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using the keyboard in search results5-9-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-24-2016 by Lance Bicknell2
Added a few new options for the search results list -- when any list comes up, the first record will now automatically be the current one, and from there you can use the Down, Page Down, or End keys on the keyboard to move down the list... and Up, Page Up, and Home to move back up.  Then to select and go to the currently selected person, hit Enter.  If you prefer to keep fingers on the keyboard, this may help.
New search options1-23-2016 by Ray Gurganus1-24-2016 by Lance Bicknell2
Another larger set of updates: Added to all of the pages that list people (by country, state, county, city/town, radius, tag, surname) is a copy of all of the search options on the main search page.

At or near the top of the page, click the "Search" option to expand the seciton, and inserted there are all the options. It works like the main search, except that the search criteria for the current page is not editable. So for example if you're on a page listing people from a city, the selection option for that city can't be removed, but anything else can be added to it.

These pages had more basic search options, but this new setup provides a lot more flexibility and consistency.

Let me know if you see any bugs, anything that I missed, or suggestions for further improvement.

New Feature -- Tags1-13-2016 by Ray Gurganus1-20-2016 by Lance Bicknell6
A new feature: There is now a section called "Tags", where you can enter an unlimited number of tags or keywords related to a person. (There was previously an option named "Tag", but this is being renamed to "Custom" to avoid confusion)

For the new tags, first a few "don'ts":

  • Don't include dates, names, or places. These is intended to be generic information that can be applied to many people, and including dates or names is too specific, possibly for only one person.
  • If a person was both a carpenter and a plumber, and you want to tag both occupations, don't use an "and", as this will create one tag with both. Instead, type a comma after one, and this will separate them.
  • Don't repeat information from elsewhere. For example, there are other places to record military or political service -- there's no need to repeat that here.
  • Don't abbreviate, as this can lead to multiple tags for the same thing. Spell it out.

and some "do's":

  • When you start typing in the field, after 3 characters, it will come up with a list of previous tags, including the current number of times each is used. Select one or continue typing in a new one.
  • After saving, each one becomes a link to a tag page listing all people tagged with that tag. Some like "farmer" might not be that helpful, but others like "soap manufacturer" might be interesting to reference.

This has been populated with many of the entries in the occupations field, but going forward it can be expanded to include anything else it makes sense to include -- religious affiliations, hobbies, etc.. The previous occupation field may be phased out in the future after everything has been extracted out.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Namesakes12-29-2015 by Ray Gurganus12-29-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
A new feature... I added a way to link a state, county, or city to the person for whom it is named. This adds a "Namesake Places" list of links on the person's page, and adds the person's photo, name, and link on the page for each of the places. If no photo is available, it still shows, but says "no photo available". For those not yet linked to people, some show a brief statement on how the state or county got the name.

Connected so far are over 1,000 places and people.  If you want to link any that I have not yet done, go to the person's "+" button at the top of their page, to "Namesake", and select the place.

For cities and towns this allows only those that have had longitude & latitude coordinates defined. If a town is in the system but does not show, go and add it's coordinates, and then come back.

Event notes12-2-2015 by Ray Gurganus12-2-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
A relatively minor update:  On the page for a specific location, for example this one:

There is now an option for you to add to the table of people a column for "Event Notes", the text field associated with each event record.  A couple of examples of how you could use this, if helpful:

1) For grave events, you can put plot information in the notes field.  Then when you view the cemetery listing, like the example above, you add the column for "Event Notes" to see the plot information.

2) If you record census listings for an extended family living in a city, with record "Reside" events for each person, you can put the street address, or the occupation from the census, in the notes for that event.  Then when viewing the list of people in the city, you can add the notes column to see the additional information entered.
Hotkeys for place names11-25-2015 by Ray Gurganus11-25-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
The setup for using hotkeys for repeating places is modified in a couple ways:

  • The location is moved from the bottom of the page to the upper right, so that it is more easily visible as you enter places.
  • All places you enter are automatically added to the list, whether you use use the hotkeys or not.  After saving a person and then adding or editing the next person, a new place will be added to the bottom of the list, or if the 10 slots are already full, it will replace the one you used the least recently.

To use the hotkeys, this is the same as before -- it depends on your computer and browser implementation.  Try either Alt or Alt+Shift on PCs, or Option or Option+Ctrl on Macs + a number 1 through 0, while the cursor is in a event field (state, county, or place).  Once you get the hang of it, it is easier than re-selecting the same place repeatedly.
A couple military updates11-20-2015 by Ray Gurganus11-22-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
  • Added to the list of pre-defined sources you can copy & paste into the "Site Information" field is the record page on the website of the DAR, for example here:  http://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/search_adb/?action=full&p_id=A060684   You can copy & paste the full address, which has the DAR ID # at the end, or just copy & paste the ID itself (including the "A")
  • When you do this, will appear under the sources, linking to their page.
  • On the page listing military people by rank or regiment, there is now a DAR column you can add to the page, showing the DAR link if it has been defined for that person.  To add this column, go to the top, to the button, and drag up the "DAR Link" to the column position where you want it.  Note that this should only show information for the US Revolutionary War -- so you can choose to see it or not see it as you like.

  • Also added to the list of column choices above is the option to flag people who have been added or updated in the past 30 days.  To enable or disable, go to the same list above, and drag up or down "Update Status".  The order does not matter for this one, as it will always appear in the column with the person's name.
Flags for recently added and updated11-5-2015 by Ray Gurganus11-5-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
The logic for the recent options for added and updated are now copied to the pedigree and descendant charts.  If enabled, it will show a dark green triangle (for added in the past 30 days) or lighter green triangle (for updated) in the upper right corner of the box for each person.

To enable or disable, go to the green check button at the top of the page, and drag the "Update Status" to above or below the "Not Shown" line.

Here's an example:  /pedigree.php?pid=557506
Flags for recently added and updated9-19-2015 by Ray Gurganus9-26-2015 by Linda Yates2
I added at the top of each person a green flag if it has been added or updated in the past 30 days, to draw attention to the fact that it is new information.   Comments and suggestions welcome.
Revolutionary War Soldiers4-1-2015 by Ray Gurganus9-8-2015 by Vicki V5
A new resource is added --- I've had trouble finding good resources for listing Revolutionary War soldiers. Ancestry and Fold3 probably have them, but not much that I've found that are free... except for one website http://www.carolana.com for soldiers from NC and SC. It has a lot of good information.

To help this be more easily searchable, I copied (with permission) all of the soldier lists over to here and made it searchable. So this now has 43,191 soldiers listed, most with rank and regiment information. It is added under the "View" menu, or here: /soldier/search.php

You can also copy & paste a soldier's individual link (the button on the right) to use in the "Sites" field here. This will create a source linking back to the person's record there, and that will make that record there a link back to the person's page here.

Unfortunately this has only NC and SC. If you know of other states that have good soldier lists that are free to copy, let me know and I can look into adding more.