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Ray Gurganus4-10-2016 10:00 PM
I have noticed this issue with a couple of different users here, so I wanted to post a reminder for everyone:  Whenever you add a source, be sure that the source is directly relevant to information on that page.  If it is not, then it's no better than having no sources at all.

Here's an example.  One researcher quoted a single find-a-grave page as a source for 7 different people.  This might be OK if the biography had information listed all of the people, but it didn't.  Each person should link to their own find-a-grave page, and this is easily done by copying & pasting the address into the "Site Information" box.

Think about it from the reverse -- if you go to someone else's page, click the link to a source to find more information, and you see that the page not at all relevant, wouldn't you be upset? 

If you have any of these, please correct them as soon as possible.  If you discover these for other researchers, let them know, and let me as well so that I can followup.

Thank you.

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