Charles Lewis Parker

Obit:Friday, March 3, 1911
Sheridan Co, Kansas

Obituary of Charly Parker From his home, on January 29, 1911, the heavenly father who doeth all things for the best, saw fit to removed from our midst our friend, Charley Parker. Charles Lewis, son of Laban and Lydia Parker, was born August 15, 1894, being in the time of his death 16 years, 5 months and 14 days of age. He lived with his parents near Marvin, until January 31, 1908, then moved with them to their present home south of Kanorado, in Sherman county. As a friend he will be missed by all. But not to be compared to this, is the place left vacant in the home. As a son he was obedient and faithful to his parents. As a brother and companion he was kind and considerate of all. Although not a Christian during his life, he was converted before his death and gave a beautiful illustration to those surrounding his beside, of the case in which a person may leave this world safe in the arms of the Savior. He leaves to mourn his loss a father, mother, three sisters, three brothers, besides numerous other relatives. The funeral services were conducted at Kanorado, from the M. E. church by the pastor, and he was laid to rest in the cemetery at Kanorado.

Source: The Goodland (KS) Republic

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