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Ray Gurganus3-21-2021 10:22 AM

After seeing the many old (and some, abandoned) school buildings in Washington DC, I kept wanting to find out who studied and taught there.  So put together a page to summarize what is found.  Then I started expanded the to locations to include others.  I'll keep going until I can't find sources, or until I'm distracted onto a different tangent.  Here are those done so far:
Washington DC:  ourfamtree.org
Baltimore MD:  ourfamtree.org
New York City, Manhattan:  ourfamtree.org
New York City, Bronx:  ourfamtree.org
New York City, Brooklyn:  ourfamtree.org
New York City, Queens:  ourfamtree.org
New York City, Staten Island:  ourfamtree.org
Buffalo NY:  ourfamtree.org
New Haven CT:  ourfamtree.org
Cleveland OH:  ourfamtree.org
Toledo OH:  ourfamtree.org
Minneapolis MN:  ourfamtree.org
Indianapolis IN:  ourfamtree.org

Each has a link on the corresonding county page.  All teachers, principals, and other related people are also searchable here:  ourfamtree.org

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