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Military Ancestors, US Civil War, (13)

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Regiment Company:
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Below are the companies in this regiment, the counties from where many of the people came (if known), and some of the staff (if defined). If you know that someone below has a page on Our Family Tree, click the name below and choose the right person.

F&SCol William R. Cox, Col Charles C. Tew, Col John P. Cobb
ARifle RengersNew Hanover Co, NC; Wake Co, NCCapt William M. Norman, Capt James B. Waugh, 1st Lt Benjamin F. Bray
BWilson Co, NCCapt John C. Gorman, 1st Lt Calvin Barnes, 1st Lt William Howard
CTopsail RiflesCarteret Co, NC; Wayne Co, NCCapt Gideon M. Roberts, Capt Nathan B. Whitfield, 2nd Lt William W. Loftin
DWayne Co, NCCapt Isaac.C. Applewhite, Capt Matt. Manly, 2nd Lt Joseph C. Pierce
ENash Co, NC; Guilford Co, NCCapt J.H. Morehead, Capt Henry C. Gorrell, Capt J.T. Scales
FCraven Co, NCCapt Hugh L. Cole, Capt Nathaniel M. Chadwick, 1st Lt Furnifold G. Heritage
GJones Rifle GuardsJones Co, NCCapt Harvey A. Sawyer, Capt William J. Dickerson, Capt Orren Williams
HWayne Co, NCCapt James A. Washington, Capt Bryan W. Cobb, Capt John. P. Cobh
IBeaufort RiflesCraven Co, NCCapt Daniel W. Hurtt, Capt Sylvester Taylor, 1st Lt John P. Dillingham
KElm City RiflesCraven Co, NCCapt George L. Lewis, Capt Alexander Miller, 1st Lt Richard D. Hancock

The 2nd NC Infantry regiment service included these battles, though the people below may or may not have been there, depending on their period of service.

US Civil WarLeesburg21 Oct 1861
US Civil WarSeven Pines31 May 1862
US Civil WarAntietam17 Sep 1862
US Civil WarFredericksburg11 Dec 1862
US Civil WarStones River31 Dec 1862
US Civil WarGettysburg1 Jul 1863
US Civil WarSpotsylvania Court House8 May 1864
US Civil WarCold HarborJun 1864

William R. Cox,Charles C. Tew,John P. Cobb,George L. Kirby,Daniel W. Hurtt,William M. Norman,William T. Faircloth

2nd NC Infantry

Staff Included:

  1. William R. Cox, Col, Co F&S
  2. Charles C. Tew, Col, Co F&S
  3. John P. Cobb, Col, Co F&S
  4. George L. Kirby, Surgeon, Co F&S
  5. Daniel W. Hurtt, Maj, Co F&S
  6. William M. Norman, Capt, Co A
  7. William T. Faircloth, Capt, AQM, Co C

Years: 1861-1865

Soldiers: 2,714

Battles Included:

Leesburg21 Oct 1861
Seven Pines31 May 1862
Antietam17 Sep 1862
Fredericksburg11 Dec 1862
Stones River31 Dec 1862
Gettysburg1 Jul 1863
Spotsylvania Court House8 May 1864
Cold HarborJun 1864
W.H.H. Cobb,Richard D. Hancock,William J. Street,Edward King Bryan,Edward J. Brooks,A.J. Casey,N. Collin Hughes,Samuel R. Street

Staff Included:

  1. W.H.H. Cobb, Asst Surgeon, Co F&S
  2. Richard D. Hancock, 1st Lt, Co K
  3. William J. Street, 2nd Lt, Co K
  4. Edward King Bryan, 2nd Lt, Co I
  5. Edward J. Brooks, Orderly Sgt, Co I
  6. A.J. Casey, Pvt, Co H
  7. N. Collin Hughes, 1st Lt, Adjutant
  8. Samuel R. Street, Corp, Co K

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