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Ray Gurganus3-6-2015 03:23 PM
When you do a search, and then click into a person from the search results, at the top of the page will be arrow links for going back and forth within the search results.

Now in addition to that when you go to a list of people by location, occupation, political office, military role, etc., and click into a person in that list, there is now the same thing for this list, but labeled on the left "List"...  so you can page through this list of people, without needing to return to the list itself.

If a particular person happens to be in both the last search results and the last list you visited, then both sets of arrows will show at the same time.

Also, for both lists, there are now keyboard shortcuts assigned to go to the left and right.  To go to the left, do Alt + Comma (note the < symbol above the comma), or to the right, Alt + Period (note the > symbol above the period).  More on hotkeys

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