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Virginia Sholin Smallwood2-29-2016 05:42 PM

A probate record for Riley Way, who died in North Carolina in Nov 1854, contained a long list of people. Most of them had inherited something from his estate, such as a book or some other small item. These multi-page records are increasingly available at FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com.  I have created a link on my page for Riley Way to this record at FamilySearch.

Anyway, I wanted to know how these people were possibly related to Riley Way.

Using our search engine, I searched for the surname, "Way," in combination with any surname that came up in the probate record. This was very fast and easy. By this way, I found that at least half of those mentioned had married into the Way family. Looking at associated census records helped to show that some were neighbors. Finding this information helps to create a picture of how these people interacted.

Nowhere else have I found this service. Thank you, Ray!

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