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Military Ancestors by Regiment, List of People of the OH 23rd Infantry, USA, US Civil War (2)

This is not a complete list, but only those people who have been entered as leaves on Our Family Tree. If you know of one who is not here, login and add them.

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Below are the companies in this regiment, the counties from where many of the people came (if known), and some of the staff (if defined). If you know that someone below has a page on Our Family Tree, click the name below and choose the right person.

ACrawford Co, OH; Cuyahoga Co, OH
BCrawford Co, OH
CCrawford Co, OH
DLorain Co, OH; Cuyahoga Co, OH
EMahoning Co, OH; Trumbull Co, OH
FCrawford Co, OH
GCrawford Co, OH
ICuyahoga Co, OH
KLorain Co, OH

23rd OH Infantry

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