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Ray Gurganus10-27-2021 09:03 PM
Based on feedback that Virginia posted here earlier, I have added an option to record engineering or construction works for engineers and others who do them. Here's what is added:
  1. When editing a person, there is a new event type "engineer", which will prompt for the relevant information, including the name, date, location, and related organizations. Like if you enter an engineer's railroad bridge, the railroad might be a related organization.
  2. When displaying a person's page, the list of engineering projects appears down below, under "Attributed Works"
  3. Clicking one in the list goes to a new page listing the related people, locations, and organizations. A few cases have historical markers and descriptions attached.
  4. A summary page listing all is found under Places > Architects & Architecture > Engineering, or here: ourfamtree.org Of the 300+ that I have entered so far, most are bridges (road, railroad, covered bridges, etc), and a few canals. Each links to the related people, and a few link to the person it was named for. More to come.
  5. Coming later is something on the Railroad's page, linking from there back to their related bridges.

One of the major sources I have found so far is "Bridge Hunter", here: bridgehunter.com

I realize this may all be confusing. I confuse myself sometimes. Let me know if you have any questions.

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