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What's New? > Presidents and Other Officers

Ray Gurganus5-20-2012 06:22 PM
Added is the option for you to be able to add people to the lists found under View > "Presidents & Other Officers"...  so if there are existing people who belong to one of these lists and are not yet there, or if you add new people, you can add the link yourself.  Go to the page, click on "Add" at the top, and fill in the information.  This is currently limited to the positions listed there -- Presidents, Vice-Presidents, First Ladies, Secretaries of State, US Supreme Court Justices, US Sentators & Representatives, State Governors, and Monarchs of other countries.  Others may be added in the future.

When this is added, it emails the site administrator (me), and I'll verify what you put in.  If it's not accurate, it will be removed.  As far as I have seen, ALL are well-documented on Wikipedia.

There is not currently an option to edit or remove this link, except by contacting me.

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