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Below are listed options that have made it to the website's to-do list, but are not yet done. You can vote for items you like by clicking the checkbox - making it more likely the item will be done and in what priority.

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Children from multiple spouses
for those who have multiple spouses and thus "two" families (or more) . . . there's now an option to see the children from the other spouses all on one page. The next step is to enable an option to set this as the default.
Researcher Directory
Options to: 1) Sort by title 2) Sort by number of people 3) Sort by score 4) sort by surnames (or at least have a box for searching for a surname in this directory) 5) Sort by places (in this directory)
New Graph options
Looking into setting up graphs like these here. Not sure what's possible, but this tool may make them easy.... http://www.graphviz.org/Gallery.php
Mobile formatting
There are some pages on the site that could improve in formatting when viewed on a mobile device's smaller screen. If this is important to you, vote up this item, and send more specific feedback in terms of how you use (or would like to use) the site on a mobile device.
Editing -- Documents
Re-enable the option to add attached document text (wills, deeds, etc.) This option was put on hold when the website was reprogrammed, but has not yet come back.
Directory -- search options
In the directory of researchers, add options to search or filter the list so you can find someone you might want to look for
Surname page -- moderator name on surname page
Add the option to select the fields to see in the list of people, including the option to show the moderator of each person
Editing -- remove living if death entered
If we have a person marked, "living," and we add a death date or place of burial, it would make it easier if the program could automatically remove the "living" designation. This would be preferable to getting an annoying error message and then having to change it manually.
Homepage slideshow
In the scrolling options on the homepage, add a slide that lists people born on the current day, including pictures if they have any.
Birthday calendar
For the birthday calendar under "View", add some options to filter the selections by country/state/county, for your own branch, and other options.
Search -- option to search/list discussion notes
Add a search option to search or list the discussion notes that other people can post to your pages
Events -- fix VA counties
Not all of the Virginia independent cities have separate entries in the list of Virginia counties. They should be added for consistency.
Custom Reports
Re-enable the option to setup custom reports. This option was put on hold when the website was reprogrammed, but has not yet come back.
Various pages -- add findagrave to list of fields
On the location politician, and military leader pages, add the option to show the find-a-grave.com icon and link in the fields you choose to see
Various pages -- change on-page field selections to be orderable
On the location politician, and military leader pages, add to this the ability to change the order of the fields you see.
Ministers who perform baptisms and funerals
Like we have the option to link a minister to a marriage, a possible option is to link ministers to baptisms and funerals - but only if there are known cases of when the minister is known, and is online here.