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Ray Gurganus7-29-2021 09:29 PM
A few more changes for sources:
  1. For historical books like city and counties histories I have been looking up the original authors of those books and entering the authors and a portion of their own trees, and then linking the book to the author. This can be done on the form when you define a source. If the author is known and is entered as a leaf on our tree, you can select them there.
  2. On that author's page, a list of their published books will show below their information. For example:
  3. All the authors are collected together on a page here. Currently up to 112, but more being added:
  4. In the list of sources under a person, the title of book and most websites are linked to a new page that (1) summarizes the number of people linked to that source, and (2) links to that list of people, and (3) links to the author and the author's picture, if defined. This does not include Findagrave and Wikipedia and other sources that normally link to only one person, as that doesn't need a summary.
  5. In the list of sources, the link to the actual source is changed to a yellow button to distinguish it from the link to the above page.
  6. For the above reasons, if you have a book online and want to link different pages to different people, please use only ONE source, and use the "page" reference the page number.... vs. entering separate sources for separate pages.

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