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Ray Gurganus5-1-2020 12:43 AM

Two updates:
1) I am still continually adding to to the list compiled at the link below, up to a total of over 805,000 records.  Most recently I have started added records of employees at railroads and railways in 1902.  Up to about 2,300, but only about 1/3 through the current source, so more to come.  Recently I also added more physicians, up to over 34,000.   ourfamtree.org

2) If you have ever walked around downtown Washington DC, you may have seen plaques in the sidewalks, honoring people who have given of themselves for society.  I have taken pictures of all of them, and so far added 17 to their individual pages with their exitended families.  Here's the list of those added so far.  ourfamtree.org


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