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2 New Options6-15-2016 by Ray Gurganus6-15-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
  • In the "Sources" section of the page, a small green and yellow pie chart will now show, indicating the percentage of person's information that is completed, counting these items:  first name, last name, birthdate & place, death date & place, marriage date & place, grave place, cause of death, find-a-grave button, and one or more tags or offices.

    If something is not applicable, like a marrage date for someone who is not married, this is part is counted as complete.  If only part is filled in, it will be mostly yellow.  If all are filled in, it will be all green, and a chocolate chip cookie will pop out of your computer.  (Ok, not really, but I would if I could).

    Hover over the pie, and it will tell you what is missing.  Hopefully this will reward you for being thorough?  Other ideas are welcome.

  • In the daily email that tells you what was updated the previous day, this will now include Find-a-Grave sources that someone may have added to your people -- so they can get credit for their work.
Finding graves6-11-2016 by Ray Gurganus6-11-2016 by Ray Gurganus1

A couple updates:

  • Added on the His / Her "Links" menu is an option for Billion Graves.
  • When entering a grave location, there is now a checkbox for "disposition unknown".  I'll use the same definition that Findagrave uses -- it is not for cremations, people missing in action during war, or lost at sea, as in these cases the disposition is known.  It's only for when it is truly unknown. 

    I would suggest using it only when you have searched Findagrave and Billion Graves thoroughly and have not found the person in question, or if there's a "Burial Unknown" memorial entered there.

    Down the road this can help to distinguish people who have been searched but not found, vs. people who have not yet been searched.

    Note that this will save only if the actual location is left blank, for if a location is entered, it is not unknown
Cleaning Up5-20-2016 by Ray Gurganus6-8-2016 by Ray Gurganus2
To help catching up all the existing records with newer features, I added a page below, also found under Collaboration > Cleaning Up.  This lists several queries for people that have holes in their data, and where other data that is there may help.

This currently lists all people from all branches, and does not have the option to filter for only your own. You can skim down the list for yours, or you can put in suggested updates for others that are not yours.

Anything else to be added?
Religions5-24-2016 by Ray Gurganus5-25-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
An update for recording religious affiliations:  What was stored under tags or organizations are now moved into the event type "Religion".  Some examples:
  • To record only a perosn's religion, choose it from the dropdown list, and leave the rest blank.
  • To record that someone was a minister, choose the religion or denomination, and enter "Minister" or "Priest", and leave the rest blank.  Try to keep to existing terms, rather than using "Minister", "Pastor", or "Clergy", when the essentially mean the same thing.
  • To record where someone was a member or minister, choose the religion or denomination, the role, and the location and name of the church.

If a religion or denomination is not in the dropdown list, contact me to have it added.
Causes of Death5-10-2016 by Ray Gurganus5-20-2016 by Orville Boyd3
New option -- as part of a person's death event, you can now enter a cause of death, or multiple causes if applicable.  It works like tags -- after you start typing, it will come up with a list of existing causes of death.  If not found, you can continue to type a new one.  As with tags, keep it short and to the point, rather than writing out a longer description.

From a person's main page, clicking the cause of death will come up with a list of people.  In the upper right of that page is a "C.O.D. Index" link, going to the master list of all causes.

I'll be going through existing causes found in the notes and updating them.  If you have any, it would be helpful if you could update yours so that my list is shorter.  Thanks!
A few minor updates5-18-2016 by Ray Gurganus5-18-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
  1. On the search results, descendant, politician, military, tag, and organization pages, added is an option to include a column for the Cause of Death (C.O.D.).  Go up to the checkmark button at the top, and drag up in the list "C.O.D."  (and drag down something else, if your columns are too crowded)
  2. In the editing page, added hotkeys to make it easier to navigate existing events using the keyboard.  Alt+E (or Opt+E for Mac users) will go to the first event.  Keep pressing the same, and the focus will move down the list.

    To expand the selected event, press just about any non-letter or number key (period, slash, dash, equals, etc. -- whatever is convenient), and that event will expand.  It will then position the cursor to the first empty field for that event.
  3. In the "Site Information" box for adding sources, Billion Graves is added.  Just copy & paste a person's Billion Graves webpage address here, and it will be added as a source with a small button.
Quotes5-9-2016 by Ray Gurganus5-9-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
Added is a relatively minor feature -- the ability to add quotes for people, perhaps giving them a little more humanity and personality?  I would suggest limiting this to quotes that are in published sources, were said or written by the ancestor in question, and are quotes that are worthy of being republished... but the latter is up to you to judge.  Here's an example.

To enter a quote, go to add a person's event, and choose "Quote".  Enter an optional date (if it is known when the quote was said or written), and enter or copy & paste the text.  Note that the text is currently limited to 185 characters.  Quotes that are shorter and to-the-point will be more likely to be read and appreciated, vs. longer ones.  So be sure that anything put in is not cut off before you save.

Be sure you include a source that has the source text.  If it helps, the "Sites" source box will now accept www.wikiquote.org pages, and will show a "Q" button.
Event Changes5-5-2016 by Ray Gurganus5-9-2016 by Dwight Lynn10
Please read -- a number of related changes:

1) The options to add and edit military service, offices, and historical event roles have been moved into a person's main editing form, by choosing the the military, office, or historical event type. Then the corresponding form will pop in. Hopefully this avoids confusion of where to add and edit different pieces -- most are now in the same place.

2) The organization and tag sections have been moved into the same event structure above. Just select the type (Organization or Tag), and then enter the information. This enables a new optional date for tags, if applicable. If a date is entered for a tag, it will display with a person's other events, sorted chronologically.

3) The military, office, and organization event types now use the main event date field, rather than the separate date fields they had before -- making everything more consistent.

4) If entering a historical event (like a battle, passenger ship, etc), the choices will be limited to those between the person's birth and death date.

5) With more things now showing up as events, the event list for many people will get longer. To keep this manageable when editing a person, the events default to being collapsed to one line each. They will show the type (now color-coded), the date, and a brief display of the hidden details to give you a preview. Clicking this brief display or the arrow next to it will expand the event for editing.

6) When adding new events, typing the first letter of an event will select it and move to date for ones that have only one with that letter. For example, there's only one "B" for "Birth" or "G" for "Grave". For others that have multiple for a first letter like "O" or "Office", "Organization", or "Other", the event type remains selected so you can select the right one, and then tab on to the date.

7) For when you know that all you need is to add one or more new events (not editing anything else), there are new options under His/Her > Add > An Event. This has all the same choices, but is only for this one purpose, and should be faster as it does not need to process anything else.

8) With several menu options moved into the main editing page, and removed from the blue and pink His/Her menus, this makes available several new hotkey combinations. These hotkeys are added to existing menu options under His/Her > Links.

That's enough for now... Comments, suggestions, bug reports are welcome.

Several small updates4-17-2016 by Ray Gurganus4-17-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
Several small updates:
  • In the option to add an associated person, added is an option field for a year or year range.
  • In pedigrees and descendant pages, click a person's name and a popup menu comes up.  Added here is now an option to edit the person.  Before, you would have the click into the person's page, and then edit.
  • In the list of choices available for a family's children, added is an option to show the child's list of tags.

Also, several of the topical pages listed under View > View by Topic are now listed on Cyndi's List (http://www.cyndislist.com) on the corresponding pages there.  Your people are automatically added to these statistics when you tag your people with any of this information.

Tags update4-5-2016 by Ray Gurganus4-5-2016 by Ray Gurganus1
Added are some options for how you see tags.  Under Account > My Account > What I See are 3 options for tags -- Color, All Gray, and Plain Text.  This now defaults to "Color", but you can change yours as you like.

  • "Color" will show tags in a variety of different colors.  I have updated many with different colors, and others will get random colors assigned.  (If a random color comes up with something that is not legible, let me know and I can update it)
  • "All Gray" will go back to how they were before, showing only in gray.
  • "Plain Text" takes out all the color, and just shows black text.

This mainly helps the pedigree page -- if you choose to show tags, using the green check button at the top, then you can see the color coding for the whole tree, for those who have tags defined.  If you want to see only the color of the tags, click the "Black/White" button at the top, and the birthplace colors will all change to white.