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Gay Partners4-24-2010 by Laddie4-27-2010 by Ray Gurganus2
Could there be a way to add gay partners as the spouse without adding them as a wife/husband and it turning up as the wrong gender?
Compute Relationship4-8-2009 by Bobby Tripp4-9-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
Select two people and have the program identify the relationship, like third cousin twice removed.  A report could identify the common parent and descendents.
Engagement3-8-2009 by Staffan Österman3-17-2009 by Ray Gurganus4
I would like to have Engagement and Other event or possibility to write your own text under Edit Marriage.
Tag on children list3-10-2009 by Bobby Tripp3-12-2009 by Bobby Tripp3
On the browsing page for a family in the family tab where the children are listed it would be nice to have a column for "tag" so that a child who has been tagged will be indicated.

Thanks, Bobby
Event type3-8-2009 by Staffan Österman3-9-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
There is a world outside the US borders. It's not enough with immigrate, you also need emigrate as event type.
Total on Branch home page2-23-2009 by Bobby Tripp3-1-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
I like the Branch home page that lists all the surnames and gives the count.  Can you add a total to the page?  I'm curious as to how many names I have added.  Thanks, Bobby

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