lighting Co6
Bradford Gas Co8
Bradford Mines5
Bradford News Co
Bradford Republican4
Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua Railway19
Bradford, Bordell and Smethport Railroad3
Bradford, Eldred and Cuba Railroad15
Bradford, Kyle and Co3
Bradley Alderson and Co2
Bradley Electric Power Co4
Bradley Shoe Co3
Bradshaw Coppermines Co3
Bradshaw Reduction Co6
Brady Brass Co5
Braintree MA Bee1
Braintree Observer-Reporter1
Braintree Savings Bank1
Braithwaites Retrospect2
Brakpan Mines6
Braly-Janss Investment Co9
Bramley and Co
Branborg Mining Co5
Branchville SC Budget2
Branchvllle and Bowman Railroad5
Brand Brewing Co4
Brand Brothers Co5
Brandon Electric Light Co2
Brandon Mills8
Brandon National Bank of Pittsford1
Brandon VT Union1
Brandon WI Times1
Brandsville Fruit Farm Co5
Branford CT Opinion1
Branford Savings Bank2
Brannen News Agency
Brant and Fuller
Brant Independent Mining Co9
Brant Mines3
Brant Motor Car Co3
Brantford Gas Co2
Brantford Gas Light Co3
Brantford Street Railway3
Brashear-Burns Co4
Brass Co1
Brattleboro and Whitehall Railroad31
Brattleboro Gas Light Co4
Braun Art Publishing Co
Braun Brothers and Co2
Braun Post Card Co
Brazil Block Coal Co4
Brazil Coal Co2
Brazil Electric Co5
Breakers Hotel Palm Beach
Breckenridge MO Bulletin1
Breckinridge News2
Breece Mining Co12
Breeder and Horseman2
Breese IL Journal2
Bremerton-Charleston Light and Fuel Co5
Brenham Gas Co3
Bresee Bros Co5
Bresee Brothers Co3
Brethren Publishing Co
Brevoort Savings Bank24
Brewer and Smith Visual Signal Co5
Brewer Gold and Copper Mining Co4
Brick Butlder1
Bridge, Second Street and Northwest Davenport Railway3
Bridgeport Brass Co7
Bridgeport CT Evening Farmer1
Bridgeport CT Evening News1
Bridgeport CT Morning Union1
Bridgeport CT Star1
Bridgeport CT Sunday Herald2
Bridgeport Electric Manufacturing Co3
Bridgeport Gas Light Co11
Bridgeport Horse Railroad3
Bridgeport Hydraulic Co9
Bridgeport Leader1
Bridgeport National Bank2
Bridgeport Savings Bank2
Bridgeport Scientific and Historical Society13
Bridgeport WA Standard1
Bridgeton Gas Light Co3
Bridgeton NJ Chronicle1
Bridgeton NJ Evening News1
Bridgeton NJ New Jersey Patriot1
Bridgeton NJ Pioneer1
Bridgeville Lumber and Supply Co2
Bridgeville Trust Co12
Bridgewater MA Independent1
Bridgewater VA Herald1
Bridgham and Smith Co4
Bridgton and Saco River Railroad18
Bridgton Savings Bank2
Bridgton Water and Electric Co3
Brieck Brothers Co2
Brier Hill Iron and Coal Co9
Brierfield Coal and Iron Co3
Brigantine Beach Railroad1
Briggs and Ellis Co3
Briggs Manufacturing Co5
Briggs Piano Co3
Briggs Seaver Co5
Bright Carbonate Mining Co2
Bright Diamond Mining and Milling Co7
Brighthope Railway5
Brighton Five Cents Savings Bank23
Brighton IA News1
Brighton IL News3
Brighton Laundry Co5
Brightwood Land Co2
Brilliant Jewelry Co5
Brilliant Silk Manufacturing Co7
Brimfield IL News3
Brininstool Co5
Brinkley AR Argus3
Brinks Chicago City Express Co4
Briquette Coal Co2
Briseis Tin and General Mining Co8
Bristol and Gale Co4
Bristol Aqueduct Co8
Bristol CT Press2
Bristol Door and Lumber Co3
Bristol Electric Light Co10
Bristol Gas Light Co6
Bristol Manufacturing and Construction Co3
Bristol Manufacturing Co9
Bristol Mineral Spring Co3
Bristol National Bank2
Bristol NH Enterprise1
Bristol Savings Bank12
Bristol SD Courier1
Bristol TN Courier2
Bristol VA News1
Bristol Water Co8
Bristol Water Power Co5
Bristol-Goodson Water Co2
British America Assurance Co15
British American Citizen1
British American Mining Co9
British Astronomical Association12
British Broken Hill Proprietary Co12
British Canadian2
British Columbia Amalgamated Coal Co7
British Columbia Packers Association10
British Platinum and Gold Co5
British South Africa Co8
British-Alberta Mining Co1
British-American Nickel Co11
British-American Tobacco Co15
Britt Light and Power Co2
Britton and Rey
Britton Iron and Steel Co3
Broad Exchange Building2
Broad River Light and Power Co3
Broad Street Bank of Philadelphia4
Broad Street Bank of Richmond1
Broad-Exchange Co10
Broadlands IL News2
Broadmoor Hotel
Broadway Bank of Brooklyn13
Broadway Building Co6
Broadway Central Bank12
Broadway Construction Co3
Broadway Iron Foundry Co3
Broadway National Bank of Scottdale3
Broadway Printing Co4
Broadway Railroad4
Broadway Safe Deposit Co7
Broadway Savings and Trust Co of Cleveland17
Broadway Savings Bank of Baltimore12
Broadway Savings Institution16
Broadway Savings Trust Co3
Broadway Theatre6
Broadway, Berkeley and Piedmont Railroad3
Broadway-Cortlandt Co4
Brock and Co33
Brockport Gas Light Co6
Brockport NY Republic2
Brockton Gas Light Co4
Brockton MA Enterprise2
Brockton MA Times2
Brockton Street Railway3
Brockville and Ottawa Railway5
Brockville Gas Light Co2
Brockway-Smith Co4
Brocton IL Review2
Brodin Millinery Co5
Brogon Mill Co13
Broken Hill Associated Smelters10
Broken Hill Divide Mining Co2
Broken Hill Junction Lead Mining Co14
Broken Hill Proprietary Block Co7
Broken Hill Proprietary Co12
Broken Hill South Co11
Brombacher Iron Works6
Bronx Borough Bank10
Bronx Gas and Electric Co2
Bronx National Bank of New York14
Bronx Safe Deposit Co7
Bronx Savings Bank17
Brook IN Reporter2
Brook Mays and Co10
Brookfield Electric Light Co5
Brookfield Gas Electric and Heating Co3
Brookfield IL Events1
Brookfield IL Suburban Magnet1
Brookfield MO Gazette2
Brookfield Railway5
Brookfields MA Union1
Brookline Cooperative Bank1
Brookline Gas Light Co3
Brookline MA Chronicle1
Brookline National Bank4
Brookline Trust Co18
Brooklyn Academy of Music6
Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Railroad9
Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach Railroad13
Brooklyn Athletics56
Brooklyn Bank14
Brooklyn Borough Gas Co5
Brooklyn City and Newtown Railroad3
Brooklyn Coal Exchange15
Brooklyn Directory Co
Brooklyn District Telegraph Co9
Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)33
Brooklyn Eagle5
Brooklyn Eckfords24
Brooklyn Elevated Railroad15
Brooklyn Ferry Co of New York10
Brooklyn Gas Light Co3
Brooklyn Gladiators22
Brooklyn Heights Railway4
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences5
Brooklyn Mining Co of Manitoba2
Brooklyn Mining Co of Nevada3
Brooklyn Museum4
Brooklyn NY Citizen4
Brooklyn NY Journal2
Brooklyn NY Roma2
Brooklyn NY Standard Union2
Brooklyn NY Times2
Brooklyn Street Railroad4
Brooklyn Tip-Tops53
Brooklyn, Bath and Coney Island Railroad2
Brooklyn, Flatbush and Coney Island Railway4
Brooklyn-Arizona Mining Co22
Brooklyn-Curtis Bay Bank2
Brookman Manufacturing Co3
Brookport IL Independent1
Brooks and Ross Lumber Co2
Brooks Locomotive Works61
Brooks Spring Seat Post Co3
Brooks-Evans Piano Co
Brookside Mills9
Brooksville FL News-Register2
Brookville Brewing Co4
Brookville PA Republican3
Brookville Railway4
Broom And Broom-Corn News2
Broome Co Herald1
Brotherhood News1
Brotherhood Wine Co12
Brotherton Iron Mining Co11
Broughton Asbestos Fibre Co3
Brown and Head Zinc Co3
Brown and Simonds Co2
Brown and Zortman Machinery Co3
Brown Bear Mining Co2
Brown Betty Tea Room10
Brown Bond and Stock Co2
Brown Borthers and Co1
Brown Brothers Manufacturing Co3
Brown County Bank of New Ulm1
Brown Electric Protector Co3
Brown Hoisting Machinery Co15
Brown Hotel
Brown Knitting Co7
Brown Manufacturing Co3
Brown News Co8
Brown Palace Hotel
Brown Shoe Co10
Brown Specialty Machinery Co2
Brown St John Co3
Brown Telephone Co5
Brown, Bonnell and Co3
Brown, Runk and Co
Brown-Aberle Co6
Brown-Cooper Typesetting Co2
Brown-Ketcham Iron Works10
Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co6
Brown-Porter Co4
Brown-Wales Co3
Brownell and Field Co4
Brownell Co13
Brownell Improvement Co5
Brownie Soap Co2
Browning Engineering Co5
Browns Hotel and Cafe45
Brownstein-Louis Co38
Brownstone and Middletown Railroad4
Brownsville Gas Co3
Brownsville Water Co2
Bruce Consolidated Mining Co4
Bruce Creek Mines Co3
Bruce Liquor Co5
Bruckman Lumber Co3
Brunswick Advocate1
Brunswick and Albany Railroad3
Brunswick and Birmingham Railroad11
Brunswick and Florida Railroad2
Brunswick Balke-Collender Co of New York6
Brunswick Bridge and Ferry Co3
Brunswick Consolidated Gold Mining Co7
Brunswick Gas Light Co2
Brunswick Light and Water Co2
Brunswick MD Herald1
Brunswick ME Herald1
Brunswick ME Telegraph2
Brunswick Street Railroad4
Brunswick Terminal and Railway Securities Co16
Brunswick-Balke Collender Co20
Brunswig Drug Co27
Brush Electric Illuminating Co8
Brush Electric Light and Power Co5
Bryan and Bradford16
Bryan OH Press2
Bryan Telephone Co10
Bryant Park Bank11
Bryant Real Estate Trust2
Bryant Upholstered Furniture Co5
Bryce Baking Co3
Brydon Bros Harness and Saddlery Co7
Bryson City Bank of Bryson City1
Bubiers Popular Electrician1
Buchanan Furniture Co3
Buckeye Belmont Mines Co4
Buckeye Cotton Oil Co53
Buckeye Electric Co4
Buckeye Furnace Co3
Buckeye Mines and Milling Co3
Buckeye Mines Co6
Buckeye Mining and Smelting Co7
Buckeye Mining Co of California6
Buckeye National Bank1
Buckeye News Co
Buckeye Steel Castings Co8
Buckeye Tonopah Mining Co5
Buckfield Branch Railroad8
Buckhannon Light and Water Co5
Buckhannon River Coal Co2
Buckhorn and Boulder Mining Co7
Buckhorn Syndicate2
Buckley and Douglas Lumber Co11
Buckley and Douglas Railroad10
Bucklin and Emrath Co3
Buckminster Trust3
Buckner-Saunders Lumber Co2
Bucks Monthly1
Bucks Stove and Range Co12
Buckshot Mining Co6
Buckskin Fibre Box Co2
Bucksport and Elk River Railroad3
Bucksport ME Eagle1
Bucyrus Development Co6
Bucyrus Gas Light and Fuel Co2
Bucyrus Light and Power Co6
Buda Foundry and Manufacturing Co4
Buda IL Plain Dealer1
Budget Co3
Budke Stamping Co4
Buell Planing Mill Co46
Buena Tierra Mining Co7
Buena Ventura Plantation Co3
Buena Vista Co5
Buena Vista CO Herald1
Buena Vista Mines Co11
Buena Vista VA Herald2
Buerkle Plumbing Co3
Buettell Brothers Co
Bufa Mining, Milling and Smelting Co5
Buffalo Academy of Medicine31
Buffalo All-Americans69
Buffalo and Alleghany Valley Railroad15
Buffalo and Jamestown Railroad2
Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway5
Buffalo and Niagara Falls Electric Light and Power Co11
Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad18
Buffalo and Southwestern Railroad4
Buffalo and Washington Railroad3
Buffalo Bank of Buffalo1
Buffalo Bisons (NFL)83
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser1
Buffalo Creek Transfer Railroad6
Buffalo Dry Dock Co2
Buffalo East Side Street Railway4
Buffalo Evening News6
Buffalo Forge Co3
Buffalo Gas Light Co3
Buffalo General Electric Co12
Buffalo Iron Mining Co3
Buffalo Mines10
Buffalo Mining Co2
Buffalo MO Reflex2
Buffalo Mutual Gas Light Co4
Buffalo Natural Gas Fuel Co3
Buffalo ND Express1
Buffalo News Co
Buffalo NY Courier9
Buffalo NY Courier and Enauirer1
Buffalo NY Echo2
Buffalo NY Express2
Buffalo NY Times1
Buffalo Paper and Post Card Co
Buffalo Rangers24
Buffalo Run, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Railroad10
Buffalo Stationery Co
Buffalo Steam Pump Co1
Buffalo Street Railroad4
Buffalo Valley Mines Co1
Buffalo, Attica and Arcade Railroad7
Buffalo, Bayou Brazos and Colorado Railroad2
Buffalo, New York and Erie Railroad6
Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad7
Buffalo-New Mexico Mines Co5
Buick Motor Co121
Builders Manufacturing Co2
Builders Painting and Decorating Co2
Builders Supply Co10
Builders Weekly1
Building Material Exchange of New York14
Bulger Block Coal Co3
Bull Hill Mining and Development Co6
Bull Valley Gold Mines Co5
Bull Valley Hassiampie Gold Mining Co7
Bullard and Gormley Co3
Bulletin of Bibliographing1
Bulletin of Pharmacy2
Bulletin of the National Wool Growers Association1
Bulletin Printing and Manufacturing Co1
Bullfinch Proprietary3
Bullington Drug Co7
Bullion Bar Mining and Development Co7
Bullion Beck and Champion Mining Co8
Bullion Divide Mining Co7
Bullion Mining Co6
Bullion Mining Co of Nevada6
Bullocks Store260
Bullshead Mining and Smelting Co4
Bullwacker Consolidated Mines Co5
Bully Cave Co5
Bully Hill Copper Mining and Smelting Co6
Bumham Coal Co2
Bumstead and Co
Bunceton MO Eagle2
Bundy Manufacturing Co5
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Co10
Bunker Hill Copper Co5
Bunker Hill IL Gazette-News3
Bunker Hill Mines Co11
Bunker Hill National Bank10
Bunker Hill Smelter3
Bunker Saddle Co3
Bunnell Machinery Co3
Buntings Pharmacy3
Burbank and Ryder Varnish Co4
Burchard NE Times2
Burd and Fletecher Printing Co
Burden Iron Co12
Burdett-Rowntree Manufacturing Co3
Burditt and Williams Co4
Bureau County IL Record2
Bureau County IL Republican3
Bureau County IL Tribune3
Bureau of American Ancestry
Bureau of Construction and Repair
Bureau of Corporations11
Bureau of Fine Arts6
Bureau of Navigation
Bureau of Ordnance
Bureau of Power and Light6
Bureau of Railway Economics6
Bureau of Yards and Docks
Burger Van and Storage Co6
Burgess and Wray Paper Co3
Burgess Steel and Iron Works4
Burgess Sulphite Fiber Co3
Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co2
Burgettstown National Bank1
Burk and Co26
Burke Engineering Co2
Burkett Distributing Co
Burkhard Brothers
Burkhardt Brewing Co2
Burlee Dry Dock Co2
Burley and Co5
Burlingame Chemical Co3
Burlington and Northwestern Railroad10
Burlington and Ohio River Railroad2
Burlington and Western Railroad2
Burlington County National Bank of Medford1
Burlington County NJ Democrat1
Burlington Free Press11
Burlington Gas Co2
Burlington IA Gazette1
Burlington KS News1
Burlington NJ Enterprise2
Burlington NJ Evening Reporter1
Burlington NJ Gazette1
Burlington Railway4
Burlington Rolling Hill Co4
Burlington VT Eakth1
Burlington VT News1
Burlington VT Sentinel6
Burlington-Boulder Mining Co3
Burnet TX Bulletin2
Burnett County State Bank1
Burnham Basket Co3
Burns Brothers Co12
Burnside and Cumberland River Railway4
Burnt River Dredging Co2
Burr Creamery Co7
Burr Mining Co6
Burrill National Bank of Ellsworth1
Burritt Savings Bank2
Burro Mountain Branch2
Burros Development Co3
Burroughs Adding Mach Co9
Burroughs-White Trunk Co4
Burrows and Kenyon3
Burrows Brothers Publishing Co1
Burrton KS Chronicle2
Burton Electric Co4
Burton Lumber Co4
Burton Pierce Co4
Burton Powder Co3
Burwell and Dunn Co28
Burwell Walker Co15
Busch Sulzer Co2
Bush and Gerts Piano and Organ Co2
Bush and Gerts Piano Co21
Bush Mines2
Bush Temple Conservatory5
Bush Temple of Music5
Bush Terminal Co15
Bush Terminal Railroad11
Bushnell IL Record3
Bushnell Kurz Lumber Co4
Bushwick Savings Bank25
Business Directory2
Business Real Estate Trust2
Business Statistics2
Butler Beef and Provision Co2
Butler Brothers11
Butler County Light Co2
Butler County National Bank13
Butler Divide Mining Co6
Butler Doll Stand Co5
Butler GA Herald1
Butler IN Herald1
Butler Land and Improvement Co3
Butler Light, Heat and Motor Co6
Butler Mill Co7
Butler Mils2
Butler MO Times1
Butler NJ Pilot1
Butler PA Times2
Butler Passenger Railway2
Butler Savings and Trust Co6
Butler Savings Bank1
Butler Street Foundry and Iron Co3
Butler Water Co6
Butler Water, Light and Power Co6
Butler, Sheldon and Co7
Butler-Schutze Co7
Butlers Journal2
Butlers Tin Mine1
Butlerville state Bank1
Butte and Anaconda Consolidated Mining and Milling Co5
Butte and Arizona Copper Mining Co9
Butte and Boston Consolidated Mining Co21
Butte and Coeur D'alene Mining Co8
Butte and Corbin Consolidated Copper Mining Co4
Butte and Georgetown Mining and Milling Co5
Butte and Great Falls Mining Co13
Butte and Greenwater Copper Co4
Butte and London Copper Development Co17
Butte and Plutus Mining Co3
Butte and Red Eagle Copper Co2
Butte and Rocher De Boule Copper Co5
Butte and Superior Copper Co11
Butte and Superior Mining Co10
Butte and Yerington Copper Co7
Butte and Zenith City Mining Co8
Butte Bullwhacker Mining Co4
Butte Cable Copper and Gold Mining Co12
Butte Central Mining and Milling Co7
Butte City Railway4
Butte Copper and Zinc Co14
Butte Copper Co5
Butte Copper Czar Mining Co2
Butte Copper King Mining Co2
Butte Divide Mining Co5
Butte East Slope Mining Co3
Butte Exemption Copper Co6
Butte Gas Light and Coke Co4
Butte Hill Copper Mining Co7
Butte Lode Extension Mining Co3
Butte Main Range Copper Mining Co8
Butte Mine Exploration Co2
Butte Ramsdell Copper Mining Co4
Butte Standard Copper Mining Co5
Butte Vipond Gold Mining and Milling Co4
Butte Water Co3
Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway23
Butte-Ballaklava Copper Co11
Butte-Chewelah Copper Co5
Butte-Deer Lodge Mining Co5
Butte-Duluth Mining Co6
Butte-Jardine Metal Mines Co5
Butte-Kansas Mines Co4
Butte-Minnesota Mining Co9
Butte-New York Copper Co7
Butte-Summit Copper Co3
Butte-Wall Street Mining Co4
Butterfield and Mitchell Electric, Cooking and Heating Co4
Butterfly Mine2
Butterick Co11
Butterick Publishing Co2
Butts and Ordway Co5
Byfield Woolen Co2
Byron Harmon
Byron Jackson Iron Works9
Byron Truell Co3
Bystrom Gas Lamp Co2