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Ray Gurganus7-25-2021 07:26 PM
An update for soruces:  When linking one person to an existing parent or child, a new option for quoting the related source will be at the top of the search results page, and is required.  Be sure the source listed here contains the information about the relationship.  Then on the child's page (not the parents), a source superscript number will show to the right of the child's parents , corresponding to the source number at the bottom.

In terms of the process, you still link a parent or child as you did before, by finding and clicking the person's name in the search results.  You just need to have a relevant source selected in the top before you click the person's name.  Not selecting a source first should result in a reminder to select one first.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Ctotaro7-27-2021 04:40 PM
Thank you and will do. Im stil learning this process. :)


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