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Requests for new functionality > DNA

robweis2-9-2019 01:45 PM
It might be a help to those trying to research maternal lines to include mtDNA along with the Y-DNA.
Nina Rolston9-19-2021 09:34 PM
I need help with that 
Wendy hewett9-26-2021 08:51 PM
Lynette Jester9-28-2021 01:02 PM
Ray, maybe a spot where we can add our kit numbers from the various sites, So that if someone wanted to match our numbers they can.   

I have 1000s of MT cousins with 0 distance and not one of them has my anything that remotely resembles my orphaned ggm. 
Ray Gurganus10-7-2021 09:41 PM
I could add something related to mtDNA, but as I have not done mtDNA myself, I would need more specific input as to what would be helpful, and what would be feasible.  Like I'm not sure what mtDNA numbers you might have, or what it would take to match them up with other users.  If anyone can provide more direction, let me know.

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