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Requests for new functionality > non-family relationships?

Ray Gurganus3-1-2012 03:20 PM
Has anyone thought about needing to tie people together in non-family relationships?  Like employers/employees, military commanding officers, neighbors, what else?  If the people on both ends of a relationship like these are also here on the website, it makes to be able to connect them.  Let us know what you think...
Steve Taylor3-2-2012 02:36 PM
Yes, this would be great.  I'm still working on all of the owners of Leeds Castle in Kent.  I have "tied" some of them together using the "reside" choice, but this involves numerous moderators accepting suggestions.  I've also found several family groups living together in census records which I have tried to tie together using the "reside" choice.  And then there are teachers who schooled students (Donald Robertson's school had several students including James Madison).

Ray, I'm still waiting for an AKA space.  I keep running into other names & nick names & names legally changed & other spellings of names.     .   
Virginia Sholin Smallwood3-1-2012 03:58 PM
Oh my, yes! I love this idea!

Sometimes people moved from one place to another in groups, either together or following one another.  Those other people add color to a family history.  Also, researching one of those other people might provide the clue that helps us find our family.  In addition, contacting a descendant of one of these associates can possibly lead to something interesting.  For instance, a person, not related to me, gave me a bundle of family letters including one written in Old Danish in 1887 to my 2nd great-grandmother from her sister who had emigrated from Denmark to New Zealand. The person who gave me these treasures is not related to me, though she now owns a house in which my 2nd great-grandmother once lived.
Here are some more possibilities: fellow church members, fellow students, fraternal club members, labor union members, professional association members, fellow genealogy society members, ladies aid societies, members of a military unit, musical organizations, other members of a wagon train, fellow members of a political unit such as a city council, people present at a wedding, funeral or christening, and pallbearers at a funeral. I'm sure I'll think of more...

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