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Ray Gurganus5-11-2022 07:12 PM
  1. Adding many more records of sailors serving on US Navy ships here: ourfamtree.org - now over 71,000 entries, compiled together from 40 different sources.
  2. Many of these are linked to our family tree, and are summarized here: ourfamtree.org (on the menu under Categories > Military > Naval Sailors).
  3. For many of the over 2,300 ships, there is added meta data such as who built the ship, the years it was in service, awards it earned, and who the launch sponsors were, linking to their trees. These are all accessible from the above link in (2), and are available to add as columns using the options button in the upper left of that page.
  4. Added many more awards and honors for military service, available when entering a military record, and also linked to ships above where possible (documented in Wikipedia).
  5. Linked to many of the ships are ship sponsors and others who were present at launch.
    ourfamtree.org and ourfamtree.org
  6. Also, another new page is up here: ourfamtree.org listing judges and justices, and the courts where they presided. Currently up to 1,036 entries. This is on the menu under Categories > Tags & Occupations > Judges & Courts.
  7. Also, added a while ago but not previously mentioned is a new page up here: ourfamtree.org summarizing people linked to departments of the US government.
Post your ideas if you have any suggestions for improving on any of the above.
Virginia Sholin Smallwood5-12-2022 11:59 AM
How about adding the names of ships on which our first ancestors arrived into this country?
Ray Gurganus5-12-2022 12:03 PM
Already there, under Categories > Historical Events > Passegner Lists.  If your ancestors ships are not listed, feel free to add them.

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