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Ray Gurganus8-8-2021 02:23 PM
Since the project previously mentioned of linking published works with their authors has grown up to nearly 400, I moved these to a separate page here:  ourfamtree.org -- separating this from the page for artists.

A few related notes:
  1. A book online such as at Google Books or Archive.org should be recorded as a book, even though your are accessing it through a website.
  2. When quoting a source, be sure to create a source only once.  When searching for a book source that may be likely to have been used before by others, check the "search eveyrone's sources" so that you might find someone else already referencing the same source.
  3. Note that many online books may be at both Google Books and Archive.org, and other places as well.  It doesn't matter which you use, but please use only one.
  4. Try not to quote a source from a pay service (like Ancestry) when the same thing is available for free elsewhere.
  5. If the source is specific to a state or county or city, please specify the state or county or city in the space provided.
  6. On the "author" page above, if the "Author" selection is blanked out, all book sources will be listed, from all branches of our tree.  Here you can then filter it down by location or keywords.  Note that when searching by keyword, it only searches the title, not the content.
I'm still going through cleaning up the list, adding locations, adding authors, merging duplicates, etc.

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