Iva Elva Kathryne Gernhart

Death:Friday, February 24, 1911
Obit:Friday, March 3, 1911
Sherman Co, Kansas

Obituary Of Iva Elva Kathryne Gernhart Iva Elva Kathryne, infant daughter of Henry and Rossie Gernhart, passed from this earth to live with Jesus, who said, "Suffer little children to God Knoweth best. He giveth, he come unto me." Likewise said, "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven." On Friday, a.m. Feb. 24, God called the little life to Him. Fifteen short days did she gladden the hearts of her fond parents and brothers. How tender was the love for the darling babe. But God knoweth best. He giveth, He taken away. The little life budded here, is blossoming in the grand beyond and will beckon its loved ones to the great white throne, where God has promised to reunite all who all upon and honor Him.

Source: The Goodland (KS) Republic

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