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What's New? > A couple military updates

Ray Gurganus11-20-2015 09:31 PM
  • Added to the list of pre-defined sources you can copy & paste into the "Site Information" field is the record page on the website of the DAR, for example here:  dar.org You can copy & paste the full address, which has the DAR ID # at the end, or just copy & paste the ID itself (including the "A")
  • When you do this, will appear under the sources, linking to their page.
  • On the page listing military people by rank or regiment, there is now a DAR column you can add to the page, showing the DAR link if it has been defined for that person.  To add this column, go to the top, to the button, and drag up the "DAR Link" to the column position where you want it.  Note that this should only show information for the US Revolutionary War -- so you can choose to see it or not see it as you like.

  • Also added to the list of column choices above is the option to flag people who have been added or updated in the past 30 days.  To enable or disable, go to the same list above, and drag up or down "Update Status".  The order does not matter for this one, as it will always appear in the column with the person's name.

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