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Military Ancestors by Regiment, List of People of the NC 12th Infantry, Confederate States, US Civil War (16)

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Below are the companies in this regiment, the counties from where many of the people came (if known), and some of the staff (if defined). If you know that someone below has a page on Our Family Tree, click the name below and choose the right person.

F&SCol Solomon Williams, Col Charles E. Lightfoot, Col H.P. Coleman
ACatawba Co, NCCapt John Ray, Capt D.P. Rowe, 1st Lt W.F. Sherrill
BGranville Co, NCCapt Henry Eaton Coleman, Capt John Tillinghast Taylor, Capt Masilion F. Taylor
CDuplin Co, NC; Warren Co, NCCapt Thomas L. Jones, Capt William S. Davis, Capt Kemp Plummer
DRobeson Co, NC; Granville Co, NCCapt George Wortham, Capt Augustus Landis, Jr., Capt A.F. Spencer
ECleveland Co, NCMaj Augustus W. Burton, Capt Plato Durham, Capt J.W. Gidney
FWarren Co, NCCapt Benjamin O. Wade, Capt John R. Trumbull, 1st Lt Nathaniel S. Mosely
GHalifax Co, NCCapt James H. Whitaker, Capt J.H. Brickell, Capt John Torney
HNash Co, NCCapt William T. Williams, Capt William H. Blount, Capt William H. Bunn
IHalifax Co, NCCapt William H. Kitchin, Capt Shugan Snow, 1st Lt N.M. Long
KWarren Co, NC; Franklin Co, NCCapt Robert W. Alston, Capt Robert S. Williams, Capt Philip G. Alston
LFranklin Co, NC; Tyrrell Co, NC
MCamden Co, NC
NNorthampton Co, NC
ONorthampton Co, NC

Solomon Williams,Plato Durham,William H. Kitchin,John T. Gregory,Junius C. Battle

12th NC Infantry

Staff Included:

  1. Solomon Williams, Col, Co F&S
  2. Plato Durham, Capt, Co E
  3. William H. Kitchin, Capt, Co I
  4. John T. Gregory, Adjutant, Co F&S
  5. Junius C. Battle, Pvt, Co D

Years: 1861-1865

Soldiers: 3,125

John Arrington,James Albert Sherrill,Horace Palmer,Harry G. Williams,James Ferdinand Robinson,Miles Osborne Sherrill

Staff Included:

  1. John Arrington, Color Sergeant, Co I
  2. James Albert Sherrill, Pvt, Co A
  3. Horace Palmer, Pvt, Co C
  4. Harry G. Williams, Pvt, Co C
  5. James Ferdinand Robinson, Pvt, Co A
  6. Miles Osborne Sherrill, Orderly Sgt, Co A

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