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Ray Gurganus7-5-2019 10:09 AM

A few updates for US and CS naval service...

1) Listed here are 22,400+ records of naval service, listing sailors and officers of navy ships, rank, and when they were there. ourfamtree.org

2) So far about 1,600 of those are linked up with people in Our Family Tree, adding events to their pages, listing the ships on which they served. This is summarized in the page found under View > "Presidents, Officers, & Other Officers" > Naval Sailors, or here: ourfamtree.org

3) To make this easier, a new event type "Ship" has been added, which will prompt for a ship name, with a list of ships already defined. If entering one, note that there are many that had multiple with the same name. These are noted with the launch year in parentheses. Wikipedia does a good job of distinguishing them so you can be sure to pick the right one.

Suggestions welcome.

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