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Ray Gurganus6-9-2020 10:47 PM
A new page is up -- for any presidents, VP's, governors, legislators, monarchs, and nobility, when you hover over that event on the person's page, a new option will give the option of "Show Counterparts".  This will show the list of others who were in office at the same time.  For the U.S., it  is all other national officials, or state officials, and for Europe, all monarchs and nobility.  England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are separated from continental Europe as they have much more nobility entered.

This came to mind after watching the historical drama Netflix series "Medici" (which I can highly recommend), and how the Medici rulers are always meeting with rulers of other places.  It made sense to have the website be able to show who these people would be for any given year.

Should you be inspired to watch it, this is the Giovanni portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.  Then all his descendants continue down the tree from there.  ourfamtree.org

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