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Virginia Sholin Smallwood5-4-2019 02:17 PM
If you are a descendant of a Union Civil War soldier, you might be able to claim one of the 4,000 unclaimed medals from that war.  Many soldiers went out west right after the war and didn't even know they had been issued a medal. You will need to prove your direct lineage, along with copies of documents. If you can prove descent and provide  $50, the medal can be yours.  What a treasure!

Note that our advanced search engine makes it possible to find everyone in your branch who lived or died in a certain place. So one way to see check quickly to see what you might have is to input your name and the place, West Virginia.  

Go to wvculture.org to check this out. Note that the page includes a search engine for the remaining medal recipients.
Isabella Fiske McFarlin5-4-2019 10:45 PM
I think I would be a descendant of the other side if anything. I may have a Union soldier in my background, but if so, it was a big secret!
My mother came from a proud plantation owning Southern family. I am not proud that her family owned slaves, but I am proud of their Revolutionary War activity. They heped found the country in NC and VA.

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