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New Military Option3-19-2016 by Ray Gurganus3-19-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
On the page for entering military service, there's now a place for "other battles or deployments", for all the smaller rebellions and skirmishes that happened between the major conflicts -- like Shay's Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Barbary Wars, etc.. After one is entered the first time, it will come up in a dropdown list for future entries...  so name it appropriately.

The other military fields can still be filled in where appropriate.

I entered a few for Shay's Rebellion.

Also added to the list of service branches are options for the National Guard and Reserves.

Events update3-15-2016 by Ray Gurganus3-15-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
For new records going forward, I have removed the event options "Military" and "Religion", as these are both better handled through other means.  They are still for existing records so that you don't loose information.

For adding military service, go to the blue or pink menus at the top, to Add > Military Role.
For adding religious affiliation -- if it's only a denomination, add this under "Tags".  If you want to add membership in a specific church, add it under "Organizations, Memberships".

If either don't handle what you want to do, give me more details and I'll see if I can accomodate.
New religion page and Clergy3-6-2016 by Ray Gurganus3-6-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
I put up a new page summarizing people tagged with religious affiliations and professions, here:

I also added a generic "clergy" tag for anyone who had a title of "Rev" or "Reverend", but did not have anything more specific tagged.  This now has listed 681 people listed as "clergy".  If any of these are yours (or even if they are not yours), it would be most helpful if more research could be done to figure out what religious denomation they were.  It may be listed in the notes, or perhaps can be found on findagrave.com or somewhere else.  Then if found, you can remove "clergy", and add the more specific category added under "Organizations".

If it can be found what church(es) they served, this can also be listed under the organization entry with the dates and locations.

Organizations & Memberships2-27-2016 by Ray Gurganus2-27-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
Another update to the organizations & memberships section...  I was finding that the fields for each organization sometimes needed to be different.  In some cases a date range or role doesn't apply, and in other cases it needed to have additional information like a choice of who appointed them to the role, or a choice of states.

So now the choice of fields available is now customizable per organization.  There's a green checkmark button next to each, and this gives the option of enabling one or more additional fields for that specific organization, and this applies to anyone else attached to that organizaiton.  The access to changing this is open to anyone if it has not yet been customized by anyone... but after options are added, it is locked down to only that person (and me, as site administrator).  Anyone can still update the data, just not the choices.  Options cannot be unchecked after details have been entered for that option and organization.

Because the fields are variable, they are now collapsed in a section accessible by clicking the gray arrow to the right of the organziation name.

Currently available are:
  • Year range
  • State -- When the relationship to the organization is specific to a state.  For example, the Virgnia Secession Commission.  This is NOT just someone's place of residence at the time they are related.
  • Role -- Someone's role at that organization.
  • Appointed By -- A list of all Presidents and Governors, to choose who appointed the person.  This adds a link to that President or Governor, and also adds a link from there back to this person, as it does with existing political appointees.
  • Notes -- other notes specfiic to the person's role.
Census records2-17-2016 by Ray Gurganus2-18-2016 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood6
A poll on census information: When going through censuses to find occupations, I'm seeing other info that would be good to document, since I already have the census image up on my screen. Information like property values, recent schooling, etc. But other information like can't read/write, deaf/blind might not be that useful? Information like ages & birthplaces is redundant, with what's stored elsewhere, and so shouldn't be repeated.

Then with whatever information is recorded here, we can dream up ways to use it.

So I'm taking a poll on what is useful to include or not include.  Below are some of the options.  If you think you might want to use this, reply with the options you would most want to use.  For anything not listed, comment.  Thanks.

Parents foreign-born
Parents birthplace (1880-1930)
Cannot read/write
Deaf/blind/insane etc
Immigration information
Property Values
Home ownership
Recent schooling
Months unemployed
New Pages2-11-2016 by Ray Gurganus2-11-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
I have put up a few new pages, intended to bring together related information from different areas of the site into one place, perhaps making it easier to find information that might not be found otherwise.

/topic/us-navy -- US Navy
/topic/writers -- Writers
/topic/food -- Food

On each of the pages they link to, there is a link from there back in the upper right corner of the pages.

Any new additions to items already shown will be automatically reflected in the numbers, though perhaps after a delay, as the information is stored in memory for a few hours at a time.

If you have new items that should be added to one of these pages, or new topics that could be created, let me know.
Memberships1-30-2016 by Ray Gurganus2-6-2016 by Ray Gurganus3
A new option:  Added is a place to record names of membership, civic, society, or fraternal organizations, committees, or conferences that a person belongs to.  It works like "tags", where you can start typing, and it will show a list of matching organizations.  Choose an existing one or continue to type a new one.

After saving, this shows up in the "Associates" section of the page, and clicking one will go to a page showing everyone related to that organization.
New search option - Positions2-1-2016 by Ray Gurganus2-1-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
Added to the ist of search options is "Position", with the choices below.  So for example, if you would want to find any legislator who was from North Carolina, regardless of the office or the state represented, now you can.

Executive -- President, VP, Governor, Lt Governor, First Ladies, Monarchs
Cabinet -- Secretaries and other cabinet members, both national and state
Legislature -- US Senate & House, state senates & houses, and members of Parliament
Judicial -- Supreme and Superior Court justices, judges, US attorneys
Ambassadors -- from and to any country
Local Officials -- mayors, sheriffs, city council members
Organizational -- organization founders, presidents, chancellors, professors, trustees
Religious -- Archbishops, bishops, pastors, etc.
Peerage -- dukes, earls, lord, barons, counts, etc.
... and and option for All of the Above
using the keyboard in search results5-9-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-24-2016 by Lance Bicknell2
Added a few new options for the search results list -- when any list comes up, the first record will now automatically be the current one, and from there you can use the Down, Page Down, or End keys on the keyboard to move down the list... and Up, Page Up, and Home to move back up.  Then to select and go to the currently selected person, hit Enter.  If you prefer to keep fingers on the keyboard, this may help.
New search options1-23-2016 by Ray Gurganus1-24-2016 by Lance Bicknell2
Another larger set of updates: Added to all of the pages that list people (by country, state, county, city/town, radius, tag, surname) is a copy of all of the search options on the main search page.

At or near the top of the page, click the "Search" option to expand the seciton, and inserted there are all the options. It works like the main search, except that the search criteria for the current page is not editable. So for example if you're on a page listing people from a city, the selection option for that city can't be removed, but anything else can be added to it.

These pages had more basic search options, but this new setup provides a lot more flexibility and consistency.

Let me know if you see any bugs, anything that I missed, or suggestions for further improvement.